Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Video Game Con 2015

You know when I go to these conventions in 2015, there isn't a decent convention I ever went to besides Castle Point Anime Convention and this is of the greatest ones. However, recently I've been talking so negative that it's actually the truth. With Liberty City Anime Con & Newark Comic Con didn't perform very well on the first try there's a convention I recently went to and that one is kind of my genre of video games and nothing but video games. Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring you A Video Game Con. Now, I wasn't planning on telling you the entire story just to give a clear review of the con. You are about to find out!

Before I begin this blog, just to let you know that MAGFest is the only previous video game convention I ever went to and so is PwnEm Con. A Video Game Con is different than the other. Now you're about to see the first improvement over Newark Comic Con. As you can see right away, A Video Game Con actually have a map system? Of course this is because the AVGC Conheads own a bigger space but still, an improvement nothing less but is it enough? Well, sort of! But anyway, since you can wander around the convention area including the parking lot.

The lines aren’t that bad but it's quick if you're patient. Unlike Big Apple Con and Eternal Con with these massive long lines that takes 15 to 20 minutes to enter on the first day it opened, it's decent. However, I never mentioned Newark Comic Con about the line but it's quite small since people picked up tickets in advance.

This next part of it is just being personal, you see most conventions including Newark Comic Con and Castle Point Anime Convention give you badges to wear on your neck but with A Video Game Con, they only give you wristbands to wear and what's with it. I also notice that it has 2 colors but luckily those wristbands never come off. Come on, wristbands are only to be used for concert venues and drink purchases. I'm not going to complain but A Video Game Con has a reason for wristbands. Similar to MAGFest, there are colored wristbands that verify your age. So if you're 18 and over you get red, but if you're under 18 you get green and that is because there are panels 18 and over. With MAGFest, even if you have a badge, they also give you a wristband to wear to verify the age so if you're under 18 you get green, 18, 19, & 20 year olds get blue & 21 and over get red. The Gaylord has alcoholic drinks to purchase which is the reason.


The first part of the review is the vendor area which are dozens games you can sell including consoles. It's quite good if you're a video game collector and want to collect games and consoles, this is the best method. However this review has nothing to do with the convention itself. There are 3 or 4 vendors that sell reproduction games of fan translations, unreleased and romhacks which is quite useful but the main problem is collectors aren't familiar with it and there is a copyright issue when selling games that owned by copyright. So what the hell did we do? Did we romhackers abuse the world of retro gaming? I also noticed that romhacks are VERY expensive than retro games and you know why? Retailers are NOT ripping you off which is an incorrect reason. It is because the donor parts they used cost them money. For example, if you use a MMC5 donor and used it to build an NES there is a WHOPPING price on a game.

Originally I was going to bring my own console for convention attendees to play my romhacks but I didn't register for a table and also planned very poorly. Eventually you will run into a convention that makes reproduction retro games illegal to sell because they are counted as bootlegs including unlicensed retro games and homebrews with copyright content. Liberty City Anime Con CLEARLY made that rule that bootleg merchandise is not allowed on convention grounds. Anyway continue with the review.

The second part of the review is the freeplay console room. Well you have a bunch of games & consoles to select and including tournaments and because the convention space is so large it makes sense because that space is being reserved for people that wanted to play. It's also a great way to make friends even if you're a pro player. The freeplay console room is good and I love it.

The third part of the review is the arcade freeplay room. You see there's an arcade machine of fighting games, pinball machines, shoot 'em up and side scrolling games. During the afternoon there's some concert shows while you're playing. At MAGFest the concerts are completely in a different room. Of course there isn't a merchant booth during and after the concert shows. However you may think that A Video Game Con didn't have any flaws like with Liberty City Anime Con & Newark Comic Con. Well, there is only 1 flaw of the convention I found. This arcade machine Mortal Kombat 4 requires coins to play! What? Come on you are not supposed to require money to play the machine, there's a reason why it's called the freeplay room. The people responsible for the machine are Video Game rescue 911 and here's why. The machine WAS set on freeplay but because it was slipped on the cracks the machine goes on by default. They could have easily fixed the problem but no; half the people don't get to play the game.


