Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sakura Matsuri - Washington DC 2016

Many people celebrated the Sakura Matsuri from all over the United States and some parts of the country like Indonesia and Vancouver Canada but the most popular one in some parts of the United States is the National Cherry Blossom Festival here in Washington DC. Last time I discussed about the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival and it was okay but today's blog we are talking about Washington DC.

For years the Sakura Matsuri - Washington DC is held in Washington DC where the Metro Center Red Line or Federal Circle Blue or Orange Lines but this Sakura Matsuri on this year is very awkward comparing with any other year. First of all, you don't see any Cherry Blossom trees within the street area like with the last one, second it's most likely held in the city and not a park. The new location that the Sakura Matsuri Washington DC held is the Capitol Riverfront Yards Park on the Navy Yard-Ballpark Green Line Metro Station. When you first enter the area, holy shit you'll going to be pissed. Here's the festival layout for this year.

It doesn't seem as large as the one in the street but the only major issue is that you have to pay the admission every time you enter the festival after you exit. Could they just give you a wristband or a stamp so re-entry people can enter? However, the festival area does have a bathroom or food vendors. There are over 25 vendors, 100 exhibitions, and over 40 performances on 4 different stages. The stage I stayed the most is the J-POP stage which I'll explain the acts shortly. In Sakura Matsuri Washington DC, there are different vendor types. I forgot to mention that they added the 5th stage which is the Culinary Arts. Here we have arts & culture, the matsuri market which includes alcohol and meet the artist, the Ginza Marketplace, Asian or Non-Asian, Cosplay, Toys okay I run out of ideas but you'll get the picture right?

And now I'll explain the J-POP performances, the only good thing about the festival is that they actually give you a map system. Unlike Newark Comic Con which they don't! Anyway the first one that really impresses me is Kanadete Sourou. They're the J-POP band with the kimono with modern interests. Oyumi seems to be a great vocal singer on my opinion but how can I buy their music if I could manage to survive my budget. Next is the Cosplay Fashion show which runs very early than usual. Then KuroPOP which is basically a teenage J-POP band, National Japan Bowl which is the only one that doesn't interests me much but Risa on the other hand, is kawaii. Okay maybe I should judge Japanese girls, let's continue.


Next we have LUST which is Japanese rock music, Cherry Blossoms Dance Team which also doesn't interest me, The Asterplace which is astonishing but Yatsumi Murakami continues to infatuate the fans with her outfits, Soran Boshi which is basically the dance choreography, 2une which features Sneko, Poku Poku Boys & finally Kaori Comedy. Kaori Comedy may be funny but her repeated acts are repetitive and boring but she does bring something new for a change. However her acts are not the same when you attend to Kaori's events but what are going to do?

Now for the verdict, the jury found Japan-America Society of Washington DC GUILTY for false advertising the festival and relocating the festival that has no Cherry Blossom trees. Should it call it the Ultimate Japanese Festival instead? Why call is the Sakura Matsuri when there's no nearby Cherry Blossom Trees?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hatis Noit Bklyn

Before I get on with Washington D.C. Sakura Matsuri let's take a moment about the concert for Hatis Noit last week. There are 4 female performers from Japan but only 1 of them are your local Japanese singer. This is an awesome concept from MarCreation as I roll along let's begin shall we so I can get with the Washington D.C. blog & Philadelphia.

The first performance act is Twisty Bonbon which is 2 Japanese girls on stage with one on guitar and the other one on vocals. It's not a bad start but I think Twisty Bonbon is okay. Of course they have a drummer also. Twisty Bonbon may be a good female band but I just not into them at all.

The next one is pretty interesting; however they are mixed in between cultures. They're Japanese and African American style by the names of Iyco & Kaka Furaha. They're the most astonishing band I ever saw. They're a few other members of the band which includes a dancer and a drummer. I personally love this band but on the other hand they will be performing in Japan Festival Boston this weekend.

The third performance act which I am not able to write about because it's very personal. If you want to know about it please go to my YouTube page with my real name.

Finally, here's the main course of the show. The Japanese female known as Hatis Noit and she are on her USA tour. Keep in mind that this is my personal review of the show and influences. So here's Hatis Noit in a red and black dress with some makeup on her face. Once her stage sets up and perform holy crap you'll going to be pissed. Prepare with some suffering. She may be a dancer, sort of but also using her voice in a weird way almost like REATMO from Japan Nite. Out of all the performances, Hatis Noit doesn't excite me as much as the other three. After the show, Hatis isn't easy to speak to either. Argh!

In conclusion, it's a good show but now I got that cleared out of the way, let's move on to Washington DC.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival 2016

For some odd reason here in the United States of America we see people celebrating the symbolism which is the Cherry Blossoms that presenting Japanese culture. What I mean Japanese Culture it means Tea Ceremonies, Plants, Food & Drinks, Music Entertainment, Arts & Crafts, Taiko Drumming, Karate Demonstration, Clothing, Language Skills, and Anime & Cosplay. However, not all Cherry Blossom Festivals have that kind of culture.

