Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day - La Flor

On Christmas Day, as I’m getting wondering around Manhattan to buy the ticket from Eventbrite sponsored from Asian in New York for a New Years Eve Party in Chinatown. Without hesitation, I immediately catch two trains coming on good timing which is the (N) and the (7) train. Our destination is Woodside at the La Flor Restaurant at 53rd Street and Roosevelt Avenue.

I usually wanted to stop following Mika Mimura for the 2012 year along with Banda Magda, but I decided to take a shot since I have my checks cashed. Mika mentioned that she done this every Tuesday on her Facebook update just like my Japanese kawaii tap dancing friend performs at the Cotton Club every Monday. Mika hasn’t been seen in a while since summer 2012. In our older blogs before Insectduel’s Game Corner, we mentioned something that shouldn’t be discussed on Banda Magda’s events and we decided to reduce a few sentences.

Anyway as I went in to the La Flor Restaurant at Woodside Queens, I’ve gotten a table. I have to say that it is a friendly place to visit. Unlike Domaine Wine Bar in Long Island City, there is nothing but trouble and we need to file a complaint against the venue very soon. We have been kicked out during the 2011 year when performances are held. La Flor sells all types of drinks and also have healthier foods so I chose the spinach. Also, I think they do not usually hold the performances like other restaurant venues but these 2 female Japanese musicians Mika Mimura and Sumie Kaneko are playing for the hungry customers. It’s been started since December 11th. Most musicians do have a tip jar (or basket) so tipping them would be appreciated.

I have been staying at La Flor for both sets but I usually wanted to run off but I didn’t want to. However, it was great listening for both Mika and Sumie’s works. I also had discussion. When the second set is done, I threw $20 on both CD’s which costs $10 each and both of them signed it. La Flor is too polite for servers rather than the mean bartender at Domaine Wine Bar.

I wonder if it will be the same on New Years Tuesday at La Flor before heading to MAGFest in Washington January 3rd, but I probably won’t go there every week unless it comes to me.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cotton Club - Christmas Eve

Last Monday on Christmas Eve, I decided to take off work just to wonder off the streets of Manhattan. I haven’t been prepared last week so it’s the chance to take a look at myself.

Ever since I heard from one of my tap dancer Japanese kawaii friend, she mentioned that she’s tap dance every Monday at the Cotton Club on her Facebook update which is located on the far west side on the (1) train at West 125th Street in Harlem. As I went in, Coat Check is required to enter which costs a buck which carries on to your check and you pay $25 at the door. However, I never knew people actually make reservations so I was never prepared to study to well. Of course as a working person, paying $25 every week isn’t that bad but I think buying food and drink is optional just like DROM.

When I looked at the menu listed with alcoholic drinks, I didn’t have time to hesitate to try out the Chocolate Martini which IS an alcoholic beverage. Ingredients are Crème de Cacao, Kahlua (Coffee liquor), and some vodka. Each sip tastes a bit bitter but also melts my head but luckily water is next to it. People say that it’s a myth that water can make you sober off alcoholic effects which works about most of the time as I drink entirely between sips.

Throughout the night, I enjoy music and even the sophisticated tap dancing ladies. It’s never the same every night but I may want to spend some time as an employed person.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spider Man & the X-Men Arcade's Revenge (Game Boy)

Spider Man and the X-Men Arcade’s Revenge is one of the games I didn’t own on Game Boy but I owned it on Super Nintendo. I played the game using Visual Boy Advance Emulator. Comparing to the Super Nintendo version or even Sega Genesis, the game was too short. It is published LJN LTD, and programmed by Unexpected Development.

With Spider Man as the first level, there were the disadvantages when Spider Man jumps using the opposite control pad and holding up for the swinging. Unlike the TV versions, you cannot control up and down swings when Spiderman. In the area where you tried to get yourself back up in the screenshot, you have to control the timed direction. However, the enemy sprites in the Game Boy version are smaller than your character’s sprite so this is the same with Mega Man / Rockman games especially with Rockman World 2 when Dr. Wily is smaller than Rockman.

