Monday, December 30, 2013

Does Maid Cafe NY deserves to exist?

It's about the end of 2013 and I will blog about this recap. In fact I want to think this through! Personally, it is up to god to decide who watches from the skies. Do you think that Maid Cafe NY deserves to be in the streets of New York? The answer to all those questions will explain everything according to the testimonies of the bible and the 10 commandants.

In the beginning of my summer 2010 year, some Japanese woman in a red maid dress who is a promoter to cosplay singer Reni Mimura. Oh wait, it's Mako-Chan. You don’t see her anymore after the 2011 year because she left Aspire Communications and started her new life. I feel like I want to remove her off my Facebook friends list because we cannot see each other anymore. It sucks! I always thought these maids were entertained, but not quite. With these 2 moe dancers, they are real professional dancers until I followed them. Both of the original moe dancers left to Japan. That was some kind of a roller coaster. The first thing is sexy choreography moves especially the song neko is not on my wish list but how could you explain these perverted moves and it has nothing to do with anyone's dance career to young adults, sorry! Number one is perverted choreography moves.

Now we move to August 2010, something must've happened to Amber Village and the event is ages 21 and over. I never went so according to her blog, she never explains the event. Speaking of blogs, it is not known if it still exists. That makes me wonder if alcohol is related. If I went in the first time, I would run away from Reni Mimura forever.

Sigh, Lulla Miyuki is now my follower and used me with respect.

In September 2010 is when Reni Mimura opened a Maid Cafe monthly maid show event at Amber Village. At least they were nice servers but there are also errors multiple visits especially January 2011 when problems are getting worse. It's also the same January 2011 year when the monthly maid show now spreads to Boston at All Asia Bar. For the entire whole year, Reni Mimura seems nice and friendly. But is she? Well let's find out next paragraph!

When things with Reni Mimura gotten better but it started to crash down and go worse. August 25, 2011 is one of the worse maid show events ever made I can't believe I actually went there. I was tricked into drinking tequila after the cosplay fashion show and Reni Mimura successfully done it because I am a non-alcoholic drinker. Not to mention that Reni Mimura lied to me too in the Facebook comments about the secret gift. Not everyone are alcoholic drinkers so why Reni Mimura did this. Number two, lying, cheat and alcoholism. There's also a turnaround that Gregory Ronan gets passed down because he is a supporter to Reni. That makes me angry! I was a supporter to Lulla and she uses me with respect as I said that once again. Everyone is a supporter to their opposite genders of a Japanese person, right? That event should have been illegal to host because Reni Mimura is not licensed to give away alcoholic beverages to anyone without patron’s permission.

Moving on to November 2011 is the time I went to Reni's show in Boston. July wasn't so bad so why November. Of course, I should have learned! In All Asia Bar, there are alcoholic beverages listed on their menu so why the maids listed the alcoholic beverages onto their menu. It's not even their menu it's the restaurants. So I accidently ordered an alcoholic drink that represents a cute maid name but I was wrong. The Bloody Mary is really an alcoholic drink. At least Reni tries to stop me from drinking but not well enough!

Moving forward to May 2012 when Amber Village is closed for their celebration. Until few months forward which are August 2012, the Gershwin Hotel is the cosplay event and people are bringing their own outside alcoholic drinks in there. No thanks! But Agent Sato put a stop to it on September. At least the dance studio maid cafe is decent and also made omirice along with decent soda drinks. Otherwise it will be illegal to bring alcoholic beverages into the dance studio.

And finally in December 2012 the New Year’s Eve party. I can't believe that Reni is part of the event at MIKA Japanese Cuisine & Bar partnered with Asian in NY. Otherwise it should have been illegal to host an event while kids are present. Not to mention that there is no warning either and says all ages on a Facebook event page. All ages, once again Reni or Agent Sato as a matter of fact are liars so young adults would be killed by alcohol abuse. Luckily no one was hurt.

Now we get on to Maid Cafe NY. After the entire recap stories you think that Maid Cafe NY deserves to be opened. Guess what it does not. With all the illegal acts that Reni and Agent Sato produced, it shouldn't be opened at all especially with the perverted and alcoholic acts. Do you know who deserves Maid Cafe NY, the Apple Kissa maids or Tenshi No Ai? These companies should have opened their own store if they put some effort to it.

