Thursday, May 26, 2016

The rules of handling alcoholic beverages

WARNING: Reading this blog is based on my actual personal life and images are not suitable for readers.

This blog is special not only the top 10 listings but also related to personal life.

When it comes to 18+ events on a 21+ venue or a venue that sells alcoholic beverages, there are some tips to make sure you and your friends have a good time. This includes yep, the j-Summit New York event. The shows are always 21+. Here are my top 10 listings!

Rule#1 Don't lie about age, some fake ID's are confiscated after security checks them on site at the entrance. This rule is to prevent minors under 21 from entering, purchasing and drinking alcoholic beverages. Some adults have the advantages of buying alcoholic beverages and giving them to minors under 21. By the way 21 is the legal drinking age of the United States of America. Others may vary including Japan which is age 20.

Rule#2 Don't ask your friends if they want a drink. If your friends want a drink and they gave you an alcoholic drink without questioning, they may not want it. Tricking people into drinking is NO way to respect them. Sometimes people asked me if they want a drink but when it comes to alcoholic drinks around them you already know its coming! I know they were nice enough but remember not everyone on this earth is alcoholic drinkers. To me, I NEVER asked them unless they're alcoholic drinkers.

Rule#3 Don't question people about their alcoholic life. It's none of your business. Nobody is allowed to ask if they're an alcoholic or not and may cause some relationship or friendship problems. I never question anyone if they drink and type of alcohol. Most of the time based on my Facebook friends it's self-explanatory and sometimes they asked me.

Rule#4 NEVER share your alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 and patrons fewer than 21 are also not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Anyone caught breaking those rules will have the police called and have you arrested and to press charges. Some events require you to wear colored wristbands to verify the drinking legal age. Even if I have friends under 21 I never talk or share with them. It's illegal and CAN give you a criminal record.

Rule#5 Don't even ask the person what they're drinking. BIG MISTAKE AND MAY COST YOU YOUR FRIENDSHIP! If you see someone holding an alcoholic beverage, DO NOT QUESTION THE PERSON. Back in February 2013 at The Bowery Electric I was a dumbfuck but this proves that Reni Mimura is a liar when I read the blog from her. I am one step ahead for Reni Mimura to break up our friendship.

Rule#6 DO NOT talk or interact to the underage person while you are holding or drinking any type of alcohol. Remember, drinking strong types of alcohol may cause your breath to smell like one and your underage friends may turn you away. This also applies to Non-Alcoholic drinkers. While drinking, don't talk to people under the age of 21. Some may smell it or turn away from you. When a underage person talked to me, I didn't realize. This also includes when one of my friends playing with a child while holding a alcoholic beverage which is not cool and can result in spilling on a child.

 photo 12e840d7-1737-4a72-a303-7f15bd84d7b9_zpsf1l7wgw0.jpg

Rule#7 Do not get yourself drunk, drink responsibly! For men, drink at a minimum of 4 consumptions and for women is to drink is 3 consumptions per serving. Alcohol volumes are varying! Depending on your moods or feelings, don't attempt to commit suicide or abuse drinking alcohol. It's always good to be yourself. Just because your friends drink alcohol doesn't mean you can join them or talk to them while drinking. Sometimes when I am at Lulla's shows I just brought drinks and drink with her and friends.

Rule#8 Don't drive your car after drinking. This is serious because you can be arrested by police and get DUI charges or may get your driver's license suspended. Drinking while driving can cause serious injuries or even death. I fear that someone drink before they drive me home and crash hard and gets me killed.

Rule#9 Don't force the person to come over to have an alcoholic drink. This happens in a few events but if the person do not want to drink alcoholic beverages, do not allow the person to drink. I've been written many times about this rule. Reni Mimura tricked me into drinking which is actually Rule#2 around August 25, 2011 and before the 2013 new year's celebration Saori Kato tries to call me to drink Saké. People are nice enough to ask me if I drink alcohol but sometimes they don't question me. 2016 is an embarrassment which I won't explain when I was served beer to my siblings whose a nonalcoholic drinker without permission from me.

