Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Allentown Cherry Blossom Festival 2015


Hello everyone, let's get on with another Sakura story shall we? Many of the Japanese festivals also known as Matsuri is a celebration of Japanese culture of the United States of America. Then the cherry blossoms came in celebrating the full bloom of the cherry blossom flowers known as Sakura Matsuri. The Sakura Matsuri I grew up with since the year 2012 is celebrating Japanese culture along with Cosplay, Anime, or Manga cultures at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The Sakura Matsuri event in Brooklyn is always great and it was lot of fun for all ages. Not all Cherry Blossom Festivals celebrated anime cultures or even Japanese Culture itself as some of them are entirely different, for people grew up with only cosplay had no idea what the Cherry Blossom Festival is really about. Most of the cosplay haters think that cosplaying on the Cherry Blossom Festival is disrespectful to the culture. As we all know, the Sakura Matsuri celebrated a tradition to all Japanese Culture.


Out of all places there is one town that celebrated less of Japanese culture than any other Cherry Blossom Festival, and that my friends is the Allentown Cherry Blossom Festival. How could the Friends of the Allentown Parks do something so easy to do? Gotta love them small friendly towns. Anyway let's find out?

Right off the bat, this festival ALREADY has some cheap vendors. What's wrong with this festival? More like what's right with this festival? You see that everything went wrong, from the food, to the performances, the cherry trees, the festival area and it goes on and on and on. The first thing you'll notice is that the food isn't Asian at all. What I mean by that? That means no Sushi, Bento Boxes, Ramen, etc. You think the food is the problem, wait until you see the performances. Most of the Cherry Blossom Festivals have a Taiko performance but in Allentown, not a single Japanese entertainment. Just country music, dance performances, & school recitals.

You think Allentown Cherry Blossom Festival didn't have a single Asian person; well the city didn't have much Asian restaurants either. However, the festival is always great for the younger crowd or for the family there is a little hope. There are activities such as Japanese Calligraphy, The Puppet Show, Parasol Painting, Making Origami's, Bonsai demonstrations, chalk drawing, & meditations. The Allentown Cherry Blossom Festival is dissected enough; let's go on with my personal story.

When walking down on Ott Street, you'll notice some Cherry Blossoms in some neighborhoods but thank god there is a sign. Finding Cedar Beach Park is not that hard if you have directions with you. You think my reviews are rants but really, the atmosphere kind of look like Japan with the rivers or the shrine. However, the cold wind is absolutely terrible. You think that there are more cherry blossom trees like you saw in the flyer, I think not and unlike New Jersey there are 50 Cherry trees or maybe less at Cedar Beach Park. There are games to play but I haven't picked any at all with the exception of picking up a parasol out of the box and paint it.

During my lunch, I did brought a cherry shaved ice and eat it. Guess how it works? You can't just buy their food you have to pay the parks staff some money; they give you a ticket and give it to their vendors. During the rest of the festival, I meditated and shut my eyes down and watched their dance performance, some show, play bean bag, and watched the county folk performance called the acoustic project. After the festival, I walked around Cedar Beach Park to seek more Cherry Blossom Trees but I do give credit for having the largest Cherry Flower Tree in Allentown, and now for the verdict.

The jury is found Friends of the Allentown Parks inconclusive. I will explain everything about Allentown's Cherry Blossom Festival. After my arrival to Allentown's Cherry Blossom Festival event, I did have a talk with their executive of the parks. The 1st Cherry Blossom Festival had vendors and performances and this year is kind of Asian oriented but not quite. Now I know what you're saying, oh this festival is a disgrace to the Sakura Matsuri franchise. Nope, you're wrong and I don't approve for what you said. She also told me that most of the Cherry Blossom trees didn't full bloom on time because of the cold weather. What's really interesting is that Washington DC is actually cheating to get their trees to full bloom by using blow dryers. However, the executive ACTUALLY knows about Philadelphia's Cherry Blossom Festival.

