Sunday, September 28, 2014

Events of Mid September 2014


Hello everyone, it's time to discuss the events of last week starting with Fontana's Bar. While j-Summit New York is going to hit the scene, there are 2 Japanese concert related events playing at a few venues. First band is The Ricecookers and the other is The Asterplace. 2 J-Rock bands were kick ass especially The Asterplace. What I don't expect is Yatsumi Murakami; I have met her since SpringFest and Sakura Matsuri Washington. She has purple hair, plays in piano and a vocal singer and wears miniskirt and tanktop. Besides singing, Yatsumi is also a model much like Setsuko and Megumi.

Anyway with the story, there is a contest where you drink beer to win a prize. I chose to ignore the drinking so please excuse these alcoholic drinking issues with my life. That prize is a CD so what's the point. I brought the CD when I first met up with them at SpringFest. The Asterplace isn't too bad, but it's repetitive.

Next is Stairway to the Dream Stage 21 and it's a long one. There hasn't been an event like this since March with the Dream acts but now I know why The Public Assembly is closed, they are revamping the place. The first dream act is Youth Yamada, the last time I met him is Stairway to the Dream but he plays a guitar. He's a cool guy but I should hang with him often.

Next up is Mika Mimura, I never thought to see her BF in person but I totally forgot that she has one. Is there a good reason why I can't remember things? Let's hold that thought for a second because I met a lot of Japanese women like this. 4 of them appear to have married and had husbands so it's not a big deal but it's best for me to have lesser friend counts in person. Anyway enough talk, there only important thing is her talent. Mika's performance is good along with Megumi which is another one I haven't met. You expect to add another Megumi besides Matsumoto but nope, not this one. Ruco came over for vocals on stage so it's quite a rare performance so it's damn good.

Third one is Harold from Japan, I have no interest in becoming friends with them unlike Uzuhi or The Asterplace but I prefer girl bands, like BALA. I had a CD from them but it's too bad that they are rare and only performs in New York City only one time or maybe more.

Fourth one is Poku Poku Boys; it's a Japanese traditional band with Kimonos. They sing while 1 female calligraphy artist does her job. It's not bad, but I kind of wish I get to know the band but never mind, next one.

Fifth band is BALA; yeah an all-girl Japanese band which is similar to LUST or whatever. Their songs are good and it's treated better than The Suzan. The only reason why I love BALA because their band members are more enjoyable and they're sister related. Yeah, I said that.

And the last but not least, it's Ruco. I see her several times but most of the time she chose to performs REALLY late once a month at RedLion so this isn't really interests me. She is a lot of fun but I rather am a fan than a friend so nope, there's no way that I can be a subscriber of Ruco's music especially the late night performance.

Now to be fair, Ruco has a j-Summit New York performance but comparing with Stairway to the Dream's performance you couldn't see Ruco's performance without Mika Mimura. Tune in next time when we go to j-Summit New York. By the way, Mariko isn't the time to write.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spiritual Warfare (Sega Genesis)

It has time to discuss the game that I've been recently playing on an Emulator. It is a game that is made from a Christian gaming company that makes unauthorized games under the name of Wisdom Tree. This is a game I'll be discussing and that game is called Spiritual Warfare.

The game was released first on the NES on 1992, then the Sega Genesis on 1994. Graphics designed by Nina and programmed by Vance, Jim, & Charles. Wisdom Tree is a parent of Color Dreams which also makes unlicensed games.

The first thing you notice is you start the game with the name, you hold 2 items, you start with 3 hearts, you get an item in a cave, there's a raft, and there's a gray dungeon. If you already know it, the game is an exact copy of The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Some people say that it's a clone or the game of the same engine but to me, it's exact. If you really want to know is that Wisdom Tree hacked the game by dumping the ROM source code from The Legend of Zelda and altering some modifications. The game I'll be discussing is the Sega Genesis version.

Between Spiritual Warfare and The Legend of Zelda, the spirit dove is your rupee currency. Vials are your bombs and you always get to use them. However comparing with Zelda, vials can hold up to 255 of them. The other button is to use the fruit. You start with the Pear and that number represent how many times can you shoot. When you upgrade the same fruit, you increase the number of shots. There are other fruits such as Pomegranate, Apples, Grapes, and Banana.

Other programming from Zelda is when you talk to people directly. In Zelda, you cannot talk to people but talks to you in certain dungeon areas. When you kill people, the flying devil comes out. The bosses and enemies AI's are completely altered and when you touch an angel a.k.a. fairy, instead of gaining health you get to answer some bible questions. Get all 5 correct will gain 30 spirit points and gain 2 healths.

The main objective of the game is to reach Satan/The Devil by gaining the 6 items that can protect you such as the breastplate, the belt, the sword, the boots, and other items. Each has a similar code from Zelda. The breastplate is coded from the blue ring which reduces damage by half, the sword is coded from the silver arrow where you defeat Ganon with it, and the boots is sort of a code from the ladder when you walk through the water or dungeon holes. You earn these items by defeating the bosses or you buy them.