Rule#10 DISCARD any leftover alcoholic drinks in the trash. NEVER leave the alcohol drinks sitting on the floor, bar tables or any seats unattended. Doing so may cause the underage person to drink any alcohol you left unattended. ALWAYS hold the drink with you at all times and refrain from sharing. It's common for adults when there are no one under 21 on the venues leaves alcoholic drinks on tables and bar stools. Imagine if a person under 18 to grab an alcoholic drink on the table and drink it. At times a restaurant like Applebee's a server accidently served cocktail drinks to a minor or a child whose 6 to 12 years old. I put my drinks down on the table but someone grabbed my beer at the time. This actually happened to me and imagines if a person is under the age of 21, you're fucked! This is the reason that you NEVER leave any alcohol drinks unattended.

Kudos to the Omusabi Sisters I saw at the club called SOBs (Sounds of Brazil). This story won't be told at all.

And remember, drink responsibly and have a good time. See you soon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Randall's Island CBF 2016

Previously on Insectduel's Game Corner, I talked about Japan Day @ Central Park which is not many people enjoyed. Now I am coming to the event that is taken place at Randall's Island which is the signature event the Cherry Blossom Festival. Let me say this right now, the people who organize this event just called it the Cherry Blossom Festival and not Sakura Matsuri as its Japanese name. If you want to know about this year's festival, let's take a look.

So this is my 3rd visit to Randall's Island's Cherry Blossom Festival. The 2nd annual is disappointing and the 3rd annual became great. The 4th annual just gave them the sick idea to create the Cherry Blossom Festival and screwed it up. Since the warm winter weather and my travel with Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival the flowers has already died off. If you remember JAANY's Sakura Matsuri event, the Yoshino flowers already died off while the Kwanzans grew up. You assume that Randall's Island would do the same right? Actually the flowers already bloomed around in between April 30th and May 7th as I visited the festival myself. So after I visited Randall's Island before the festival launched, you think the Cherry Blossom Festival is going to be canceled right?

It's NOT over; seriously torture is not over because Randall's Island Park Alliance had the BALLS to run the festival as planned. *Audience Booing* Anyways as I was saying before, Randall's Island had the 4th annual of the Cherry Blossom Festival. With Stamford Connecticut's Sakura Matsuri hasn't announced it's possible that the festival got canceled this year. As with Randall's Island it chose to run as planned even if is going to rain. Enough chit-chat, let's talk about the festival.

As soon you enter the Urban Farm or anywhere on fields 60, 61 & 62 on Wards Island, yes folks it's Wards Island because you are at the Southern part of the island. When you arrive this is their initial reaction. Where are the cherry blossom flowers?  As you see after May 7th and it's due to a rainy weather week the flowers had already washed down. That is the first downfall of the Cherry Blossom Festival on Randall's Island. The second downfall is the tea is no longer served. Last year they serve bottled tea like with Japan Day @ Central Park and also the Sakura tea with pickled Cherry Blossoms filled with hot water. It's too bad it's never served anywhere in the USA but you got no choice to buy them online and import the item to your home address. What a crock of shit!


Randall's Island's Cherry Blossom Festival has continued serving family friendly activities to the younger audience. Remember I told the suggestion on last year's RIPA's CBF Facebook event page about the Parasol Painting since Allentown's Cherry Blossom Festival, well it's not on their festival program. That could've been fun for the kids and/or adults. The fun and games are still enjoyable such as Kite Flying or make your own kite, Face Painting, Samurai Hat, Flower Making, Calligraphy, Bean Bag Toss, the famous kids game Yo-Yo Fishing and the brand new game to this year's festival, Scavenger Hunt. The performances are enjoyable but not much which they include J.D. Patch and Friends, Ninja Taiko, Junko Fisher, and calligrapher Taisan Tonaka. I would like to know that the Calligrapher person who runs the festival is still the same exact person but let's not get into his/her profile. The food could have been better, like with Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival they actually have Japanese products. RIPA could've EASILY stock up on RaMuNe from the Asian Supermarket on Broadway & 110th Street or bring an Asian food truck but instead they have the grilling area with non-Asian foods.


