Friday, August 29, 2014

Cosplay Day @ Central Park 2014

Hello everyone and let's talk about last week's event at Central Park which is the 5th International Cosplay Day at Central Park. It is celebrations where people are taken over the Upper West Side of Central Park are roleplaying as your favorite character by wearing a costume also to be known is Cosplay. I cosplayed this year and my character is Jason Voorhees.

Let's give it a Throwback, back in Halloween 2013 where Lulla Miyuki hosts her own Halloween show at PIANOS. Not if we have fun together but we also drink some beer.

After my arrival, I placed some chocolates near the trees because I wanted to share food with the cosplayers and remember, I won those chocolates at the NY de Volunteer event and it is worth a LOT of money. Nothing as close as when I get to have some fun until something unusual comes up.

This guy named Erik who’s the staff of the event and also SpringFest has been telling rumors about me or even the Insectduel's Domain Company. I don't know who started the rumor but he chose to threaten me and also defaming our company as well. Our company will put people to court once I found out about SpringFest NY 2014. There is reason why we can't go to the Starlight Garden Cafe at SpringFest this year and no one knows why which remains a mystery. However, Erik knows something for himself while we can't figure it out. So after that threaten talk, I decided to get back on my feet and started to feel upset and down. I cannot control my emotions.

While I am having fun, I decided to put myself off the Cosplay Contest I originally going to enter after Erik's threat. Instead I watch the whole thing and to record the databases to be shown to the gaming community.

Anyway, there are games that I didn't play much other than the sword fight. Other than that, it can be boring but it's time consuming. I say it's a great event however...

While unexpected, people's bags are stolen and mine remains in place. I checked every hour and that includes going to the Bathroom from the Cosplay area. My bag wasn't even taken at all and there are attackers as well with a screwdriver. I never knew it happened either so it's more drama for them than it was for me.

What's next year is going to be? Tune in next time!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mid August 2014 Concerts

Hello everyone and let's talk about last week at these concert events. Last week we went to Tokyo Tapas Cafe Restaurant and I tell you that it's decent. Regardless that they don't charge music like any other venues especially Tomi Jazz where is $10 cover for Thursdays through Saturday and Somethin Jazz Club have a much higher music charge. To be honest, the Cotton Club in Harlem has a whopping $25 music charge especially the sophisticated dancers with Yuka Kameda. That was worth of a huge price.

There's always an excuse to meet up with Misa Ogasawara with Senri Oe. You may think that you can avoid the alcoholic drinks but actually, you can. There are soft drinks available. Of course, who can forget Water to consume your time? Anyway I actually did ordered the plum wine drink without showing them my ID. Seriously, is there any good reason why restaurants didn't have to do that than bar and night clubs. Not if that matters but the waitresses are great servers.

Anyway Misa sings while Senri plays the piano. Even though she was a bit ill but it's a good show.

Then next day, Lulla with Michael Biskup. Although I enjoyed her songs but didn't spend much time on that day. Once again, the Blue Moon didn't fail me.

Then the International Cosplay Day at Central Park but it's not going to be discuss much. However, I don't know what's going on but something came up about SpringFest NY 2014. We don't know what we did and there are rumors talking about us. So why we didn't get to enter the Starlight Garden Cafe. We may never know why. Tune in next time but I know it's much writing but this is what I have.

End of the story line.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NYCC Campout 3-Day Ticket Fiasco

Insectduel's Game Corner is the place where I discuss video games as well as my personal life including other hobbies. A few weeks ago, I want to discuss the stories of this massive New York Comic Con ticket Fiasco. It all started on August 7th at Midtown Comics at Fulton Street where 800 or more people are waiting in line for New York Comic Con tickets that the scalpers stole from online. My arrival was 8:30AM and its 2 streets far back. I waited almost 5 hours and the 3-Day tickets are sold out. What a shame.

Then the next day, the Kinokuniya book store at Bryant Park. Same time but people actually camped in front of the store. After the 2 hours of waiting, the tickets are sold out and down to the Thursday tickets. I called the other stores and almost all the New York Comic Con 3-Day tickets are sold out. The only store left is the Montasy Comics Chapter 2 which I have no choice but to camp out and much unprepared. It seems to be a challenge and time consuming as well. In order to get the prize you have to camp in front of the store to get the tickets or otherwise you lose.

