Saturday, March 28, 2015

Japan Nite, Brooklyn New York 2015

Hello everyone, unlike my previous blogs day by day I am finally going to talk about Japan Nite. You will not believe how much does this event meant to Japanese fans of the band or the culture itself. Before I get to the story, I thought I should give you a recap of the story.

In 2012, there is an event called Stairway to the Dream's 1st Annual Sunrise Fest at the Public Assembly which covers the family and music marathon during the night. On the entire event, I was in the front room rather than the back. That is because in 2013, both Reni Mimura and Robin's Egg Blue are in the back room of the stage. But that's not the point; the main part of the story is some woman named Jam Toast is passing Japan Nite flyers to me and other people. I thought I had the balls to come over but I am quickly run out of money. What I heard is GELATINE played the event on their own country along with others from Japan. Otherwise that would be my first meeting up with The Akabane Vulgars of Strong Bypass which I actually did met them in August 2013 at Sullivan Hall.

With 2 missed Japan Nites in 2012 and 2013, 2014 was my first Japan Nite ever so I finally got a chance to experience what the event is like. Let's recap last year shall we! Now, when I came over to The Knitting Factory I immediately went up to Starmarie and brought items from them. The shows are great but there is only one that I didn't like the most and that band is Vampillia. You want to know why Vampillia wasn't so great to me, well the performance is TERRIBLE and way too long and it's not really music and like watching a play from a theatre. Don't get me wrong that the music is good but performance is awful. I always thought Starmarie played the best role in J-POP music when I watched it and so is Jungles from R.B.V., Zarigani$, & Happy are the best roles. What I remember is that Jungles are in love with me, I kind of wish I brought items from them but maybe when I get a chance to meet them again when they on USA tour.

If you thought that j-Summit New York or Stairway to the Dream events in New York City were great, you're going to love how the Japan Nite team tried to cash in on this legendary franchise and legitimately I might add. You will not believe how rare this event is and only comes in once a year with top notch bands only Japan. However, most of them speak almost perfect English while some of their Japanese is broken. But it starts here in the year 2015.


In the beginning of the story, you will immediately see the bands setting up their merchandise to sell. Like with Starmarie last year, I went up to TsuShiMaMiRe which also a female group band. So what did I do? I brought more CD's from them and including a poster with a signed autograph. The show starts with Samurai Dynamites. You can tell right off the bat that the show is already exciting as hell. Would you want to see the entire male band with saxophone, accordion, guitar and a drummer?  I say, they were great but I chose not to meet and greet them and buy items from them. Let's move on with the next band.

The J-ROCK band Quatum is also good. They kicked ass on stage and rocked the entire crowd. What's so good about the band is the awesome music that you wouldn't want to turn away. Like with Samurai Dynamites, I chose not get their items or talk to them. However, it's the females that I talked to the most because I am a guy.

The Fin. well since Audrey posted a YouTube video before the event starts on one of their music videos called Night Time; I already got so addicted to that one music so I decided to take a chance. The first music on stage was good and the second one sounded better than the ones I heard on the CD. By the way, the whole album Days of Uncertainty was uploaded on YouTube. Would you want to copy their music as .MP3 or any other sound file and burn it onto a CD or you rather buy a hard copy of the CD that is totally legit. For once I actually brought their CD and haven't talked to them either. That would be cool though. Overall, The Fin. is excellent band and is highly recommended to buy CD's from them instead of copying their music for free from a YouTube playlist. If YouTube tracks down the content ID match for The Fin.'s music, then they got paid for their content.

Next band, Zarigani Dollar. If you think last year is so great you may want to recap. I mentioned that it was okay but I haven't fully implanted the review. I'd say that their music is way too punk to hear for a sister band. Surprisingly, I didn't remember talking to one of the members last year but why I haven't remembered that. Maybe because I talked to one member but oh well. Anyway, why haven't I brought CD's from them? I don't know, anyway I spent most of them with TsuShiMaMire anyway. Back to the story, Zarigani Dollar just makes the crowd to dance just like with last year. Remarkably amazing don't you think? Let's move on with the next band.

