Thursday, March 21, 2013

SpringFestNY 2013 Day Two


Last Sunday is Day 2 of SpringFestNY 2013 and nothing seems to be interesting around the 10AM except I hang around the cafeteria collecting Cosplayers even the empty LC400 to take self portrait photos, then around 11AM I decided to go to the adult room for anime which contains sexual content to learn why it’s not hentai. While watching some perverted anime, I went downstairs once again for Starlight Garden Café. The result is the same but this time, the Green Tea is not cold but hot.

I went to the panel Becoming a YouTube Gamer explains about marketing and sponsoring companies but ever how to avoid copyright but I never stayed entirely because of the Elderberry concert which took 40 minutes later for her to perform. I never personally met Elderberry but her hair is shorter than the one in the profile picture and she’s a cosplay singer.


Afterwards I followed Elderberry all the way to the dealer’s room but already give in but to look around the merchandise stuff. Then Hitomi Himekawa came back to her booth and saw me then waved at me.

Back in the Pfizer Auditorium, Hitomi has her concert but only a few of her songs crash and burn. But with a strong heart and soul, I know Hitomi will be a good singer. The closing ceremony wasn’t very good but she throws T-Shirts for a guessing game and raffle tickets for Crunchyroll’s subscription. When its over, not if Hitomi outside but Shelly Wang and Elderberry as well. Elderberry seen me and gave me her business card, next time I want to meet her again even if I already followed her on Facebook.

And finally, the Ramune Drinking Contest which I get to watch. For each passing round, more drinks come up which makes the game harder. After studying, I figured the contest gets tough so maybe next time I want to participate. As I told people that I lost the Ramune Drinking Contest from 1 day ago but I am hoping to join in for next year in 2014.

Our next trip will be Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC for the Spring Season.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SpringFestNY 2013 Day One

Last Saturday, I went to Polytechnic Institute of NYU immediately and I arrived to the place before it opens. Unfortunately, there were technical glitches at the beginning so the line was longer than it was expected. So the registration got mixed up. By the time I got there, I got my T-Shirt but no bag until I asked for it. Then I hang around the cafeteria and gotten a free Pocky and Ramune but it can only be used once. Otherwise you have to buy them. By the time I went into the live streaming rooms, the room was empty.

Before I got started, I participated to qualify for the Ramune Drinking Contest. Looks like the other contestants got started so I’m in the ranking spot. Then I went to the flower shop to buy Yellow roses for a friend to be carried over at the convention.While hanging out the random floors and panels, I went to the Pfizer Auditorium which is next to the main building for a Voice Actors Live Dubbing with the starring roles of Bill Rogers (Brock), and Mike Pollack (Dr. Eggman). I listened to their fans Q & A’s and 10 minutes of fame. But I immediately left for an appointment of the Starlight Garden Café which costs $15 admission which includes lunch.

Sadly, the food was disappointing because it is not homemade cooking but rather uses the microwave for the Ramen. The only food homemade is the Sushi, in other words I don’t know and the Ice Cream is also disappointing because it is an Ice Cream bar on a stick. The only drinks are decent is the Ramune. They even perform on stage but it takes place every hour.


Another sad thing that I didn’t even went into the autograph room but I was able to come to LC400 on Building 5 but the special guests wasn’t here until 4PM which I have to be in room 215 for the Ramune contest. Looks like I joined in. After a few minutes wasted, I got in after I grabbed my jacket and lost the game, and then I went back to the Pfizer Auditorium for Sneko’s concert and left the convention.


It took me 20 minutes to arrive to Arlene’s Grocery but it started a bit late after sound check so I have to come over Lulla’s show. Delancey/Essex Streets is an easier route than 2nd Avenue (F) line. However, it was unexpected to have a ballet dancer like Shino Rolnick while the band plays the music but it’s like heaven in the sky. After the show, I decided to get myself a drink and sit with Lulla and other friends of Lulla. Just like on New Year’s Day the drink I had is the Premium Ale.

With a huge glass, you can’t expect to drink a whole thing or you’ll be passed out but I take sips but I don’t know how slow to drink or to time that minute. That cost you $5 a glass but there are other choices to drink. You may remember the time that Saki Tokumura leave New York on June but I avoided to drink at the Bohemian Beer Garden, this time it’s not the same since I don’t want to be in the same soft profile position. However, I chatted with some of friends of Lulla and I got to know their interests.