I can believe that the 2nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival of Allentown worked really hard on it and I do appreciate it. It's a small city so don't expect anything major comparing with Philadelphia or even Newark New Jersey. Overall, the 2nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival of Allentown is fun for the family, well oriented, it is American style, a decent festival to celebrate, and is enjoyable. I do however enjoy the outdoors celebrating the festival and took home my painted parasol. CASE DISMISSED! I have nothing else to say, let's move on with Japan Festival Boston.

One more thing, I would LOVE to go back to Allentown next spring.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Broadway Alcoholics Drunken - Comedy Club

Today is the very special edition of Insectduel's Game Corner blog, so without further ado, HIT THAT MOTHER FUCKING BUTTON!

Restaurants of New York City have their own rules and policies for customers to comply with their servers. We see the likes of restaurant & bars that don't require ID to buy alcoholic beverages which is illegal and against the state law. There are stories of T.G.I. Fridays that a child drank alcohol mistaken for some juice and their parents are outraged of the incident. However just 2 days ago, a restaurant or a club just went way too far that I experienced some kind of insulting and harassment. You think that Tomi Jazz is bad or the Jazz Kitano of New York or even the wicked Milk River in Brooklyn with the stingy coat checks, then the place I found is much worse.

Before I get to the main story, let's give you a recap. I recap this so many times in my blogs including this present timeline. Yeah I know you're going to say but I'll say it anyway that Reni Mimura gave tequila to all of her angels or should I say guests of her maid show back in August 25, 2011. Hell, even in December 2012 when Sake is given to her guests at the Mika Japanese Cuisine and Bar Restaurant. Remember that? Let's begin shall we? In Don't Tell Mama on September 2011, I was overcharged with a $13 bill with 2 bottled waters and the return visit requires ordering the drink. Unlike last month at The Duplex bar in Greenwich Village, you have the option to choose 1 or 2 drinks. The Tokyo Tapas Cafe was a bit tedious but I will make a return visit this Monday. The only respect venue I visit is ChoGa and gosh I really miss this place. Metropolitan Room in September 2013 doesn't bother you too much as The Cutting Room last month for the Arts Lab Series since I was standing up entirely snapping still images. Hell, even DROM has the single seating and I also miss this place as well. That's the recap, the main story I will talk about and the recent place I visited is The Broadway Comedy Club or my main blog title, The Broadway Alcoholics Drunken - Comedy Club.

The first problem you'll notice after you already paid the cover price is that the person or the server immediately stalking me going through my business while me and the other person are talking to each other before I sit on the table. And keep in mind that I will not mention any names in my blog AT ALL. I don't know who the guy's name is? Second, I don't have pictures in my blog so I'll use a few copyrighted pictures. Before even the show starts, it's already been bad as hell. The first time the server comes to me I said no! I know for a fact that NO really means NO especially to cosplayers, but not the Broadway Comedy Club. The second time he comes to me, I said no but decided to tell me that purchases is required. What are you kidding me? I already paid for my ticket so what the fuck you want more from me, just to get me overcharged like with Don't tell Mama? When I get into debt or possibly get me arrested for dodging the bill payment, I'll get my lawyer to sue the person that is held responsible.

The second problem is common sense, when you purchase alcoholic beverages ID is required and it's the law. But nope, anything goes so I never actually look it up to see if there any juices or water but what you know that it is $10 minimum. What? How would anyone supposed know that especially if I don't know the place. That's when I am going to file a report and I am very serious about it. When someone has insufficient funds, they can't even try to purchase because it's going to overcharge the person. However when a person has overpayment, it usually goes to the collection agency.

The decisions you enter the restaurant or in a bar are similar to if, say that you have $5 in your wallet and $0 balance on debit cards after you already paid your ticket. Then some asshole waiter said that a purchase is required and you're in a struggle. Are you willing to purchase anything over $5 that will get you overcharged on your bill or just don't want to comply with the waiter & not make a purchase at all. Either way, you're fucked! Because Metropolitan Room lets you go but you pay the cover price which is good because you do not want to get overpayment on your bill. Here's the next part of the story.