When Spider Man’s stage is completed, each character can clear one level while both SNES and Sega versions get to clear two. However there are 2 characters I don’t really fond of, Cyclops and Gambit. Gambit’s time jump off the edge really doesn’t get me at all so if you time your jump incorrectly will fall into his death. There is also limited number of cards to shoot the blocks with. Luckily, there is no giant spike ball chasing Gambit.

Cyclops wasn’t too much of the trouble either so anytime you tried to time jump into the cart will most likely to fall into the tracks. Strong flying enemies will strike Cyclops at any time. When Spider Man is in play, you will notice some blind jumps so there is no idea if that blind jump will be a pit. Storm was a bit too easy until the electric paths made the level too strong and Wolverine takes too much damage for these clowns even if their sprites is smaller than Wolverine. Some controls aren’t like SNES or Sega versions which excluded Cyclops kick and Wolverine’s unarmed.

However with the Music, some I really hate it so much especially Storm’s theme which played the same loop. The only music’s I like is Cyclops.

While I use cheats to complete each level, Arcade is the only level left with Spider Man’s theme rather than the boss theme in SNES and Sega versions. Unlike both televised versions, they don’t get to play their own stages when they trapped themselves by the laser ray.

SNES and Sega versions will be reviewed.

j-Summit New York (X'mas Party 2012)

Last Sunday, I went to the Bowery Electric from Best Buy and the 14th Street Apple Store as I decided to buy another camera with a SD card because I need them to record HD movies. Better Mega pixels mean better quality which I did manage to get the Silver Argent than the previous one Red Rouge but the important part is to store another battery as a back up.

Arrive around 5:15PM waiting for doors to open but the stage is getting ready to set while the dancers including singers like IRI already arrive. Some friends did come over while my friend Gregory Ronan didn’t show up for an unknown reason. When doors open, I went in and as I did look up the Myu to Yu list I noticed “Ronchan” name on there and reply to the will call person my name is here. I can’t believe Yuko Ikeshita remains to have my name since 10/28/2012 and after the cancellation of the event during Hurricane Sandy.


As the show starts, we have a 45 minute dance show starting with Myu to Yu and other talented artists including Foxy Foxes. As they did their own part, the Japanese female dancers are in their Santa outfits which all group dancers included. After the show ended, I met my favorite Japanese dancer and friend Yuko Ikeshita and gave her my watch I won at NY de Volunteer in October. I gave it to Yuko as a Christmas gift. Then talked to others like Saori Tsubaki from Palette and Ami Yamaki, then Ako and Natsuko as they known me. $20 has been thrown in the donation box as Natsuko holds it.


First in the singers list Megumi Matsumoto, she sings just like Setsuko with her songs she did not sing her originals. Actually Setsuko sings her original Mr. Right and sells it on iTunes and on YouTube. According to Setsuko’s photo, Megumi Matsumoto was with her. Unfortunately, Megumi wasn’t spoken much so I’m not adding her on my Facebook list. Then Yuri Bear which she known me on Facebook and from last July. Didn’t expect her friend coming but I talked much.

I do feel regret adding those people after I met on j-Summit but I feel like deleting those people off my Facebook list as I gotten too many contacts so I don’t need much. The only current known singers contact will be Lulla or even Robin’s Egg Blue.

Bands I don’t really know much like The Finding but the female ones I’m not aware of. Then Naomi which I never spoke too much and after her band, BALA which some know me by joining their Facebook fanpage. I did not speak to them all but I don’t want be caught in the recording data zone.

Then GELATINE, I have to admit I do like their music but I still have no interests in joining their fanpage or to become friends personally. Like I said, I have too many Japanese female singer contacts so Seiko Boku should not be added on my list. I’m surprised that the blonde Japanese woman didn’t show up at all since SPINKRIT event at The Delancey November 30th so I thought she’s usually being there for GELATINE but she’s not. Speaking of The Delancey, I did give GELATINE to be added on the tallies list instead of SPINKRIT which I should have because they don’t perform with GELATINE.

The next time I go to the event with GELATINE, make sure I buy their T-Shirts or a CD to take home with just to shut myself up.

And the last Japanese band, LUST takes the stage. Reiko-4D once again being cut so I only saw her once in July 2012.

