Tuesday, December 22, 2015

jSny 2015 December

This story takes place after the Wintercon event which comes to a live music charity event at The Bowery Electric known as j-Summit New York. On the entire 2015 year there's only four which started in March, then May, August & December. March is the year when I met Chiela, then Maya on the month May, The Akabane Vulgars in August and it all comes to this. Keep in mind that this not a review it's my story.

The first band you see is The Big Apple Sunshine band with Michael Potter and 3 others. Not a bad start but as I promote The Big Apple Sunshine band in one of my Facebook ads, I'm hoping if more people shows up. The show is already as epic it is but was it successful? You bet it is! The next one is The Venus De Melos and I have no clue if the name suggests the band of him. I have no comment on his performance. The third one is Nicole Oliva. What are you kidding me? Does she has any of her original tunes and not just copyrighted songs or refer as cover songs. I don't care about her vocals all I care is not use any copyrighted songs while you're in a live performance. According to Muchmores in Williamsburg Brooklyn, no one is allowed to perform any cover songs while booking a show on a venue. I kind of miss that place but I suggest bringing friends over a party.

The fourth act is the Naoki band I have to say that he is awesome but almost every time in the 2015 year. Naoki is just keeps getting better and better. The fifth act is no other than Meg Matsumoto. I'd say that she performs every single time which makes her part of the j-Summit New York franchise. Not if she sings but she models also and she's kind of fun to talk to.

The sixth act is someone even rarer than TsuShiMaMiRe, Kazuha Oda or even Starmarie on that matter. The performer I'm discussing is someone named Jade Tokyo. Jade's music is kind of interesting but what really gets to me is the friendship part. I usually do not want to add anymore people I met at j-Summit New York but with Jade Tokyo I guess I have to take it. The same goes with Chiela back in March but honestly I feel that I should have added Chiela on my list before the White Plains Sakura Matsuri at the time she saw me and Tokyo Tapas when Kaori was around. Why I keep adding people on my list including Kazuha Oda after MinCon? I don't know! However, I started removing people off my list and replace them. That makes me wonder if Chiela is ever going to come to NYC in spring 2016, I missed her. Onward with the seventh act.

After Jade Tokyo, here comes Aine Hakamatsuka. She is nothing special but only sings soprano that makes me want to drink and socialize with Megumi. Surprisingly Aine is also a rare act but she packs her stuff and leave The Bowery Electric very quickly. Number eight is Megumi Watada. Unlike Yuko Ito, Mika Mimura, Misa Ogasawara, or Megumi Momma back in the early years Megumi Watada knows who I am otherwise Watada is another useless wannabe. On the other hand, Megumi is pretty good and makes me want to service my video recordings again. At that time, my video was removed by Watada's request but she is willing to have my video up again. In 2016 everything is going to change when my YouTube is running. Only Lulla Miyuki & Cadre will be posted on YouTube as for the other people needed approval like with Reiko Takahashi (Reiko 4D). By the way, Kazha is disapproved.

Number nine is LUST and ten is the Alan Merrill band. LUST is no comment but Alan Merrill is one hell of the band but he's no Shinji Harada. He's put up a couple of songs but that's the way they sing for JAPAN. Number eleven is the Rie Tamuro band. Rie is one of the girls that also immediately know who I am just like with Chiela except with Cheila she added me on Facebook before she run into me. Rie is only 21 years old but is she still 21 years old after a year later or if Rie will always be 21 years old. Some Japanese people don't want to expose the age which is why they always be 21 years old. Argh, some don't update their profiles. About Rie's song, although she doesn't speak English very well she had something on her sleeve. With Kota as her husband and manager, he book shows for her.