The third time after someone's act, the waiter, Oh fuck it, you know what, I'd just going to say asshole waiter. Let's try again! The third time after someone's act, this asshole waiter comes to me again saying if I make a decision. I said what part of it he doesn’t understand. I show him my wallet and guess, I got kicked out! Is this make any sense? Isn't that a fucking surprise? NO! At the same time, he insulted me. You know what I did next, I LEFT the place and called 311. I didn't bother waiting for someone until the show is over because I am not that kind of person who would stalk on someone even if is a friend but whatever. That's how fucking bad it is and ties with Don't Tell Mama. Once the complaint is dealt with, the person who kicked me out should be fired for insulting the customers even if the ticket is already paid. That is not even logical, that is complete BULLSHIT!

So Broadway Comedy Club has piss poor drinks, insulting service, and forcing to go into debt or drink illegally without questioning/showing ID. Yet it doesn't give us a benefit of a doubt? Sorry to be repentant but again, that is complete BULLSHIT! Anyway, that's all I got to say for this place. If you don't have at least $30 or a non-alcoholic drinker before entering Broadway Comedy Club, stay the fuck away from this place. And if you're caught any waiter serving alcoholic beverages without showing ID, report it or call 911 ASAP to get the cops to arrest the person.

Waiter faggots, whoever you are? You mess with the wrong person! You mess with the wrong person, you, you, you! *Gunshot* Oh god I just shot myself, good thing I have a few more lives left. But the people that serve their customers are the biggest punishments for their lives. Thanks for reading and I hope I should get to Allentown this weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cherry Blossom Festival: Newark, New Jersey 2015

You want another Sakura Matsuri blog? You got it! This time, let's talk about a little bit more personal than the Flushing Queens Sakura Matsuri blog. The Cherry Blossom Festival I am going to discuss is the so called Japanese festival with the name of the blossoming called Bloomfest. Don't you believe it's their 39th festival ever hosted? Let's get in with it! Bloomfest at the Essex County Branch Brook Park at Newark New Jersey.


When you arrive at the festival you're going to say yourself, WOW even the Philadelphia Sakura Matsuri is much better than this, and that's really sad. The first problem you'll notice that there isn't much Japanese activity around including vendors. However, there is an origami activity tent and that's it. Nothing special. But that's just icing in the cake. Its gets even worse that there isn't a single Japanese food either. All you see is hot dogs, pizza, funnel cakes, Ices, burgers and other non-Japanese food. The festival is very lucky that it has over 5,000 trees and possibly 10,000 people coming over with different families. You think it's my first visit? Oh no, it is my second and last year is the same result.

There are the good things of the festival, just like last year it includes the painting demonstration of the cherry blossoms, children's playground, the sushi demonstration, the performances, tea ceremonies & flower arrangements. Best of all, taken the picture under the cherry blossoms which is their favorite and there is so many people taken the picture under the blossoms and even picking cherry trees or take tree branches out. People set up their picnics, and having fun as a family.

And I know what you're going to say, oh it doesn't have a cosplay program, of course it doesn't look as good as the other Sakura Matsuris. Even it's their 39th anniversary they should at least hire some anime company to run a cosplay contest or add the Little Akiba like with Philadelphia or maybe not. Hell, even the Japan Festival Boston has a cosplay contest and it's their 4th annual this year. Matter of fact, the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri continues to dominate all other New York City Cherry Blossom Festivals. Isn't this sad? Bloomfest like I said before, it celebrates less of the Japanese culture experience and more of the flowers. You don't see people walking around in Kimono, Yukata or Lolita, or even have a vendor that sells Kimonos or other Japanese clothing accessories. Even if is Bloomfest, they should have sell Pocky or bento boxes which is not hard to find. I think we dissect this festival enough let's get with my story.