Now here's BO-PEEP. Another interesting band from Japan but not to become a fan likes with Quatum and Samurai Dynamites. There are 2 male guitarists and a female drummer. Sadly, it was an okay performance but I haven't myself into more excitement. At least better than Vampillia of course but the crowd really love BO-PEEP.

And finally TsuShiMaMiRe. Good lord, these girls are just all over the place. You may think that they were the female versions of Uzuhi or the The Asterplace for their introduction before the music starts, that's just the way most bands do. They change their attire and attracted the crowd and started the performance. What I heard from TsuShiMaMiRe is all members never change. They are rarer than The Akabane Vulgars of Strong Bypass or Starmarie as a matter of fact. Even that, Perfume & Morning Musume came over to New York on October 2014, isn't that sad? With few people left right before TsuShiMaMiRe comes up, at least the people who stayed had a good chance to experience this all female band. That's something that BALA at New York City from Tokyo should start working up. You wouldn't believe how amazing these girls are. What's sad is I won't get to see them again after this one performance unless you are willing to travel to or start living in Japan and follow them. It reminds me with IRI when she comes to New York and Los Angeles with her performances. Currently she's with Music Art Box which I had no idea about it.

I am giving Japan Nite in New York City a final verdict. With the performances in the 2015 year, it was even better than last year. They brought the bands from Japan to play in the USA, sell their merchandise, and get to meet and greet the bands all night until the end. But it did not stop here oh no, I had to run into Audrey and decided to bring home one more souvenir from the event. That item is the 20th anniversary T-Shirt. After that, I said my goodbyes to TsuShiMaMiRe. You might be saying, oh I should gave them a hug and I did. However, the member is most likely Mari.

When the event is over, getting my way home is way too difficult because the L train is blocked. It took me an hour and a half to get home and that's the end of the story. Next story is Columbia Japan Society.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mid-March 2015

Hello everyone, how you're doing. It's Thursday but I am speeding things up so let's get the blogs going. Instead of writing 1 story about the single event I went to; let's make it 2 stories this time. Keep in mind that this blog contains rants and raves so please excuse my stories.

The first thing I went to last week is the Jazz Gallery. Originally my plan is to go to Arlene's Grocery but that never happened but instead to meet up with Senri Oe. At least it's a concert venue but since the 8PM show sold out I have to go to the 10PM concert. What's bothering me is the wine sales which isn't acceptable but let me tell you that you have to pay to get the wine. Thank god I avoided it because I am not attempting to drink it. About the Senri Oe concert, it was okay but at least I enjoyed it.

Next up, The Duplex Cabaret and the Bar on Christopher Street and it's the event 2 days before Japan Nite. Right off the bat, you will see how poor the place really is. The venue is too small is so is the Cabaret Theatre. With shows like these, they can be sold out if you cannot reserve your ticket in advance. However, it is first come and first served. The bathrooms are TERRIBLE. There isn't much space and is a unisex bathroom with 1 toilet for each bathroom to keep the line moving. The locks, good lord they just don't work correctly. I don't know if is optional to skip the drinks but you can get only 1 or 2 drinks per show. The minimum purchase is $5.

Before the show starts, you immediately see familiar faces at the Cabaret Theatre. That is because all of them are from the choir whose friends of the person singing on stage. As a matter of fact, 1 Japanese woman who is also a vocal singer met me before I even paid my way inside. The good thing is that they ask for your ID before you enter because they served alcoholic beverages. The bad thing is that the menu is not placed on the tables. Anyway, let’s move on. I know most of the people purchased alcoholic beverages during the show but I am not one of them. Remember back in 2012 when Saki is going away and I was being forced to drink beer in Astoria Queens, at least few people understood me. At other times, they were not. 2 Japanese females I met are the WORST, one forces me to drink and the other forces me to come here and drink. Today, it has gotten worse and I led myself to it thanks to my selfishness.