According to Hiroshi Kono, over $245.00 has been made thanks for your effort. We will launch j-Summit February 10, 2013, St. Valentine’s edition.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stairway to the Dream Stage 20, for the Hurricane Sandy victims

Last Sunday after I went to Stepping Out Studios for the Christmas Special at Reni’s Maid show, I have decided to get a haircut back at the Bronx. There is no rush going to the Public Assembly from the Bronx since Robin’s Egg Blue or Uzuhi will play in the evening lineup rather than the Mid-Afternoon time.

As I went in the Public Assembly in Brooklyn, ID’s are verified to be check just like The Bowery Electric and you have to be 21 years of age and older. There are 2 favorite bands on my list so at the will call booth, I go for Robin’s Egg Blue. I placed my coat and bag at the table without a sign or anything until Gosha says that the coats on the table are for your donations. So I placed my coat and bag somewhere else. What’s worse that it’s a bit cold with limited heat inside the back room. The front room is under construction.

Some of the bands I totally enjoy, but during the break on the next band lineup I had to buy something. The Three Wise Peaches T-Shirt is new so I chose the pink medium sized color with a UZUHI’s first CD for only $20. Let’s go back shall we! In June 2010 before I get to know Reni Mimura at the Japan Block Fair in Upper West Side, UZUHI was the first Japanese rock band I ever know so I add them on MySpace before I started Facebook. I added Tsubasa Matsuda on Facebook before New York Comic Con in 2010 and didn’t know that was her in the band. So I didn’t meet Tsubasa until February 2011 which is Stairway to the Dream. Anyway I know UZUHI for at least a year and a half so it’s time to buy something to support the band rather than Reni Mimura’s new CD Hybrid Girl which is also $10 next to Sakura.


Anyway UZUHI sets the stage and rock in like crazy. So I have to be aware of my device because there is a chance that it might be damaged. So without a doubt, I dropped my camera during UZUHI’s band from my shirt pocket and it didn’t do any damage as I got too excited for their music. UZUHI is always the craziest entertainment we ever rocked much better than GELATINE.

Then everyone whose attending get to have a photo’s taken. When is uploaded onto their UZUHI Facebook page, they get to tag themselves in it.

After UZUHI, Robin’s Egg Blue takes the stage with vocal singer Atsumi which I met in March in the 2012 year after I watched from last year’s Japan Arts Matsuri 2011. Atsumi’s looks has changed since a 2 month Japan Tour from September 2012 so her hair is much shorter and blonde color, but what’s the same is her singing. I think Robin’s Egg Blue is also a great band to look after.

Then Casual Hearts is the last band and left with my 2 merchants with me. This concludes this blog and looking after this Sunday’s j-Summit event. I rather pay the full $18 price than the discount price for Myu to Yu. I originally wanted Foxy Foxes for the December month but due to Hurricane Sandy the October 28th j-Summit show is cancelled, so it’s Myu to Yu all over again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reni's Maid Show 2012, Christmas special

Last Sunday, I went to Stepping Out Studios after Pay O Matic on 174th Street for the Christmas event at Reni’s maid show. Of course, our agreement is to discontinue supporting Reni Mimura and we did. Sort of, but I met only the maids and friends I seen except some of them didn’t make it.

Of course, there are no alcoholic beverages brought to Stepping Out Studios and even though the guests are caught bringing them into the maid café, they will be escorted out of the event. Aside from the many venues we went to that serve alcoholic beverages including Amber Village, we have defeated the crazy alcoholic beverage frenzy at Reni’s maid café.

Going back to Domaine Wine Bar in Long Island City last week before Misa Ogasawara’s event, we have tried to validate the menu but we got kicked out by the mean bartender. We think that Domaine Wine Bar is the biggest issue than the 08/25/11 incident we discussed throughout entirely on Insectduel’s Game Corner. This venue does not sell non alcoholic drinks and is illegal to not validate people’s ID. DROM we went last Saturday does sell all types of drinks.


Anyway as I looked in the menu I have ordered the Nyan Nyan Oniguri with coke and desert. A special combo price costs $13. Ordering these alone will pay at the fixed price for example; cheesecakes with coke will only cost you $8. But not sure if no drinks ordered while entrees and desert ordered will cost $13. But the list altogether will cost $15 with no drink ordered. According to the list, Teas are also sold which is a non alcoholic beverage.