When I arrive at the festival, one of the people in the tents told me if I was celebrating Japanese Animation. I was surprised what she said and replied that I was celebrating cherry blossoms. What you think I arrive at the wrong Cherry Blossom Festival event that has Japanese Animation? It's my 2nd time you know. You already getting so bored that there is no way for someone to guide you. Right off the bat, the hula loop already isn’t part of the Japanese culture and just some random activity. However, the other performances like Cobu, the Koto & Shimasen, Samurai Fight and the student’s recital which is also not part of the Japanese culture.

The sushi demonstration makes my brain bleed. Every time she talks, it just gets in my head. Kind of like “Where you learn to fly?” from Atari’s Cyber Morph. I would say where you learn to say other than THEN! It’s my 2nd time watching it and grabbed the cherry blossom sushi. Back forth I went in between shows at the main stage & the cultural traditions tent. Now for the verdict!

The jury is found Essex County Branch Brook Park New Jersey GUILTY for putting up a Cherry Blossom Festival that isn't really a Japanese festival. I know what you’re thinking, you think it’s some kind of a flower celebration festival right. I already mention the good things so what the heck. If I were come back for the 40th Annual Bloomfest Cherry Blossom Festival, it’s going to be the same result. It is recommended to come to Bloomfest if you love the food, performances and importantly, cherry trees. See you next time for Allentown and Boston.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sakura Matsuri 2015 - Flushing Queens

You want another Sakura Matsuri blog? You got it! Today we are talking about the Flushing Queens Sakura Matsuri. Now let me remind you that you should not give your blogging website to anyone you don't know which my accident is and I still have regrets. I wanted to make a friend of the Brooklyn artist but it just not worth it. I decided to move on. The event is co-sponsored by the JAANY or Japanese American Association of New York.

When you got out of the Mets - Willets Point (7) station you had no idea where you're going. At least the JAANY gave you hints of where you find the festival. The only way to find the festival area is the Unisphere, the Queens Theater and the Museum. While you're walking, there are full of blooming Sakura trees. Unlike last week with Philadelphia, this is much better and sophisticated. By the way, does the JAANY logo remind you of the baseball team Montreal Expos with the M logo?

Right off the bat, you already seeing some full blooming trees in the festival area. When you go to their tents, there are bento lunches you can eat and of course it is not free. You have to pay $5 to get your bento or if you're already reserved one in advance even if you're not a JAANY member. You may feel that you are not welcome because only the JAANY members can enter the club, but anyone comes over including the news journalists, families, and photographers. Hell, even the Lolita people are welcome to the festival but I haven't seen anyone wearing any Japanese clothing.

Sadly, it's a 2-Hour festival and once again the matsuri is run on a very limited budget just like with Randall's Island last year. There are 4 performances including the tea ceremony which I never actually got a good chance.


The first one is Soh Daiko which I came a few minutes late. Am I a big fan of Taiko drumming? The second one is the JAANY chorus which sings Sakura Sakura and a few other songs they had in their arsenal. All the choir members were only females including the pianist Mari. The third one is Junko Fisher which performs dance and plays a Shimasen and the last one is the Japanese Dance on Institute which dances in fans and flower hats.

Once the performance is over, they are putting soil into a new Cherry Blossom tree. That's all the stories I covered, now for the verdict!

The jury is found Japanese American Association of New York innocent by staying true to their Japanese culture and traditions to the Sakura Matsuri event. Its fun for the family and you can make some friends. For the cosplayers and crossplayers saw the event and it was mistaken for the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri which is the following day, they already ignore this one so that didn't do any good.  The JAANY did a good job putting up the Sakura Matsuri event but I wish it was held longer but this is good enough as long it’s under the Sakura trees. Tomorrow I should talk about the Sakura Matsuri in New Jersey also known to be called Bloomfest and I have a lot to say about this one I experienced than last year. See you later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sakura Matsuri 2015: Philadelphia

Hello everyone how you're doing? Let's talk about the Cherry Blossom Festivals I went to this week. Let's not get into Rockwood Music Hall because it is not my concern of the story.

