Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12th of February Eatery

Last Night, I decided to take a two tour Valentine set-up events around New York City. First I went to Just Sweets and it’s my second tour of the Apple Kissa Maid Café. This time, I have Chi as my waitress. There are no butlers around and I think it’s limited to 5 maids per restaurant. I already have something in mind.

First up is the Sundae Ice Cream with caramel, flakes, whipped cream, strawberries, and a cookie straw that looks like a box but you can eat it. Pretty confusing right! Next up the tables is the beef ball ramen noodle, then the coconut bubble milk tea served cold, and mushroom dumplings. I’m not really sure but I see chicken inside so what’s the deal. The Apple Kissa are very unique with sanitary utensils, whenever is dropped on the floor is given a clean one.

I almost left the place without a complete payment so I was miscounted so Chi was very responsible for stopping the customers. It’s because of the memory disturbance which I was thinking differently. I came over and I left the place and decided to come over their worksite at Woodside, Queens.


Every Tuesday, Mika Mimura plays music for the hungry customers at LaFlor restaurant so I don’t need to meet them every week unless I have money or whenever it comes to me. Vocal singer Sumie Kaneko is also here as well.

I decided to take up a notch with my body so I hope I don’t abuse it. In fact last Friday when I’m about to go to Pianos for Lulla Miyuki’s show I was going to purchase and drink any light beers but it was cancelled. I thought it would be the time to join in the crowd but Pianos cancelled her show and cannot be rescheduled.

I ordered an Orange Muscat Wine with Mushroom Salad. I drank every sip but not every minute so I have to be careful so I will not become drunk and besides my mind is too strong to have an alcoholic effect. It may also damage parts of your body if you over do it. During the break, Mika mentioned that I was at j-Summit and verify that I was in Yukata. According to last Sunday, I have no idea if she’s here so I didn’t see her. Is it possible that she saw me on Reni’s stage, or if I was in the floor taking pictures with Meg Bless, Maco, Akane Awaji or bathroom break? Anyway I show them my Oxon Hill, Maryland trip.

I had the second glass of wine but luckily the water was refilled. It’s a myth that water removes the alcoholic effect but I don’t feel drunk so I was really careful drinking it. I don’t think it has more alcohol volumes than the Red Wine I tried to drink at j-Summit in September.

Drinking 2 white wines didn’t make me drunk so I was fine from Woodside, Queens back to the Bronx. So what’s for Valentine’s night at New York State of Mind if I’m able to come over?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

j-Summit New York (February 2013)

j-Summit New York has started with its 2013 year after Hurricane Sandy and Christmas which brings on to the next stage which is Valentine’s Day. And this month we have the hottest female singers and band lineup except LUST which is the only Japanese male band rocking on. For the first time, ReniReni has decided to join in but not too many fans are coming over which makes myself an anti Reni Mimura fan for Brewgreen and the Babylons.

As soon I enter the door, the original price is $18 for people 21 and older. RSVP attendees are $15 so Brewgreen and the Babylons was my choice and being in Cosplay/Yukata costs even more lower price so it’s reduced to $13 as the final price. While the stage sets up, Agent Sato met me and talks some crap about my anti-Facebook comment against Reni Mimura at the upcoming Sunrise Fest. For once, I guess he’s protecting her which connects with his company Aspire Communications.

As the show started, Maco takes the stage but her final song is the only one I like. She’s more like a strong sexy type so there is no contact to get in touch with Maco. Besides, I don’t think Maco would be a good companion.

Next is Akane Awaji but there is no photo here. I didn’t even get a chance to meet her and left very quickly. As Akane spreads the word, I immediately threw $25 into the donation box.

Megumi must’ve seen me throw the money in so she’s next with her drummer partner. She’s a classy Japanese woman I may or may not get in touch with but she’s in the same singing level as SETSUKO. Speaking of SETSUKO, she had a Casino performance in Queens so there is no way in hell that I be there at the same time.

I would like to talk to Megumi even more but Meg Bless is up. She’s in a black dress and hat but after the show; there is no way in touch with her either. So both Meg Bless and Akane Awaji are no way to meet. Currently Meg’s in discussion about seeking a photographer in Yukata in her conversation Facebook comment so she says I’m good.

