Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 2013

It's nearly the end of November right now and MAGFest is coming its way. Let's do a small recap; Mariko at Wicked Willys is on an eighth day of November. You should check my YouTube videos on the other channel, then onward to Staten Island for Cadre on the fifteenth of November and now the twenty-third day of November.

Remember the time I went to Shapeshifter Lab for Sumie Kaneko instead of Masumi Yoshinaga in March, there's an opening art exhibition for Max Fujishima. It's not the same celebration but back in October I met Yoka at the Japan Block Fair. There are good times and bad times during the 2013 year. This is different because of singer, composer and songwriter Lulla Miyuki showcases her music during the exhibit along with Michael and Jack. I wonder if Masumi would have been the same in March but dang, I rather think about my regrets.

On the entire day I ate snacks, had a cup of red wine and a glass bottle of non-alcoholic beer. I'm not going to abuse my body by drinking too much alcohol. So why drink 2 cups of wine? Actually 2 cups of wine is okay but over 4 cups isn't a good deal. I also looked at artwork as well; remember Masumi's artwork back in March after she was away. Disappointing! I don't know why but I feel like I want to meet her so badly, but it never happened ever again unless I am going to Japan.

Anyway, Lulla played songs and so is the solo flutist. I had to say that the fans are really getting into Lulla's music and guess what, TIPS. There's some big improvement in a couple of months but she is well talented so far. That would be the best 3 hours spent so far.

The 30th day of November is coming which Lulla will perform at Arlene's Grocery. Then in December I have to refrain from going into events and j-Summit New York and Banda Magda are the only 2 events in the December month. If you think I'm going visit Reni Mimura at her maid show, nope she is already done. In fact I would like to see Mika Mimura at the end of the year since I came for her rather than Misa Ogasawara. This will be my final times on the 2013 year.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

End of October 2013

It's November right now and it's been a rough week on October. I started to catch common colds like everyone else and reported to a job site called Hartstrings. It's now opened to the public and the address is 1114 1st avenue in Manhattan near the bridge. On October 25th, I had been forced to come to Village Zendo with a runny nose. It wouldn't stop and I haven't given up. So I met up with Tsukumai with Sumie Kaneko and Noboko Miyazaki.


Nobuko is on flutes and Sumie is on Shimasen and Koto. I came just to enjoy the music and refrain to video record which I need a break from. I tried my best to keep my nose from flowing but it wouldn't stop. Anyway after the show, I was asked to take picture. At least I felt better a bit but not by a long shot.

The next day on October 26th, I was originally supposed to go to Reni's Maid Show anonymously in Halloween costume but I ended up working instead so I didn't get that chance. I worked at Hartstrings both weekends and all day. I don't know if Reni could see me through a costume but if it’s still possible, then I am trapped and also being an ass. It's good thing I miss that chance and ended up working for MAGFest which I successfully did. If I would come to Reni's Halloween Maid Show uninvited and Reni can see me in cosplay, I would have been thrown out and embarrassed. I've still never forget the horrors of the 8/25/2011 and 12/31/2012 event. And I'm surprised that Reni drink some cocktail drinks and lied to me. How stupid do I think!

On Halloween day, I was Jason Voorhees and entered Maid Cafe NY. I didn't bother taking pictures with maids but I ordered my Chicken Curry to go and Green Tea. Maid Alice couldn't understand me because my mask is doubled. I was hoping that either Reni or Agent Sato was in the cafe but they're not here. Otherwise it's going to be major trouble and I have to be anonymous while I enter. They both wouldn't understand.

Unlike most Halloween events, PIANOS is the only event I'm trying to promote but no one showed up including Edward Gamer. Some people I don't even know. While I am at the entrance, Lulla Miyuki already arrived. That's a relief! I got hungry so I ordered my French fries and people who know Lulla started showing up. People already brought their beers so I thought I should join in! Here we go again! The alcohol drinking I mean, why is it for me to join the crowd when that period of time hits me. Maybe I should be more like Angry Video Game Nerd.


Anyway onward with the event, Mountain Sons play while I eat, drink and mingling. I was later nicely asked to take a photo by pretty ladies. Then Lulla comes to play the stage. With songs she played such as Justice, Hand, Iroha, Our Wonderland, Sakura, Don’t try to take control and Birthday Song. Lulla also supplied  with Halloween Candy with flyers with contact info and her next show. Smart move, I kind of wish my Facebook friends would come to my party but no, how naive. If there's MIKA Cuisine's free Sake supply without even flash your ID or even East Village Halloween Parade, why not come to PIANOS?


With Lulla's show being done, she is the best for the night and I'm even surprised that people actually tipping her other than registering their name onto her E-mail list, fans actually taking pictures with her. Question is can they get to Arlene's Grocery on the 30th of November? During SunsetsNorth, we continue drink, mingling and even taking more pictures. We are like family to our good friend who is a singer, composer, and songwriter Lulla Miyuki. If it were Reni Mimura it would have been the same thing.

We came with Lulla and we leave with Lulla. After SunsetsNorth we leave at 10PM on the dot. We took different directions as I headed back home.