Monday, August 26, 2013

Mid August Week of 2013

I haven't written a blog in a while but we have caused enough problems within the past week especially the grand opening of Maid Cafe NY. It first began with Sullivan Hall on 8/15/2013 for J-ROCK BLASTS OFF 1-2-3. Of course I came here for a reason not just for Mariko's revenues since I was her follower, but to promote for Lulla Miyuki's show on the upcoming Tuesday.

Since May 2013's j-Summit New York, I've been following Mariko so she put up a new song for her band. Actually I'm still not sure who is Mariko Toga on Facebook since that Mariko I followed is Morimoto which doesn't match. However, I will remove Mariko Toga on Facebook ASAP if there are no updates. Afterwards, I started passing flyers to invite people for Lulla's show.

Next up is MUGEN HOSO which I don't really like because he is extreme punk which kind of reminds me of Gosha from UZUHI. I have to put away my camera to prevent damages.

Third choice, the Japanese girl band I never even met before and that group is called The Akabane Vulgars of Strong Bypass. One vocal singer has a males voice but wasn't sure if that one is a male himself. I guess some girls do have a voice of a guy but you'll never know. Watch it on YouTube under my real name.

And the last one is The Asterplace. They are such a cool band from Japan but it doesn't interest me as much as UZUHI so they been on shows from across the world.

Things are started to go stupid on 8/17/2013 as I decided to go to Tomi Jazz for Liz Saxon show along with Misa Ogasawara. But why I am still coming to the venue even though service is extremely crap. I don't know, do I really want to come to Domaine Wine Bar in Long Island City then it's no longer an option. Now, service has not been very good so I don't know what to do. Should I allow these stupid waiters to deserve tips after my meals, NO because I had a poor seating service at the beginning? At least I had a good time but I think following Misa Ogasawara in some concert venues may be a mistake or perhaps not! She wasn't so bad of a vocal singer. JeBoN in St. Marks is the only decent venue but mostly for bellydancing acts. One last thing, the alcohol drinking! I'm not comfortable drinking wine or any other alcoholic drinks but at least no one asked me about it.

And 8/18/2013 is when I and 2 other members of the crew decided to pass flyers for Lulla Miyuki at Maid Cafe NY's grand opening. Unfortunately, Reni Mimura captured 1 member of my crew while I and Carol ran away from her. It wasn't a success because we are only promoting persons ages 21 and over. However, I did hear Reni called my name but I decided not to talk to her for any reason. When we are not friends on Facebook, we shouldn't talk. I am not allowed to meet Reni, and Reni is not allowed to talk to me. I said that before! Afterwards, I decided to go to Coney Island to meet Miss Coney Island as I explained on my YouTube video. Search Insectduel Revisits Miss Coney Island on YouTube.

And Finally, 8/20/2013 for Mariko at The Bowery Electric. I gave my friend a copy but I got no flyers for Lulla Miyuki as I forbidden to bring any backpacks during my workplace at the stadium.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First week of August 2013

Hello everyone! I have some stories to tell. Since I landed the job at Labor Ready, I am attempting to work but unfortunately we will not be going to Otakon this year. It's very expensive and we don't have enough funding. The pay is minimum wage but sometimes I won't be sending to work.

The story begins with the Canal Room on 8/1/2013. At first, I thought the place is inside but I found out that it's the other side of the building so I made some mistakes. The doors are open late and I gave a few flyers for Lulla Miyuki's show to Greg, John, and Megumi. First on stage is Foxy Foxes, you can see their performance on YouTube but there are several of them and their first act is blocked on copyright grounds and disputed immediate action. Then ReniReni came up next. Yuko came to me before their show starts as a moƩ dancer.

Reni must've seen me up front because I wasn't hiding from her like with Sunrise Fest 2013 and Sakura Matsuri Washington. Tomas of 10tecomai also saw the action and told him and I and Reni are no longer friends. After Reni's show, I started passing flyers to Reni's fans promoting for Lulla Miyuki.

I always thought Reni Mimura was a nice person but it's nothing but lies. I knew something is wrong with her right from the beginning. In 2010 I was very nice and respected Reni, but after August 25, 2011 something went horribly wrong. First of all, Reni should not be serving or giving away alcoholic beverages. It's disrespectful and I got dizzy from the tequila shots and nearly died from the poisonous effect. Reni had become somewhat sexy for the perverted audience as she making new songs for her album Hybrid Girl during the 2012 year. And finally, she once again illegally is serving alcoholic drinks at the end of the 2012 year.

Reni's profile was a lie! On MySpace before I used Facebook she wasn't an alcoholic, when I saw her in cocktail drinks with 2 other dancers during Ki-Yo's songs and j-Summit for February 2013. She even takes a sip of the sake. I wanted to look for someone more respective and honest but I can NEVER find one of these. Some people showed no decent respect for the non-alcoholic drinkers and few people do respect me. Natsuko questions me about my alcoholic life after I leave the Canal Room.

Reni never even talked to me at least but she seen me promoting for Lulla to her customers but I guess she figured that part out. At least Yuko figured that I'm not Reni's fan anymore and I told Chika that Reni isn't my fan.


Then on 8/3/2013 I went to Prospect Park after work for Banda Magda. It's been a while seeing their concert but I got time for Vibraphonist and Marimba Mika Mimura. But something odd I'm not familiar with. That girl, is it her from j-Summit New York July 7th? I think it is! Question is how do I know her before j-Summit? Could it be La Flor when Sumie Kaneko introduced me to her? Anyway, Banda Magda plays 10 of the greatest music including from their albums. I wanted to video record the performance but it's isn't allowed and may go into copyright issues.

After Banda Magda, I randomly wandering around but did not see Mika. Magda was there but I didn't have a chance and it's too crowded in the bandshell area. That girl I met from j-Summit saw me with her boyfriend? What? I knew my own heart says it's too good to be true and she does have her ring on her finger. I shake that guy's hand and quickly forgotten his name. They were both looking for Mika Mimura but I answered truthfully and not lying. I guess her boyfriend likes Mika unless she is actually looking for her but I wasn't trying. I left the Prospect Park bandshell but Mika Mimura knows I'm here.

This girl that I must remember, she has ring with some ruby on her finger. Her camera is red. She wore a watch, and she had angel wings marked on her back.

And on 8/4/2013, I went to Ballet Arts for the concert for Misa Ogasawara's students. I never thought I would meet Chizuru Nihei but I figured she isn't an entertainer like Megumi or Setsuko. I and Chizuru have no interests since NY de Volunteer. Maria has a good voice so I did meet up with her.

Mariko is expecting to come over back to NYC August 15th.