Back in the 2011 year of Amber Village since January, there are too many mistakes for the maids and some orders came out wrong. For example in March 2012, I ordered the Teriyaki chicken but ended up with Sushi instead. Sometimes no desert comes to customers which should have been. And in November 2011 in Boston, there is no warning of these cocktail drinks listed in the menu has any alcohol in it but the lucky waitress does check ID’s before serving.

But what about the Apple Kissa maid café last Thursday, did anyone go there? I wonder if their maid performance is good as Reni’s Moe Moe Honey or Tenshi No Ai’s PokePiku Picnic back in September. Last Thursday, I went for Mika Yanagihara. Anyway I haven’t seen Sneko in a long time.

Rainbow Bubble and Tenshi No Ai performed on stage with many different talents, then MoeCure and MoeBurst. Again let’s talk! The original Reni’s Maid show did have MoeMiru but their band discontinued and separated. Their original group is Erica, Kerry, and Merry. Then Natsuki (Serene) comes in. Also in the original Reni’s Maid Show, Moe dancers (means professional dancers and choreographers) dance along with Reni but that is no longer an issue.

Is that a cigarette I’m holding? Hahaha very funny it’s just a candy cane given by Reni and maids. That would be my pose but I didn’t want to bring that up because I am not a smoker.

Photo taken by Robert Mitchell Jr.

Let’s jump to Reni’s programs other than the usual ones, the 30 second speech or achievement has been brought back. Since there wasn’t one last month, people are allowed to speak up. Then the Moe Moe Janken game, Me and Reni played with our eyes closed and carefully picked the chosen hand. Of course, there were cheaters of the game so since Flushing 2011 that was an inspiration so I would not cheat. Once again since Gershwin Hotel in August, I was getting to close to winning but Erica thought I survive but the hand I picked was the elimination hand. As I forgotten, Reni hugs the close call winners of the game which she runs into me. Argh, I didn’t want that kind of happiness love. :P

Before I leave, Reni Mimura did give me another candy cane.

Now, I am not sure if I started to love Reni again but there are times that I and Reni do not have the same heart as the others. When I was hugged by Reni, it wasn’t the same as the other Japanese female singers or dancers I met. In the 2012 year, I think we pushed Reni’s show discussion over the limit. The only current follower would be singer/songwriter Lulla or dancer Yuko. Mika Mimura never had a heart connection either. Reni does love her angels but I am not representing myself as one of Reni’s angels. We are thinking about putting another fair hearing for our company in January 2013 to see if the 08/25/11 charges on counts should be removed on our filing records. The next maid show in January 2013 should have my mom invited and she still remembers the 08/25/11 incident since I told her at Flushing.

Next blog talk, Stairway to the Dream Stage 20.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Last Saturday, I went to DROM for Mika Yoshida’s Marimba concert. But first, let’s review about the DROM place itself.

When we went inside the place, you pay their admission or cover fee at the door. Some ticket discounts were brought online but you have to show it at the will call booth. After you pay up, you can choose to stand or sit down. Unfortunately, the tables are reserved to purchasing customers only including the bar stools. The tables are used for 1 or more people while sitting on stools is for 1 person. Food and drinks are very expensive so if you can’t eat, then you have the stand entirely. Since I often come to take photographs and collected data, I always do that since Banda Magda. Some waiters or waitress did ask me but last week I was not asked by them.

There are all types of drinks which are alcoholic and non alcoholic. We aren’t sure that ID needs to be checked before purchasing alcohol but some bartenders do. In the past, Reni’s maid show has been taken place at DROM at Lower East Side before Amber Village or their current venue Stepping Out Studios. With Domaine Wine Bar in Long Island City, anything can be illegal with no non alcoholic drinks which are harder to watch the performances. DROM always welcome photographers or standees to take pictures of the event.


I did arrive 30 minutes late but the fun just began. Mika Yoshida (Stoltzman) only plays on set of the concert with her instrument the Marimba while her husband Richard Stoltzman plays his flute. Others are on guitars or bass. The show only lasted approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Mika Stoltzman was glad I come over but next day I uploaded them on my Facebook fan page for those that missed all the fun. Of course, no content will upload on my Facebook profile page and never will.