First part of the story is the review of the festival from New York City to Philadelphia. Keep in mind that this blog may contain rants and raves. If you took the Sakura Mature franchise from Japan and decided to celebrate it in America or other countries with traditional Japanese culture, cosplay, taiko, dancing, anime subculture, J-POP, J-ROCK & Tea Ceremonies, then this will be the end of the result. Ladies & Gentlemen, todays review will be the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia. And my god, if you thought the Stony Brook Sakura Matsuri were bad I wrote in the year 2013, you're going to love how these Philadelphians tried to cash on this legendary franchise. You will not believe how much this festival is insulted and mocked the name of Sakura Matsuri to no end. But it stops here! Let's move on!

You want to know why the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia was so bad, well look at it! You can tell right off the bat that there aren't many full bloomed Cherry Blossom trees but in a limited quantity. Would you want to celebrate the Sakura Matsuri with incomplete Cherry Blossom trees especially if is in a middle of April? And that's not the only problem; the festival doesn't have a secure entrance much like Washington DC. I came through the festival by the shuttle bus but what I am referring is the main entrance. For example, you find an open path where you don't have to pay to enter the festival. That is bad. In other words, I never even walked onto the park.

There are the good things about the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia. When I came from New York City way too early, the shuttle buses came on a good time. Before you aboard the shuttle bus, you are allowed to pay to enter the festival and the ride. In addition, as long you have the black wristband you get the return trip back to Center City.

However, there performances such as taiko, dancing, cosplay contest, harajuku fashion show are all great. There's even children's activity as well including the silent auctions. If you're familiar with Brooklyn's Sakura Matsuri, then the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia are almost similar to it. The food vendors are also great and so are the merchants even though I never stopped by. The best of all is the weather is warm which makes you comfortable. That's covers the reviews and now let's talk my personal stories.

The first area I went to is the Kodomo area where I spotted one of my friends I met a year ago which is quite interesting, then I head over to the main stage area and then all over.

In the middle of the morning day, I met someone who sells Kimonos is a Philadelphia taiko performer at the Shofuso Japanese House & Garden. We least we talked. It comes to this when I met one of the 10tecomai members. Next up the harajuku fashion show and the cosplay fashion show which is different than Castle Point Anime Convention. Basically you just show off to the crowd in your designed costume having fun.

After that, I went over to the Kodomo area for the comedy performance and to the Shofuso Japanese House & Garden. I have to say that I like the Shofuso Japanese House & Garden tour and it was a great history experience. Once I finished it, I went back to the Kodomo area for the Japanese Chorus of Greater Philadelphia and the main stage one last time. Now for the verdict!

The jury is found Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia innocent for hosting the festival way too early and usually after Washington DC's Sakura Matsuri. I don't blame them for their mistakes but there are 3 fully bloomed Sakura trees in the entire Fairmount park. One is the corner of the Kodomo area outside the festival area, another is at the Horticulture Center between the garbage truck & the Sakura Pavilion & one more is at the exit side of the Shofuso Japanese House & Garden. What I really blame is the Winter inclement weather that didn't fully bloom the Sakura trees on time which includes the one on the sundial.

It's a good and decent cherry blossom festival, I liked it & hopefully I want to come back to Philadelphia next year if I want to. I highly recommend coming over the Philadelphia for their festival and if you're from New York City and enjoyed Brooklyn Botanic Garden, then Philadelphia is just the place for you.

Tune in next time with Flushing Queens & possibly Branch Brook New Jersey.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Talent Night

Hello everyone, let's talk about last Monday at Tokyo Tapas Cafe. In my last blog, I already talked and ranted about the restaurant service but this time, it's about the event itself.

Every Monday, the restaurant closes and reserved the place only to the event host. You may think that customers are allowed entry but maybe I was foolish but hey it's a public event. I am not really foolish but I took part of the photography project for fans to see. You notice right away that the whole place is nothing but talented people. What you see is that each performer gets to perform once and gave positive reviews afterwards.

Performer's gets to sign up every Monday to perform to prove the audience how talented they are whether Magician, Comedy, Singing, Dancing and many more is. Let's talk about the story.