I am not going to mention any names to this story. The performance is basically 5 students performed 3 acts on stage. They performed great but there is only one fatal flaw, your body couldn't hold it to urinate. No matter what type you drink it is water, soda, and preferably some beer or wine, you will always feel that you need to go to the bathroom. Believe me, drinking alcoholic beverages effects your kidneys and your liver.

In conclusion after all the restaurants & bar I reviewed, The Duplex Cabaret and bar am far worse than Don't Tell Mama. As a result with 2 Poland Springs for $5, plus tax, and service gratitude gives me $13. Sounds familiar? If you went back to September 2011, then I had the same result but much worse. As a matter of fact, your cover price goes to your bill after the show. You can't just pay before the show starts you have to pay it after or during when you are ready to leave. I had a feeling that I won't be coming back to The Duplex ever unless one of my friends book to perform.

I had this next story coming and this one is quite simple. Did I say 2 stories, I meant 3. I forgot about Rie Tamuro.

While looking at Rie's Facebook fan page I had to come to Silvana urgently. Rie's performance is much different than her previous performances. Well that is because it's her final show in New York City. Let's discuss about Silvana shall we. It's nothing like Tomi Jazz or other; it's kind of like The Bowery Electric. There's a table and a bar stool to sit and there's beer or water to purchase. Admission is completely free. While I was there, the entire R.E.B crew was also there. I didn't have time to stay after 10PM but at least the show is decent. If it was Setsuko's performance, I could have come there a long time ago but I was called in at work.

So that's the whole story on these 3 events I went to. Next story I will discuss is Japan Nite. See you then!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fighting in the Streets @ Sugar Bar

Hello everyone, how you're doing. It's Wednesday night on the 25th of March and Japan Nite was an awesome show. But that's not what we talked about today; we are going to talk about The Sugar Bar.

When you first enter the venue, you are asked to pay before you enter the club. That's fair right? At least you don't have to buy anything unless you're at the table where the customers sit but on the other hand I was not on the table and the dance floor is pretty much open space.

When the show starts, you notice the band I never knew play a song that is so similar to the video game franchise. You know, when I first come here I thought Kohei is going to play but turns out that the whole show is based on their own group and they are the guests of their show. The band I just discussed is Fighting in the Streets and their genre is original Jazz, video games and anime music. What else is icing on the cake, TiA looks completely different and cannot recognize her. Probably because unlike the Brooklyn artist I've been stalking on Facebook, TiA wasn't been followed much even though there is a follow button without adding her. The last time I let TiA is Christmas evening of 2014 when Yatsumi Murakami is around.

When Fighting in the Streets are putting up a good show, Kohei puts himself on stage followed by Ayane Miki. I was surprised that she is Japanese because I never met her in person or haven't even known her either. Each guest gets to sing at least 1 or 2 songs and then back to their own band. TiA did put up a good performance.

The whole thing is about celebrating their 30th birthday for Ayane Miki and someone else I forgot. The crowd, good lord I just can't stand some people making rude comments to someone who's not on their nationality race. Well not really because I just don't like it.

In conclusion, the show is not too bad and so is the venue. Get ready because I got 2 more blog entries before stepping up to Japan Nite. Don't worry, Japan Nite won't have any rants and raves this time because I got something to say about the event. Until then, see you later.

Monday, March 23, 2015

ALC - Talents Arts Challenge

Hello everyone, I've been far too busy and I recently went to the Duplex bar today. But that is to be discussed when it reaches that date because the blogs I wrote are very slow and couldn't even catch up. Ladies & gentlemen, the story I will discuss is Arts Lab Series Talent Arts Challenge.