The Scavenger game is quite foolish if you play it as an adult. You think you have the brawns and brains to successfully find all the objects but nope, this game has flaws on its own. Now that's an improvement to NYU's Sakura Matsuri but not better than Brookline's sticker game. With this game if you figure out all the clues, you find it, then open it, stamp it and re-hide the object. With too many people playing at once, you can cheat at their own game by FOLLOWING other people to find the stamps or they can FIND YOU. As I explore, here's the clues.

We grow rice is easy if you learn how to read, Apple Orchard is already a pain because the stamp is well hidden. Chicken Parts is way too confusing, even if you read it you can't tell where you going. The clues may find the way of finding it. Flower stamp is easy if you learn it by now, the 5th stamp frog is dear costly. You can't tell where the FUCK is the large London Plane Tree is. It's the ONLY stamp I can't find of my own because of confusing navigations and well-hidden areas. I literally did figure it out where it is but the picnic area could be ANYWHERE but what it meant to say is the tables. Christmas fern is once again found by cheating my way in and the Birch Tree is quite easy if you study the Cherry Blossom Trees. If you went to many Sakura Matsuri events with a PLANTED TREE, then you should learn to identify a Cherry Blossom Tree. Heron isn't bad and Hell Gate Bridge is this! I would have found it on my own but one of the volunteers found it for me, WHAT THE FUCK?! In between programs I looked at the clues every half hour. If you found all 9 stamps, you return to the booth and you get to choose one of the 3 prizes.

The handbag which I had so many, plastic cups and the item that is worth a good prize is lavender seeds. I chose the lavender seeds and let's tell the rest of the story.

The Butterfly Release for this year is also a disappointment. Comparing with last year it's been great but with this year it's just something that no child could not wait for. You grab a butterfly and immediately released it. You know what, fuck it! As I said before it was in between my treasure hunt and butterfly release. After all the excitement, I chose to bore myself to death. You also noticed that there isn't much attendance as last year so you may be wondering is what happened? Where are the cosplayers or anyone? The good news is that it never rained during the festival otherwise there will be more problems.

And now for the verdict! The jury is found Randall's Island Park Alliance team, um let's see the positives. The festival's games or arts and crafts are great for the kids, great performances, and decent prizes, completely safe and well secured. The negatives of the festival is that there's no tea tasting, dying cherry blossom flowers, games that frustrated me as hell including well-hidden stamps, disappointed butterfly release, volunteers helped participants for games with hidden items, confusing clues,  foods aren't related to Japan or Asia, almost all games doesn't represent Japan and open alcoholic beverages to the public.  Oh I forgot to point out that there is only 1 raffle game prize in the entire festival. At least Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival won't allow taking alcohol drinks with you once you leave the area. As a result, the jury is found GUILTY. Comparing with Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival in Massachusetts, it's great for the family; Randall's Island is somewhat fun. What is their punishment? Absolutely nothing! Tune in tomorrow and I'll explain about alcoholic beverages. Thank you for reading!


Friday, May 13, 2016

Japan Day @ Central Park 2016


Previously on Insectduel's Game Corner, before my Afterworld 8 discussion I talked about NYU's Strawberry Festival. I already mention how bad it is this year comparing with 2011 which my story came too short and 2014 is when I discuss the positives about the festival. What I didn't mention is they have 3 different types of strawberry shortcakes. There is kosher, vegan and the home recipe. Of course I never tried these I just got the main cake. I was surprised to look back on the previous years is that the current year NYC's only strawberry festival and it's hosted by NYU happens to be the 31st? What a joke right? 2011 and 2016 is the year when the dejavu's taking back to the hellish past.

With NYU's festival being a letdown, now let's move on with the festival that everyone mostly hang around and that is Japan Day @ Central Park. In 2011 which is my first year at Japan Day @ Central Park, the festival I think it's good but I most likely hang around the main stage. Every year I come to Japan Day @ Central Park and not much has changed. This year in 2016, the Japan Day @ Central Park staff had the BALLS to relocate performance stage to the Rumsey Playfield. It's not the first time but in 2011 when the Earthquake and Tsunami which the performance stage is taken place at the Rumsey Playfield. However, they had a good reason because the bandshell stage is under construction. With the 2015 year when AKB48 band was brought to New York City and gotten and free CD, you think that Japan Day @ Central Park 2016 would actually redeem themselves from disaster right? I am sure you saw that coming but let's just see that Japan Day @ Central Park is IMPROVED over last year especially if the charity theme is Kumamoto Earthquake.


