Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Japan Block Fair (June 2013)

Last Saturday, I went to East Village for the Japan Block Fair event but something odd is going on. The main stage has been moved where the (L) train station is at 3rd Avenue-14th Street. As soon I arrive, dancers Yuko and Fuyuko as Myu to Yu are already on the spot. I am no longer call Fuyuko Myu-Chan anymore but now refer as Fuyuko-Chan.

The show actually starts 1PM so while time is ticking; I already had food at the Hakata Tonton booth. Best damn restaurant I ever ate. It's located at Grove Street where the (1) train at Christopher Street on the downtown side. I however did not buy Kirin FREE this time but someday I will find some Asian stores where to sell it. Muscat Cider is a non-alcoholic drink which they included in Hakata Tonton's menu.

Foxy Foxes went on first before Myu to Yu but some performances are really short. Natsuko is still not present. While Ako and 3 others are showing off some talents.

Performances are not the same with Yuri Bear is around singing and playing piano.

Next on the list is the karaoke contest. Contestants get to win prizes if they make it to the top three. Some sing Japanese songs and some sing other songs on the song artists list. Instrumental.

While the karaoke contest ended, Foxy Foxes once again on stage but with a fourth member that isn't Natsuko. Unfortunately, I cannot meet that member due to my assignment which I cannot leave the premises. I can never get a break, even if Yuko already leaves with Fuyuko but I couldn't leave her away without small talk. Most of the time I avoided some of the people and mostly Saori because of her disrespectful ways and more are going to be off the Facebook friends list. Speaking of Saori, I thought Yosakoi Dance Project 10tecomai will perform at Japan Block Fair but I was wrong.

Other performances which include the martial arts demonstration and the kimono/yukata fashion show.

And the next person is Ai Shindo. Unfortunately, I have no interests in Ai Shindo but not to mention I have too many followers already. And NOB is the last person of the event. The next Japan Block Fair event is unknown but upcoming events will be planned for the summer 2013 year.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 2013 events

I haven't write blog in a while but I was very busy with stuff including the time our computer was restored since our shutdown of the PC. We now have Windows 8. I have been traveling around out of the New York State in the past weeks.

On June 2, 2013 I went to St. George Staten Island for Art by the Ferry festival. Of course I arrived here by Bus instead of Staten Island Ferry which is free. By the time I arrive and had a drink of water in the fountain terminal, a voice of my name is called. Surprisingly, Myu to Yu with Foxy Foxes already arrived. The only person wasn't included is Natsuko which she is still away. The dancers performed with a band called Cadre of Two but of course, all of those pretty ladies are in business casual suits.

As a request from Yuko Ikeshita, she was asked to film the performance but with my digital camera you can watch the performances here in HD. They have left very quickly after the performance about 30 minutes later was done. I gave gift to Yuko afterwards.

After my Staten Island visit, I went to Middle Collegiate Church for the choir's big concert.

Then last Saturday, I went to Secaucus New Jersey at the Meadowlands Exposition Center for the Garden State Heritage International Festival. I was coming to the event by one of Lulla's Facebook statuses via fan page. She had no idea how to get there so I'm trying my best to bring her to the event. While I was here before she arrives, I looked in different country booths, and Indonesia is one of the countries I like to know other than Japan. I think its kidna interesting but someday I'll visit Jakarta and gotten myself some travel guides. I also tried their food.


While Lulla already arrived, I watched performances which represent a different country. I think Raif's accordion performance was very interesting but it's my first time seeing it. Japan has taiko, taiko and taiko with flutes. With all performances come to a final blow, Lulla was the only one left before closing with guitarist Mikey Biskup. Only 2 songs were played.

Lulla often posts now on Facebook via fan page so she is now taken a photo of me with her. Then went to Port Authority Bus Terminal lounge with her and had our beer. I don't often drink so I'm okay with the drinks I choose so Bud Light rather than the others. By the way, this is THAT period of time to drink alcoholic beverages after 2 and half months wait. I and Lulla have good times which are the day I won't forget.

Tonight, I'm going to meet Mariko Morimoto at Tammany Hall in Lower East Side.