I already talk about the service so let's not go nuts on it. The first one dance whiles the other paints. Next is someone I already met which is Chie Chiela and this time, I am not adding her on my list. Other includes someone reads the poem, then Showji comes up, and the hot magicians which I watched plenty of times but unfortunately his magic act is quite inaccurate with the cards. The egg magic trick, no one knows and it's best NOT to expose it. Then NOB comes in, then the female singer and last is the other female singer. Originally there is supposed to be a comedy act but that person is a no show so repeated offender's gets to go on again until time expires.

I hope this short blog is at least 300 words, not a bad show but it feels like Amateur Night. Of course not everyone is a professional but wait until I bring someone of my own to perform. Get ready because it is Sakura season and there are trips to discuss when I travel.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Events of last week, April 2015

Hello everyone, let's talk about last week shall we!

The first day after Castle Point Anime Convention is the place I went the most for concerts held in the upstairs lounge. That's right it is PIANOS. I was only here for Youth Yamada's show and that was it. There is no time for drinking or any other nonsense. Moving on.

The next day I already talked about suffer the same fate. Milk River in Brooklyn New York is extremely stingy with money and I am not going to bother with this place ever again since last week. Before I enter I asked KoHei for a ticket discount for TiA's show, then by the time I come here especially the rain I wasn't allowed without a coat check which is bullshit. After my coat not being checked, I left the venue and won't even bother with it again. At least not worse than Cotton Club in Harlem. Hey this blog is less than 300 words, let's keep moving to the next one.

Last Saturday I went to the Tribeca Grand Studios for the Bellydancing event. The place is decent and I am not required to order anything but it is a 1 drink minimum so let's with it. You just pay the cover price and there you go and all set, relax and enjoy the show. There is no additional money wasting for the event. The first hour went really boring listening to some arabic music while some singer sang on stage which is entertaining but then again it's boring but I came to see the bellydancers. The only bellydancer I wanted to see is Nahoko Sugiyama. With Jaida as the bellydancer, I am NOT interested in her at all so go away. Move, I don't want to go to your show when I am already in Philadelphia. Anyway all 3 bellydancers put up quite a show especially Nahoko with her custom bellydancing attire. It's almost at least 3 years ago or 4 but I don't remember but Nahoko was met when Fuyuko Nakamura was followed. With the original dancers I followed were gone, there are a few dancers left while the singers continue to rise from the ashes.

Here's one more I would like to talk about and I will start ranting and raving about it. It all happened yesterday at the Tokyo Tapas Cafe when the Talent Night event takes place. I won't be talking about the event but I'll discuss it on another blog but right now let's talk about the service. I mentioned that the Tokyo Tapas servers were quite decent but before the show even started it has already become a pile of shit. I told the MALE server and I use that term very loosely because he is the only person there and it's because it is a closed restaurant and operated only to performers or the any of the hosts friends or whatever but I told him to that I have five dollars and ordered Soda.

It's already started like shit because the male server uses that backwards ass payment by waiting until the show or service finishes. You should pay immediately before you serve like with fast food chain restaurants. What is wrong with them, that is why I do not follow restaurant policies even with that $15 minimum nonsense for a can of soda.  What's even more worse is that server DOES NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, gosh does this person get any more worse than his language? Yes it does because he attempted me to order another one which costs $3 more and I don't want any of that. Even with a 2nd drink it's going to overcharge me with $1. Bringing a $5 for a drink isn't a good idea after all but for 1 or 2 drinks, you gotta have $10. Hell, even ChoGa didn't use that backwards ass payment for drink orders and requires ID to serve alcoholic beverages. I really started appreciate ChoGa but I really miss this place especailly with Vicki as the server if I had the name correctly.

The server is trying to cheat me out but the drink I order is not ginger ale, it's coke. The Ice melted so hard that it merges with the leftover coke thinking it's the drink but really, that is bullshit.