The first thing that happens is Japan Day @ Central Park is always held on mother's day. Let's begin with the Rumsey Playfield stage. To me it's much roomier than the bandshell area, however in some performances especially Senri Oe which you are going to be crowded in. Also note that every year on the stage Sandra Endo emcees the event. There's a difference between Sandra and Saori which they both have a kimono and hairstyle like the classic hair bun style. The only differences is one is a news anchor and the other one is the actress. I won't be talking too much so let's go forward with the bandshell area.

Japan Day @ Central Park is no different than the other but on the other hand new activity tents are introduced. Here they have PARO, Pepper the Robot and Microscope. Everything else is the same which includes Hello Kitty, DOMO, Magnet Train and among others. The groups NY de Volunteer always have the try on Yukata and the JAANY have the Calligraphy. Fun isn't it? The food tents hasn't improved the lines, do I have to say anymore? Just listen! There are no shortcuts to get to the line including people who are disabled. It's not just the food tents it's the activity tents too and not including the tea or snacks. One thing I do give credit is Japan Day @ Central Park always have a MAP system.

Comparing with Japan Festival Boston, there are 2 different lines. The regular line and the fast pass line. The fast pass line is only available for people who donated from their GoFundMe account. You think that Japan Day @ Central Park actually have 2 different lines but no. Japan Day @ Central Park is once again up your ass by making the food line way too long with no fast pass access? Let me remind you that the food you received is free of charge while Japan Festival Boston you have to pay for your food. This year they introduced the Amezaiku line which is actually candy. Last year at Japan Festival Boston, Candy Miyuki had her own booth to make candy for her fans and/or customers. There is a minor complaint that Central Park has 2 stages. Should the second stage have ummmmm...? Cosplay Fashion Show, Cosplay Deathmatch, Hirajuku Fashion Show and J-POP performances. After all, Cosplayers actually come over to Japan Day @ Central Park and it's NOT a cosplay event. However there are the upcoming Central Park cosplay events like Shiro Con and International Cosplay Day. Let me explain more, if you watch South Park about the reenactment of the south vs. north war. They had gotten drunk on Schnapps. Most booths have tea and one of the teas like the black tea mocha had caffeine in it. I drink at least 5 bottles of it. Anyway let's head on with the personal story.


I haven't visited any booths at all other than the food. The only food during the 1st intermission is Gyoza which is the quickest line and the Ramen is actually long and costing me 30 minutes. What a crock of shit! The stages which I mostly hang around. In 2011 if you remember Aisha came to New York City from Japan is the time that Yuko Ikeshita is part of the show which is the Rumsey Playfield area. I'll try to explain the performances in shorter words this time. Soh Daiko is awesome, Okinawan Dance doesn't impress me, Karate Demonstration is okay, Rio Koike makes me laugh a bit, Mikoshi Parade got me intense, Bon Odori is getting to repetitive for every Japanese festival I visit, Seiji Sugiwara wasn't watched much, Katsura Sunshine isn't funny, Omotenashi just made me leave the stage for a break when I found my friend Valeria, Brown Rice Family is not interested at all, COBU is awesome, Senri Oe with Miki Orihara is great and sadly I never watched Akino Yano because I left early just to post this blog on Iona College.

Now for the verdict! The jury is found Japan Day @ Central Park team GUILTY again for making the festival too boring and repetitive not once, twice but multiple times. I heard people saying that Japan Day @ Central Park is not a good event even if the stage is moved to Rumsey Playfield which is an improvement. What is their punishment? They should be attacked by Pokémon, Digimon or other Japanese monster related games. Thanks for reading and I'll see you at Randall's Island's Cherry Blossom Festival tomorrow. Take care!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Modern Rom Hacking Existence and After World 8 removed from webpage

Welcome back readers! I am Insectduel yours truly, let's get on with it. I know you may think that I became the matsuri patrol. Yes folks, whenever a Sakura Matsuri or any festival went completely wrong I just have to discuss my stories in an angry way. After my recent blog with NYU's Strawberry Festival fiasco blog, I have gone through hours to get my computer screen to stop flipping on and off every hour after the incident. Last week wasn't a good celebration with Iona College and NYU even if the strawberry festival is running by the NYU Program Board for 31 years but Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival is more fun than these two. Today's blog covers one of my romhacking works and this time I am taking a break for writing blogs on festivals. Anyway, let's move on.