This is when come into play about the Insectduel's Domain's Sakura Nihon Festival tour being in development and the destination they unexpected to pick is Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival and it was planned for years. However, before we get into the story I thought I should give a review about the festival layout itself since Nashville wasn't documented as much. Sakura Fest Tour USA may have died but the blogs are back in control.


The festival itself in person is like a courthouse garden but it's true that they have Cherry Blossom trees within the Metro Courthouse area in Music City. Here there is a main stage, some exhibits, food courts, children's activities, cosplay contests, Taiko & more. Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival is almost competing with the Sakura Matsuri - Washington D.C. and it's usually the same day as Washington D.C. but not this year. I have to say that it's okay but it's actually a good outside festival unlike the other ones.

There is no personal story other than the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival itself. The only time I ever saw is Nozomi & Friends, Triple Happiness and Bon Odori. That's it! I didn't see anything else and I can't explain why we're VERY late to the festival. If you look in our Facebook fan page then that's the reason. It could've been better because Nashville's Sakura Matsuri event has went to its eighth year but on the other hand, during the ride to the festival, where's the Cherry Blossom Trees? Why there aren't any flowers blooming at all?  I think because the warm weather came very early that most of the Cherry Blossom Flowers died off.

The jury is found Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival Innocent. Nashville has kept the festival free of charge because of their generous donations and besides the money is needed to own the space and on the other hand the festival is just as good as Washington D.C.

One final thought, if we ever going back to Nashville Tennessee next year, I'll think about it. This next one is the Sakura Matsuri - Washington D.C.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Japan Nite 2016

Hello and welcome to Insectduel's Game Corner of April 2016. You may think that my recent blogs may fool you but every blog that I wrote represent a true story. On this blog I am going to write about the recent Japanese concert that comes to your area every year which is Japan Nite.

The year 2016 may be the year where we get a new president of United States of America especially Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump but it's also the year of the Olympics at Rio Brazil. Japan Nite however started going downhill from there and I am not talking about SXSW or Los Angeles I am talking about New York, Chicago, Long Beach & Baltimore. There are four bands this year during the tour which includes Reatmo, Tempalay, Atomic Stooges & The Roamers.

The genres just weren't even enough either and usually we get the good ones but to me they're the best possible ones out there. Back in 2014 which is my first Japan Nite, I was epic at the time and so is 2015. You think that Japan Nite 2016 will make a show a success right? WRONG! It's because Atomic Stooges or The Roamers whatever, had never arrived to the city and it's because they had Visa issues. The show is a disappointment and a disaster as well. That's not saying much because it's still decent show but with only TWO BANDS?! Why not jungles or Rei but however it seems that jungles had their OWN USA TOUR. If you haven't follow jungles from Red Bacteria Vacuum on Facebook then you'll know that their flyer is posted on their wall. Keep in mind that these performances are rare acts and they're from Japan. Once you miss them, they won't return unless you go to Japan so rather than not wasting my time I decided to go for it. And how come they can't do crowdfunding before they came into the USA. The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass did it and they came so why not jungles or Audrey so they can use more money to run shows, The more money they have the better the show is and including their merchandise.

I had enough talking about this let's get into the show itself and it's the human beatboxer with musical talent Reatmo. He uses his mouth to make songs and also a vocal singer. Although he's from Japan and it's a rare performance, you think that it's good for the Western audience, right? You remember Vampilla from 2014's Japan Nite; you know the extremely long performance? Well, it's nothing like that. Reatmo's choice of songs isn't original and you know what else, it's kind of earraping too. Reatmo isn't a good fan for me but as for everyone else it's just my opinion. If you like Reatmo then congratulations, I'm glad you like him because he is one that brings you some entertainment to the Western audience that makes you very happy.

I also have to make a note because not every one of my friends comes over but Japan Nite not only you enjoy the music but to have a good time, drink and make new friends. In the end I kind of make a new friend but the main issue is that why would I get in touch with somebody if that person don't want to get in touch with me. That doesn't make sense. At least Rico Yuzen which I now follow got in touch after I met her but that story won't be used anytime soon.


The next one is Tempalay and basically a good Japanese band. It's got style and refreshed. To tell you the truth, it's the only band I actually like and in the end I brought the CD from them. However, because Amy who is the singer & songwriter she's actually part of Tempalay and they're given some sessions for the bands that are unable to make it. Comparing with 2015's Chicago's Japan Nite, they missed the flight and the show is heavily delayed. It's nothing worse than that. Overall, the show could've done better but there are reasons. First off, the budget, yes I understand it requires money to put up shows in the future but at least put up a donation button for PayPal or make a crowdfunding page. Second, the show could have 5 or more bands even from Japan so what's so great about Japan Nite if they have fewer bands. Third, bring some real TOP NOTCH bands or singers from Japan such as Maiko Fujita to the Western audience.

If in any doubt, I am ready to take on the Sakura Matsuri event and it's going to begin on April 9th. I'll write the blogs as quickly as possible so see ya!