Monday, March 14, 2016

jSny - March 2016

Hello and welcome to Insectduel's Game Corner of March 2016. I don't feel much of writing blogs much but anyway I want to talk about last week which is j-Summit New York. Remember, it's not my review it's my personal story so I want to get this started.

It's been 5 years since the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund but things has been changed from Reni Mimura to Lulla Miyuki which is now called Lulla Layla and to Shihori Nakane. There were the old times but sometimes getting with the old timers you missed is just not worth it. Take a look at Canny Ann for example. I met her since September 2011 but to me, she's a good singer but the problem about Canny Ann is that she lacks social media which is why I can't get in touch with her. I told her that I'd see her again back in 2011 but did she see me? Nope, not even close. I have tried to reach her, but she chose to leave the venue very quickly and is after Naoki band which I'll discuss. Canny Ann has no more replay values so she's gone off the list for good.

The Naoki band has continue to dominate even after performance, after performance & after performance. Naoki band ROCKS the stage right from the beginning.

After the crazy band, then here comes Megumi Matsumoto which is one of the featured singers of the j-Summit New York franchise. Her original songs are so great that she brought one of her close friends to the stage which is Jeannie Buxo. I don't have pictures of Megumi & Jeannie but that is because I videotaped them. Oh by the way, that is Ai Shindo on piano which is one of her composers. I had side stories about Megumi Matsumoto at Hudson Terrace but why bother. Stories come and go and I have to get my work done. Anyway I can never stop being Matsumoto's follower.

Then here comes Shihori Nakane which is her first gig in New York City from Japan. I had to say that she's very good but there are number of reasons why I liked Shihori. First is her songs next is her Kimono she's wearing to the stage and finally is her kawaii looks. Let's not get into details because going fast forward after she finished singing, I meet, greet & brought a CD from her. Does she have a clear understanding of English? I think so which is much better than Rie Tamuro. Rie is from Japan as well but she needs to pick up some gigs. I have a GOOD feeling that I should become a good follower to Shihori Nakane. She will start living in New York around September of this year but she's making the return to New York on May 2016.

Next up is Moonfall. At first I was saying is why the hell they're 2 different Moonfall bands? I don't really understand. One from New York City in 2015 and one from Canada in 2014. I'm saying this because Ticketweb had an error on both their website and Facebook. NYC Moonfall never had a website but however does have a bandcamp page. Moonfall isn't bad but that makes me wonder if I should start following them. Then again I'll pass.

Sixth band in the lineup is no other than The Big Apple Sunshine band. I have some replay values but that's because myself & Michael Potter are friends along with his wife Mika Endo. But other than that or the music, there's not much to say.

After the Big Apple Sunshine band the crowd goes downhill from there. Probably because people had to go to work but usually people in Jazz shows doesn't stay for the second set. The last three just puts me to sleep and bores me. When it comes to quiet ongoing shows, it feels that you're wanted to leave and that's true. I want to leave because I have to work but I kept going. The last three are Takeshi Otani band, Euge & Hugh Yamada. What a great way to close the stage. Pathetic! Their gigs isn't awful but it's just slowing me down or I'm the one tired out, not them. However, Hugh Yamada release albums in the past but other than that, there's much to say.

There are more upcoming events in the month of March but I decided to skip most of them because of the Sakura Matsuri events. The only event I'll be going to is Japan Nite, Big Apple Sunshine Band in Astoria and Rico Yuzen's Lanza's Restaurant event. I've booked a flight to Nashville but more of them are coming. See you there!