As being a 7 year old playing on the Apple Macintosh computer and playing some paint software sometimes I am pretending that I am a game developer having a creative mind creating my own custom level. Today after 10 years, I am still considered the veteran romhacker than the elitist. Before I am talking about my romhacking works, here’s an important message I would like to share.

In today's world we come into a world where people abuse the classic retro gaming franchise chose to sacrifice older or crappy games to form a homebrew or a romhack game into a cartridge. Not all of them sacrifice older games but their donor boards are brand new. During many romhacking period of time, I never heard of the company called Timewalk games which is the first reproduction game company before the other famous ones such as 8-Bit Evolution and Flashback Entertainment.  Every single romhacker like me, Dahrkdaiz, Zieldak, Alex AR, FuSoYa, Puzzledude, Euclid, SePH and many others are victims of putting our games into a cartridge without our permission. When we make our romhacks, I had no idea that our games is put into a game cartridge and selling them for profit. (Not really because they need the money to purchase the donor boards)

However Puzzledude has the courage to talk out of it about their illegal actions that these repros are doing. Reproducing these games into a cartridge is almost like bootlegs and piracy. It is illegal and it's copyright infringement. I even put in game ReadMe's asking people NOT to do that. Speaking of profit, I don't think these reproduction makers are no harm to us. Their purpose is to sell romhacks in good quality but the main problem is the EPROM's are very expensive to make and that's a good reason for it. I went to A Video Game Con back in September and you know why 8-Bit Evolution's cartridges are high and pricey. Don't expect romhacks are cheap because they're not.

Last year, I worked my ass to fight these reproduction cartridge makers because we know that's its illegal and is in violation of copyright. The truth is Nintendo didn't even care anymore nor had it? Someday Nintendo will shut down the reproduction game factories that actually abuse it. I had little relationship with Flashback Entertainment and I purchase Super Demo World, Zelda Parallel Worlds and my own game to bring to A Video Game Con but that never happen because I have to register to own a table. I knew the time when I had to go back to Flashback Entertainment and look what I found. The game I made almost 10 years ago is formed into a cartridge. Luckily I still had my NES and one of these days that I'll buy off my own game and played it on TV. People will be BEGGING to buy this game, come to my booth and I'll sign the cartridge from my fans.

That is until this day about 2 weeks ago for the IPS Patch Afterworld 8 is deleted off my website. Someday I'll find a way to delete it from Romhacking dot net or any Pre-Patched ROMs lying around including the game uploaded on Vizzed emulators. After I saw game being reproduced I got no choice to remove the source off my website. The game is actually too old but with the new 2.0 version of Afterworld 8 called SMB Extended, it’s still having its full potential. You think I am erasing the game to protect myself from police no that is bullshit. Homebrew game making has been existing since the late 1980's especially Color Dreams. Many people consider SMB2J a romhack of SMB1 because it uses the same exact game engine.  Anyway I'll explain about Afterworld 8's existence.

Original-Beta Version

Version 1.1

The background of Afterworld 8 is when the SMB hacking era in 2005 made by Japanese romhackers including the person from Acmlm's Board named Anonymous Person or AP. Many of AP's SMB1 hacks are great but he also made a game called Aftersmb2j which comes in first before Afterworld 8. Afterworld 8 seems like an accident because I used the hacked rom with music used and ported the levels in. Okay my computer uses Windows 98 at the time and I didn't have any sound, that's the reason why the game was a complete accident. With my basic skills and intense level design from SMB Utility, I knew I had the balls to make a game that is able to bypass world 8 but in an imaginary way. I've been playing around with SMB Utility for too long and that is when 2 more years later for ISD SMB Util to rise from the ashes.

