Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mid-September 2013

Last week of September on a Thursday night, I was assigned to go to Forever 21 at 34th Street to do some heavy lifting work. The job started at 11:00PM and ended almost 2:00AM. My arms are strained and done most of the work. I thought it would end at least 3:30AM but it's completely done. Then without going back I have to walk to the Apple Store at 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets until 4:30AM which I have to walk to Long Island City via the Bridge and got my pay.

With my feet burning, I have to rest at Grand Central on the cold hard floor but still not enough sleep. I have to refrain from going home and decided to raise more money. Then I decided to sleep on the (B) train to Brighton Beach then (Q) to Coney Island and (F) to 34th Street where NY de Volunteer holds the fundraiser event at Legends Bar.


On July, we refuse to come over for budgeting reasons but since I raise $40 I can donate to get 15 raffle tickets. Most prizes aren't thrown into Round 1 prizes so I didn't win. And I met great new and familiar faces but some of them aren't English speakers. Wow why would you come to America with your weak 2nd language, if I would go to Japan without speaking Japanese, then it's a problem for me too. Anyway, there's a ticket trip to Tokyo Disneyland but I decided not to do it. The biggest prize would be the $380 tablet PC.

Shockingly, I didn't win much prizes as much as April's NYdV event but I only won 1 which is the NARS cosmetic gifts and talk nonsense about special girls. I wouldn't give away such information. But whatever happened to Noriko Hino, did she decide to spend her life in Japan. It doesn't matter because I met her a few times but that's not important. Luckily, I didn't have to go through that Chizuru Nihei crap as she flagged my videos as copyright violations. But I would love to share a gift to Shiori but not at the moment.

Anyway let's move on to Sunday to Ballet Arts, short story but only Yuko came over to watch while I get to watch Shino Frances, Chika, Sunproject and Tap meets Ballet. Apparently I didn't catch Chika and Masami but I never have interests in both but Shino on the other hand can really dance. Look I just hit my head and die.

And finally, I went to Pete's Candystore on a Monday night. Unlike any other bar & concert venue there is no music charge but requires no ID to enter. However, alcoholic drinks are sold but bringing ID is a must to purchase. This is the only night I get to meet Yuki & Cuties and while I'm here, Robin's Egg Blue crew also arrived which is Masashi and Atsumi. Atsumi and I are discussing about the show and their performance.

Unfortunately, it's the only chance to watch the concert after many visits during the 2012 year. I'm just glad I have her music but someday I'll travel to Tokyo. Friday on the 27th of September which Robin's Egg Blue will perform at PIANOS? Patrons must be ages 21 and over for entry with valid identification. There's also upcoming performance on the 31st of October in the same venue but I'm keeping my mouth shut.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

1st week of September 2013

Last week of September, the tour has begun after j-Summit as I decided to go to Long Island City at the LIC Bar. Back in 2011, I didn't know what I was doing but Mika has been performing in that nearby area. While coming here, once again that you know who was here but now she was identified. But it won't matter anyway. Once the performance ended, I have send 1 invitation to Pianos and spoke to the percussionist.

After a drink of white wine of j-Summit New York, there's more where that came through.

minutes before the show started. Geez, I was here first come first served but I met a couple of people that was from the August 27th show at Arlene's Grocery. Anyway, the songs played were played better than the last one except there's no drummer or dancer on stage. Then afterwards I decided to drink my beer. Since the other group decided to drink, mind I should include myself too. But still lingers me about the Saki Tokumura thingy and Reni's drinking parties. Not to mention about my past childhood but I won't explain. Lulla is planning to play at the same venue on Halloween.

And finally, Sumie Kaneko's show at Metropolitan Room. I am already aware so I never knew that it's the similarity to Don't Tell Mama in Midtown West. First you go in, then sit in the tables, then asks you for a drink and all budgeting including the music charge goes into your bill. I kind of think Hiroshi's Mar-Creation company isn't well aware about the prices so why he did choose the venue. Did people actually found themselves a good stage to perform and calls Hiroshi to promote it? Imagine if Agent Sato found Reni to perform at Metropolitan Room or the former venue DROM which literally did in 2008.

