Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Live Performance in Mid-April 2014

Hello guys, I've been working on Roll Chan and I'll make a batch of this game this week. Now let's talk about the mid week before the next Cherry Blossom Festival shall we.


As I already discuss this numberous times about Tomi Jazz, let's talk about the 19th day of April. I immediately got my tax dollars to spend. Without reserving for a seat as I am by myself, it's open for availability.  For the musical night, I ordered some seaweed spinach, the creamy ramen noodles with shrimp and green tea ice cream. This kind of night is for Sumie Kaneko's birthday bash and Ryoko Fujimoto's Silver Moon. Of course, no alcoholic drinks are served at this moment and the last time I went to Tomi Jazz for Sumie I was overcharged which is kind of my own fault. Beer just wasted my money on my sister's ticket for SpringFest NY 2014 back in March.

With both foods finished, I just drink and drink and drink some water.


I had to say that Sumie Kaneko and Silver Moon were both enjoyable and I stayed there for both sets all night. Let's play teacher and grade this Tomi Jazz April 19th visit with a 10 point error out of the possible 100%. Ready, here we go!

Well first of all, the seating! At least I got one since I was lazy to call and reserve. When I visit Misa Ogasawara on April 3rd, it was my own fault for being so selfish my coming in a later time. Whoops! Unlike Hakata Tonton's restaurant service, I guess it's okay. Then, I said that I ordered some seaweed spinach, the creamy ramen noodles with shrimp and green tea ice cream. I did got the food but WHERE'S MY DESERT? Minus 30% which brings it to 70% for not bringing in my green tea ice cream. Next, the check! Every Thursday through Saturday, it's $10 cover and $10 minimum for food and drinks. When I looked at it, all I see is $10 cover. What?! I stayed all night and not additional $10 was put into my check. That's 10% off.  Not to mention tips during the show which brings another 10% off which shouldn't be used at all if there's a music fee which should be paid to musicians so where's it going to? I don't know. The only done correctly is to take my unpaid desert off my check so that brings 5% up. I am nice enough to tip but whatever. So it's a result of 55% of service. Sigh, let's do it again on Saturday with Yuri Bear and Iri.

And it comes with PIANOS with Lulla Miyuki. When I come in, she had a nice birthday gift for me. Tune in my next blog to see it. Lulla has changed her style with rosesfrom the white flower on her head and she has her new headset microphone. After taking a break from drinking beer, I started to drink again with 2 other people. I was not drunk and Blue Moon is the only glass of beer I drank.

I hang out with Lulla's friends to some concert that Michael Biskup mentioned and never ordered any more drinks. We all left immediately once it's over. What irrates me is some security is strict but at least he's doing his job. This should happen every time you enter. No one under 21 should drink alcoholic beverages. Afterwards, this where it ends which is Arlene's Grocery. I have no money to enter but the hangout has been ended. This story moves on with the cherry blossom festivals based on the weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sakura Matsuri NJ + j-Summit New York April 2014

Hello guys, Insectduel speaking and let's get on with the April 13th day of the year 2014 events. First off, getting to Newark New Jersey is tough but not frustrating. The bad news is that I don't have the map so there is no chance of getting to the Cherry Blossom Festival but it was self-explanatory.

My first arrival was to see that his Cherry Blossom Festival is kind of like a family event. There aren't any Asian marketplaces but it's kind of decent especially the hot dogs, candy, and a whole tons of products. Not to mention, there aren't many Japanese products either.

On my early arrival, there's Masayo Fujii. She can dance and teach you how to put on a kimono, then onward to Madam Nobuko Novak who is exhibiting Ikebana flowers. I have decided to see the welcome ceremony around noon and looking into the NJ Hall of Fame Mobile Museum which has nothing to do with Japanese Culture.


Once I got my lunch, I watched the Japanese folk dance while waiting for Masayo Fujii on my way back. After that, there's Cobu Taiko Drum & Dance Troupe. I am very surprised who I met at this year's Cherry Blossom Festival and guess who. She's one of Reni's dancers, director of Tourmaline, and partner with Fuyuko Nakamura as Myu to Yu. I'll tell you who it is BUT it's not a good time to tell you that.