Now you're being wondering is this a blog where I discuss the artists at some Art Gallery. Of course NOT, why would I write about that. Don't get me started because this blog contains rants and raves that is right. I rant about the event and I rave about it. Now right off the bat inside The Cutting Room, the ticket system is terrible. When you ask the will call person after you brought the ticket online, there is no lists of people who already purchased the ticket and you are the person that must bring the receipt to the will call person. As a result I got in, but that's not the only result because as soon you enter the stage room you are already being questioned by your servers because the seating area is for customers and they the ones that need a seat while us photographers need to stand up and take pics from the back of the stage. Why because some seating customers are complaining that I was standing up and that interfere with my photography work. The worst of all is the orders is $20 minimum, when you order something less than $20, that will be that price and it's their policy. That's what you expect that this isn't no Tomi Jazz this bottom of the barrel money spending trash that clean your wallet.

In the Talents Arts Challenge, there are 10 artists that perform their own acts. Some of them are guest acts such as The Bridges Ensembles Choir which by the way that my friends Misa & Lulla are on. Anyway the 10 chosen people get to perform on stage and showing off the crowd, and then they get to vote for the talents for them to win in order to perform in the future Arts Lab events.

Before heading on to more guest acts, I already discussed how I dislike Gerry Visco but this time it has gotten worse. I don't want to explain this but that is why I rather flash my own eyes with my own camera and believe me, it hurts my eyes. Seriously, I'm not kidding!

With the remaining amazing guest acts, it turned out great especially the one with 2 strippers or modeled women. The show was fantastic and surprisingly, Raya Awad won the Talents Arts Challenge while the dancer won the Penny Arcade thingy and blah blah blah won the Online Video Lab. In conclusion, The Cutting Room is not a bad venue but when it comes to table seating you have to be the guy from the DROM venue. Just keep standing up and take pictures away from the isles and avoid the $20 minimum purchase if you don't have at least $25 with you. See you next blog discussing Fighting in the Streets at the Sugar Bar.

Friday, March 20, 2015

jSny March 2015

Hello everyone, today's blog will be no other than the Japanese concert at the Bowery Electric. You may thinking, oh my god not those blogs again. Yes it's one of those concert blogs and people gets criticize about it. Unfortunately once again, we shouldn't give our blogging site to anyone which is completely personal. My last blog before I started the ranting and raving announcements is Sunrise Fest and before that is the Brooklyn Art Gallery. Second, we failed to recruit the certain person. So here's the story I am talk about which is j-Summit New York at The Bowery Electric.

Our first problem is the ticket entrance which doesn't even apply anymore. You thinking that you pay $18 when you don't have anyone RSVP or not on the Bowery Electric's will call list is absolutely bullshit. By the way, the advance ticket purchase never came to the Bowery Electric's website so you have to call in your bands or singers to make a purchase but even that it wouldn't matter.

The second problem is the signage lights wouldn't go on. Is there a reason for that? Let's not start ranting and raving of what's wrong which has NOTHING to do with the actual event itself. Most of the events didn't have signage lights until last year which is not a problem. The positive feedback is that the event had an emcee. Remember the time when Kaori comedy was emcee of the event last year, she failed in between shows.

First off are some 2 amazing acts from Japan. One is a dancer and the other is a singer, they performed in beginning and end times followed by Shino which I met not too long ago. Not only Shino is a dancer but she's also a singer and surpringsly she's very good. Now the real action begins with Rie Tamuro which I met several times after the Sunrise Fest concert. It's too bad she won't be around in New York City any longer. I admit that she's good but her English is still low. That's fine, but this is what I expect from someone that doesn't use perfect English which gives me the chance to use my Japanese. By the way I am her friend, sort of.

In between shows without a single minute break to grab drinks or something like that, Rich Kameda is showing off his magic tricks. Showji and Joey are both solo singers which makes the show great so far. We are halfway done so far.

Truthseekers, yes I remembered that band but it was okay for me to enjoy rather than getting their products or become a fan. The bands LUST always makes the show fantastic but I am not a follower at all. That's something I met at random like with TiA. Then it's NOB with his gospel jazz cool band. One of the good reasons why he is good but since Japan Nite is coming, I am not spending any more money on CD's and the only one I already spent is Rie Tamuro. The last one is Jeannie Buxo and she didn't sing too many songs. The first one with Megumi performed really well but the last 2 songs from Jeannie is okay. It would be best if I would not add another of Megumi's backup group on my Facebook list since I don't need 500 friends on Facebook and in real life.