Now let's do a Maid Cafe NY recap. In August 2013, I tried to promote Lulla's show to Maid Cafe NY attendees. Reni Mimura caught us but we ran away from her. We were only passing flyers and have no personal threats. And in Halloween 2013 before I go to PIANOS, I went in with Jason Voorhees costume and ordered a Japanese curry with Green Tea. I have to say that the Maid Cafe NY maids are not that bad and nice people. I kind of wish I visit more but due to personal and financial issues I cannot. I still think that the Apple Kissa maids were better.

That's the blog I have covered. Personally I won't be writing these anymore. 2014 will be entire different and Tomi Jazz will be visited with Sumie Kaneko January 8th.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fester's Quest

Fester's Quest on the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of those classic games I played when my cousin owns it. The game publisher is Sunsoft and is made in 1989.


The 2 title screens are completely different, one on the left is the prototype version and the other on the right is the official version.

The game is one of the bad games but at least it's a decent game but there are trial and errors. The game starts with 2 health bars; once you got hit the game is over. Simple as that. The game doesn’t even cut the health bars in half unlike the Zelda 1 game on the NES. You go back at the beginning with your saved progress. Guess what, there is no SRAM feature. Some items can be received by killing enemies that includes bulbs you need to light underground areas and keys to unlock locked doors. Some power-up weapons can increase and decrease for the guns and whips. How can you tell the difference? It's oblivious that blue is the plus side and red is the minus side, so if you collect the red the weapons may decrease in numbers. The money is only used to increase health by going to the Hot Dogs booth.


The underground maps are like a maze. Who presses A to enter the stairs? The character should automatically go in when the stair tile is touched. There are major enemies you don't want to mess with and these green blobs are the worse. When you shoot them it multiplies even further but they won't go away. If you use your turbo controller you are able to clear them up. For now you have to avoid them. The best way to take these green blobs down is to use the whip weapon or increase your gun power-ups. When AVGN make a game review of this game, he's gone mad. These floating faces shoot electricity when you shoot them but won’t take away your health but paralyze you. The best way is to use the vice grip. By the way some enemy projectiles can paralyze you.

The item controls aren't very good either. To pick an item, you have to go to the item and press start. Press A will do nothing but pressing select can choose between gun and whip. When you press A on the map it activates at certain points. Potions, vice grips, Invisible Potions, T.N.T's, Missiles, and Nooses which I don't know what it really does. The keys are only activated when you stand next to a door, money is only activated when you at the hot dog booth, and bulb is only activated if you are in a sewer area. I know for a fact but why can't you have the item box like in The Legend of Zelda anywhere on the screen.


These houses are 2 major differences, the red one can give you items when you use a key. The gray ones can navigate through this crappy three dimensional 8-Bit maze by pressing your D-Pad to move and find the door. This can be very confusing and complicated. If you fail, you have to waste your key to enter again which is stupid and AVGN is right about that. Why can't you enter through it?

Some bosses are easy while some are not depending on your enemy patterns. The best way to beat the bosses is to have the potions, invisible potions and your full weapon power-ups. Once you beat them, you have received a clue and you have to further. By the way, you can't go back you only go only forward until you beat all the bosses to get access to the final part of the level.

I have never made it to the final part of the level when I played this game. That is why this game sucks during my childhood. If my cousin is lucky to receive the prototype game cartridge, then it's a win. I have played it and it's like cheating that you won't be able to lose health while you play. That is why I use Emulators and Save States.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

j-Summit New York (December 2013)

It's almost Christmas and I don’t celebrate this year as much as the last because it is becoming so low especially if I am a mature adult at my current age of 28. I am going to Middle Collegiate Church tomorrow night. Last year of Christmas, I met Sumie Kaneko with Mika Mimura at La Flor which makes Sumie added to my Facebook list.

Overview with Banda Magda on December 21, 2013, it is crowded so I don't have to worry about ordering anything and the seating. Usually you order something only if you're seated and DROM is a good place for standing. We have to stand up while drinking. At least Magda from Greece put up a good show. Mika on Vibes is clearly happy to see me.


j-Summit New York is once again launching the 2013 year of December and the last 2 months of October didn't happen and the October event was cancelled for some odd reason. In the past 2 weeks, Insectduel's Domain was promoting a Facebook advertisement event page offering people a $3 off ticket discount and to be put with Lulla Miyuki at will call. Unfortunately, that plan failed. So let's discuss the story about the show itself. Anyway, I really like that text message option which I never thought about it.

