Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last weeks of May 2013

I haven't written a blog in a while but we have caused enough problems within the past week. When our computer got shut down, I was forced to wait so in the past week, I went to Chinatown for the 34th Annual Asian and Pacific Islander heritage festival. I was here for a singer named Setsuko and her show goes on a bit late due to a stage setup. After Setsuko's concert, an unexpected guests has came over but they haven't found me or at least they did. They were Reni Mimura and Agent Sato. Both of them are handing out flyers and selling sushi. I didn't expect the stage will involve some martial arts or taiko but because of the rain, their shows are taken place inside.

Megumi Watada was a good singer but I have no interests in following her. Then Mariko Morimoto sings with her other bands. I was originally going to buy her CD but looks like she had found me as one of her supporters similar to Lulla Miyuki or Atsumi Ishibashi of Robin's Egg Blue. I have to admit, Mariko Morimoto was unexpected to become a friend but I have to follow her but I did not give her my counterpart name. Is it possible that Mariko isn't connected to her Japanese heritage? I rather not discuss it. During Ki-Yo's concert, I left and Mariko gave me her flyer for Wednesday's show.

Unfortunately, because of that day I didn't went so I ended up going to Still Mind Zendo for Sumie Kaneko and Nobuko Miyazaki. This event is held by Mar Creation which Hiroshi Kono is founded by the company and j-Summit New York was the affiliate.
Then last Saturday, I went to Paramus Catholic High School at New Jersey for Smile '13 which is a charity show for Fukushima. It is presented by T.M.H. dance. I don't have photos so I only capture the food and the crowd. 21 amazing peformances and each of them and it has been great. Also at the intermission, 10tecomai's Tomoko and Tomas with their daughter Yuria found me and of course they're good people.

Reiko Morikawa is too hard to tell and her hair is now black for the whole show but I didn't forget her smiling face. The only person I want to avoid is Saori Kato and I have no business being around her and especially her disrespectful ways which started at MIKA Japanese cuisine & bar which she called me in to get drunk. Saori may be a good trainer to her students but when it comes to alcohol drinking, she isn't good at respecting others. Also, she isn't good respecting our Facebook fanpage either.

Something tells me that the new Maid Cafe in Chinatown is going to be open everyday but I hope it's alcohol free like Just Sweets in East Village similar to Apple Kissa.

And finally, daily church service for Sundays. Last night's evening service was special with Team Nippon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japan Day 2013 & j-Summit New York May 2013

Last Sunday, Japan Day at Central Park is once again celebrating during mother’s day and the 7th annual of the event since 2007 if I’m correct its taken place at the bandshell rather than the Rumsey playfield like in the 2011 year. No specific people I met except my own personal friends.


Before 10tecomai goes on stage, I have decided to try on a Yukata and take a picture. This booth is presented by NY de Volunteer. Unfortunately, the leader told me about the video flagging which later I found out that my YouTube account had a copyright strike. Anyway not to talk about it, I wore the outfit on and took a picture. Then onto the stage but only 2 dance pieces and that’s it. Even Yuria which is Tomoko and Tomas daughter started dancing with the group.

During the afternoon hours, I got Ramen but no other foods. Saori has not seen me while I was in line so I think I rather discontinue following her dance performances before it gets worse. Never disrespect a non alcoholic person like me. Tomas found me and liked my video uploads as a result of marketing the dance workshops and more.

There is a singing performance this year and Mirei is only a 14 year old Japanese Songstress and Kylee is after her. Afterwards, I went to the Apple Store on Broadway to check my YouTube account and am all true about my copyright strike.

j-Summit New York launches its 15th volume of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund. We continue to visit as one of the greatest band lineups on the list. Yujin Amano was originally our RSVP but because he was off the event, Robin’s Egg Blue stepped in so it was lucky to have them.


No one expects Hitomi Himekawa to sing on an 18+ venue but she has 2 other Rainbow Bubble teammates. Next is Sunny, then Robin’s Egg Blue. After Robin’s Egg Blue I decided to collect pieces of memory. Things went a little wrong with Sunny’s CD because she didn’t have any broken pieces of money or chomp change. I have $20 but can’t split.

After Robin’s Egg Blue, there’s Gelatine, The Suzan, Mariko, & Lust. During the Suzan’s concert, there were fun times with my friends dancing. Mariko greeted me a bit but I’m expecting to find this tomboyish Japanese singer I saw in the underground subway before I became a Facebook fan. Mariko will go again this Saturday at the Asian-Pacific festival in Chinatown.

As a result from last Sunday, over $125 was made and send it to charity. j-Summit will continue the 16th volume of the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake fund July 7th if we planned on that event.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sakura Matsuri Stony Brook University 2013

Last Saturday, I have decided to get up at 5:30AM and head to Penn Station for a Port Washington Branch LIRR train on the way to Stony Brook. It takes only 1 transfer from the other station terminal Huntington Long Island. Unfortunately, it takes a 30 minute walk to Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University but the earliest I arrive is around 9:30AM. The Sakura Matsuri festival didn’t start until noon.