Overall, the event is good and the crowd is decent. I still can't understand why I cannot get Lulla Miyuki a decent crowd. I tried my best but its Kimono season so the next one is around May and possibly Megumi Watada she mentioned to me may be one of them but who knows. There are other blogs I will discuss including my rants and raves so stay tuned for Arts Lab Series on my next one.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Big Apple Con 2015

Hello guys! It's been a while but there's a story that I love to discuss since Insectduel's Game Corner fits the category of conventions. However with all the ranting and raving, it's still going on regardless. About 2 weeks ago, we shouldn't give our blogging site to some artist that doesn’t understand our activity and now there's payback. Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you Big Apple Con.

Before we begin, let's remind everyone about SpringFest that is still ongoing investigation about why we cannot enter the Starlight Garden Cafe and someone is threating and defaming our company during the International Cosplay Day in 2014. We still don't know who started the rumors and its bullshit. Japan Nite on the other hand was great with Starmarie and jungles!!! Let's not roll into the past way too much so let's get in to it, Big Apple Convention.

After we got in, we had no idea where to go but you think that it's just in the lower level with the booths promoting their product that is incorrect. There are other floor levels of the convention. However, some were met from the previous convention which is Wintercon. The main thing that disappointed me right from the beginning is the fact that the convention space is really small. You can’t move around too much. For those that don't know what Big Apple Con is, it is a convention with Sci-Fi, Comic Books and other nerd related things. SpringFest on the other hand is an Anime convention and that convention is cancelled this year. Surpringsly Shinokucon is also cancelled this year. Another disappointment thing is how to find the globetrotter room. There aren't any maps or directions to the globetrotter room of the Penn Pavilion either. The third disappointment thing is the stupid wristbands. For god’s sake, why any of the companies what run Eternal Con, Wintercon, and Big Apple Con allow any badges to wear on your necks. The wristbands are so hard to see through your sleeves that it's completely invisible. Remember when PwnEm con give you badges for 2 different price levels for a 1-Day convention, why not Big Apple Con. Speaking of PwnEm con; I still never got my promised pictures because I actually wore Lulla's Kimono into the event. Wristbands should only be used for age verification purposes and MAGFest is one of them after you received your badge.

After spending most of the time in the dealer’s room or the artist’s alley or whatever, we went to the Globetrotter room for the Red Cross Panel. At least the panel stage rooms in the Globetrotter room are nice but why they didn't have directions. So we watched the panels, gotten the red backpacks and ready to move on. There's a whole big crowd for the Jason David Frank line or Steve Cardenas from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I used to be a fan of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but for some reason I was too busy and save up money.

The best of all is the Cosplay contest and it's got to be the longest one ever which skips 2 panels of the show, then the lightsaber guild workshop which is also good. Big Apple Con is one hell of the show but there is a downside to it. It could have been better if they own a bigger space like they did with Wintercon. One day I should take someone to one of these conventions. That's the Big Apple Con story; next up is j-Summit New York.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Bitter End (2/28 - 3/1)

Hello guys! How are you doing? Let's begin with the blog story right away because I have to do it very fast to proceed with the next one. The first thing that happened on February 28th is when I decided to go to the Art Gallery and this time it's a little bit different. I think I already discussed this before but let's go straight to the concert at The Bitter End.

When I got in, there is this perfomer with a massive crowd that I couldn't even handle. At least for the decent part but with a $10 cover with a option to order your drinks, you have to stay off the aisles so waitress can get through. Basically you have to stand up next to the bathroom doors and time pricisely. Rather than the performance that Robin's Egg Blue mentioned, it's 2 separate performance which doesn't make sense and it's misleading. I KNOW, I chose to rant and rave again. Robin's Egg Blue performed first before the next set which is Pirates Canoe. They have a rare sovienir that is only for the CD release show only and yes, they are selling cassettes. That is not the only item but you will get a free .MP3 download from one of the Circlefield songs (I think) once you got it. Unlike Reni Mimura's Hybrid Girl CD which is $15, Circlefield is only $10. Why $10 if Songbird and Deer are still available and Circlefield has more songs. Let's get on with it.  The performance is okay but at least they put some kind of effort to it.

