Friday, October 24, 2014

Japan Block Fair October 2014 Story

EDITED because mentions in this blog are written as of 2/28/2015.

Hello everyone, are you ready with another discussion? Okay, here we go! First I went to Gonawus Loft, yeah where I suppose to meet up with many different artists. Anyway there are no pics so I'll just write what I have here, the first thing you see is free beer and wine on the reception tables. Why did they have to do that?

Next up is Japan Block Fair in Upper West Side and believe me it happens EVERY October so the vendors must've know how to keep track of their vendor schedule. I was a little late so Aya Uchida was first missing 10tecomai on stage. Next up is Starberry which is created by Sneko and she has continued her goals singing J-POP and dance. Sneko wasn't even my type anymore so after the 4 years since I met her as MoeMiru member she started to expire. Well comparing with the continuation with Lulla, Misa, Setsuko and many other followers. Isn't that amazing?

In the middle of some Tengui performance, I went to get some food but there's one problem. The Hakata TonTon line is way too long so I couldn't get what I want this time so screw it. I got something else for a change which is ramen, melon cream soda, and fried ice cream.

Now back to the performances, Rainbow Bubble is quite talented but this time, Hitomi wasn't my type either and that's because her age is 10 years younger than me. If it was Lulla or anyone else it wouldn't make a difference and age doesn't make a better attractive person. HItomi is always the cute type so I wouldn't bother getting in her way, well I tried to but I couldn't speak up.


YuYu Dance Studio which is not in my photo is also on the performance list. The kids are great performers but comparing with last year, Micco wasn't there and you know that her last gig is j-Summit New York. .10tecomai always impress me with the gals and Tomas. The Trinidad daughter Yuria is such a great young dancer and I wish her the best to be the greatest Japanese female dancer much like Chieli or Fuyuko which they are in Japan from New York City. Cobu on the other hand, also great. Cobu doesn't earn respect as much as 10tecomai.

And the last one Aya Uchida, I was originally going to ignore sales but what the heck. 6 CD's all in one price of $5. Geez, what a deal and it's a RARE opportunity to meet her and she's only from Japan like with Sunny, Shiho, RiHo, and many others that came to New York for a j-Summit New York event. Maybe Aya will be part of j-Summit New York sometime but seriously, I miss IRI. IRI became attractive girl after graduation from Keio University. Anyway, I got her 5th CD and had good conversation with Aya. Maybe I'll meet her again in Japan sometime.

And finally but not least, Misa Ogasawara with Senri Oe. Misa has talking things about me after the show but that will be written in my future blogs.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014

Hello everyone, are you ready with comic con discussion? Oh come on, you really want to make me write this? Well I'm going to do it, just for you because I like you a lot. Now don't take that too serious. Here it goes!

Now right from the beginning is the 34th Street Hudson Yards isn't opened yet on the (7) subway IRT line which heads to Javits Center. The second is the lack of ticket sales and third, the M34 Select Bus Service doesn’t come on Weekends with the exception of Thursday and Friday.


It's my 3rd year and this time I attended all 3 days of the convention. What you will run into is many characters such as Batman, Captain America, Ryu, Looneete the Clown, Zombies, and others. Since Javits Center has such a high space, New York Comic Con has over 33 aisles on the showroom. What you see is some vendors and merchants. On Friday, I tried the Manga de Japanese lesson and it was fun. The panels were fun to watch as always and this time I got the advantage by going in line at least 45 minutes in advance. Afterwards, I went to Staten Island for Cadre at Full Cup.

As usual you have to pay up for autographs and photos but the only difference is the photo ops have sponsors this time. They play by their own rules. I don't know how you pay for autographs so that's something I can't figure out.


On Saturday, nothing new but went up to Video Game High School screening panel. Almost a few times, I just hang around the showroom and some parts of the lower levels. Other times I went to the Family HQ where I charge up my phone which is a good spot rather than waiting in the panel rooms or risk you losing your phone or camera battery. I had to say that some of the Family HQ shows are quite entertaining so I spent some time there.

The only thing I can't enter is the main stage which is the cosplay championship contest. Only special VIPS, Pro 4 Day and Press Photographers are allowed to enter. I wanted to watch the cosplay contest but it's the end of the line, moving on to Sunday.

It is nothing special but to hang around the Artist Valley and Showroom only. No panels and it gotten boring. What I don't understand is why people taking pics of their artwork? The Artist Valley needs improvements and prohibits people with cameras and smartphones within the area. In conclusion, I hang with a friend on that day and the New York Comic Con event was satisfying as hell.

It's too bad its may last time and I will never back to New York Comic Con unless ReedPop is making changes. I don't know how they surpass San Diego Comic Con but it's probably because attendees brought tickets from scalpers. Whatever ReedPop is doing remains a mystery. See you the next one.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 2014 has begun

Hello everyone, are you ready with some action? Alright here we go, Misa Ogawasawara presents Masquerade at Tomi Jazz. How Ironic! Well as far the restaurant goes, too bad I ended up in the far end of the single seat where I can't see the music even if I reserve the seat or not, it's not worth it unless I have to reserve it 1 day in advance. Anyway the event is when few people wearing fancy masquerade masks. I had my Japanese curry and it's much spicier than Go Go Curry. That's enough for me; I talk too much about the same place over and over again comparing with ChoGa and Tokyo Tapas Cafe which is few days from now.

