Saturday, November 29, 2014

Brooklyn, Thanksgiving Eve 2014

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EDITED because mentions in this blog are written as of 2/28/2015.

Alright, let's discuss the place I never went and it's a pretty convenient venue. It's rare to go to Brooklyn for a concert venue once in a while such as Goodbye Blue Monday with IRI and the Tazigens this year and The Knitting Factory where Japan Nite takes place by Benten Records and Mariko's show. Speaking of Mariko, everywhere she goes around NYC she book shows all over the place in Brooklyn and Manhattan. To celebrate Thanksgiving eve, let's pop this blog in, Much mores at Williamsburg Brooklyn.

The first thing that happens is when the 2 girls are sitting on the stools before the concert starts and then I ordered some soda. But what's even more fucked up is one of my crazy friends show up and I didn't even speak back. Pretty easy I must say that I am not friends with anyone I don't know but I'll explain further to the story. When the room is cleared I went in and whoa, look how comfortable this space is and has good seating. Kind of like a private room but it's a public concert. There are exceptions, Muchmores does not allow anyone performs cover songs or fines will be paid for copyright infringement.

The drinks, oh my god it's even worse. I can't even explain how broken this place is but the problem is that I never ordered beer so how would I know if I need proof of ID to buy something. In Manhattan bars like The Bowery Electric, you need ID to enter which makes sense. What happened? Does each borough have its own laws? By this point, some of the Bronx liquor stores closed by breaking the law which sells alcoholic beverages to patrons under 21. There aren't much concert venues in the Bronx but I assume you need ID to enter because some Bronx bars are strip clubs.

The bathrooms, I can't even tell if the locks work or not. I went in the door and turn the locks counter-clockwise. Not bad, the Goodbye Blue Monday is better. Remember ABC Coma Rio, the bathrooms are worse and it's perverse.

Back to the story, the first act is? Oh come on do you want me to tell who that person is? How many blogs did I wrote about the same person? Well, I tell you. She plays a piano, she can write songs, she has flowers on her head, and she has a good voice, and sometimes performs as an actress. Can you guess who that person is? Well at the risk of blog takedowns like with the Garden State International Heritage Festival, I am not attempting to reveal any names this time or to post any more pictures.


The second act is Chieko with Anthony. Sound familiar? Then the other acts performed including the final act which is Madeleine Woods. Kind of reminds me of the Arts Lab Series event by Borona Arts Entertainment. The only difference is Misa, Penny Arcade, Gerry, and the other Arts Lab performers are not present. The whole event is organized by Madeleine. That covers the entire event but I had to say that everyone did a good job on their act.

Now let's talk about my personal story during the event. But BE WARNED, I wrote a LOT of blogs at Insectduel's Game Corner so I assume that I may be flagged or contacted anytime soon which means the whole site gets taken down.

With Chieko and Anthony's performance I had to do my job and keep an eye of any suspicious activity to make sure no one is sexually harassed during the event like with j-Summit New York back in September. Okay, first of all I said sexually harassed. Like I couldn't figure what that bastard was doing but anyway that bastard just make a move, but when I tried to make a move back at the end of May 2014, she dodged it. Believe it or not, since the Garden State International Heritage Festival blog is deleted, I had to mention a few things that really bug me. The concert continues, I went back and buy another soda and went to the bathroom. Unlike the Tazigen opening party, no one knocks on the door or attempt of coming in while I am using the toilet.

Have you heard people say don't let your friends drink? So what do you do? Should you allow that person to continue drinking or you should drink with your friend? Either way, you're fucked? The decisions you make if you're trying to protect your friend from getting drunk, then you come in to that person. Do you attempt the drink, or be yourself and don't drink any type of alcohol to protect yourself rather than your friend. And that's my personal story.