The last thing I want to talk about is the panels. Before I get to that, at least A Video Game Con provides us some food without leaving convention grounds. Would it be awesome if they have their own maid cafe? Instead of French maids in dresses or butlers, people cosplayed as their favorite video game characters to serve you food. I haven't checked much of it but I did go to one panel and some exhibitors who run the panels didn't play by the rules. Comparing with MAGFest, The Angry Video Game Nerd actually uses the game console to let people come up & play the game which is back in 2013 but why Emulators? Don't you know that owning the ROM on a PC is illegal?

I have to say that making Gameboy music is a good panel and so is the Cosplay Contest. Everything went so smoothly. By the way, did you know that A Video Game Con is the ONLY video game convention that actually has a Cosplay Contest? Comparing with the other ones including MAGFest, they never had that. Not to mention that AVGC didn't have any huge celebrity guests like Kinuyo Yamashita or Pat the NES Punk so that's okay. Even so, they need a room where they sign autographs so there is no need for celebrity guests in the convention.

Now with the conclusion of the story! A Video Game Con not only the convention at Parsippany New Jersey but it's the BEST convention I ever went. Comparing with the miserable Newark Comic Con which is a piece of shit with too many errors I mentioned in my last blog, AVGC gets its replay values. I'm hoping if there will be a next year BUT there will be a next year. The final convention I am going to is Wintercon at Aqueduct and I'm hoping that it's going to be good. See you there!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

August - September 2015 restaurants

Insectduel's Game Corner has blogs based on real life. You have been warned!
If we've been flagged or contacted, then the WHOLE blog gets deleted!!! We've been written about it since Insectduel's Domain is opened up!

It's been a while folks, but it's finally here! So grab your snacks and beer because I'm getting to write this blog based on restaurants.

It's September and so far some venues, bars, and restaurants beat the living shit out of me. So let's begin with Tomi Jazz because I haven't been there in a while. On September 6, 2015 I decided to return to Tomi Jazz after a major flaw on the Senri Oe concert back on New Year’s 2015 and believe me, anytime you meet Senri Oe there's already some problems with this piece of shit. After being at Tomi Jazz in a LONG TIME, I got used to it.

Senri Oe held the Tomi Jazz event every month and is mostly held on Thursdays which means you have to reserve a seat before coming in otherwise you have a possibly being in delay of coming in or you'll forced to leave. The main issue understands what it means. It says $10 cover and $10 minimum per set. Senri has 2 sets which means you have to leave after the 1st set ended. Tomi Jazz isn't bad as I thought but you just need to be aware of Senri Oe's shows.

Onward with the story, on September 6, 2015 I went to Tomi Jazz for Kaede Zaitsu Helck. Of course there are other people including Yako Eicher, Hisako & others but I don't know them very well. The next part of the story is private so I cannot tell you about the after party.

Next up is something a little more different. Let's bring up the past. On August 26, 2015 there's a restaurant I never even heard of and it's Lanza's Restaurant. When I enter the venue for Yuka Mito, a Japanese waitress informs me that I came there for Jazz. Her name is Yuko. She gave me the menu and tells me about the special discount of $30 if I buy the complete set. Here's the problem! Because the menu is lack lustered, you HAVE to pay in cash but when you have $42 or more you can pay in credit or debit card. Seriously! I had money on my card and I can't even use it? That's the main reason why I don't want to get overcharged.

Another issue is you can only stay in one set. That's really fucked up. You cannot stay in both sets unless you have to order the jazz special which is a waste of money especially for Yuka Mito's shows. I don't really care about Yuka much but Lulla Miyuki's shows are way better. The 2nd set however is no different. So after I took an early leave, I said goodbye to Yuko but she inform to come over next week the second of September because she is a singer.

THIS JUST IN! It seems that reliable sources confirmed in my head and on Facebook is that the Japanese waitress at Lanza's Restaurant is actually Yuko Ito. Seriously, Yuko Ito? You mean the singer from Daniel Giel's band The Finding even though she acted like a regular waitress and drinks wine on the tables during the break. My GOD! That's just low right there! Yuko didn't even know who I am and haven't recognized me. I've tried talking to Yuko at The Movement Salon but I don't want to be rude. You think that I came back to Lanza's Restaurant just to meet Yuko Ito? No, I didn't! It is because Lulla Miyuki held her show at PIANOS on the upstairs lounge and I didn't want to avoid it.

Overall Lanza's Restaurant is you know what's coming but who cares it is bullshit and it's because they treat customers like crap. Here's one of the restaurants I went at West End Avenue and you're not going to like it. Just a reminder that Broadway Comedy Club is a piece of shit and I tried to be fair but my money is stolen. Even so, I'm not going back there whenever Kaori book a show there. Kaori may be cute but sometimes I feel that there's no reason to follow. The venue is The West End Bar. Take a look!

