Friday, February 28, 2014

j-Summit New York (February 2014)

Hello guys, Insectduel speaking! I have continued to work as a sign holder every weekend but it won't stop. There are places to go like Sakura Matsuri during the Spring Season including the new tour this year, White Plains.

On the 23rd day of February, this is where j-Summit New York takes place. Unfortunately, the guest lists at will call was lazy and as an official j-Summit New York photographer of Insectduel's Domain, not if I take photos or video record but to listen to their music. I can understand I have to come late for a specific singer on a specific time but no, it doesn't always happen. At least Stairway to the Dream was better when it comes to will calls.


The first musician on the lineup is ZiNg, a gospel and soul singer. I had to say that it wasn't so bad but at least I enjoyed it a bit. Then the next one is Meg or Megumi, a Japanese female model and a singer that like to show off her looks. She wasn't one of my favorites at all just like all the others that I never been in favoritism. Megumi wasn't alone; she has several members forming her own band. Just to be honest, Megumi is my least favorite person than all others which came close to Singer Setsuko.


Number three is Gen Horisawa which I don’t follow him at all. I could add another male member on my list but why bother. His songs are so cool but maybe I rather become a friend of his music. The fourth member is Ruco, again not bad performance especially with dancers but not interested to follow her. She usually performs at Redlion late at night which is much like The Delancey.

During the halftime break, I met Showji and probably because he followed along Kyoko which is why NOB and ZiNg are here at The Bowery Electric. At least Megumi comes up to me, who am I kidding I don't barely talk much or to socialize.


Now the other half of j-Summit, here is NOB which is a great gospel singer and Aki. I can't believe that Aki would be nice surprise to be in a princess outfit. Comparing with the July 2013 one, she does not perform the same way as The Delancey. Aki can perform in many different styles. In this one, Aki mostly sings with her Pianist and that person is Jeremy Beck.


I always thought Aki is a good singer and she has a voice. These last 2 bands are Harlots Vice and Batman Winks. Unlike Red, Gelatine, Shinsei, or Lust they both aren't too exciting but Batman Winks did run a good show than Harlots Vice. Either band just wasn't in me. At least j-Summit New York run a good show but only NOB was the best. The important thing is that some money is pouring into the donation box but I was expecting a whole lot of it.

This covers my blog for this week but I will be going to PIANOS and then Staten Island during the weekend.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2-19-2014 late night evening

Hello guys, Insectduel speaking! I have continued to work as a sign holder every weekend but the job may have to end and it's going back to cold. There aren't any signs of upcoming snow so in a couple of days it may be going to sundown. Let's talk about last week of Wednesday or should I say Thursday because it is held after midnight.

The Delancey is one nightclub in New York where New York State of Mind is held every Wednesday of the 3rd week where people get to drink, dance, and mingling with friends. For me, I was one of the above but I don't feel like drinking alcohol. All I do is dance, dance, and dance until the performers come up on stage. I would have brought my Nintendo DS to play Pokémon Black 2 but no, I didn't want to bring any devices to a nightclub. Now about that $5 fee, well it's only for drinks so I don't know maybe I wasn't in a right place.

I knew I had a reason to come to The Delancey because one, the CD which is one of my planned items to buy from a well-known singer and two is to railfan the (2) train line recording all the announcements. Without wasting my time, I just had to get one of the CD's from Singer Aki and who do I see behind the merchants where I face the bathroom door and some back room door. Yeah, that's right it's Aki. How can I not forget who she is but sometimes Asian women are really hard to tell? The other thing is that I have Aki on my Facebook account and the previous pictures I taken so it really helped me to find out Aki's image. As far as it goes Aki immediately remember who I am.

Aki sings different type of songs so one of those songs I uploaded on YouTube is her cover songs which are licensed by the third party company. The other one is her original. After she played on stage, this came in. Yeah, I wasn't expected by this one above this paragraph but I guess that some photographers are trying to collect all the data. Boy I had a good smile with Aki.

Once 2AM hits, I chose to leave the Delancey and went railfanning on the (2) train line. It was slow to arrive but the R142 announcements just skip over to Wall Street from Chambers Street. I just gave up and went home as I started to become fatigue and needed my sleep. After a long night, Labor Ready called me around morning and noon again. Geez, I got so tired but the next story will be j-Summit New York which involves Aki and Megumi.

Friday, February 21, 2014

February 2014 Valentine's Week

Hello guys, Insectduel speaking! It's warm throughout the entire week, so let's get on with last week. After a snowstorm, some rain came in. I was hoping a show from PIANOS is not cancelled so Lulla's show is in good standing. The problem is, when bad weather strikes not much people walking so only me and Lulla's friends are able to enjoy it. Unfortunately, there is no Jack or Michael so Lulla is the only one that can play by her. After her performance, I had small chat and stayed there a bit drinking my beer. The goal is not to get highly drunk so I drink in moderation.

Friday isn't too bad but I worked in a cold in Union Square holding a sign. I was assigned to hold a Lohemann's sign for 5 hours. After a cold 5 hour wait with one 15 minute break, I was able to get to Bronx Underground on time. Sadly, the gifts are just a small amount which isn't much. In the Bronx Underground Valentine's day event, there is a circle game and the dating game. Dancing around the music for 4 hours is something that only a person with a friend is a must go. It's not that bad but I left right before the event ended. Now it comes with Saturday.