Friday, December 14, 2012

277 DanceProject Fundraiser event for This is Heaven to Me

Last Night we went to Vol de Nuit Beer Lounge for a fundraising event but it was not how it’s expected. At first we went there on Tuesday but I didn’t see anything specific. Then last night, we went inside again but the downstairs is the kitchen. We didn’t know that there is an entrance to the upstairs lounge and I did enter with no problem. Unlike Domaine Wine Bar in Long Island City we went 1 week ago before Misa Ogasawara plays her music, nobody is allowed to enter unless you’re purchasing wine but with Vol de Nuit Beer Lounge, you are welcome to enter without paying to buy something to drink. Tips to the musicians are welcome.

This fundraiser event wasn’t like in Blackbirds in Astoria in 2010 for SilCo Dance or even NY de Volunteer we went this year as we experienced. But when you come in, you will be given a pen, a stamped envelope and a card along with it. The members of the 277DanceProject need your contributions as to assist the project “This is Heaven to Me” which is taken place at Dixon Place Theater January 24 through 27. Your donations will goes to rehearsal space, costumes, set design, and paying actors or dancers. Anyway we had no idea about the next NY de Volunteer event as I will look at the website. In the 277DanceProject card, when you donate more than the amount share you will get tickets for This is Heaven to Me and listing for the 277DanceProject Brochure. Donation deposits will go up to $500. For more info, go to


The dancers including Mika Yanagihara are part of the event. I think which is why they come over to support. As the event is most likely having a good time with drinking and music with Jimmy and Steven playing in guitars. Free food is also given as well. I most likely busy collecting data and small chat with people or the dancers that are part of the event. At least I am learning to configure the camera settings correctly unlike Pianos with Lulla Miyuki on November 30th.

Stairway to the Dream is just days away so stay tuned!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Rockman Claw (Rockman 1 hack)

Rockman Claw is a hack of Rockman 1 created by the Japanese author named Tsukikuro. His previous hacks were Rockman TP, Rockman 2 TP and Rockman 2 Claw. The hack was released on December 1, 2012 and it was posted at the Japanese 2ch community before it gets redistributed to ROM-Hacking dot net with Tsukikuro’s approval.


Unlike the past Rockman 1 hacks, the best ones were Rockman 2000 (left) and Rockman RX (right). Rockman 2000 has a few errors after they got the Magnet Beam but it’s still playable, being the first Rockman 1 hack ever created with gameplay including custom music. Rockman Kai from Small Apple is also a good game but increases a challenge to average players.


Rockman Claw is a completely new game for those that played the original game. Stage layouts were modified, custom music, AI programming, and custom TSA’s as well as graphics and palettes. The score was completely removed. What’s great in Rockman Claw is the Guts weapon or the Super Arm. You can instantly use it without standing next to the walls but you still need to pick the block up to clear the area. Actually, the Elec Beam can take care of it. Another great thing is the replaced Magnet Beam weapon, the Jump Chip. It allows Rockman to execute to jump while in air and uses 2 weapon consumptions.

So far, I played Elec Man and his stage and the boss is too easy and a great start. Guts Man couldn’t handle it from the original game. Then Bomb Man and decided to stop playing. One thing I don’t really get, why is the copy robot’s Guts weapon still idle? Is it possible to extend the AI even without expanding the rom?

As I check the weapon AI programming, others like the Blast Bomb or even the Ice Amulet I call it are interesting. Very cool modifications.

If anyone would love to try Rockman Claw, it’s a recommended YES! Rockman Claw is the only high standard Rockman 1 hack than any other even for Rockman Alter Force but it’s catching up. As a result, it is now the 2012 Rockman hack of the year for Tsukikuro’s excellence. For the Insectduel’s Domain Magazine, I would rate this game a perfect 10. Rockman 4 MI from Puresabe also completed in the 2012 year so these games deserve both.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

R.B.I Baseball Tengen (NES)

R.B.I Baseball Tengen is one of the worst controlled games I ever played. I think my cousin owns this one but I am not too sure. Anyway the game publishers were Namco and Atari.

You have the option to play the game; you either play 1 or 2 players or watch both CPU’s play the game. You have 2 teams to pick with and they were based on MLB Baseball in North America.