Last one is Takeshi Otani band. They perform nothing but jazz, jazz & jazz. Something that Tomi Jazz allows to offer or the infamous expensive Jazz at Kitano. After the party, there is only one person that really got into me. Too bad Jazz Tokyo is quickly going away but Megumi Watada is planning a show on January. The next one is March 2016 so I'm expecting someone I want to meet and only to follow at this time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wintercon 2015

If there's a convention where it involves comic books, anime, gaming, or even live entertainment shows it has to be that one convention. I'm not talking about a convention space where you get a tiny bit of space with disorganized planning like with Newark Comic Con oh no! I am talking about a convention that takes Sci-Fi convention along with superhero comic books that is taken place in a Casino also known as Wintercon and it's our second visit.

This year we went to Big Apple Convention which is okay but what really bugs me the most is the limited space on the upper level while the lower level has its own show floor. Eternal Con is not a bad one either. Wintercon seems like a cool convention space to wander around with 1 panel room and the main stage. Let's rewind back to the Sakura Matsuri series which is um Washington DC or our Japan Block Fair in New York City. Let's compare it with Wintercon shall we? In comparison with each other, they have the main stage with chairs and a marketplace of supplies. Some special guest celebrities have their own booths like Yaya Han for example while the Sakura Matsuri Washington DC you get to meet the musicians every hour. Yeah it kind of reminds me with Japan Block Fair but Wintercon has some fun factors. Of course there are flaws when it comes to big conventions.

When you purchase the Ticketleap ticket for the weekend pass, the printed ticket says Saturday which causes me problems. Why because when I enter the convention and I when showed them my ticket, I only get the green colored wristband which represent Saturday and the Red ones are full days. The next day I couldn't get in within 10 minutes because of an invalid ticket and I spent more than $30 for it. Okay is there a reason why Eternal Corp is giving wristbands in a convention like that. Unless there's an 18+ panel that shouldn't be used. A Video Game Con also giving wristbands also but that's for a reason. Wristbands are meant for 18+ and over panels not for convention entrance. Believe it or not, the VIP's are given both badges and wristbands but why not badges for normal guests?

Another irritating thing is that you have to keep your WRISTBANDS ON in order to enter and it's very frustrating for full suited cosplayers. Wristbands are invisible on your sleeve and are hard to see once you reach the security check point. However, the Casino has strict security to see anyone with a weapon. New York Comic Con uses a badge with the RFID system when you tap in and out entrances so I suggest Wintercon should allow this type of security for any ticket type.

Let's get on with the show that has a lot of positive things going on. I've learned all these things from Eternal Con but the booklet actually has a map system. So if you've been to Liberty City Anime Con and Newark Comic Con but received a booklet or a program with no map system, you're fucked! Wintercon looks almost 100% feeling that you're in Javits Center. When you reach the celebrity area at the far end of the convention, you better hide your cameras when you taking a picture with a cosplayer. Now what do I tell you about photography being prohibited in the Artists Alley at Castle Point Anime Convention, how about THAT! With Yaya Han, you are allowed to take a selfie with her next to the banner for safety reasons. Big Apple Con made it wide open and that needs to be improved.

Photographers have their private shoots on the outside area which is a good thing but as for me I catch cosplayers my way. Now we are going to talk in comparison with last year, take a look. Monster energy drinks isn't coming back to Wintercon this year and of course it can lead to many health problems offering their drinks for free. Another improvement is the space is being taken for photo ops. Usually the Empire Saber Guild would do workshops on their space but not this time.

Wintercon shows a LOT of promise than Newark Comic Con or the infamous ReedPOP version of their Comic Con in New York City which actually shows a few promises but fails to succeed. For the first time, I went to their panels and they're very good of their presentations and not to mention the Q & A's for some celebrity guests. The shows are continued to run in success including the Cosplay Contest & Runways and the Light Saber show. Wintercon is a fantastic convention but had small errors but there's nothing to complain about. Take that Mark David Boulding! If there's the 3rd Annual Wintercon that is held in the same venue, you better save the date because it's going to be on December 2016. As a matter of fact maybe we should stop at Derpy Con for once.

I had this story covered so the next one will be j-Summit New York and I haven't written a story for a while.