SMB2J+1 - Dream World for Famicom Disk System

Since my successful with Afterworld 8, that's when I decided to go with SMB2J hacking. I have to admit that SMB2J hacking wasn't that great and most shit load of SMB1 hacks doesn't deserve to be placed in form of a cartridge. Oh I forgot to mention that Flashback Entertainment corrected or bug fixed our games before they released it to their store. There are many SMB1 hacks but SMB The Lost Levels 2 seems to be crap. What the hell is Lost Levels 2? Did Nintendo scrap more levels before designing?

<- Smb2j level editor of the future!!!

With many of the SMB1 hacks being made into a cartridge, consider Afterworld 8 is being put into the hall of fame. With that said, Super Mario Maker is now even more popular since the release of the year 2015 after 30 years. I would like you thank you fans for playing my piece of art. I got bigger projects going on but Rockman AF and Frank's 2nd SMB3 hack for SMAS should be back in the works soon. That's all I have to say! This Friday I'll talk about Japan Day @ Central Park for 2016. See you then!

Monday, May 9, 2016

NYU's Strawberry Festival 2016

WARNING: Based on the actual story contains harsh language, viewing discretion is advised!

Welcome back readers! I am finally caught up with my blogs and now I am going to discuss the recent Matsuri I went. You know where the fruit named um... Ichigo? Japan Day @ Central Park is yesterday and before that, I have to talk about this event that I never wanted to go in the first place. In order to talk about the event that isn’t Sakura Matsuri/Cherry Blossom Festival, I have to discuss this one in Sakura Matsuri style as I did from Nashville 2016 or last year. However when the fuck Stamford Connecticut will host the Sakura Matsuri in 2016? Did they cancel it or something? Well Connecticut didn't have that much Cherry Blossom Festivals but New Haven is just popped into my head so I am looking forward to visit next year. Also that I haven't post much about restaurant events so I really lost interests in it. Anyway let's begin!


A strawberry festival is where people celebrated not only for fruits and strawberries including the strawberry shortcake, they included games including for amusement parks. A festival wouldn't be complete without music. It's fun for the entire family including adults and children of all ages. There's only one strawberry festival that pisses me off. One that evens a die-hard strawberry fan would hate it as well. This Matsuri should be killed in every single way you can think of. It doesn't deserve the name Strawberry Festival. Hell, it shouldn't even exist! And the worse part about it is that NYU is the ONLY strawberry festival in New York City. There are other strawberry festivals outside of New York City but if you're interested go to The festival I am discussing is NYU's annual strawberry festival. This year not only I went to their Sakura Matsuri but I decided to go there as well. I know I said I wouldn't go there but what happened is that I overslept and miss my chance for a job order for a company I worked for. I was not asked to come to NYU's strawberry festival but since I never made it to the office I had to visit. In fact I didn't feel like going right now but I have to because it's an order from The Ronchan Project and not my company Insectduel's Domain. Anyway I before I begin the story let me say this, In 2012 it's my first visit to NYU's strawberry festival which is enjoyable and in 2014 it was decent. It's like I had to visit their event every 2 years. So what's going on this year? Well, I am about to find out the answer!

After I visit a number of Facebook event pages for NYU's strawberry festival hosted every year from 2011 to present including the flyer there is mass confusion going on that they can NEVER fix so I don't know what the deal is but you'll notice that every flyer saying "Free with NYU ID". That's when the comments come in. Do I have to be a NYU student to enter? How do I enter without NYU ID? Do I need NYU ID to join? I don't have NYU ID, can I come without it? Wait a minute! You said Free with NYU ID but are open to the public, please clarify. I can't come without NYU ID! Awww, do I really need NYU ID to participate! , And that admission is... Drum roll, dramatic silence, NYU ID. You should come over to NYU's strawberry event only with ID. NYU ID, NYU ID, NYU ID, NYU ID, NYU ID, NYU ID!!!! Well, DAMN! That's what I looked through some Facebook comments.

I came there and every time I come once every 2 years, you don't need NYU ID to enter. Without NYU ID you can still go through but it makes you look foolish after you enter. Yeah I said foolish a lot but wait, it's not just foolish it makes you look like a complete jackass. But wait; did I visit their Sakura Matsuri event? That's something that never said on the Facebook event page but after you enter, I wasn't expected to show NYU ID.