The defense control: Controlling the pitcher is just plain simple but I don’t know about its throwing motions. You throw either low or high but never fancy like sliders or curveballs. Then the CPU hits the ball and you control the timing hits. If you are lucky enough to catch the ball in mid-air, then you have given the players 1 out. When it’s on the ground, then it would be hard to control and try to throw into one of the defenders. Hardest part is to time the throws to give them an out. Double plays are quite an incomplete control.

The offense control: Can you time your hits? When the pitcher throws the ball then you can either stand or hit. Stand while the ball is throwing too low. Hit while you try but there is a 75% chance that the ball will be hit. Depending where the ball hits is somewhere around the field. Running to bases is controlled by the D-Pad. Question is how hard can you hit a homerun?

Also, the music changes while the player is on and off base.

While playing the 1P game mode, having more runs than your CPU opponents is the result to end the game or game over. I never even tried to play this game entirely with 1P game but if you manage to win the game by beating all of the teams, then you might go for the World Series championships. Winning against the opponents may face another random CPU team.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rockman TP (Rockman 1 hack)

Rockman TP is a boss rush version of Rockman 1. I don’t know what TP stands for. Well, it could be toilet paper but that would be a joke title screen. The game is a similar boss rush Mega Man 1 version called Mega Man Showdown I which produces with the leader of Dragon Eye Studios Vagla. The game is created by Tsukikuro.

Unlike Mega Man Showdown I from Vagla, boss AI’s have changed, you don’t start the level with half of your hit points, weapons AI’s are also modified. These things still increase difficulty and the boss weak points are reversed order. Actually in Mega Man Showdown I, only a slight AI is changed but nothing else. However in Wily Stages, you still fight these robot masters before you take on Copy Robot and Dr. Wily.

Fighting with the Yellow Devil between the two games is not the same difficulty. Rockman TP is much more challenging than Mega Man Showdown I from Vagla.


As I played the game without save states, Ice Man was the first and usually the first boss with easy strategy. Then with Cutman but didn’t quite handle it yet and onward to Elec Man. I played all the robot masters until I reach Fire Man, his strategy is too hard to handle. Then I made it on to the Wily Stages. The Yellow Devil isn’t easy but timing the jump is the key to beat Wily Stage 1. Then you have to take on the 2 robot masters before you can handle Copy Robot. The bubble bot is the extreme challenge since there are a few guts blocks and didn’t even damage them compare to the original.

Wily Stage 4 is too much to handle. It’s the same order as the original but tougher. The wily battle is also hard but can a bomb explosion handle it? Well it’s not the weakness but there are weapons that can double the damage. If you successfully defeat it, the second form appears which is harder. Any player attempt to beat Rockman TP without save states should wish the best of luck of it.

Download should be in:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Delancey Friday

As I examined the week of Delancey and Essex Streets of New York, last Friday was one of the events I went around Lower East Side. First, I went to Pianos at Ludlow Street as I arrive around 8PM. By the time I got here, Lulla is already here. I got busy taking test shots before her show. Minor Soul plays before her so I have to make sure I’m ready.


As she and her two guys set up the stage, I have to be prepared. Unfortunately during Lulla’s song playing, my shots were blur because I did not either lower the brightness or even configure the settings properly. So I only have a few shots but mostly did all the video recording which is now uploaded on my professional YouTube account with my real name. This is what my friend Jefferies Herrera with Hitomi Himekawa and I am now one of the same idolized person. Before I head to The Delancey, Lulla was very happy for me to come and also gotten some love from her. Sadly, she will immediately leave back to Japan to renew her visa. I will meet her back in January 2013 if Lulla arrives.


Without rushing, in the cold weather as I head to The Delancey. At Will Call, I chose GELATINE instead of SPINKRIT. Honest mistake of giving my $5 revenues to them but their music is great. I also didn’t know that they aren’t in the same band so anyway Seiko and her band rocks and I enjoyed listening but I got no time for Seiko’s nonsense. SPINKRIT which I met them for the first time are really cute and pretty Japanese women. Their songs are great and I brought $5 CD’s and had our picture taken by the two awesome girls.

Before I head to the train, I brought food from McDonalds while is still open for business and ate a combo food. Let’s hope everything will be okay before January 2013 because I still need to book a hotel at MAGFest.