With my glass of Premium Ale finished, it makes me go to the bathroom and came back, then I gave Lulla away my Yellow roses I brought at MetroTech earlier along with Fiberwig from j-Summit New York and Birthday Card with a custom message. It would have been better if I had the rare NARS cosmetic set from NY de Volunteer event on January but someone claimed it while wasting money on raffle tickets but still goes to the educated children. Anyway, she liked my gifts and very happy with them with our love and respect.

That concludes the end of day one for SpringFestNY 2013, let’s see how Day 2 is going.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rena's last NYC dance peformance

Last Friday, I decided to go for Rena Washino’s last performance because she’s going back to Japan. Just like last year with Chieli Manzano and Saki Tokumura which they’re very good dancers and decided to head back to their hometowns. Unfortunately, Rena has been in New York for 4 years which doesn’t seem to surprise me as much as the 10 year stays for Saki Tokumura.

Last year, I finally get to meet Rena in person at Sunrise Fest but many months later, I didn’t bother to come over. I had many mistakes not seeing Rena’s dance performances but that day is the only chance or I would have removed Rena off my Facebook list.

First is the short dance film “LOVE” who’s starring roles of Fuyuko Nakamura and Rena Washino which is the most sophisticated films I ever watched. Brilliant! Then the Q & A’s with their director. Afterwards there are refreshments. I didn’t bother touching the Beer or the Sparkling Saké until the next day because I am not a common alcoholic drinker like the other people. I chose when or what I decide to drink alcoholic beverages on a good timing period.


Next is “Just Knock, the door has been opened” dance production choreographed by Rena Washino. The person who’s in the production which includes belly dancer Nahoko, Tomoko, Tap meets Ballet dancers Yumi & Sayuri, and Yuko. This package costs $40 of the ticket admission but seats aren’t limited as CRS which is crowded with reserved seats.

After the show, I met Fuyuko and Nahoko before heading to the bathroom because of the drinks. By the way, I drink Cola-Cola rather than Beer or Sparkling Saké, then to Tomoko Takedani Sater and Yuko Ikeshita. I thought Yuko would turn against me because of the Reni Mimura takedown from j-Summit New York on Valentine’s Day week but I don’t want to start admitting about the alcoholic giving incident. I didn’t bother hugging Yuko so I want to continue following her as a dancer rather than with Reni’s moé dancers.

And finally, Rena Washino. I spoke with her and then taken a picture with her. Next but at least the Tap meets Ballet but unfortunately, they didn’t remember me so I don’t know how but it took at least 10 seconds to remember who I am. Then when I’m on the elevator, Yuko is still next to the elevator and say our good byes. There is a chance that I can still support Yuko Ikeshita without turning my back against her like I did with Reni Mimura.

Next story is SpringFest NY 2013.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunrise Fest 2013 - 2nd Annual of 3-11 disaster

Last Sunday after being at the Middle Collegiate Church, I immediately went to the Public Assembly in Brooklyn. By the time I got here, the place is already full. Last year, I didn’t touch the back room but I was in the front room with my crappy cell phone camera. The vendors were selling goodies and the ramen was one of the best ones I ever ate. I don’t know how my taste buds changed but I don’t eat that kind of food I don’t normally eat such as the pudding.

I wasn’t surprised when Mika Mimura decided to come to Sunrise Fest but she didn’t stay very long. The same goes with Chieli which was last year but I’ve been meeting people outside of their performance life. There are other mutual friends of my Facebook friends I met like Tomoko Trinidad, Ami Yamaki, Eri Inaba, John S. Lewis, Rob Mitchell Jr. (liked page), Diana and more.

First I went to the back room for Saori and Reiko which they do Gangnam Style, then these few hours ticking down, I kind of find Saori being suspicious towards me who I find her being infected. Yes, Saori is acting weird which I don’t understand but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. Besides, Saori is one of the victims for trying to get me buzzed on after New Year’s Party 2013 which was really disrespectful. I may want to unfriend Saori when the time comes. Some people are turning against me.

Reiko and Saori on their dance were great which is why they are professional. After a couple of children are performing pieces, then the music marathon starts. Since I met Tomoko Takedani last year when she was pregnant, now she’s in the same venue with her husband and child. It was a pleasure to meet them.