The last 2 is the Tea Ceremony and Sushi Demonstration. I have to say that this Sakura Matsuri in Branch Brook New Jersey is okay but not as worse as Stony Brook which is crap and a waste of time since 2013. The problem is going to The Bowery Electric from the festival and the PATH train will not depart Newark Penn Station until 30 minutes later. NJ Transit was a direct route to New York Penn Station and it will take me minutes but costs me more than the PATH train via MTA Metrocard.

And FINALLY I got to The Bowery Electric but it's a 2 HOUR ride from Newark due to PATH Train's indirect service. From Newark to World Trade Center would have been easier but it was weekend construction nonsense. Otherwise taking the Blue Line train to the IND F line can get me to Broadway Lafayette or 2nd Avenue.

I came to j-Summit New York for one reason. IRI and she's the singer I rather support since her style has changed. I have to say that she looks nice in that graduation picture I saw on Facebook. I followed too many Japanese women already but I rather not add anymore or get in touch with another.


Beginning with Reiko 4D, she's kind of hardcore but I really like her music. But I have no interests getting to know her, sorry! Following another Japanese singer while I have my current ones is just hopeless! Second is Meg Bless. She has her original songs but looking at her makes me wonder if she's really Asian. Well she is Asian and she's Japanese. Not only that, Kyoko Uchiki came back but she recognize me from Facebook. We are not friends however but following Kyoko can give certain updates and she's a music producer. Moving on!

Third singer is IRI. IRI seems to be the best so far but comparing with Lulla Miyuki she doesn't have a group of other members on her side. IRI also sings about Japan at the end of her performance. IRI's friend is singer Megumi Matsumoto but she's part of the crowd for that month. When Megumi is going to perform at j-Summit New York again? I don't know! If she's going on stage again, I won't bother this time.


Fourth band is The Truthseekers. Another great group band but it's one of those bands that were NEVER video recorded. At least I got some bottled water because I refuse to drink any type of alcoholic beverages. After the band, Kaori came in and tell funny jokes. It's too bad I never met her at the Sakura Matsuri festival in Washington DC as 10tecomai in the way. Kaori did come up to me but not interested in following her except subscribing through Facebook.


The final two bands are GELATINE and Muteki. Both awesome bands but GELATINE is better and extremely hardcore as always. Muteki is more like fusion rock so some other type. It's too bad IRI left during GELATINE's band but I rather not talk about it. GELATINE is kinda entertaining but I felt tired and sleepy and Muteki plays good music like they did with Sunrise Fest. LUST was originally supposed to be playing but it's the end of the event which means this story ends.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sakura Matsuri DC 2014

Hello everyone! This is Insectduel speaking! Sorry for this late blog entry on the largest Sakura Matsuri festival in Washington DC. Let’s begin shall we!

When I first arrive, there are no difficult problems but the Megabus came on time and I was able to be onboard before it departed. Otherwise my whole plan would have been wasted. So I decided to take the trip after Yuriko Miyake’s Puppet Train show and it was entertaining.

There are a lot of foods and activities and calling it the largest festival in America and even bigger organization than Japan Block Fair. There are 4 different stages in 1 festival. I most likely to hang around the J-POP stage this year.

Before that, I was surprised to be caught in a photo with Erica but it was not yet seen. She is the one that can request to post a phrase or name in Japanese. I tried to get out of the way but she insisted. Moving on to the J-POP stage.


The first band I didn’t care but The Asterplace came in. I followed them on Facebook but I do not remember if I was friends with the lead of the band but the girl member is much more prettier and interesting. Her name is hard to read so I wanted to add her on Facebook. Like Tsubasa, she plays Piano and a vocal singer.  Next is the Japanese female Idol band called Le Siana after Japan Bowl performance and Japan Bowl are all in traditonal uniforms.  They were awesome but Starmarie is a lot more better. I didn’t even have a chance to talk with Le Siana but I did however shake their hand and move on.

Le Siana, this shot is during Rainbow Bubble's performance when I shake their hands.

Then Rainbow Bubble came in after the Maid Café performance which. What really bugs me is Uzuhi never arrive yet so I ran off a few minutes and take a look at the Cherry Blossom Princess pageant. Hitomi and the other members of Rainbow Bubble is so Kawaii. After playing so much performances, I finally get to see Uzuhi on stage.