Then there's Pirates Canoe. The group kinda disappointed me but their performance is okay as well. I am not much of an all-nighter so why stay for more hours if my money ran out. It got me so bored that I have to leave the place. The Bitter End isn't a bad venue but when it comes to crowd control, you can't handle how the singers and songwriters fans. That's all the discussion for today but let's move on for something more worthy which is Big Apple Con & j-Summit New York. Honestly, writing blogs makes me more tired which causes delays for episode scripts. Good bye everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Important Insectduel's Game Corner Blogging Announcement

Hello guys! This is a very important announcement. I know that most of you read my blogs or not but there is an interesting issue I would like to discuss. It appears that our blog Insectduel's Game Corner had too much rants and raves. Yes, I personally write this blog as if were discussing my personal life whether is my feelings or the places I went. Last year of 2014 when I was in Secaucus New Jersey when I was following Lulla at the festival where Raif organizes it. I wrote about it because I want to discuss what was happening to me but when we misuse our hashtags via the Insectduelgames account on Twitter, Raif and Lulla turn my backs against me. So I had to remove the blog off the website and make an apology.

That's just only the beginning as I continue to write my blogs based on my personal life and feelings. Things have gotten worse for me. I haven't gotten the time to think before I post. The most topics I ever written is how Reni Mimura tricked me into alcohol drinking. That is because she don't know what's she's doing, as a result of that and not just the blogs I've wrote, myself and Reni have broken up 2 years ago of the lying incident. I was also getting nervous at my Ronchan fan page because I don't want people or my Facebook friends I met in person joining my page. When one of my Facebook friends joined in, I have to clear all the negative posts because I wrote a lot of ranting and raving including some sexual harassment issues. I wrote a lot of how her boyfriend is a sexual predator which is not true. What I saw is just wasn't true what my eyes saw. I do make criticisms all the time when it comes to concert events including Japan Nite 2014 of how I dislike Vampilla which is true because their performance isn't very good and is way too long. Starmarie and Jungles from RBV were the best girl bands I ever met.

We been starting writing blogs since 2005 and it started as Freewebs, then Xanga, Googlepages, and now blogger. What I wrote is none of your business and the blog is ready for a massive shutdown just in case anyone was offended of what I wrote. Insectduel's Game Corner will now be reduced to just video game discussions and that's it. I rant and rave on restaurants and Tomi Jazz is far worse than Domaine Wine Bar. The best restaurants are the Tokyo Tapas Cafe and ChoGa. I wrote a lot of my singing friends on my Facebook list and I made some positive reviews and sometimes the negative. That's normal if you're studying the world of music.

Another story which is when people asked me if I had a website and I showed it to them by accident. Reni Mimura took a crack at my blog from the Insectduel's Domain Facebook fan page and read it and I use negative reviews against her and my personal life of how the maid show is improved from her illegal alcoholic serving at Radio Star Karaoke on August 25, 2011. The first time Reni asked me, I had to edit most of the stuff out to prevent people from reading it. I started removing all the negative vibes off my blog including for alcoholic people I met. Last Friday was the worse experience I ever done and I already written about it on the Arts @ Renaissance event at the old gem. When a woman in a pink coat with a big camera without any disclose names since I started edited off the previous blogs as of 2/28/2015, I gave her my blogging page and she actually looked at it but didn't read the entire blog. I was thinking if she thinks I'm a liar of my activity I told her. She was also getting suspicious of me as well so I don't want to bother her anymore.