Unlike most of the previous events, I say it's not bad but it completely shocked me a whole hell of a lot. At the end of the event, I couldn't imagine how my friend acted or the person who I thought is a some kind of disrespectful person that I claimed. So I heard it and it wouldn't matter to me anymore. I got really calm and decided not to intervene like I originally planned. We had a group photo and became one big part of my friend’s family. It's been one mockery out of me but comparing with Reni Mimura, all I have to do is to make a change the next time I meet. However, I am willing to continue to be part of the friend as well as being a great supporter to my friend.

Before I wrap this blog at Insectduel's Game Corner I have a lot to say. I started to become more decent than I ever was. Today each one of us men are fighting over the same girl but unfortunately, she already chosen who she wants which leaves me and everyone else vulnerable. However, that does not mean I should stop following my friend but to make it better for myself. Without intervene, I should let her do what she wants. Moreover, I didn't disrespect a single friend after everything I do, just being nice & friendly without sexually harassing or assaulting her. I don't sexually harass my female friends and I never will. You may think she's the only one, but no there are 4 others behind me and I followed them as well and treated them with respect.

I know for a fact there's nothing I can do unless there is a sense of urgency. But let me tell you, there are other bastards just like anyone else. If you attempt to drug one of my female friends, or attempting sexual assaults, or attempt to make my female friends drunk, or attempt to knock my female friends unconscious, or attempt to misuse my female friends, or attempt to use my female friends for sex and trafficking, or attempt to kill my female friend and make her die. Then you are out of your mind! If you're one of those people let me tell you if you cannot treat my female friends with respect, then go fuck yourself. I don't like you and I assume that you don't like me either. End of story, rest in peace.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Restaurant Events of November 2014

In this last story, we talked about the Tazigen event and now it's time to move ahead to the restaurants, yeah, literally because I went on a few events last week including the singing recital at Ballet Arts which I won't tell. Anyway let's begin with ChoGa.

I haven't seen Nahoko in a while which is a reason to come but bellydancing performances aren't common for me to attend but once in a while I have to meet her. Anyway, when did I meet Nahoko? Back in 2011 when I followed Fuyuko but it's not the time to talk about the past. Now how can I buy something with limited amount of money I had? Well, I had plenty of cash so I ordered some dumplings.


Nahoko and Kaori were very good dancers and it brings me back. Then Tokyo Delores which is another which makes them hardcore athletic dancers.

After the performances, I went to the bathroom and oh no! Not this again! Well it's not the lock but this time it's one of the advertisements in the mirror right in front of the toilet. When I peeing, it's like someone is looking at me. Whoever put the flyer in the Men's restroom but I assume it's not a gender specific toilet is an embarrassment to males. Enough with that let's move on to Tomi Jazz.

Unlike Misa or other events, it's half empty but I wonder what happened? Is service too slow but anyway this one is about Setsuko's Trio band. What I did is ordered Spam Rice balls and Spaghetti with Japanese sauce. You may wonder why I haven't drink anything because I drink NOTHING but water and I drank too much alcohol during the Tazigen event. So I refrain myself not to drink anything else but water and it hurts.

Back with the performances, the view isn't that great but it's still good. It's rare for Setsuko to have a band to perform with a bass player and a drummer. Of course, how can I meet Setsuko when Mina is around? Mina and Setsuko are performing together constantly and someday I should beet Mina when she has her solo performances. Mina has her own webpage. Sigh, let's move on with the last one and is last week's event at ChoGa.

With Ballet Arts out of the way, Yuri Bear takes a shot but only for an hour. Since a week passed, I drank soda with Chicken Salad. That's for my punishment for drinking alcohol during the Tazigen concert. Yuri Bear is taking up to the next level which is December 14th.

You know, I've been reviewing the restaurants and now it's time to discuss each one of them. As of the next event this week, in Brooklyn let's get to Muchmore's where Lulla, Chieko, and Madeline Woods are performing. Kind of like......Um! What, are you serious? Well, you get the picture.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Interdimension Band Story - Day 3

 EDITED because of strong rants as of February 2015.

