Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Japan Block Fair / NY Fukushima Festival (October 2013)

On the weekend of the Mid-October, I literally almost broke every bone in my body as I extremely working too hard at Lincoln Center on Friday. With injuries in effect I cannot barely move and took too much pain. As I didn't sign in for work I immediately left to The Rockaways.


With only days left until PIANOS on October 31st where Lulla Miyuki performs or known to be our Halloween & Cosplay party sponsored by our company Insectduel's Domain, I have decided to come to the showroom lounge for an all girls Japanese band called The Suzan. I'm surprised that it's free but it's part of the CMJ event. Speaking of CMJ, I have decided to skip Mariko at Wicked Willys on that Wednesday because of that $10 fee nonsense.

The pies are free with Vegatable Curry and Mince Meats inside of it. And what is cream ale smells like, oh yeah just like any other beer. I'm trying to refrain from purchasing alcohol but I didn't even bother to drink as my muscles will get only do worse.

The Suzan played great songs but unfortunately, I have no time to chat and decided to leave once the show is over. $10 CD's are to be brought soon.

 photo 10-1920-2013-3_zpsa8ed6aa0.jpg  photo 10-1920-2013-4_zps54c4e01d.jpg

2013's Japan Block Fair is taken place in Roosevelt Island which I didn't come because of Sakura Matsuri in Washington, then East Village and now back to Upper West Side. This time in 2013, everyone from Fukushima have decided to come to the United States to sell products and to perform. Last year, it is nothing but street ramen and no performances on the same location and in 2011, Japan joins Korea while in 2010 is taken place on the northbound street of 86th Street where Reni Mimura is located.

As usual the Hakata Tonton, then I ended up finding Tsubasa Matsuda from UZUHI which she promotes her own booth. For somewhat reason she look a bit different but my mind knew. Before the peformances are set up, I am on a spending spree with donating money to their jar, buying more products, eating and drinking, not to mention I have to drink the miso soup from Fukushima and Hakata Tonton with respect.

10tecomai first performs on stage. There's Ami and Eri from Foxy Foxes, and the Trinidad family dancing along.

Every time I come to these Japanese festivals, Saori Goda emceeing the event. Except Japan Day at Central Park where the newsreporter by the last name of Endo but I lost her name in my head. Usually, the Kimono is every persons outfit in their culture.

Next performances is Taiko drums along with Calligraphy artist Yoka. Yoka is easy to remember as a reminder of Yuka Kameda which is a Cotton Club tap dancer on Monday nights. Remember the time that Masumi Yoshinaga was here in March in New York City but I decided to skip the opening night for Sumie Kaneko's show at Shapeshifter Lab. Well now there is my lost times that should have been done in Grand Central's 2011 Japan Block Fair festival.

Noah, a singer from Fukushima is next on stage. But her second song I wonder off a bit. Then I spoke to her without hesitation and gotten a picture. I'm very glad I had that chance because someone that rare is too hard to meet up. As if Ai Shindo isn't enough because I was lucky to find her website with easy traces.

Once I am done with Noah I decided to meet up with Yoka. Unfortunately, like with Masumi Yoshinaga even though I never meet her in person, Yoka does not speak English very well so her translator is just take her place. Yoka's booth lets you write your special word on a Asian fan for $20 while postcards for $2. First I used my own camera then Yoka also uses her camera to take the same picture but switches the written art. Very smart right, I wonder if Masumi does the same but whatever. I never have the same chance ever again. In a honest positive way, I donated my $2 to Yoka as a generousity and appreciation to her.

Next is Yu Yu Dance Studio which Saori Kato and Tomoko Trinidad teaches her children into dancing. With Saori Kato in the way I chose NOT to talk to her even if she looked at me but I chose to ignore after the disrespectful incident on 12/31/2012. Finally, the 140 moms of the Fukushima choir. Now that's a lot!