Real Jam United is taking over this event in this Christmas Special at The Bowery Electric. They play in between shows. Now that's entertainment especially the HD TV's you see when you sit at the bar stools.


First person is Shoji which is pronounced Show G. For some reason his Facebook page is called Showji. He is a solo singer and his first time singing. He's very good. Then he gets people to throw money in. Of course, our team usually does this stuff since we are sending love to Japan especially for Fukushima back in October. Second one is Ana along with Shane. I don't know much about Ana but I'm not going to follow but she's a violin actress but plays other types of instruments.

Third is so called the band I have known for every j-Summit events is The Finding. Daniel has known me every time I come but I know there is a reason for that now. For now on, I'll be the one to tag him in once he accepts my friend request because he has coming to my fanpage. Anyway, I find that The Finding is such a great band.

Fourth are the one I mostly follow and you knowing this. Her name is Lulla and her guitarist is Michael Biskup. Originally Jack Breslin on Bass was supposed to play but wasn't part of that group. Last year of September 2012, Mike Gallina on Bass along with Michael Biskup played with Lulla. Sigh, I don't barely meetup with Gallina before he's off. Her vocals were a bit off for her but for me it was okay. Her songs are always good. Afterwards, you know have a beer while Lulla along with everyone else that follows her gets one.

Fifth on the lineup! Red is a mediocre band with heavy sound based but not much as September or the other bands Uzuhi and Gelatine. Remember I used to mock Gelatine; my mind has changed since 11/30/2012 which I never tell. During their band, I drink and I drink. But when I get to Lulla she gave me a gift and put it in my shirt pocket where my company badge is located.

Before I tell you more about my story I want to know what the hell happened to me. You know I was once supported Reni Mimura over the 2 years and now I threw her away. I went from Non-Alcoholic to Alcoholic but I never drink no more than 1 or 2 glasses of beer or any type of alcohol. Sigh, I also disrespected Reni and said to her that I don't like her. Remember that story in February 2013. Anyway back with the story.

The beer I drink is the Blue Moon rather than Stella Artois. Maybe someday I am going to try that Lulla suggested is Hoegaarden. Lust will be playing at 11PM so Real Jam United played some music so is this some kind of Christmas Party? It didn't work because are too small but the dance floors are open. But I people am actually dancing to the floors. By the way, the stage is empty while Real Jam United does their thing.

Lust is the last one on stage as always. During the show, Lulla decided to leave since she's carrying a piano with her. She is slowly taking it downstairs and I heard stories from her that she's gotten injured while carrying it and also protecting it. I can fully understand why she did this. Music equipment is very expensive and also too heavy for musicians to carry. I would do anything to help her in the future to make sure she doesn't get hurt or seriously injured. Anyway, I gave Lulla my gift to her and send love to her. Lust makes me tired so I didn't really care about a 3 person band which introduces a new drummer.

It didn't take me long for me to get home but at least I got a great gift from Lulla because I am one of the biggest supporters to her from anyone else including Reni which I can no longer support. In fact most of everyone else likes Masami; Saori & Canny Ann is discontinued. Riyoko Fujimoto is rarely met at times. I've gotten some chocolates for me to enjoy. In 2014, it's going to be different for me so I will keep track of those people I met.

MAGFest is almost here so I should travel safely and come back safely.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SI Snow trip

It's the middle of December and MAGFest is coming within few weeks month away and I am still trying to get in the game. All I need is $68 for 2 nights stay but I did it. I worked 11 hours around East 41st Street. Before that day, last Saturday I decided to travel to Staten Island once again.

The location 73 Wave Street seems easy to find right, WRONG! Because I don't have a certain map to get to Wave Street. So after my Staten Island Ferry ride, I went on to Staten Island Railway to Stapleton. That station may be a free ride but you must pay your fare by the turnstiles at the Tompkinsville or the St. George Terminal. Both of these exits must pay up to leave the station.