Once again looking back with Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival, even though it's a courtyard festival you pay $10 to $20 to enter which is acceptable and they NEVER ask you for your school ID.  YOU SEE THIS IS THE REASON WHY I NEVER WANT TO VISIT THE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL. YOU IDIOTS CAN'T FIND A SIMPLE WAY FOR TO PREVENT CONFUSION. WHAT YOU'RE DOING IS DRIVING ME COMPLETELY INSANE!!! For what I notice from their tablets, they counted people with and without NYU ID so it's kind of like attendance. If you're reading this as a NYU Student and you'll know about the NYU ID scanner or its functionality, please let me know. This NO NYU ID nonsense is a complete...


I'm hoping if any NYU event including Sakura Matsuri or Strawberry Festival, they should only do admission fees, for example, $20 admission and $10 admission with NYU ID. Believe it or not, the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri had a discount price for students with their school ID. Also their money should be a suggested donation since them not raising money for themselves but using that money for good resources including charity causes. Hell if the NYU Sakura Matsuri had the Kumamoto earthquake relief fund after you enter, why the fuck would they make the festival FREE instead of the admission or a donation fee. Only then you won't feel that you're a complete asshole.


So anyway that's the most infamous thing about the strawberry festival I ever heard in the history of social media on Facebook, let's discuss the rest after I got in. Well of course nothing is changed but there's a small toothbrush, twizzlers, sweet tarts and tootsie pop but the most important thing about the festival is the festival passport also known as the checklist. And again, I stayed my ass home like with New Rochelle Sakura Matsuri but it was a complete accident because I overslept. Here you have Cake which you must get in like to get the largest strawberry shortcake, strawberries which is about 6 of them at a time. Then the others that never come in for the entire festival such as Brooklyn Soda Works, Insomnia Cookies which is actually located at 14th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues, Alchemy Creamery, Airbrush Tattoo and Skie Ball. Believe it or not, there are only 2 games which is unlimited play that doesn't need to check off which are High Striker and Cow Milking. Everyone just come in, have strawberries and cake, play games a little and leave. I see people bypassing through the main gates but I don't know if they're staff people or not. But that's not the worse part.


The worst part is this! The performers, they never showed up! LITERALLY and I have to stayed 2 hours with this shit. That is until I rage quitted and decided to find a PC at the Apple Store and browse through the internet because I don't have the smartphone like everyone else. You want to know the answer of why the performers including Mitski never showed up, well? Let's find out! After I looked at their NYU Strawberry Festival Facebook page, the live performances are canceled. WHY? Let's see uh, it involves something has to do with uh, I don't know maybe uh, THE RAIN!? I was looking forward to see Mitski's performances and it pop up in my head from one of my Facebook friends. Why, how could they do this? The main reason why live music is canceled because they don't want to be electrocuted which is absolute...

I went to any Japanese Festival including the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri during the rain and the performances are still on. Hell even Stamford Sakura Matsuri last year performed with electrical equipment even before it rained out including Japan Block Fair. Second if they had a tent, should they play underneath it? What it needs is bigger space which is 2 times length at LaGuardia place OR they could have performances INSIDE the auditorium. Hell they could have had a rain location to be taken place at Kimmel auditorium on the fourth floor just like with Sakura Matsuri. Only then the festival would be just as good to avoid the rain but no. NYU is once again up your ass for downgrading the festival from being too great to a god awful one.


*Shakes my head (SMH)* that’s it; NYU's annual strawberry festival is doomed! What is it about the festival that just spells SHIT? It's like they couldn't make a good festival this year. But here is my final verdict about the festival. The jury is found the NYU Program Board and the NYU Strawberry Festival staff, GUILTY for making the festival an embarrassment for the 2016 year. What is their punishment? Covering them in strawberry sauce with sakura flower petals. I swear that it's my FINAL visit and I NEVER wants to go there EVER again. Now excuse me, I am officially done with NYC's only strawberry festival.

Now that I am coming to Japan Day @ Central Park which is coming up next, I am going to write one of my recent romhacks that I deleted off the main website. If you looked at my pinned tweet or my Facebook fan page, yes it's this popular SMB1 hack that I made almost 10 years ago. I am Insectduel and thank you for reading.

Past NYU Strawberry Festival Blogs:

Sadly, it's NYU's 31st anniversary!