Next are one of my favorite bands Brewgreen and the Babylons. Atsumi, Hugh, and Masahi are together as one and also my friends. All 3 are treated me with respect and had no problem. Unlike Reni Mimura which she slip an alcoholic drink into my mouth on August 25, 2011 which is no way to gain a friend but to turn my back against her instead and is ongoing even after December 2012. Before Reni’s show starts, I brought CD’s from Brewgreen and $2 more going in the box.


Now speaking of Reni, her maid performance act is in total action. Unfortunately, there may be drinking people but where’s the money? After all these love and glory songs, there’s still one dollar isn’t thrown from anyone else. I guess we’re the ones that done it. 2 other dancers Chika and Yuko are my greatest dancers and I follow them as dancers after I met Reni. Yuko introduced me with her 2 best friends after the show ended. Chieli used to be one of Reni’s Maids but left them in October 2010 which makes me want to currently meet her again or somewhere in Japan wit her husband.


I wanted to follow Chika Hanioka on her dance shows but don’t know which Facebook accounts she posted so I wanted to meet Chika other than Reni’s maids. Crowd decided to leave after Reni’s show which the show gotten too low for the last 2 singers. Mayuka Ezure couldn’t make it due to her illness.


Rino steps up to me and smile so I wanted to meet her personally. She reminds me of Canny Ann which I can never get in contact so I have no idea what’s she’s doing even with her official Twitter. We had photo afterwards and I have to pay her photographer $10 so he’s not a freelance photographer and I did.

And finally Lust, during their play I have to find out what Reni Mimura was drinking so I asked. Reni didn’t reply but Yuko did but didn’t understand she was saying. It was originally supposed to be a private shot here but it’s too dangerous to post. It was some kind of orange juice or cocktails with ice of any kind. As I recall, back in December 31, 2012 event Reni took a shot of the Saké drink. Is it possible that Reni is an alcoholic or she’s just mocking me with her non alcoholic drinks? Whatever it is it doesn’t make sense. Non alcoholic people should not be forcing non alcoholics like myself to drink alcoholic beverages. I had history of drinking alcoholic beverages whenever it occurs to me including the chocolate martini at the Cotton Club in Harlem.

I also had alcoholic people called me over like Saori on 12/31/2012 trying to give me a Saké drink but I avoided it. Then some question me about my alcoholic life. Of course, I threw Yuko’s drink away after she gave it to me but she’s only doing her maid’s job. I WILL NOT DIE by a single alcoholic nature in my body.

During and after Lust’s band, Atsumi leaves the place with Hugh and Masahi, then Yuko and Chika with hugs. Reni has no contact with me at all so she’s not my concern. The damage is already done, if you think I’ll bring Reni to MAGFest in 2014 then it may not happen.

In conclusion, Atsumi Ishibashi is the only true friend and favorite singer with me the entire time at j-Summit New York event rather than that disrespectful Reni Mimura which I have been following her for 2 years. Yuko Ikeshita is also a nice friend but I’ll keep supporting her as a dancer. The next event Sunrise Fest, Atsumi and Reni will return in the same room and every other performer will come over. However, the next j-Summit is March 31st 2013 so it may take place after the NY de Volunteer event but details are to be known.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Robin's Egg Blue at Ronin Bar & Grill (2-2013)

Last Saturday, I went to Ronin Bar & Grill in Midtown for Robin’s Egg Blue concert which happens to be the last one with drummer Naoki. Since the blizzard snowstorm, PIANOS and Reni’s Maid Show at MIKA Japanese Cuisine & Bar are postponed but Lulla’s show may be cancelled rather than postpone. While I was entering, one of the lead dancers of Foxy Foxes also came over.

I ordered the dish in the menu while the other one has the soup dish. I eat most of it and some if it left bones in it which I was pretty dissatisfied.

While I was eating, Robin’s Egg Blue band sang some songs for us and the dancer decided to leave. Then after the 1st gig ends and is break time my dessert comes in. The dessert I ate is good. Then the second gig plays and had some hot tea.

