Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 2014 - Tomi Jazz

Since after MAGFest, I decided to save up money for Tomi Jazz. Well, during the week where 2 of the current show being held on Facebook event page. It was either Misa Ogasawara or Sumie Kaneko. Of course, I have to choose Sumie because it was cheap. The question is, does it worth it?

2 days before the event I made the reservation because it is a weeknight. Otherwise I wasn't being able to make or to be moved somewhere else. At least it was finally done something right. Then I ordered the Asahi beer. I don't know why I have to drink beer but I shouldn't. However, there is water next to it. Drink beer; be sober on your way home. Then I just listen to Sumie's music. I drank too much, there goes the bathroom.

During the event I only take pictures, we never do any of the video recording stuff. But I kept on taking sips until it's enough to go to the bathroom. I even met a friend. At the end, I was charged around $17 and what? I didn't have much but I didn't have a choice but to use the Green Dot VISA card which is originally supposed to be used for my sister's SpringFestNY 2014 2 Day ticket.

Couple of days later I have to work in the Rockaways to buy myself a 2 day VIP ticket. My sister will come in on Sunday or Monday. As for a big celebration to January 2014, Lulla is having her show at PIANOS January 28, 2014. Its taken place in the upstairs lounge and it's free. You must be 21+ and over with valid ID to enter. We should come no later than 7:45PM since her show is at 8PM.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

MAGFest 12

It's the start of the 2014 year and it's a cold one. What a rough start because I was scheduled to go on the ride at 11:10PM at 34th Street near Javits Center. The ride was cancelled and I have to reschedule. The next day I went but I forgot my Nintendo DS. When I about to arrive, the Megabus has departed already without notice and before 1PM. Totally unfair! Otherwise I would sue them! Anyway I was hoping that my ride is valid so I was let on! Yippee! And then onward to Union Station, and to Branch Avenue Station to the NH1 bus to the Gaylord Convention Center.


What really bugs me this year is to find the registration! Geez, give me decent directions. So I did and hang around the arcades and dealer vendors. Of course a small performer I met. Nothing special! Who would've thought for vendors to sell games made by unlicensed companies? It's not illegal but it's profitable and business. If vendors sell games made by romhackers, then it's illegal and the author will sue their asses. Just imagine if they sell a Mega Man 2 hack called AVGN VS. Dr. Wily, not that's a shame, Anyway any game made by Color Dreams suck. Let's try Silent Assault sometime. Another is Wisdom Tree's Sunday Funday the ride which took from Color Dreams Menace Beach. The rest of the Friday is to watch the AVGN films and went into the main concert stage.


Saturday is one of the busy days after I arrive to Andy's room. I slept once I already got the room key. I went in some panels and more than the last year. The 10AM panel is Video games related to Japanese culture. Most of the time I was outside especially buying Subway sandwiches, hang around the arcades and the pool floor but it's a shame that Fruit Ninja is gone. I love that game. Now are Fast and the Furious. When AVGN panel is going to hit 6PM, a massive crowd of people was already in line.

The AVGN panel wasn't the same as last year but it's still fun to ask around and watch a few trailers for the AVGN movie. Afterwards, I went to the autograph session. I have to say that it is well performed than last year when I was with Kinuyo Yamashita and few of the adjustments were changed around than last year. Last year, I couldn't get a 2nd photo with Kinuyo because they wanted to speed things up. And AVGN signed my machete! Cool huh!

Next 2 panels are Overclocked Remix and Rare & Expensive Video Games. Then Sunday came along.

It's the 2nd Annual WWF Botchamania No Mercy Tournament and this time, I was better than before. I don't fight aggressively, I fight fairly. You can also check YouTube. Unfortunately, just like my video only Taka's first match is included. It was a good run!

Onward to not to do on gaming review videos panel and packed my stuff, leave the hotel room and head to the closing & feedback panels. MAGFest was a good experience the second time but I better make a schedule ahead of time next year and my own room. Unlike last year, it took me almost 2 hours to get to Union Station from Oxon Hill so I was lucky to catch a 7:30PM Megabus ride back home. While waiting in the Union Station, I had Mushroom Sushi.