In conclusion, Tokyo Tapas Cafe is not a bad restaurant it's even me or the server. Otherwise I started to hate the place and file a lawsuit for overcharging me and unauthorized as well. Now I got the story out of the way, let's proceed with Kyoko Uchiki's talent night event on my next blog. See you then!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Castle Point Anime Convention 2015

Hello everyone, if you think that the Brooklyn Gallery was awesome last February with the exhibits, then it's time to finally talk about Castle Point Anime Convention which is my first time this year at the Stevens Institute in Hoboken New Jersey. For those that aren't familiar with, it's one stop from Christopher Street on the PATH train from 33rd Street.

If you're familiar with SpringFest NY which is held at the Poly Tech of Institute at MetroTech Brooklyn New York, then you know how Castle Point Anime Convention really is. When you arrive at the Morton where the registration takes place, the line is so smooth and the badges, well it's a 1-Day convention so what do you expect? These badges have no special powers whatsoever so basically it's random. As a first timer, you expect to know where you going but since Castle Point is held in different buildings with different activities; it is much larger than SpringFest. I am dead serious. At SpringFest, most of the activities are held in one building while the main stages and the VIP lounge are held on the other building.

Another honorable mention at SpringFest which I remember last year is that we are unable to enter the Starlight Garden Cafe, why because I don't know. Erik Limardo would not tell me why and he threatened me during the Cosplay Day at Central Park in 2014. At Castlepoint, we couldn't enter Tenshi No Ai maid cafe this year either. Why? It's because of the late schedule and the performances session is sold out that I never got a chance to meet Fuwa and the other TNA maids. My money is held for Philadelphia. I was originally going to leave the Hitomi concert but she is so great.

The dealer's room, well it has very strict rules. You couldn't sit down, no photography, no Pokémon battling, no food and no drinks, seems like CPAC is getting really serious that we need the keep the lines moving I was caught by CPAC staff but did not get thrown out. By the way, I did meet up with AnimeNEXT which we may plan the anime con sometime.

The coat checks, there is none. At the beginning of the con I wanted to hang my coat and sweater but because Castlepoint refuses to have one and it's because the attendance is much bigger than SpringFest that the CPAC staff cannot handle. At SpringFest, there is a coat check and it costs money for non-VIP members but carrying around with the sweaters and jacket while my cosplay is worn on is SO annoying that my arms is going to kill me.

Here's an honorable mention, I met Mike Pollack at SpringFest at the VIP lounge last year when the VIP panel is held. But in Castlepoint, I met both Monica Rial and Jamie Mirachi. To me, they both random and I didn't have the patience to become fans of the voice actress which is unnecessary. Monica Rial on the other hand is the voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball Z Kai which I actually did watch. What's even weirder is that I've been watching Dragon Ball Z Kai for a long time and it's the uncut version. In today's generation, I always wanted to meet the voice actress of the English dub shows but I finally did with Veronica Taylor at the 2012 Sakura Matsuri. Some people or even the younger ones just do not care who the voice of the certain character. It's like fantasy land.

The Panels, I only went to one panel at Castlepoint and its Magic & Cosplay. It was cool but most of the time I was outside. Some rooms held tournaments and Pokémon battles much like they did with SpringFest. Is every Anime Con uses video game consoles like MAGFest did and it's a video game convention.

There are a few places I never went like the Karaoke Room or the Kidde but the other ones are great.

The musical performances, well it's not much music but I assume that it's the same as the other. There's Hitomi & The Asterplace. They both rocked the place and sounded great. The cosplay runway in between musical performances is terrible. I am serious. The host of the cosplay runway is BAD and also skips most of the cosplayers. He is not professional, lack of cosplay naming, and he's tired like he is about to go to sleep. The show is not bad but terrible hosts. Just like SpringFest NY, they have a DJ concert and both Anime cons in between lands ended at 10PM. The DJ concert is pointless unless you want to dance with a girl. On the other hand, I chose to leave after The Asterplace ended.