Once the band is over, I asked the other waitress for a check. She has to make sure that my check order is correct and I pay her my money with her tips. Then my waitress comes up to me and tells me about the dessert dish, I told her that the entrees were not good but the dessert is. Then I decided to leave after talking with the band.

My theory of the venue wasn’t that bad but I don’t think the food was good as most people say. I should have check out the posted Sanitary Inspection Grade ion the window wall. Music gig was no cover but all food and drinks are $15 minimum, talk about too much money to pay for even if is just 1 drink. Tomi Jazz is $10 music charge and $10 worth of foods and drinks minimum. However, there is no need for a reservation to get a table because it is a walk-in Japanese restaurant. When Robin’s Egg Blue plays again at the same venue, let’s hope I get a different dish.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly February Events

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that I felt like one of the Brooklyn heroes helping out NYCHA residents cleaning up basements and I get a huge load of it. In the last 2 days of the week, I went to 2 amazing events.

On Wednesday, February 6th I went to DROM for a musical concert including the Brooklyn tap dancer Yuka Kameda. Of course, I didn’t bother bringing my camera because it’s not really much important as Lulla’s upcoming event at PIANOS at Lower East Side. Until I found out that some pics are terrible and it’s because iPhone cameras don’t have features as digital cameras. After many visits at DROM, the alcoholic bartender serve bottled water somewhere in the corner which I’ve now recently found out. Before when I watch Mika Stoltzman or Banda Magda with Mika Mimura my waiter handed me bottled water. And the cost of the bottled water is only $2, last time I paid $3. And the time I was at Don’t Tell Mama back in September 2011 while trying to attend Misa and Lulla’s show, I was cheated and have to pay $13 for bottled water which I didn’t and would never enter their venue again. After the show, Yuka is all in sweat after tap dance and refreshes herself with her usual drink. She is so kawaii with her smiles and funny looking Asian eyes.

Then last night, February 7th I went to Tomi Jazz for Yuka Mito’s gig. Yuka known me from the Middle Church in East Village and so is Kaede who records church choir events and posted on YouTube which she arrived at the 10:30 gig. Since Thursday or any other day was busy, I must reserve a table in advance which I didn’t. At least it’s better than Domaine Wine Bar which we were banned from entering due to our trespassing incident in December. The whole time, I didn’t even get a table or a seat for a menu. When the 1st gig ends, the female Japanese waitress asked me for a drink and I did. After minutes wasted during the 2nd gig, I didn’t even have my drinks served either. My review is that the waiters and waitresses at Tomi Jazz not doing a good job with standees customers who has cash in hand after several visit on the weekend for Misa Ogasawara. Most customers left at the 1st gig without paying.

History of Tomi Jazz, on February 2012 I went to Misa Ogasawara’s concert but I didn’t have enough money plus I did not reserve a spot so I got no choice but to leave the venue to make it fair. Then on August 2012 with Misa Ogasawara, I did not reserve a spot but I’ve gotten a menu and paid $25 for food and music charge. And November 2012, again with Misa Ogasawara and the result is the same but I was paid over $30 for food and music charge combined. But at the Cotton Club in January where Yuka Kameda tap dance as the Sophisticated Lady, I was paid $25 in music charge after my food served. I did book a reservation online but never received it. It may be the same with Tomi Jazz but some event ticket holders like Dixon Place are legit.

So after the show at Tomi Jazz, I didn’t even have a drink like I should have while I was standing. I was lucky that I threw $5 for the Japan Tsunami & Earthquake fund after I brought Yuka Mito’s CD which costs $15. So what happen to my $10 music charge? Does it apply after I buy their foods and drinks or even the paid musicians? If I did gotten my drink requested by the Japanese female waitress that would be $20 (taxes or tips may apply) since $10 for music charge and $10 minimum for food and drinks. Anyway, I left without paying the music charge since I stayed but donating but by the time I come back to Tomi Jazz, I should start reserve my spot in advance and if they see my face, let’s make sure that the $10 debt will be paid off because I feel like that I’m in debt to the venue and also makes me wonder if buying her CD counts as paying a musician for support.