When you pay the $5, you don't just immediately sit back and watch. Instead you are informed by your waitress. What a crock of shit! That's even worse if you already pay the $5 cover. Good thing there is no minimum amount of food or drink orders otherwise you'll be facing a possible of being overcharged and also being cheated. Even for fighting in the streets, the waitress had decent service. The West End Bar is not bad but what's with the immediate music cover. Can't you just go up to the bartenders and buy the drinks like PIANOS or The Bowery Electric? The last one is the one you're familiar with.

The venue is Rockwood Music Hall. When you come in, you immediately being stopped by the waitress asking you to order even if you are not sitting down. Looks like the rules have been changed. Because their shows are always free, you have to order the drink to watch the show otherwise you are trespassing on their property. For every show per set, you are being asked again by the waitress. That means there is no staying over at Rockwood unless you order multiple drinks for every show. The shows I went that had this problem are Robin's Egg Blue and Omnia Hegazy. If you're planning on coming over, you better bring $5 and order cranberry juice. Good thing you pay your orders right away. Oh by the way, the TIPS. It's not mandatory but it's recommended that you pay tips to musicians.

Ladies & Gentlemen, that's the story about these restaurants I went so far. The next blog is A Video Game Con.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

1st Annual Newark Comic Con

Comic Con! The conventions where people get to take a look at comic books, dress as your favorite comic book superhero, and meet your comic book creators and celebrities. It's very awesome and it's really popular to comic book geeks who love collecting comic books. People have a debate whether Marvel or DC is the better comic book publishers or superheroes. It is intended to become part of pop culture all over the world.

Like many other comic cons, there are many of the comic cons owned by ReedPOP which is Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle and New York Comic Con in New York City and San Diego Comic Con International is completely different company owner. However, not if New York Comic Con is held in New York City by ReedPOP, there are 2 other comic cons that were owned very differently in New York City. One is Big Apple Convention & the other is Wintercon which is introduced last year of 2014 at the Resorts World Casino. Both of these comic cons or mostly the Sci-Fi based conventions are great. I enjoyed Wintercon a lot especially with Yaya Han but it's great to watch the shows and meet the cosplayers including the vendors. At first, Wintercon wasn't such a big deal but its fun once you get used to it.

Downtown City Comic Conventions are proving to be successful, except one! To continue spreading the Comic Con popularity around the east coast of the USA, Mark D. Boulding created his own Comic Con in Newark New Jersey known as Newark Comic Con. It is intended to be an inspiration to New York Comic Con. Was it successful? Well not quite, meaning IT SUCKS! This is coming from personal experience because I brought the convention for $35. I was hustled! Newark Comic Con was on hold because I had to pay the medical bills but I did brought it on time after A Video Game Con package & Liberty City Anime Con. It sucks because it has too many fucking errors but I'll tell you these errors in the moment. This could have and should have been an awesome convention. This was a no brainer, yet they somehow dropped the ball. How could they fuck this shit up so badly! And in term, the convention space wasn't as roomier as the others.

Before we get to the actual story, let me tell you this! Newark New Jersey is the sisterhood town to Manhattan New York City. If you own a TV, you notice that both My9 and MyFOXNY are owned by the FOX Corporation. FOX 5 is WNYW while My 9 in Secaucus New Jersey is WWOR. Back in the 80's WWOR is so original that it is not related to any of the FOX programs including primetime shows. WWOR used to hold comedy shows and movies until UPN (United Paramount Network) comes along until 9/11 when WWOR merged with the FOX networks making it the sister station. My Network TV which its own network comes in around the 2010's.

You think that Newark Comic Con will outsmart New York Comic Con with the same exact programs but there are more differences between the cities including Wintercon and Big Apple Con. However, let's discuss other comic cons outside if New York City. I did mention that Mincon really sucks in my previous blogs and you know why. First off, Mincon in Mineola is not a bad convention but it's not suitable for adults. Mincon is mostly designed for kids and teenagers and it's held in a public library as its own convention space. It's an all age’s convention but older adults are really not enjoying it. EmCon at East Meadow is NOT the same as Mincon but it's quite fun and interesting. Eternal Con was an awesome convention and it's great in a decent convention space including great shows! Enough talking about comic cons in New York, let's get with it in Newark New Jersey at the Best Western Plus Robert Treat Hotel.