You have a map that should be self-explanatory enough but there are times that you need to go to the railroad station. You need a pass to warp into another area. Others you can hold items and select them with the B button. What's not in the Zelda game is the End Game which you can quit the game at any time but it doesn't save. In the Sega Genesis version, only the running speed is altered by holding the A button.

Action 52 on the Sega Genesis

Now there's some dislikes of the game. The music of the game is TERRIBLE. You have the option to turn it off but it sounded stupid. Unlike Action 52 which is an unlicensed Sega game from Active Enterprises, the music is quite decent. Even the sound doesn't sound right but the only thing decent is the NES version. Another dislike of the game is the password system. It's very long but why remove the save feature. I do approve however the end game option. Why the score system necessary? It shouldn’t be there at all unless there is a timer but guess what, there is no timer. However, the death counter is much better like in Zelda. Speaking of counters, if is a Sega Genesis game why didn't they increase more spirit points and vials to 999? Come on, the 16-Bit is more advanced. The same with The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, the rupees can go to 99, then 200 and 500. It should be 99, then 255, and 999.

Another crazy thing happening are sometimes you getting this glitch. When your hearts nearly reach 0 and you got hit by a projectile you survive. I don't know if NES is the same way. The glitch stops if you grab a heart that includes answering all 5 bible questions. Anointing Oil use is unaffected and won't work while your health is full.

Spiritual Warfare on the NES and Sega Genesis is a shameless rip-off and a hacked game of Zelda but its decent and enjoyable and probably the best game on the library.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hometown Concerts

September 2014 has come to the time where Summer has come to the end and Autumn is about to start. With the Spring Sakura season and the cold breezy comfortable summer, there are events I went to after a couple of LakeShore assignments as well as other assignments along Staten Island.


On Saturday on the 6th of September, Japan Block Fair has invaded West Village with food vendors and small amounts of shops. At this time, it's mostly buying Japanese products within 6 hours and it's good for vistors to browse around and try it out. More importantly, how can I not forget Hakata Tonton. I buy their pork but it's at least 3 blocks from 6th Avenue. By the time my stomach is too full, I immediately left the festival and went to Astoria Park.

In Astoria Park, there is a music marathon festival orgranized by Astoria Music & Arts and is held between the two bridges. Why? Because one bridge is the RFK bridge to the Bronx or Manhattan and the commuter train tracks. However, Randalls Island is right close to Astoria.

Right off the bat, I immediately went up to the Acoustic Stage which faces 19th Street and the stage is a bit late. Not a bad schedule, let it pass.


A singer from Japan Lulla plays at her hometown with Michael Biskup and the weather is fine. A good singer & songwriter with a couple of songs she played in her home area, people enjoyed it. Not to mention the stage is under the shady trees where you can't become hot. However, my friends enjoyed the Cherry Tomatoes I already brought from Japan Block Fair. And did you like her Sakura Summer style outfit? I makes me feel if is spring time and of course what I mean Summer style is to wear certain clothes that makes your skin cool.

There are other performances I enjoyed and it rains about 10 minutes later. Unlike most cities, it rains hard and damages power in some New Jersey homes. I was a bit wet. The last thing I enjoyed is the person who sings rap. Astoria music is fest isn't too bad but it's enjoyable and we got to take credit for these amazing musicians.

Next day of the event, The Domaine Bar A Vins of Long Island City. Now we into deep shit, because this place got me the balls since 2011. As a non-alcoholic drinker, I tried my best to avoid drinking any type of alcohol but it doesn't work out. With Reni Mimura drugged me with tequila, my life changes and so is Lulla's Pre-Birthday party which I made my own decision of drinking.

In 2011, I tried to reach Misa Ogasawara but it never worked out. Then Mika Mimura with Misa Ogasawara at the same time but failed the same. And in 2012, I tried to investigate the menus and ended up being kicked out and was threatened to have me arrested for trespassing. With the fallout history, I got to drink the Wine at j-Summit New York at September 2012. With too many failed attempts, I get to come back and guess what, it has changed since my last visit.

There is a reason why I disguise myself so I wouldn't be caught of being a victim of alcoholism. After I chose my seating, I took off my sunglasses and hat off too early and spoke to Misa and Senri. As a friendly customer, they have to remember that there are RULES to obey the venue or at risk being kicked out. They both tried to offer me a seat but I declined. My choice is Red Wine and Chocolate Covered Almonds.


Even if I was far way, I can still hear the music and see a little bit. But when the first set is about to end, I accidently spill wine on myself. That's worse because it's spilled onto Lulla's Grandfather's Kimono, which means I have to take it to dry cleaners to get it washed next day and it's because it's silk. That's how bad luck the place is. I already mentioned in my past blogs that ID's is not required to purchase alcohol beverages, but could it at least have front door security to check ID's to enter like with PIANOS? With 1 wine gone, I had another and I paid the bills including in tips. Now that I covered the event, come to think of it there is water after all.

j-Summit New York is coming so I better give it a good promotion of the event. Tune in next time and this game we are going back to the games.