I was stalking and feeding off her Facebook page for way too long from one of my friends news feeds and decided to meet her personally. Unfortunately for me, I have to end this because it's virtually impossible to become a friend of the artist in real life. What's really sad is she's actually the type of the angelic female person I want to meet but I couldn't do it right. I failed no matter what I do. I was stuck with a few lame friends I had that make me drunk and don't understand my personal life and interests. I do a lot of stupid things.

However, I was very lucky that someone read my blog when the PwnEM con owner contacted me and invited me to their convention last year of summer. That was one big of an accomplishment. Now that I covered most of the truth I've written based on my actions, it's time for me to adjust some improvements in the 2015 year. I am still going to rant and rave but not too much and will get into positive reviews.

I would like to say that I am sorry that my blogs may hurt or offend anyone. I do not attend to hurt you or any of your friends. I am only writing about the truth and how I feel. That is why in a few months that I may shut the whole blogging site down in case anything bad happens. Don't judge me that I am a bad or an evil person. I wanted to make things right. I am hoping to see you at BIG APPLE CON. Goodbye guys!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Arts @ Renaissance at the OLD GEM

This blog contains some personal rants and raves. Viewer discretion is advised!

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time and now here's a little treat. Out of all of the Art Galleries I went since March 2013 where Masumi Yoshinaga has her opening reception but ended up in a miserable way because of her schedule confusion. During the 2014 year where one of Lulla’s friends who is an artist, I had good time attending to one of the exhibits while the concerts is in progress. Now that this is 2015, things haven’t got any easier. Oh yeah, well I haven't covered up the Space Womb in Lower East Side because it wasn't part of my blogging project it's just my personal life. Let's get on with it shall we!

My first problem is that I found out about this event from a specific artist I followed from Facebook. I don't want to point out names since I chose not to disclose any information. So am I a stalker or I rather tried to support the artist? Enough talking about my personal life so let's move ahead of the story and I don't mean the review because Insectduel's Game Corner never write reviews unless it's a restaurant and sometimes I rant, rave, and disses.


It's opening night of the event which held on Friday February 27th where over 100 artists from all over the living countries around the New York area. It's a big space and it used to be a discount store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York by the address of 695 Grand Street. The nearest subway is the (L) train at Lorimer Street which is closer. At first, I was thinking Manhattan where the (D) train is but I remember that is held in Brooklyn.


There are over 100 different artworks and only 1 seems to be very expensive and that is #124 with a value of $30,000. I have to admit but some art isn't very crappy like the ones in Cere's Gallery I already discussed where you make a bid on the artist’s artwork with a minimum bid of $50. One of the artworks seems surprising and that one is the one with the bloody chainsaw written Shindaiwa. You can try to read the backwards message. There's a fruit basket on the floor, okay how is this a piece of art? The $30,000 was much more creative. Number 11, the blue bird was a standard piece of painting art; again I am not mentioning any artist's names. It kind of remind me of something but who knows. Some hang from ceilings was much more hard work. What about the plant that looks like a music jukebox or a book that grows plants well not real plants but paper that looks like leaves and wood. A snow globe, yeah that was a well-known piece of art. So everything about the event was okay and I went on the 2nd visit and again, the same results. It's too bad I mostly work on my photography act and only talk to 3 artists on the opening night. I don't know anyone so why bother. It's kind of my mistake of following the artist I am trying to get along through social media. All I do is walk around, wait for a certain artist to show up, take little time to take pictures and I don't usually take pictures of exhibits so why I haven't got sued by artists for unauthorized photoshoot? I don't know maybe because it's not piracy for hard covered art work on display but the ones in an Anime digital artwork are copyright protected.

That covers the talk on the Art and Renaissance event itself, let's talk something personal about myself I've experienced. Like I said, I walk around and wait for a certain artist to show up. That's fine if you want to get in touch with the artists after you look at the work and ask questions. Sometimes you feel left out because you are trying to become the friend of the artist. Unfortunately Masumi Yoshinaga failed because I missed the opening event back in 2013, but with Yoka's calligraphy work from Fukushima at the Japan Block Fair was intentional. I am going to tell you right now that you shouldn't give your own blogging website to anyone you don't know or trying to connect with a friend of the artist you know after you still holding a business card or if you look on social media that is a public post. Insectduel's Game Corner is one of the most frustrating blogs of all time. We took the name and slapped it into our blogging website to attract our fans. If this blog is too personal, then we may shut the whole thing down.