Now let's do the 34th Annual Korean Parade and K-Town Festival. It's raining a lot so I have to wear my poncho. Just the idea that I wouldn't block anyone's way and including the TKC (The Korean Channel TV)'s camera, all I do is take photos. It's not my favorite and it's trying to be a cutting edge to Sakura Matsuri's Washington event which is the food and contests from major companies like McDonalds. They also advertise their own products so the only place is held are West 32nd Street between 6th and 5th Avenues.

The performances got way out of hand; I mean it's just their own Korean language. How do I understand this? There aren’t many performances but there's only 1 singer and 1 Korean soprano actress during the Marshall speak. Why not a program inside the small book? It would be easier and Sakura Matsuri Washington and Branch Brook New Jersey had it. So far this isn't much fun.

Now what really grinds my gears is the Talent Singing Contest. Why is this necessary? I know festivals need contests runs by TV but should it be around other locations instead like inside a school? Let's think about this! I came there almost every year and some K-POP dance performances runs during the contest. Since they speak Korean language, I can't understand whether they are contestants or not. Anyway the dancers are never contestants in a singing contest. I remember when Setsuko or NoriceuR are performing at the same event I've discussing but the 2011 one is much better.

One thing I do like is their non-stage performances. Surprisingly, Miss Korea likes to be photographed by random people including me so I should have done that for Sakura Matsuri Washington. Overall, it's not bad but nothing special comparing with Japan Block Fair.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 2014's End Week Events

Hello everyone, how's your life going? It's time to discuss what's going on. First up is The Knitting Factory where Mariko performs on stage. I have to admit, she's good but nothing's special.

And now we are going to discuss last week's event which is j-Summit New York which is held on September 28th, 2014. Unfortunately, I will not talk about anything personal going on including Lulla so excuse this selfie YouTube video here and I hope it doesn't offend you.

Immediately as you enter you notice that they set up a new lighting logo on stage which is cool. When the event starts, UBI QUITOUS goes up on stage and sings with a guitar. He is Youth Yamada's friend but he came in late. On top of that, he's quite good but I am not interested in following him but I rather hang with Youth and his friends.

Next up is Lily Saito and holy mackerel she's quite a decent singer. She may be Japanese like Mariko and her English isn't broken like most people. Her songs are mostly sad based and some are her originals. For copyright reasons, I couldn't videorecord her performances and she has her own YouTube page along with a Google+ account. Even if I did, I may end up being copyright flagged like with Reiko Takahashi. Hopefully I should meet her soon if possible.

Number three is Saori with Yahaira, Micco and the dancer I never met. To be honest, I don't know what Saori trying to do with me but she hasn't given up on me but for me I already did. Either way, I won't be meeting her again for the rest of the year. Since last year, I seen her sing for the first time but she was a dancer at most shows and she's still currently with Yu-Yu Dance Studio. Saori may be a good pop singer but she's not much of my friend anymore. Thanks a lot for trying to get me drunk.

Lulla is next up stage but someone is missing. Usually it's Michael Biskup but he isn't here because of an accident. Now the main thing that disappointed me right from the beginning is the lack of people coming over for her. I pass out flyers at The Delancey and The Knitting Factory targeting Mariko's fans which includes Facebook advertising still did not happen. It's supposed a cutting edge so it's fair that decent amount of people should come over, what a letdown. Not only that there is less attendance but there isn't much donated money put into the box either.

About Lulla's solo performance, its okay but I am a good friend of her. What's really bothers me after her performance is someone I know from Pianos back in August 2014 came in with flowers and it's possibly a gift for Lulla so this story isn't going to be told.


Fifth performance is Rover and I haven't listened much since I was too busy hanging out and drinking with friends. Not bad, Rover demanded to show them my photos I took onto their Facebook page. The same goes for The Rob Balducci Band which I never take a look at it much either. Anyway, Lulla always thanks me for my promoting effort and hugs me. The rest of my personal story isn't going to be told at all.

Number seven is Ruco and she's a lot of fun after she performed from The Delancey. Ruco is the best one so far than everyone else. She definitely knows how to make the crowd dance to the music. In fact, Ruco is damn good but only one problem, she performs only at late night at Red Lion on a monthly basis so I am not going to be Ruco's follower.

And we saved the worst for last, it's Ichimujin from Japan. Because they had their last performance at The Bitter End, I'd say that Lust, The Suzan or Bala should have been the final band to perform. It's quite boring and it's putting me to sleep. The songs are quite decent but they BEG to be the fourth on stage after Saori Kato. Well it would be nice if there is people coming over but let me tell you if there's more people coming over they would tell people to donate money in the box.

And that's the whole j-Summit New York event of September 2014. The performers didn't even attempt, they didn't even attempt people to donate or to show them the box and why is behind the speakers the whole time? Now it's the 22nd volume of the event but no one really gives a crap about helping their own destroyed land anymore and maybe, that's for the best.

December 2014 should bring in my Staten Island band Cadre if possible.