First act in the front room is 10tecomai Yosakoi dance project and I’ve been following them everywhere I go. The back room wasn’t finished since the Bay Ridge Puppet show going on so the next one is Kiyomi. I’m still started to become a fan of her music but not too far away from Lulla or Sumie. I want to keep them in a mannered fashion.

Once Kiyomi’s music was finished, Nahoko Sugiyama got started in the back room. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of it but I seen Nahoko’s piece from one day before. I’m always too busy to see Nahoko but I should maybe to go to her dance workshops every Sunday but the class itself cost $40.

Ki-Yo in the front room was next with Foxy Foxes dancers but Yuko Ikeshita has the nerve to come over and tell me if I met Reni Mimura, I told her no and I should be away from her. I don’t know if Yuko is turning against me too but I would NEVER turn my back against her. Not after the multiple performances she did after I supported Yuko but if are Reni then I should defend my own personal business. I hope I don’t get bitchslapped by either one of Reni Mimura’s mutual friends. After Ki-Yo’s band is done, I head on to the back room for Robin’s Egg Blue. Sadly there are only 2 members but Hugh Yamada did come over. Once their band is done, here comes Reni.

Reni is getting ready to perform with Saori and Yuko but Reni is on watch. Agent Sato wasn’t attending but I didn’t see him. Otherwise I would tell him that Reni was irresponsible for her actions on her past maid shows but he didn’t do a damn thing to stop it or change it. I wonder if Reni caught me hugging Atsumi from Robin’s Egg Blue who’s also a Japanese female vocal singer before her maid show act. That would make Reni really mad but it’s already over. Reni chose to close our friendship between us so there is no point getting to Reni anymore. Even if I try to patch things up, it wouldn’t work because I and she are not on speaking terms. We are not allowed to meet or to speak with each other. That means I am prohibited for coming to Reni’s monthly maid shows at anytime.

Luckily, Bala comes in the front room during Reni’s back room performance and ready to perform. Bala is the Japanese girl band I love to meet up and support their music. Their band also has 2 twin sisters. By the time Bala’s band is over, Yuko, Saori, and Reni are gone with no signal. Some Foxy Foxes dancers already left before Natsuko.

Most of them are not interested such as Ken South Rock, Brown Rice Family, or even Soulsound but I do talk to the lead singer. During the time I took the photos with Soulsound, Atsumi is the only respective friend to come up to me and say our goodbyes but too bad I am unable to meet her again this weekend because of Lulla’s show which I must go. You may remember Make Music New York on June 2012 when I decided to pick Lulla before Robin’s Egg Blue but Lulla did not come due to her personal issue so I am unable to reach Robin’s Egg Blue in Brooklyn because of my low metrocard ride.

Next is UZUHI while Yujin Amano’s bands are playing at the same time in different rooms. I didn’t take much pictures of UZUHI because of rowdiness so I don’t do anymore and may cause my camera to take sustain damage. It happens with Stairway to the Dream Stage during Hurricane Sandy relief so I dropped my camera during their exciting entertainment. It didn’t break though!

The Ricecookers were the last band so it lasted about 10 hours. Then I decided to head home.

With the countdown for Lulla Miyuki’s show at Arlene’s Grocery this Saturday, she would love to see me smile when I come over and give Lulla a good hug. I’ve been good friends with Lulla and truly respected her as a friend and a good singer. Last month on February, her show was cancelled because of the snowstorm so she cannot reschedule. There will be good weather this weekend especially during SpringFest NY 2013 so I will meet her when I leave Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 2013, first week

Last week of March, I decided to take on the week off from job searching and head on to the following schedule. I got everything according to plan in my schedule so I decided to go to Ouchi Gallery which looks like a locked warehouse like in a photo on Tuesday. The info from Shodo Artist Masumi Yoshinaga says 12PM to 6PM and nothing mentioned about opening reception date, that’s because most of it is written in Japanese which I don’t barely read. That day, I decided to show up around 2PM and they said that it will open 7PM but I got other plans. Whoops!

So instead of going back to Ouchi Gallery I went to ShapeShifter Lab instead for a Taiko concert, unfortunately due to ShapeShifer Lab’s copyright reasons no one is allowed to take photos of the event. That day is the time I meet up with Sumie Kaneko. She usually plays at La Flor on Tuesdays but not this taiko event. Sumie mentioned that she’ll be performing at j-Summit New York March 31st.