Another personal story is that the alcoholic drinks that are only $5 suggested donation. Why people drink alcohol during the art shows? Is alcoholic beverages make you want to socialize or been a better person? I don't know but I did socialize with a beautiful singer in a red dress at the j-Summit event while drinking but then again, I hate myself as an alcoholic drinker so where that money goes to? Does the donated money go to hundreds of artists? That's a good reason why they do it but even so you still need ID and ages 21 and over to consume and purchase alcohol otherwise there will be in a whole lot of trouble.

Here's one more personal story, artists tell me if my artwork is on display? I been asked a lot of times when I go to events including music related so I am asking myself if I can put my own art on display? How can I do this? If anyone can do it, then does it make me a professional artist? If I met an artist I met and showed them my display, what do I do? The answers will be found and is going to be my personal adventure at the Ronchan Facebook fan page.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cere's Gallery & Wednesday night concert

Hello everyone, it's time to discuss some events of February. I know it's March so let's get on with it. I wasn't planning to write a blog on Cere's Gallery but it's just happened and it feels like yesterday. So without further ado, let's talk about the February 12th event around 10th and 11th Avenues on 27th Street in Manhattan.

This is no ordinary art show but it's a gallery where you make an auction or bidding for a certain artwork made by an artist. I had no idea but it feels like a game. Of course I am not one of those action bidders so why am I planning to spend something that is highly expensive? The minimum bid is $50 once you register to bid on something that is on display. Some of the artwork is not even worth it. What's in these artworks made by artists is completely anonymous and I mean there is no name on it.

Imagine if I was one of those auction bidders, I take a good look at the art made by artists and you may recognize who it belongs to. Someone I mentioned in my blogs or previous blogs before I edited off the name as of 2/28/2015 since I gave the blog info to someone in a pink coat with a large camera to that artist. Anyway what was I am saying about the artwork? Oh yeah, the bidding! Suppose if I bid $50 on some art that I recognize on display, then someone else tries to claim it by bidding higher which is $75. There is a time limit so once the clock stops, you retrieve the artwork. You attempt to bid even more higher which is $125 to claim the prize until the other person can no longer bid. You stayed for long periods of time until you win the prize. The artist came to you, who made the artwork, is it someone you know or someone you don't know. You may find it odd that you brought the artwork you recognize is the incorrect artist. The artist with the artwork you're looking for is someone who wore a pink coat with a large camera but instead to a person, who had a large beard, wore a red and black checkerboard jacket and steel toe boots.

What did you do? You regret supporting another artist you don't know or you really wanted to support the artist that is your close friend. I didn't stay for too long so I chose to leave around 7:15PM. What's really too negative is the strong smell of wine and I mean why the hell people would drink white and red wines during the auction? The good news is they serve water so servers had common sense that some people are non-alcoholic drinkers.

Let's move forward where it happened this week and recently and I am talking about PIANOS. I had enough being the evil guy for once so I want to be clean and make sure there aren't any troublemakers so here goes. Our first problem is the lighting, it's not worse than the showroom but it's redounded. There are some errors during Lulla's show but it kept going. However, a new debut song has made its way for the first time and it's called In the Scent of the Rose. It's really a good some but it's well done. After the show, I chose to drink and went to the bar with other people. They drink and make conversations. In conclusion, we walked to the subway but have to admit that this male person I mentioned in my past blogs before I edited off the crazy basta as of 2/28/2015 is just being too paranoid. So, that was it? Maybe I should go to Japan and get myself a Japanese female who doesn't do drugs, no criminal record, non-smoker, and drinker or non-drinker and bring her to America and get married. However, she actually surprised of what I said.

That's the end of the story, next up is the Arts at Renaissance which is last Friday and you wouldn't believe it.