In this last story, this is the final tour and is taken place at COMA ABC Rio on Lower East Side. The admission is free but donations accepted, sort of! Well I donated for the team Tazigen. My first impression is when they served food and Sake along with Green Tea. That could have been a great concept but I am on the job.

Ubi, Kiichi, Tomoaki, Kaori, Ryohei and Youth are all performed into one once again and this time it's the entire performance. They took a few short breaks but there are different varieties. By the way, the first performance before Taizgen is avoided. There's the puppet performance going on again like with Friday. Unlike the Friday performance, this one is pretty okay.

For each break, I've continue to drink and eat.

Alright, let's flick that shit switch and crank up that diarrhea dial! I got to get calm of myself and continue on and forget all of that non-sense. Well, you just haven't had enough fun torturing myself with my upset feeling and still wants some more? Guess what, I got to give myself an improvement.

Anyway, back to the actual story! There's more jazz fusion music but makes me want to go home. But eventually the show is over and decided to go to the Bathroom but what the asshole? Why can’t I lock the door? Is it broken? It’s even worse and not if the lock does not work but there’s a crack on the side of the door and above. That was a mind fuck. Don’t they usually put some kind of glass where you can’t see from above? Of course, anyone rather look at the person doing their business and this is kind inexcusable they ever do! Anyway, I have meet & greet to people and goodbyes to every one of them. However, Ryohei gave me 2 Paless CD's for being a great friend of the band. Wow, unbelievable. Because they're so rare, they are never coming back.

Well that's the story of the Tazigen event but it was one hell of the ride. At this point, there is a restaurant performance which I'll discuss next.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Interdimension Band Story - Day 2

In my last story of the Tazigen concert, we talked about the opening party and all the people performing. But there are trial and errors outside of the event so let's get on with the second day which is Good Bye Blue Monday. If you remember my last blog which is the time with Iri and Yuri Bear, then this place welcomes me back. However, it's completely different than most Manhattan restaurants and bars and Tomi Jazz seems to be the perfect example.

In this event, all the performers who performed previously are actually combined into one performance.

Like day 1 of UBI, it's the same but a bit longer this time so there is no point reviewing it twice.

The second one is Kiichi and Tomoaki Saito again it's the same but a lot longer. Anyway these 2 are like the guitar brothers you could ever imagine. These 2 are satisfying as you will ever be. During their show and oh no, not this again! The bathroom and this time the locks does work and it doesn't turn the lock but something more secure to it. However, people gotten confused which door is the restroom.

The third act is Youth Yamada, during his show I had burgers and beers but trust me, I didn't feel the need to drink every sip of beer. When it comes to him, it makes me wonder if he needs people to join him. Oh what the asshole? Why they can't ask for ID's when you buy the beer? Unlike Tomi Jazz, you can chill out but it's inconvenient.

The fourth and final act is Paless. Again their performance is rare with Ryohei and Kaori but makes me wonder if they sign up for j-Summit New York on December 14, 2014. Guess what, after day 3 they went away back to Japan, like I said, one who plays piano and the other one paints. Kind of remind me of the Poku Poku boys, remember them?

At last, the main event! Ubi, Kiichi, Tomoaki, Kaori, Ryohei and Youth are all performed into one. I forgot to mention that Kaori is also a drummer so that's another talent. Now that's what you called an event. A good event for the Brooklyn venue, but satisfying as ever. Next and the final story is the one in Manhattan which is ABC Rio. See you there.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Interdimension Band Story - Day 1

 EDITED because strong rants as of 2/28/2015. Conclusion of this blog was massively deleted!

Hello everyone, sorry I was slacking off writing my blogs because I was seriously on gaming projects which includes Roll Chan mobile and Insectduel Talks work in progress episode.
In this story, let's talk about the event that is part of my weekend than any other conventions and please don't remind me of May 31, 2014 because I was so depressed of my behavioral actions.