Sleeping in those cardboard boxes doesn't make you comfortable but you must make your eyes as wary as possible. The big problem is the bug bites; they can wake you up if you felt an itch. Speaking of time consuming, it's also money consuming because you are getting so hungry that you need to survive. While waiting the tickets to arrive, the manager of Montasy Comics CLEARLY said that there will be 10 or less 3-Day NYCC tickets.

On that Saturday, I played some games and it was worth of waiting. Of course I had to go to the Public Library to use the computer. More people decided to show up and stay but for them it's a waste of time because they camped out for nothing and you can't get the tickets. Then SUNDAY finally comes, after the doors open the manager of the store let us in and we have brought the NYCC 3-Day tickets and threw everyone else out.

It's a shame but rewarding and it will be my last New York Comic Con attendance this year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

PwnEm Con 2014

Insectduel's Game Corner is the place where I discuss video games as well as my personal life including other hobbies. But before I introduce the stories, let’s discuss the events. People often organizing video game events such as Gaimova, South Box Startup which is held in my hometown Bronx New York, large conventions like PAX/MAGFest/TooManyGames, even the public libraries. Nothing as close where people play modern or classic video games as well as meeting new people.

I have rarely discuss about the Gaimova events a.k.a. Game Over Channel where people play modern video games, sometimes held tournaments, watch Anime, sing Karaoke, drink alcoholic beverages, and socializing with other people. This is usually held once a month on a Sunday at Radio Star Karaoke and you must be 21 years of age. Although I never go to the Gaimova events, I would like to make friends but nope, even if I gave flyers for Lulla Miyuki's shows.


Now let's talk the event I have gone and that one is PwnEm Con which is located at Cesar Hall West New York, New Jersey. I have reviewed New York Comic Con really late after I got the professional pass back in 2012 so let's get on with the reviews. It is organized by Angel Hernandez.

Unlike any other events including the Gaimova events, this one isn't so bad after all. I said it's more like a meet up or a socializing event where people meet each other. Now I know I said this isn't bad but like I said earlier, people often organize event including video game tournaments. What you see here are a couple of video game consoles such as the NES, Model 1 Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, X-Box, PlayStation, and a few board games.

I was once said that I will be holding the WWF No Mercy Tournament inspired by MAGFest in 2013, but I cannot find a venue to hold it and it's hard to organize the event of my own.

Certain game consoles work on certain TV's especially the Nintendo 64. If I were the organizer, just like MAGFest a few USB Controllers and laptops which are equipped with Emulators as well as some classic games with hacked games. If people are lucky enough to hold a unlicensed game like Action 52, they should bring it and play it with your friends and so is the Wisdom Tree games even though if you're not a Christian. Do you know that MAGFest challenges were on game emulators? Think about gamers playing Super Demo World the Legend Continues on a PC.

Now back to the story, I played some Sega Dreamcast games which is the 12 game collections. Someday I'll review some of those games at Insectduel's Game Corner. Vectorman is one of them but the game is such a pain, no wonder my cousins had some trouble. Sega Pro Wrestling sucks donkey balls and the controls are so awkward. I hope AVGN reviews these games sometime. After playing my Dreamcast I started installing the Nintendo 64. Sometimes I can't tell if I successfully connect to the TV or not depending on the TV. It's too bad that flat screen or HD TV's don't work. There are a variety of games but I only played Mario Party. That game will be reviewed sometime also.

The only problem is that I wish I had someone to play with especially Edward Gamer. In today's world, people just want to play some modern games and not classic unless they want to re-live the past. To me, I rather continue hacking 2D classic games in the gaming library.

In conclusion, PwnEm Con is a great event and I highly recommended it. I forgot to mention that children under 13 are also having a good time which has no other event had. If I had a son, I would allow my kids to play classic video games such as the NES. But I wonder, why not Atari 2600? I guess because people are not born with Atari gaming but with Nintendo and Sega. Comparing with people playing games on Emulators during my teenager years, I prefer people playing on real consoles so they wouldn't be confused with the legal laws.

In a couple of days, we will go to another gaming event hosted by Sexy Nerds and then Lulla's shows at Pianos.