Before the Sakura Matsuri festival opened, I watch some Taiko performances outside of the Charles B. Wang Center.

After waiting until the Sakura Matsuri festival started, the vendors are too small and unlike the 2 Sakura Matsuri’s we went this is the most dissatisfied event I ever went. First up is Neo Blues Maki which holds for the 1PM show, then the other acts including YOSAKOI DANCE PROJECT 10tecomai. Dance groups aren’t that many but Ami and Eri are included. No Saori, Reiko, or even Tomoko.


I left before the last performance of Part 1 but I did not go to Part 2 since I’m not really interested. Unfortunately, I have tried to take some photoshoots with my Kimono on, I wasn’t allowed since its most likely for females only. Disappointing!

And I watched the Tea Ceremony, before I was a guest I decided to check up on 10tecomai. Unfortunately, I didn’t bother them even for Ami. So I let them go after they leave. Anyway while 10tecomai left Sakura Matsuri, for 30 minutes I sit like traditional Japanese people in the Edo period and ate Rice bean cake and drank some green tea. I drink green tea a lot so I’ve gotten used to it because there is no sweet in it. There may be photos of Sakura Matsuri so I may need to find it as possible.

Without any more time wasted, at 4PM I have chosen to go back to LIRR but I have to wait an hour for the train back to New York City.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sakura Matsuri, Brooklyn New York (Day 2)

It’s Day 2 of 2013’s Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn Botanic Garden as I start off with the Japanese Hill Pond including one of my tour guides. I didn’t do much as much as Saturday but to hang around. As before, I brought another one of the sweet foods from Minamoto Kitchoan. They were good people but will they sell goods at Stony Brook Long Island this weekend?

With some time around, I have to get to the Cherry Esplanade stage for Sachiyo Ito & Company. It’s a Japanese (Nihon) Buyo classical dance and most likely to be Kabuki. It’s been almost 2 years which I haven’t seen one of Sachiyo Ito’s performances but I have no interests. Then I have to go to the Osborne Garden for some puzzles but I rather not join in. Not even for the game of Sudoku.

I was supposed to see the Sohenryu-Style Tea Ceremony around 3PM but it’s already crowded so it’s too late and I rather not wait where 10tecomai performs back at the Cherry Esplanade stage. Instead, I watched and hang around the Sakura J-Lounge.

When 10tecomai goes on stage, I see Tomas, Tomoko, Saori, Eri from Foxy Foxes and of course Reiko. I don’t know any Ami Yamaki from Foxy Foxes but I’ve been seeing her in news feeds that she’s a 10tecomai dancer but I don’t know it’s true. If I would be with any favorite 10tecomai dancers, Yuko Ikeshita would be the choice but she performed once in Japan Arts Matsuri 2011 but most of the time Saori is one of the members. I would love to see Ako Ando from Foxy Foxes as a 10tecomai dancer.


Of course I didn’t bother meeting Saori during the cosplay fashion show but its best not to speak to her or even touch Saori after the disrespectful ways that she is trying to do with me. That includes the past event when Saori was with ReniReni in Washington. I didn’t bother Tomas either but he’s cool but I would like to talk to him at least or his wife Tomoko. They have upcoming shows in May 2013.

The event concludes the Cosplay Fashion show so it’s one of the best shows but too bad I couldn’t get a seat after 10tecomai show ended. That concludes the Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn Botanic Garden for the 2013 year.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sakura Matsuri, Brooklyn New York (Day 1)


On the 27th of April, we are on the journey for the 2nd Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Just like Washington, we got through skipping the lines. As we roam through the cherry blossom festival, not if there were Lolita dresses and kimonos but fictional characters like the Dragon Ranger, Naruto’s Sakura Haruno, Ryu, Chun-Li, and more. Of course I have to be on topic by collecting many cosplay characters.

As the hour passes after the flower tour, I went into the Wagashi Japanese Sweet Shop by the company of Minamoto Kitchoan and the strangest thing I don’t even remember. I met them before in Washington but it’s not coming into memory. I remember saying that they’re from New York while they said that they sold their merchants in Washington. It’s like we never met but someday Long Island Stony Brook, may be the same result but not this time. The one in my hand is the Sakuranbo which is cherry inside the Gelatine.

By the time I got to the Cherry Esplanade, it’s already crowded before Taiko Masala goes on stage. With people drumming, flutist Nobuko Miyazaki blows like Japanese traditional. Nobuko hasn’t been met in months but I will meet her again sometime but when.

I went into other exhibits like the Doll Museum, I think Washington also had the same one as well but when time collapses I had to go back to the Cherry Esplanade.

The only anime rock band The Asterplace rocks the Sakura Matsuri event once again. After the band, something more comes up and is the Chindon Zakuro Band.

Vocal singer Maiko Onishi is from Japan and I had photo with her who is uploaded in our Facebook fanpage.

And finally, at the Sakura J-Lounge at the Osborne Garden is the Parasol Society game which all Lolita maidens and Tokyo gothic gals.

I chose to celebrate at the Hakata Tonton but unfortunately, I overused my food orders over $50. This concludes day 1 of the event.