Then the next day last Wednesday back at Ouchi Gallery, I thought that it would be my chance to get to Masumi Yoshinaga but I must have an appointment from Tuesday which only mentions on the website, not the card or the Facebook info. So I’m definitely screwed. After 2 visits, I didn’t make an entrance.

And then it comes to last Thursday but I’m afraid that she may already leave but not her art exhibit. Sadly and disappointed because I chose to go to Brooklyn which cost me from meeting her last Tuesday so I made the wrong decision. While I was inside Ouchi Gallery I asked questions about Masumi’s work, had a photo taken to be sent to Masumi, and brought stuff to run the place. Unfortunately, I had chosen to unfriend and unlike Shodo Artist Masumi Yoshinaga’s Facebook pages when I used my computer. If I don’t meet someone personally will cost our friendship. I am not a friend of an artist unless we meet first.

On a very same Thursday, I went to the Brooklyn Public Library in Grand Army Plaza for the artist’s speech which includes manga artist Misako Rocks. I am not a fan of Misako but I do follow her Facebook fan page but never bother to come to workshops at all. Unfortunately, Misako Rocks isn’t really interesting but I avoided buying her manga book.


Then last Saturday, I went to CRS in 4th Avenue Manhattan for a bellydance event. So I met up with Läle Sayoko and Nahoko Sugiyama. They both said I’m too busy to come over but I finally got that chance since 1 year ago. I may meet up with Nahoko again on Friday but that decision is not yet. Either I go or not before SpringFestNY 2013 but it’s up to me.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Events through March 2013

Hello everyone! It’s been a while writing my stories so let’s get on with it. It’s been a dark month so I kind of changed the future. I was devastated, heartbroken, depressed, and embarrassed around the morning February 16th but life has to move on. You think that you rely on one person to save your life, no that one person is the one that wanted you to suffer in pain and die or give you cancer. I have other people and those are the people that truly respect me.

On the night of February 16th, with my shattered heart I went to The Bitter End and I paid $10 for Ki-Yo. I’m a good friend of that person and Ako Ando from Foxy Foxes is the reason. As seen on YouTube video, I recorded his songs and their choreography. After the show ended, I brought Ki-Yo’s CD and went home still feeling depressed.

Then on February 21st 2013, I went to Harlem at the bar called The Shrine. There is a band called the LUMINOSA PROJECT and that one person I known here in a Japanese traditional kimono is no other than Sumie Kaneko. I started to become one of her followers now. Of course the bar sells martini but I brought 2 bottled waters after I came in so I can enjoy the show while drinking. These friends of mine never let me down.

And on February 27th 2013 I have returned to the venue which was taken place on September 2011 and that one is Don’t Tell Mama. The staffs working at DTM are completely different and it’s changed since my last visit. This time, instead of paying the music fee at the entrance it’s done after the show. Last time I paid the music fee and went into the wrong room. The arrows clearly pointed the designated room. This time, I was prepared with hundreds of dollars holding in my wallet, I’m sure I can fight.

So once again, I ordered bottled waters. I tried to avoid ordering drinks but it didn’t work. Martinis sold at DTM but I refuse because of the expensive pay. Besides it hasn’t passed a month since La Flor’s White Wine drinking issue. So as a result, I was paid a total of $30. Still, there are no warnings at DTM about drinks being in a certain amount in a minimum but Tomi Jazz I went to are legit. Every food and drink is $10 minimum so whenever I visit the venue, I’m sure to register and reserve a table. There is still no explanation about the waters being in a high price so why DTM would charged more money than the other venues.

Last time, I was paid a total of $33. That’s 3 dollars less I paid for this year plus a $1 tip. So into my question, is my debt being erased? Nobody knows, even for Tomi Jazz I haven’t paid the $10 music fee either the whole show with Yuka Mito. Nobody knows about the $13 debt on September 2011, so the next time I go to DTM; I promise I wouldn’t touch the place again because of the lack of inconvenience for drinking prices.

I forgot to mention, photography banned at all DTM events as part of their policy.

By the way, I met 2 of my good friends Misa Ogasawara and Lulla Miyuki. Both of them are my respective friends and Lulla is much friendlier than Reni Mimura I’ve been supporting Reni for 2 years so I and Reni have finally ended February 26th and unfriended from Facebook. So what’s going to happen with Sunrise Fest next Sunday at the back room, it’s either now or never. I will meet Lulla at Arlene's Grocery on March 16th during SpringFestNY.