In this event, it is called the Tazigen Concert and is hosted by Kiichi Ito and many others. The first location is Borehum Hill, Brooklyn New York where the concert to be known as Sean's Basement. The address of the place is confidential. When I arrive and went downstairs, the first person I saw after Lulla is, ummmm who knows and I don't even care. The name of the person is also confidential so please excuse my stories.

Anyway the performance starts, the first one is Ubi. I wasn't expecting to be his follower the second time after j-Summit New York but the main reason why I came is for Lulla. Seems like Lulla already making friends. The event is an opening party when people bring their own drinks but before the show, I gave my friend the Asahi beer and 3 other people. I just want to be friendly with people. After studying my friend for so long that I was getting used for some of the favorite things they like best. Never mind, it's just sharing but nothing personal

About Ubi's songs, it's the same discussion review as j-Summit New York.

The next one is Lulla. I already mention how well talented she is and she continues to be a great singer and songwriter. But there is an error, the lighting. I can't concentrate so I have to take flash photos. It's nothing to do with performance but she did play the song that she hasn’t played in a while. By the way, there is no Michael Biskup. Wouldn't be cool if she invited him to the show, it wouldn't matter but rather than wearing her headphones, the mic she uses which is better. It's satisfying and well done.

The third act is the puppet act, not a bad one but it's repetitive. Another Japanese female performer plays guitar and he does all the puppet acts. It's great but during the time, I have to use the bathroom. What I don't understand is the lock is broken. While I was drinking my crappy alcohol drinks and taking selfie pics of myself, some asshole opens the damn door without knocking. Well it's not their fault; it's the lock that can't be locked which is a fatal flaw. However, only the upstairs bathroom's lock works than the basement. What a shameless rip-off especially too many people uses the bathroom. Is there such a thing as a sign? At the almost at the end of the event, the same asshole attempts to open the door without knocking while the female uses the bathroom. Well, actually just a crack but they need to be aware because no one can lock the basement bathroom door while they using the toilet. In my apartment, the lock is also broken so I have to use a towel to prevent people from coming in.

The fourth one is 2 crazy people but they perform all over the living room, the back door and the basement. What I don't like is people smoking their damn cigarettes. It's too many of them so second hand smoke can choke me to death. Don't remind me about some flashbacks because it's never written in my blogs.

The fifth one is Kiichi and the other guy Tomoaki Saito. These 2 are the main part of the show. Surprisingly they're good but these guitar Japanese males can really make the show going. More detail on it later.

The sixth one is a woman who paints and a guy who plays a keyboard. I didn't know who they’re but this male person wants to become a friend. His English is too low and the female is also the same. Okay, who were they! That's right, they are PALESS. I didn't know the names until I look it up on Facebook so the woman is Kaori and I don't mean the Kaori Comedy and the male person is Ryohei. What you see there is Kaori vocal sings and draws while he vocal sings and plays a piano. I have to say that Paless is pretty damn good but only one problem, they're rare and only available in Japan.

Finally, one more! Youth Yamada of the World Chocolate, I wasn't plan on meeting him but I knew he comes. I didn't have many males to meet up but Youth seems to be by himself. I forgot how I meet him, is it Japan Arts Matsuri? I don't know. He plays a guitar while playing some kind of harmonica. Would it better if he is part of Lulla Miyuki's crew? Think about it, Youth and Lulla. What a performance but unfortunately the band doesn’t often perform and Michael Biskup seems to be the only one. So that's all the performers, but there is one more but I left along with Lulla.

In conclusion of the story, it sure was the hell of the ride, but I wasn't satisfied how it turned out. The next story will blow your mind, end of story.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween 2014

Hello everyone, sorry I was slacking off writing my blogs because I was seriously on gaming projects which includes Roll Chan mobile and Insectduel Talks work in progress episode. In this story, let's talk about Halloween in 2014. Unlike last year, it's something I don't expect.