Anyway without drinking this time, I decided to watch the concert and take photos. Afterwards, we had discussion especially the costumes. I would come in with my Yukata but I don't have time so it's best to come in my work clothes and it's a waste of money traveling back and forth. And that's the first week of September but more are coming which is NY de Volunteer.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

j-Summit New York (September 2013)

September has begun! This blog doesn't have pics because Photobucket is having problems with the links so I'm not going to upload pictures. There's videos instead!

I have met Shiho the second time but she only performs 2 songs. I never got a chance to video record any of Shiho's songs so I kinda miss that. And besides I haven't got any time with Shiho either. It's seems that I wasn't even interested in Shiho at all.

The next one is Nicole, she is a soprano singer and also includes some J-Rock, J-Pop and other songs. Unfortunately, she sings copyrighted material songs and nothing original. I hope Nicole didn't think about flagging my videos as much as Chizuru Nihei which I never spoke to during Misa Ogasawara's student concert at Ballet Arts. That soprano Japanese singer isn't my type as long her guy is with her.

The third one is Yuri Bear's new band Sound Bee. Since I met Yuri Bear several times outside of Facebook, now I had a good chance of knowing her on Facebook. And my last video recording with Yuri Bear is Japan Block Fair 2013 when Myu to Yu performs with Foxy Foxes. Yuri also plays Piano too!

The fourth one is IRI. I don't barely know IRI very well but I met her several times in the past 2 j-Summit events. IRI is sort of my type when it comes to music. Some of my friends actually like IRI but I got someone more compatable that I've been following in a long time.

And the fifth one is Aki. She's very beautiful and she's also a dancer besides a singer. At least I don't have worry about infringed copyright because it's approved. Someday, I'll buy her CD's like I did with other performers. But I'll get in touch with Aki whenever possible.

The rest of the event, I asked for Red Wine but White Wine came instead! Remember I did drank Chiho's (I think!) White Wine the last time I came to j-Summit. It's drinking season of the first Sunday week. I didn't got drunk this time but I am worried though! What if my friends didn't like me drinking? Am I an evil person? Did Reni Mimura actually secured my mind into alcoholic drinking? Or I have second thoughts because I don't want to be a coward? Unlike the drinking times with Lulla's shows I have to do what I do best. I have learned something from someone and that won't change when I started drinking alcohol only at period of times. Period of times meaning puberty for males like me.

The rest of the bands, Nafsi Groove wasn't my type, RED play great and Lust I don't care. Next story is Mika Mimura to Sumie Kaneko.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

End Week August 2013

August 2013 has come to an end. So let's start with the Fourth International Cosplay Day at Central Park.


There are many good cosplayers and I decided to catch them. Including Dragon Ranger and other anime related. I've mostly wondered around and met great people and some of them treated me with respect. I even ate food from the other cosplayers.
During the event, there is fun with music and dancing. PSY's popular Gangnam style made the cosplayers dance to the music. What's next, every cosplay day comes with a cosplay contest. Some Cosplayers are determined to show their best and win by the best possible cosplay judges.

Afterwards, I played the cosplay dating game which is fun but I get nervous answering these questions. Its fun to play but I got confidence. Rest of the times I got my rest and left the park. At least it's not better than last year when Rainbow Bubble comes in.

After cosplay day on Saturday, days are passed when I decided to go to Arlene's Grocery for Lulla Miyuki's show. You notice that the Awning has changed than the old one. With the invitations I sent to people, I only have 1 which is Kenji Mori which I gave him at Sullivan Hall. Everyone else just refuse to come over and show some love to me and Lulla. I don't call them friends especially if they're fans with my former fan Reni Mimura.

Shino is a dancer and she only dances to the music. So I got a chance to get to know her and also taking sips of beer. I thought I would avoid drinking like with Saki Tokumura's farewell party but life is changed so easily. If in any doubt, I have to keep calm and put my head in the game. I also get to know the new Bass player Jack as well and I told Lulla about him. All of the performances are recorded on my other YouTube account so you can watch them here but do not reupload or any other unauthorized uploading without our permission. Next story is j-Summit New York.