The first thing we should talk about first is the positives before we get to the flaws of the convention. Now first, I should let you know that an awful con like Newark Comic Con makes Liberty City Anime Con a masterpiece although Liberty City Anime Con had small errors but it was a good success and I'm looking forward of coming back. Beginning with the Artists Alley, it had a good amount of space and that's the way the TRUE comic con is supposed to be. You get to meet comic book authors, vendors, exhibitors, and artists. Some artists restrict photography on their drawings or their merchandise but I don't blame them. NCC should restrict a rule that photography is not allowed on the Artists Alley like with Castle Point Anime Convention. Of course New York Comic Con has like 38 aisles of space but that's nothing to complain about because Javits Center is huge.

Here's another improvement comparing with New York Comic Con. The tickets you selected can be brought online and the day of the event to pick up the badge at will call.  Too bad the badges are not decoded including the tap in and tap out badge entrances like with New York Comic Con. While these comic cons like Wintercon, Eternal Con & Big Apple Con just gives you wristbands which can be frustrating. BADGES are BETTER!!! Newark Comic Con badge pickups makes New York Comic Con look stupid.

The second best thing about Newark Comic Con is the game room sponsored by A Video Game Con. The games are enjoyable to play and it's great to entertain. Does New York Comic Con have a game room? It sure does and it's sponsored by a 3rd party gaming company. Third, photography isn't that restricted in the hotel lobby but it's great if you want to take pictures AWAY from vendors and celebrities. That's all the positives are Newark Comic Con, let's get with the flaws.

The first thing you notice after you enter the convention is the lack of sign placement. People often confused which room they should go. Another thing is that the badge pickups should have been somewhere else near the exit entrance. Liberty City Anime Con shows a lot of promise on badge pickups. You'll notice that there's open space where people bypass the doors but there are people in the red shirt making sure that everyone is wearing badges on their neck. There's also a back entrance where people without badges can enter. These doors should have been locked. MAGFest was a big hotel convention but they had guards at the entrances making sure people without badges or unchecked weapon props are not allowed in. Other issue is lack of security and it's just like Liberty City Anime Con folks. What I heard is someone stole $300 worth of vendor merchandise at the convention. Maybe someone is outsmarted the vendors.

Speaking of sign placement, did you know that they didn't create a program guide? This is once again with Liberty City Anime Con that they don't have a fucking map system even though it seems easy to navigate. Smaller comic cons in Long Island New York like Mincon and Emcon actually had a map system and a program guide.

You know the WORST thing about Newark Comic Con? The Military Park Performances! At 12:00PM Moshi Moshi are supposed to play but what happened? I didn't notice any signage until as late of 12:30PM or something but I was confused. I don't know where the musical acts are but maybe they performed in some other park I never even heard of. Then it went on and on and on! When I was at the game room, I heard the announcement that Moshi Moshi are playing at 2:00PM. WHAT! You mean they started playing? Ladies and Gentlemen, Newark Comic Con DID NOT properly timed the schedule and it was unprepared the whole time. Then The way of the Flesh came in after Moshi Moshi. During Moshi Moshi's performance, they had to quit because of the rain. ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED!!! They should have held the concerts INSIDE the hotel but what's with that? Maybe the Crystal Room is already used as a space. Not only that, they should have a tent for the performers also to prevent them from getting wet. Then, the other performers that supposed to play like Ryu Black & Thagatanegrra are cancelled and the Zombie Walk didn't really happen. So it was a HUGE disappointment to Newark Comic Con so far.

Lulla Miyuki with band members Michael Biskup (Left) 
and Jack Breslin (Right) at Arlenes Grocery.

Imagine if Lulla Miyuki had a performance act on 11:00AM at Military Park, then you started preparing equipment around 10:30AM until it malfunctioned and takes too long to fix the problem. Then Lulla's performance gets to play at 3:00PM which is really late for her to play after all that waiting including her show had her time skipped after other performance acts. She could have leaved the place and dear costly. Even so, I hang with her the whole time because she and I are friends.

What is unexpected is the Artists Alley being closed WAY too early before the convention ended. They don't have the closing times which is completely unprofessional. Some panel rooms are also closed too early as well. One of the Short Films room is The Last Dragon - Watch with Taimak NEVER even happened because it is NOT already on desktop. What the bloody hell? Did you REALLY have to download the movie from the torrent website on site? The good thing is you don't have to pay $5 admission. I don't know what to say folks!