Uzuhi didn’t rock like crazy as they did in SpringFestNY but I didn’t take much photography of the band. Their show is good but also very entertaining. I’ve been following their band for over 3 years now. Then the Cosplay fashion show, you know that could have been happened if Rainbow Bubble didn’t perform for long periods of time and after that, there goes 10tecomai. Ami Yamaki is the only person known besides the director Tomas Trinidad, but their new Cheoreography seven is very entertaining. You should check out my videos. With 10tecomai in the way, I got no chance for Kaori which I had to meet her next day at j-Summit New York.

The Sakura Stage is also behind schedule as well. Just for a brief moment, the Kimono Fashion show was misleading. It’s actually a tutorial of how to put on a Kimono. I watched them at the Japan Block Fair in East Village last year of Summer. With no time to lose, I had to leave the festival immediately and go to Union Station. BUT the bus did not come until 7:30PM so latecomers that came from the Sakura Masturi are very lucky to get a ride home.

And that concludes a story of Sakura Matsuri 2014 in Washington DC.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

CJS Matsuri 2014 + Tomi Jazz 4-4-2014

Hello guys, Insectduel speaking and sorry that I haven't been writing my blogs lately and I am still too lazy to write blogs based on video games. I make more money on YouTube than blogging and Action 52 may be reviewed sometime but I don't know. Let's talk about March to April events.

First discussion is Columbia Japan Society Matsuri and it's my third time. As usual the family stuff and food vendors are taken over. Something's much unexpected and I mean the NY de Volunteer staff is giving out flyers to their FUNdRaiser event which holds the same day as the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival event. I started spending money on Hakata Tonton, Go Go Curry, and Teriyaki balls. All these vendors lack drinks so the food truck is the only ones that have it until water is provided a bit later on.

There's some Taiko drumming going on here! I want to join the party! Watching them doing the work seems enjoyable.

Then there's Rainybirds featuring Ryoko Fujimoto. Every year Rainybirds performs at Columbia University which is different than Silver Moon except Silver Moon is jazz fusion related? In 2012 this is when I first met Ryoko at this location until SoulSound which brought me back to her in March 2013. What happened, did SoulSound already give up? Not much to say! After her performance, I decided to grab the Rainybirds CD from her. Yeah, I needed that so I can support the Japanese female artists. Most of the brought CD's remain unopened including Mika Mimura's Dreamii.

And the final band, I had to say that they also entertained but I got a free CD from them. Again, most CD's are unopened!

In April, let's talk about Tomi Jazz. This month and the next may be a lot of upcoming performances which cost me a lot of money. First thing is the waiting for someone to come over after I make a seating reservation. That should have been improved BUT he probably started to know me now or not! Unlike the one in January, Asahi beer is avoided and I never EVER going to order beer again and for refills. It's costing me some money. I ordered noodles which cost $15. Let's not talk about pink eyes which has NOTHING to do with the place itself.

Service has gone smoothly, but I enjoyed Misa Ogasawara with Senri Oe. Her topic is Sakura Street meaning cherry blossoms and some of her songs are cherry blossom related and including blindness. Just look it up on YouTube. But I wonder WHY is it necessary to pay tips to a musician when I have to pay for a music charge. That is stupid and where do that music charge goes to, to pay the rent? I was forced to pay up when the waitresses comes to me which is bullcrap. Imagine if I had to pay tips before I get my check when my money runs out. With a $10 cover and $10 minimum but I ordered a $15 meal plus taxes brought me to an estimate $30. Paying the bills to the restaurant is always a must. Tips before your bill payment is not supposed to happen at all.

That concludes with Tomi Jazz from April 4th, but there is another Tomi Jazz performance on Saturday April 19th where one of my followers Sumie Kaneko is hosting her birthday show. It's going to be big but Silver Moon will also join after their show which brings me to $20. That is because each band is worth $10 music charge and after that, there's May 3rd where Yuri Bear and Iri performs. That's another going to be $30 wasted. You can't even enjoy their music without ordering so Tomi Jazz is not like Don't Tell Mama or Metropolitan Room. So my estimate will be $30 every time I visit Tomi Jazz but the question is can I make it? We will find out!