It's snowing so I asked people how to get there, luckily the Sanitation truck knows where Wave Street is and I found it. I went in and I made it. By the time I went in, there are nothing but adults and some babies with their parents. There are free cookies, chips, crackers, even wine and water. That's right, wine in both red and white kinds. Just like any other event, wine is served free without anyone to ask for ID's. It's like Reni Mimura giving away free Sake without asking for ID's at the Mika Japanese Cuisine entrance or Domaine Wine Bar in Long Island City served by bartenders and waiters. I don't know how they're certified to give away alcoholic beverages without proper training, this is not France. People don't drink wine no matter of their age, you must be legal age according to the law and age 21 is for the United States.


Anyway here's Cadre on stage, back in May 2013 on my first visit on Staten Island is where I met them, but I was there for Foxy Foxes and Myu to Yu. Speaking of Myu to Yu, Fuyuko has now left New York City for good. I enjoyed their music but yeah, I guess I rather meet some who has interests in me and that’s how Hiroko found me via Facebook after my first SI visit.

Traveling round-trip is always a nightmare because the time departures are too slow during the night. Unlimited carfare ride is a must in order to go to Staten Island. j-Summit is my next project and seems that my paid advertisement for Lulla Miyuki really brings people in but is they able to come? Let's find out!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

End of November 2013 - Change of Destiny

It's now December and MAGFest is coming within 1 month away and I am still trying to get in the game. All I need is $68 for 2 nights stay but I could not make $400 like I did with HartStrings at the end of October. Here's a recap of November, I went to Wicked Willy's for Mariko, then Staten Island for Cadre, and the art exhibit where Lulla performs. . I forgot to mention that I did went to the dance performance for Yuko Ikeshita's Tournaline while Fuyuko Nakamura performs her last one. But I'm wondering, how could I been so blind and not realize Max from before. My mind just snapped!

 photo Nov302013-2recap_zpsca468327.jpg
PIANOS, October 31st, 2013

I've just looked in to PIANOS of October 31st and seen this photo. Personally I never realize who this person was until I looked at it. It's like I'm collecting data but what the heck, I've been sleeping in the office branch and I shouldn't have. Once my muscles twitch during my sleep, I'm fucked! It's like my whole body is trying to sleep and also getting ready to release my own soul away from my body. Geez, I don't want to die and leave my friends. I need them.

During the November month, I spent money trying to promote for Lulla Miyuki as well as inviting my own friends. They never came but 1 person picked up from my ad and went successfully, but failed to talk to him and leave. At least it got attention but it doesn't work.


Now, let's talk about Lulla's show. Since Lulla pick a good venue spot, dancer Shino Frances danced around the stage during her songs. If it were Yuko Ikeshita I'm sure it would have been the same since she dance in ballerina style. It's too bad I don't get what I want, not too many people and not to mention my Facebook friends. Some RSVP "join" from our promoted Facebook event page but never showed up and I really hate it and disappointing.

I'm suprised to see the same mutual friends of Lulla from PIANOS came over to meet me again. I didn't realze people from before but I started to remember. We drink our beer but 1 glass of Arlene's Ale. I don't have much money to drink up in a conversation. What really bothers me is my Facebook friends won't even hang with me and it's their loss. I can only meet them in cosplay events. But I have to admit, some of it is my fault in the first place. I destroyed Reni Mimura and I cannot attend to her monthly maid shows anymore. I started to change now.

I don't like when Reni or Saori gave me alcoholic beverages without asking me first during their night maid show past events and it's kinda their fault too. So I chose my own fate and I regret all my mistakes. Even the time when Saki Tokumura set up a goodbye party back at the end of June 2012 and I refuse to drink beer around her friends. Not even the NY de Volunteer event in October 2012 and told Lulla that I rarely drink. I drink when I'm around Lulla's friends now since March 2013 and in moderation. I got my own friends now and I'm glad I had these mutual friends who are friends of Lulla. They may become as 1 friend. At least I had a good time with Lulla and her friends on that day. They were very nice people.

Personally I'm going to promote another paid advertisement for Lulla Miyuki and is for j-Summit New York which runs December 22nd. But it's different because I'm also doing it for Hiroshi Kono as he needed people to be part of the event. Our goal is to have Facebook friends to sign up to be part of Lulla's guest list for a discount. It would be wise if they're were my OWN Facebook friends rather than annoymous users.

I've been supporting Lulla since May 2011 and the 2013 year which I followed her successfully. It's going to be the last show of the year and I got something for her when that time comes.