The last thing that really irritates me is the Cosplayers Ball at the Crystal Room. You got to be KIDDING ME! If the cosplayers already signed up, WHY THE FUCK DID THEY CREATE A NEW LIST FOR IT! The Cosplayers Ball is not a bad event but it was okay. The show itself is great and I enjoyed it. TOO BAD we can't stay after the show!!! The time says 8PM to 11PM but I left the place around 9:30PM which is appropriate but they could have partied any longer. Also, I never watched the cosplay contest at New York Comic Con and that's because you need the VIP Badge to enter to watch the show. What a letdown!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you'll explain why Newark Comic Con has too many errors. It's unprofessional, unprepared, disorganized, bad timing, and the convention was planned very poorly comparing with Liberty City Anime Con. Here's the fact, after 2 years Newark Comic Con was supposed to take place at the Prudential Center but instead we get a small hotel to roam around.

After I posted my negative feedback to the Newark Comic Con event page, the owner Mark D. Boulding chose to block me on Facebook which is completely unfair. Before I was a NCC participant, Mark D. Boulding friend requested me on Facebook and I accept. The reason why I accept because I thought I am going to meet Mark in person and I saw him several times during the convention including after the Cosplayers Ball at the Crystal Room. I wanted to talk to him about the con in person but it never happened. I take Facebook friends very seriously. Here's one of my true stories about Facebook friendship.

Sumie Kaneko

In December 25, 2012 I met Sumie Kaneko at La Flor for the first time on Woodside New York. I met her when I followed Mika Mimura. After seeing a couple of performance acts, I brought both Mika & Sumie's CD on the same day. Sumie is such a great friend and she friend requested me after I brought the CD. I wanted to friend request her but meh, I accept because I already met in her in person. During that period, I started following Sumie's performances including her j-Summit New York event. Sumie and I are great friends and I support her a lot. So this is why I DO NOT ACCEPT people on Facebook before meeting the person. Even NY Sci-Fi Fantasy friend requested me TWICE after I said NO and I blocked the account because the Facebook profile was a brand company instead of a real life person. Hell, even on May 17, 2011 I friend requested Lulla Miyuki on Facebook after she liked my Facebook fan page (Insectduel's Domain) and met her in person on the same day. That time I was Reni Mimura's fan before Lulla and I are met.

I'm getting ready to do a Facebook purge by deleting all of my Facebook friends that refuses to meet me in person for Lulla Miyuki's show on September 26, 2015 and I'm not going to keep those friends that refuse to meet me with Lulla. She needs a lot of fans including supporters. So that's the story of Newark Comic Con and I am NOT coming back next year after the owner blocked me on Facebook. If I want to return next year, then you have to unblock me from Facebook. It doesn't make a difference if the next convention will be held in Prudential Center. It needs to be a huge improvement and undo the damage that was performed very poorly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Liberty City Anime Con 2015

Hello everyone! It's time to discuss another convention related blog. Anime conventions leaves no introduction, it's got voice actor panels, cinemas, cosplay contests, maid cafes, hentai rooms, autographs, vendors, anime music and many others. It's one of the greatest franchises all over world. I got into anime conventions since Springfest 2011 when I followed MoeMiru but back then I didn't stay for very long. Then this year I went into Castle Point Anime Convention which is awesome and has a large amount of space.

There's only 1 anime convention that pisses me off, one that even a die-hard anime fan would hate it as well. It doesn't even deserve the name Liberty City Anime Con. Hell, it shouldn't even exist. And the worst part about it, is that it's taken place in the city of White Plains. Before Liberty City Anime Con exists, there was a New York Anime Festival which is at the Javits Center the same day that New York Comic Con was held.

This is the first time I ever gone to an awful anime convention but don't get me wrong, MinCon and Big Apple Con were pretty bad. But those conventions had their place in the New York State. Liberty City Anime Con however is defines the word anime, if you look in the word anime in the dictionary, next to it you will see that either they chose a mascot from deviant art or at random. Before I begin let me tell you this, Castle Point Anime Convention is far more superior to SpringFest and New York Anime Festival combined. You think it would be close to that but no, you get a complete piece of shit instead. Well as everyone say, I am about to explain the positives and negatives of Liberty City Anime Con.