Now with the conclusion! Castle Point Anime Convention was such an amazing Anime Convention that the CPAC staff kept the con running and in a safe manner. Comparing with SpringFest, they have the guest voice actors or actresses, musical performances, maid cafes, cosplay contests, video game rooms, Pokémon tournaments, the panels, watching anime which I never do, and autograph signing. There's one contest that Castlepoint didn't have and that one is the Ramune drinking contest which SpringFest only holds. The main reason why I went to Castlepoint this year because SpringFest is cancelled this year and that is why I got the advantage. I bet everyone who is SpringFest attendees put their money at Castlepoint that makes SpringFest will permanently pull the plug on the anime convention like with New York Anime Festival that ReedPoP struck in 2012.

Thanks for reading my blogs, and someday I'll get with the Sakura Matsuri events in the month of April.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Matsuri 2015

Hello everyone, if you think that Japan Nite was so great last week, before I get to the Columbia University story let's talk about yesterday which is kind of short. The restaurant I went to yesterday is one of the WORST one’s ever and much more badly than Tomi Jazz. Before I even enter, I told one of the Asterplace members to give me a 100% discount ticket and put my name on the list. At the day of the event, I come in and it's already become a fuck load of shit. You think that the Brooklyn Artist is bad when I accidently gave my blogging website a month ago but not making a commitment to one of my male friends is bastarized as hell. You couldn't even enter without first checking in your coat which costs money. Guess what, it's their policy that coats aren't allowed at the club. I could have called my male friend to take care of the coat check but I don't have any more energy to do it and I chose to leave. I'll get to back to it sometime but this is now added to my shame list.

Now let's get on with Matsuri 2015 at Columbia University. Unlike the previous Matsuri visits every year, it's quite different this time. However, most of the booths still fail to show me improvement. You want to know what's on the icing on the cake for this. The cold windy weather, it may be cold but I was frozen and a single rain hasn't drop. Anyway, the Kimono booth Kaede is such a good booth promoting Kimonos and offer classes but it hasn't show me improvement at all. You think you come up to them but it's still nothing. It's not important since I got my own so let’s get on the rest.

There are not many booths this time but I am so happy that Go Go Curry takes part of the event with their yummy curry and gives you a free topping coupon. However on the every 5th day when go to their store and purchase, you get one as well. At times, I actually do use it. Hakata Tonton may be the best vendor service but worse restaurant service I ever went. Back in 2013, I fucked up. Hakata Tonton is on my shame list for failing to expand restaurant space and customers.

You know what else is different than last year, no Ryoko Fujimoto this time and no martial arts demonstration. Other than that, some performances are the same as last year while some are different like this Koto performance for example. Some activities are also the same but few who volunteered are different. Even some volunteers offered snacks like this glazed strawberries and blueberries. The biggest improvement about this is that they offer water and hot tea also, but because of the cold winds I had to get one. The festival runs from Mid-Afternoon until evening.

Overall, Matsuri 2015 is a BIG stepdown comparing with last year but I am surprised that NY de Volunteer may be part of the event. Or haven't they? Speaking of NYdV, after their semester they decided to hold their FUNdRaiser event which is the 24th of April before the Allentown Sakura Matsuri which is unsure but thinking if I should join. Because NYdV bastarized the Insectduel's Domain company, we had decided to stop sponsoring NYdV. I forgot to mention that I spent 30 minutes making heart Origami in the cold which is brutal and my hands barely move. Anyway, the Matsuri 2015 event isn't terrible but it's enjoyable for both children and adults.

You see Stony Brook Sakura Matsuri, that's what a good Matsuri event is at Columbia University. Back in 2013, I was SO disappointed how the festival is set up. The marketplace is too small, some performances require tickets which cost money, and the food are terrible which is brought from the store, and I never go to the Kimono booth. I do give credit for their outside performance but other than that, it sucks as hell and a waste of my time. Even with a Cosplay program that CosPlayNYC magazine is going to promote this year, it's still going to be a bullshit festival. We are never going back to Stony Brook University in 2014, we are never going there in 2015 either because how broken the festival is.