Once the festival is over, Gosha was here and spoke to him. Hopefully, I'll be able to support UZUHI on November. And remember PIANOS is lurking on Halloween for Lulla Miyuki.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013

It's October and let's goes back with the overview of September 2013. At pianos, Lulla performs September 4th and had a little alcohol after the show. Lesson learned, never leave anyone or even use the bathroom without saying goodbye and then Sumie Kaneko at the Metropolitan Room, NY de Volunteer's monthly fundraiser event and Yuki & Cuties at Pete's Candy store. But that's not all, Robin's Egg Blue at Pianos which I gotten their CD release. Atsumi and Masashi are always the greatest people I ever met.

And now let's get on with New York Comic Con. Since I got the Saturday Pass this year I'm going to tell you how it began. First thing I done is to meet the ninja turtles and gotten a photograph of them while I'm in costume. Don't worry; you can see it on my Facebook fanpage. After such a large convention comparing to MAGFest I went, I'd say that it's one big hell of a maze. You keep getting lost and can't remember where you last went. Eventually you find a specific booths right? Next is to meet up with the young adult Japanese idol singer Hitomi at booth 3040. The CD costs $15 so I don't have enough money so I brought the poster. Someday I'll buy the CD from Hitomi but don't get me wrong because Lulla, Atsumi, and Sumie with Mika Mimura are still my top followers. Speaking of Mika I couldn't get to Mika Yanagihara on Friday because the tickets for the 277 dance project event are sold out.

There are certain areas I haven't checked since my last New York Comic Con visit. The artist alley, we have to refrain from taking pics of their artwork so I ended up looking at great artwork but the prices are highly expensive. Some has figurines.

Most of the time I was looking for the Go Go Curry but I couldn't find it. I thought it will be outside but it's not. I was supposed to find the gorilla and take a pic and post a pic on Facebook to enter some contest. That really fails, so I ended up continuing browsing through the show floor of the convention and met great people. Some booths I did take pics of myself. That artist woman kind of look like Masumi Yoshinaga but remember back in March that I have failed to meet her in place for Sumie Kaneko's event in Brooklyn, what a shame but still worth it of coming over to meet her. I bet anyone is smart enough to drink unsweetened Green Tea on the way to the Japan booth.

Anyway onto the lower level of the convention, see that delorean? The car used in the movie Back to the Future? There are other cars too like the Ghostbusters and the Bat mobile. Unfortunately, money is required and so are the autographs along with a photo and even with the WWE Superstars. That's right WWE Superstars as Hulk Hogan is not enough.

Moving on to other parts of Javits Center, the food is not cheap I tell you what. Prices are jacked up even the candy bars. Milky Ways are like $1.75 while I brought it in the Bronx is $1.00. There are games from Nintendo World where you play Mario Bros. I haven't touched a single video game at all. So after that, I tried signing up for the speed dating game but they're too full. I even tried going to some panels even the street pass one but it's also full. Unlike MAGFest where the panels in the Gaylord convention center are really large, Javits Center isn't wide at all. Speaking of MAGFest there's a Katsucon's booth where they provided the information and that promotion is also at MAGFest.

And finally, the Playboy Fragrances room where I get 1 photo of a sexy playgirl. I have to fill out this form before taking a pic of her and immediately post it on Facebook. I was a bit crazy about the missing form in my pocket but my mind is a bit lost. I have to say that it was a lucky stop before that speed dating game. Too bad I never go to any panels this year either.

Within the last few browses I found 2 cute Chinese girls and they're very cute. I think they're young and grabbed their book. I had a good ride this year but sadly, Sunday would have been great because of Hannah Minx coming over and Jason David Frank's panel. Last year I lost focus and blacked out after meeting Hannah Minx. Luckily, Reni Mimura did not join New York Comic Con this year or there will be serious issues.

Afterwards, I have to stop at The Stellan for Silver Moon's weekly yes weekly concert as Ryoko Fujimoto performs on Saturday 8PM. Halloween is still coming!