The first thing I am about to explain is the positives. Throughout the whole convention I have to seek in the process of every single one. Since I arrive on the second day instead of the first day, at least there aren't any long lines and gotten my badge without a single problem. The staff confirms that they can pick up the badges very early before the opening ceremony. Another positive thing is that they kick unattended people without badges out of the convention.

After arriving and gotten my badge, I went to most of the panels. I have to say that the panelists are okay and doing a fine job. This includes the cosplay masquerade & the concerts. Sort of! The only fun thing I enjoy is name that tune which you can guess the anime song of ending and the intro song which allows giving you prizes. The cosplay dating game is fun but I didn't watch the whole thing. Another favorite panel is the abridged remakes of the original anime shows.

We mention some good stuff about Liberty City Anime Con. Now I am going to mention about the negatives and flaws of the convention.

First off, the convention space is really small and is poorly planned. Second, based on the program guide there is no map system. Just because it's small does not mean it's an easy access. Hell, even EmCon has the map system in the program guides and the convention is small in the East Meadow Public Library. The way the panel rooms are marked comparing the program guides and where to find them is completely fucked up. Another bad thing is the lack of security. In between times, you will see someone guarding the door wanting you to flash your badge. Let's say if you had a Friday pass and going into panel 1 on a Saturday without a security guard, you're fucked! That's a good reason why New York Comic Con has a tap in and tap out badges. However, only the upper levels you will see the badge guards in almost all scheduled times.

 photo LCAC2015-4_zpsv3krwnwa.jpg

The Liberty City Anime Con staff members are sometimes negative. I could criticize their behavior but to us they are decent so it's not really a negative thing it's based on people's own opinion. However, they treated us nicely and did a very good job staffing the convention to make sure it's safe which actually a positive thing is. Here's another flaw, the dealer's room. Castle Point Anime Convention made it clear that there is no photography, Pok√©mon battles, eating, sitting and drinking inside the dealer’s room and of course in all conventions that shoplifting is illegal. Liberty City Anime Con however is NOT! Because they didn't copy something from Castle Point, photography is still legal and not much staff guarding around. Speaking of the dealer’s room, did you know that some vendors are at the lower level? That is a MAJOR FLAW especially if the vendor is a celebrity like Xena. Eternal Con had the celebrity area on the 2nd floor which makes photography illegal in some areas and Big Apple Con is the same way too. People taking pictures of their artwork is a big issue for copyright holders. At least there is an autograph room.

The food in the game room, I stole something and didn't notice the sign say STAFF ONLY. That should be improved. I said this earlier but they do not have their own mascot like SpringFest or Castle Point Anime Convention. Castlepoint actually wins this one. The bad about small anime conventions is NOT having a maid cafe. That's okay because I'm sure it's for safety reasons to prevent the maids from being sexually harassed. The coat checks, not sure if Crowne Plaza has one!!! The concerts is AWFUL! It's not like j-Summit New York or any other big concert event but should the musicians have their own room. Why the hell we need to leave the room just for a singer to set up like 20 minutes. It's no wonder I left before Reni gets to play. SpringFest IMPROVE on concerts and it gets set up a few hours, hell MAGFest is better and it's a music gaming festival.

Speaking of Reni Mimura, I have to explain the story about her at Liberty City Anime. After Reni came in before her panel started, I quickly tried to leave. I don't know if Reni knows who I am but whatever. Reni is once again up your ass in this one because I didn't bother to see her at all and most likely trying to avoid her.

You know what; I don't think I need to explain much of Liberty City Anime. We all know that it's poorly planned, the convention space is too small, lack of badge security in panel, game and autograph rooms, music stage needs to be set up upon finishing, vendors outside of dealer rooms, no map system and a fuck ton of other things.

Liberty City Anime Convention is not just awful, it's FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! And I can't believe this god awful convention gets a good success on it. It has been planned for 1 and a half year after New York Anime Festival being closed. You think it's their first one but no, it's completely terrible after all the flaws I reviewed. If Liberty City Anime Convention actually have their 2nd annual, get ready because I'm hoping that they will IMPROVE over the first one with better convention space as well as some other add-ons.

That's everything about Liberty City Anime Con and pleaded GUILTY for making a small anime convention as shitty as Mineola Comic Con. There are 2 bars & restaurants that is in my list, one is Lanza's Restaurant and the other is Rockland Music Hall on my next blog. Take care.

By the way, The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass was originally planned for a blog but I decided not to write a story on it. It's too personal.