It's the same as before but this time, its Max Fujishima's birthday as Lulla said to be. I came in from work while my Facebook friend is waiting for me. I carried my subway sandwich, ate it and combine it with a cup of red wine. I'll tell you I shouldn't drink so I am already became part of the problem. Not if that, I ate some nice rice balls wrapped around in seaweed and some chips. I talked with friends, listened to Lulla's music without Michael next to her, gave Lulla a donation for her music as I should have be and as usual taking my pictures which is why my blog exist. Lulla is always part of me which is why I always followed her in performances. Next show will be expected in March, I hope so I can promote or maybe in a few months. We will see.

The next story will be Singer Aki based on the monthly event NYSOM if I collect enough information but it is determined when is going to be posted. j-Summit New York will come up on the following Sunday.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SIABC Casino Night

Hello guys, Insectduel speaking! Looks like we have hard snow coming our way and we are close to Valentine's Day as long snow does not get in the way. Let's discuss about last Saturday on Staten Island.

I was originally supposed to go to the Valentine's Day fundraiser event but because I was called in for work, I wasn't allowed to leave my assignment. So my job is to walk around with a sign on and get people to go to the store to gain their revenues. Washington Heights and Hunts Point are my assignments for the weekend. Possibly this weekend I have to do it again.


Based on the events of SIABC building on 73rd Wave Street, there is a casino night event. This is where people drink, play, and mingling. It's not the same with the NY de Volunteer events I went to every 2 months but it's totally different. When you pay $20, you get 1000 casino money to play on which you allowed to bet on. That's ten 100 chips? I don't know I didn't bother because I was saving my money for j-Summit New York which takes place 02/23/2014. The games they have with professional dealers are Craps, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. When you win these games and you redeem it, you will get a raffle ticket but you can also buy your raffles. Prizes being bet on are really expensive.


Alcoholic drinks are NOT an issue so you donate $2 money for beer or wine. Geez, don't they allow to show ID's before serving like any other event, what is wrong with the world. Is someone screwing up! What am I saying; you have to be 21 and over to play casino games so it's literally not for children upon their visit. As an independent person, I am not much of an alcoholic drinker so I shouldn't drink.

Oh, I forgot to mention, there is some music playing during the event. I assume that most events do have music entertainment especially the time I go to Max Fujishima's opening exhibits.

The only games I played on my experience are Roulette and Black Jack. But it only gets further down when some people are rude and disrespectful to us so it's time to speak up from the Insectduel team.

I don't like when me and my other staff being bothered or being to complain about. If you have a problem you should at least scream at our damn faces so I can report you to the authorities. Our money is limited and our money should not be used in activities without authorization from staff and other of the Insectduel admins. We had trips to plan and we must not be harassed. Our staff is also nonalcoholic drinkers so we shouldn't be forced to drink up on any type of event because of health issues. We are trying to be friendly but you made us like complete idiots. Insectduel's Domain also spends money in advertisement dollars promoting for a Japanese singer, composer, and songwriter which we started since October 2013. I think I had enough with this bullshit! People who are being rude and disrespectful to us shouldn't bother us and we are never their friends.

That's the end of this blog but I hope there's nothing to complain about to the Insectduel staff next event.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jan 2014 to Feb 2014

Hello guys, it's the sixth of February and things are spicing up and last month we fought this copyright outbreak and trying to prevent people from selling their rom hacks for profit. This time we are completely serious and this should never going to happen as we are going to flag them as copyright infringement. Let's bring on with the recap of last week to last Tuesday.

On the 28th of January, I walked down the few blocks to Pianos in the cold weather. Before I went in, I ordered the Subway sandwich which is around the corner from Pianos. I have no idea why my friends never came but seems to me that Lulla's friends comes but I guess  I am not good hanging with my own friends. For the first time, Shino dances around on stage in the upstairs lounge at Pianos. I am just getting into action. You wouldn't believe what kind of beer I drink, the Tecate with a drop of limes. I danced around a bit but that's the day I have.

After days waiting, last Saturday before I went to gallery 128 I was working around St. Nicolas Avenue between West 179th Street and West 180th Street at Conway Fever promoting sales for a discount. As part of the Labor Ready employee, I don't have sales experience so what's the point? Sunday was the same thing too but I hope the manager was looking around. I was hoping to come next week, but it is not going to happen. Anyway at gallery 128 on my late arrival, I drank 2 cups of red wine, ate plenty of chips and crispy brownies, looking at pictures and listen to Lulla's music.

Then last Tuesday, I went to Cake Shop NYC which is a 21+ venue with some alcoholic drinks as well as snacks and ummmmmm live entertainment. Robin's Egg Blue is the whole reason why I came over and is their first concert of the 2014 year. I haven't order any drinks but I shouldn't, I've just enjoying their music. Luckily, the snowstorm didn't arrive until 1AM. The streets have too much snow and it needs to be cleaned up.

This upcoming event on February 13th, Lulla will play at Pianos before the day on Valentine's Day. As long it doesn't snow or the event being cancelled, the show is on. This is the day that you must come over if you're not prepared for Valentine's Day.