The first one is The Asterplace's concert at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst Queens. Some members are in costumes including the sexy lion but because of work, I had no chance of buying my own costume this time. Moreover, I chose not to drink but I was surprised to see someone drink beer in a fast amount of time. When their concert ended, I met the manager, fan or whatever to greet me, then to the female vocal singer. She told me about November performance and thinking that is too soon for me. That's the Halloween Eve party story.

Next up is Hime Romance and our company Insectduel's Domain donated $10 worth of Halloween Candy to the children and met up with Hitomi & Friends. Rather than going to a bar, or East Village whatever comes to the Bensonhurst clothing store. Now there are 2 Kawaii stores in New York and the other is Maid Cafe NY. Anyway, Hitomi had a schedule which includes breaking the ice, game, performance and storytelling. It would be a better idea to go to the bar for a random performance rather than the clothing store. It's not bad but it's also well done.

Last one is Cadre at Staten Island. They are having the CD release party but it's amazing. Even with the other one but I am not following it. Again, Cadre did pretty well but I am planning something more than just Staten Island and stay tuned, j-Summit New York on December is a long way to come.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mid October - ALS

Hello everyone, sorry I was slacking off writing my blogs because I was seriously on gaming projects which includes Roll Chan mobile and Insectduel Talks work in progress episode. Without further edo, I was FAR back from where I am going to discuss so let's start with Arts Lab Series which is held on October 24th of the 2014 year.

It was unexpected to return to John Jay College and the Arts Lab Series is located on the far right side facing 11th Avenue. The first thing I arrive while waiting is something I don't expect when I met my friend. Unfortunately, an injury occurs which can't be explained. Let's not get touchy with my personal story but with the event itself.


The first one is Misa Ogasawara who is a vocal singer of the event in a black long dress. It seems reasonable for someone to dress in appropriate attire like some performers to look good on them. As for Misa herself, she has a passionate voice. The second is Chieko with a guitarist, another great performance but too bad I don't have room to add anymore followers.

As for the moot court, OH COME ON! Why did you offer free wine when children are present? Actually, there aren't any but imagine if any John Jay Students are participating the event without warning. At the beginning of the event I forgot to mention, there were false alarms.

Anyway, back to the event. Skipping the third and fourth performances there's one rare choir that I haven't seen in a while and that one is The Bridges Essembles. Bettina Sheppard is the director along with Misa. It is not often to see them sing especially if one of my existing friends is a choir singer. Next is Nine the Musical, another great performers especially this sexy singer in a one-piece suit. I don't know what I call it but I am not much into naming clothes. Anyway, Nine the Musical is fantastic but repetitive.

Next up after the singer is Penny Arcade. As for my personal knowledge she is a comedian, sort of but I don't understand her. Penny Arcade is one of my worst favorites in my list and believe me, she wasn't the only one oh no, it was Gerry as well. I was believed that their performance is more like a joke.

I know you peoples don't like my opinions, but everyone got their own. If you do not agree with me, then that's your opinion. Some people like Penny Arcade but I was not one of them which makes me unfollower of her talents.

After Penny Arcade, oh yeah it's Lulla. I forgot to mention that the time was a bit off-balanced from the schedule times so the event went fluently and also ended a bit too early which is a good reason unless the room must be cleared before the certain amount of time. Anyway, Lulla is the one I respected the most. She's talented in her piano and has a good voice. There is only one error, her headset microphone. It's too heavy for her and she uses her microphone instead. What makes this error to her performance is her piano is louder than her vocals which is tedious but it's still a good act.

And the last after Gerry, its Madeline Woods. I have to say that she's a random friend person she's recently added but to be honest, why should I start following her ukulele performances. Anyway, Madeline makes a good show but what bothers me is why I am interested for her shows. Someday I may come if I feel like it.

Well that's the Arts Lab Series event. If you think it's all over no, there's the upcoming one at The Cutting Room in March 10, 2015 and believe me, some of them are coming back especially the winner of the Online Video Lab contest and I don't think Lulla is going to make the cut. Hopefully, Misa Ogasawara will win if possible.