Thursday, November 29, 2012

Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)

Diddy Kong Racing was an interesting game. It was first brought over from my neighbors before I own a copy of the game. Up to 2 players can play the game except Adventure modes, which can cause some glitching problems in save files.  We even use magic codes during the game.


In Adventure Mode, you have to collect balloons and enter the rooms with the required number of balloons. This is just like Super Mario 64. Of course every game needs a first place, right! If you pick a well-played character like Diddy, Pipsy, TipTup, then you will most likely get you into the top. This game is almost impossible to beat. The game has hidden keys in course, which you can get them later and if you do while you quit the race, you will still unlock the challenge room where you get the TT amulet.

The challenge rooms are quire interesting for multiplayers. It’s fun when you play against someone such as collecting 2 bananas and put them in your box, or eliminate players, or even gather eggs and hatch it in your nest.

After you collect all the balloons, you will face the boss and challenge you into a race. Once defeated, you will collect the Silver Coins in the same land. It is the most difficult challenge ever. You have to collect all 8 THEN WIN THE RACE. One of the worst courses, Greenwood Village is so frustrating that I have to keep restarting the same course and it took a lot of work to complete. There were too many close calls.


After you beat the Silver Coin challenge, you get to challenge the same boss for a rematch. The 2 hardest bosses were the Bubbler and Smokey. After beating the boss the second time you are able to compete for a Trophy Race and earn the Wizpig Amulet. Earning the trophy is one of the game requirements.

And now you have to face Wizpig. It is nearly impossible to beat him even with your best character especially TT. The only way to beat him is to go one of the zippers and launch the green boost by finger off the accelerator, and then just press the button again (don't hold it down, just tap it) as you cross the zipper. The flames at the back of your car will be green instead of pink, and you'll get an extra boost. Once you beat the game, you will face an extra course, which is Future Fun Land. Seems easy now!

The game’s developer is Rareware and a remake game called Diddy Kong Racing DS with more features that wasn’t in the N64 game. That game is too fun to play but sometimes gives an unfair advantage. To me, I think Drumstick is the worst hidden character ever.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Delancey & Essex Streets welcomes you for the entire week

Pianos Lounge

As I hang around Delancey and Essex Streets of Lower East Side, on the first day of the events week I decided to check out Pianos which is located 158 Ludlow Street near Reni’s old venue from the 2010 year The Living Room where I also watch Yuki & Cuties last Summer. It was closed when I arrive so I have to try the same attempt again the next day which is Sunday. Around 4:30 PM, the doors opened but the upstairs are closed. Then I checked out Teatro Latea but it was closed so I couldn’t check. There were no flyers posted about Tuesday’s event so I wanted to get more information before spending.

Monday, the event at 95 Delancey Street was postponed until December which one of my favorite dancers Yuko Ikeshita told me.

Then last night before I go into Teatro Latea, I have decided to check out Pianos and guess what, the upstairs are open. At the door, I was checked by the guard and was let in with a black checked stamp. As I went upstairs, I see people sitting on tables and some are standing up. Unlike Tomi Jazz, you have to buy food and drink along with a $10 music charge. Pianos does not but do pay $5 after 10PM and you are not required to buy anything to watch the shows which I am looking forward to on Friday to support Lulla Miyuki and the Mike band. It’s also has a night atmosphere so my new digital camera should handle it.

Teatro Latea

So after a tour at the upstairs lounge at Pianos I decided to head over to Teatro Latea at 107 Suffolk Street. As I went in, there is still no information of what it was supposed to be mentioned. So I left out and saw someone else who is a fan of Fuyuko Nakamura and followed him. As I followed the guy, she mentioned about paying the $10 if you’re not a dancer. That is not mentioned on Rena Washino’s Facebook event page which was set to Friends only so no one else can see it other than her Facebook friends.

There are lot of errors going on at the Teatro Latea, first there was no flyer in walls or even the tables and bulletin boards, second Rena Washino never mentioned the ticket price on her Facebook event page, and third it’s own Teatro Latea website also don’t have the information so anyone coming in without or fewer dollars may be impossible to watch the event so I decided to leave and didn’t bother paying the $10.

Tonight, another Delancey and Essex event at the Sapphire Lounge which I went last year for Lapin but I already declined the event because it cost me $15 so I’m not really Airi Mochizuki’s fan anyway. Friday will have 2 Delancey and Essex events so Lulla comes in first before Gelatine. Let me remind you that Seiko Boku is not really my fan so I’m not interested in friendship.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Events Overview

Hello everyone, the week has been tough but Ron-Chan must keep fighting. I should tell you about the past events that recently happened before I went to Reni’s maid show on November 18th, 2012.

Since November 8th, 2012, I was hired in a job called MDT where workers assigned into sites where hard hit is by Hurricane Sandy. There are disaster restoration companies such as Belfor Property Restorations, BMS CAT, and many more. Workers are getting paid just to clean up with no proper experience required. Teamwork is required for the job. One week later, I was paid $120 for the first 2 days since I was off work on Sunday, that money was used to buy round trip bus tickets to Washington on January 4, 2013 at 1AM.

On Saturday November 10th, 2012 I was at Red Hook, Brooklyn working for Belfor cleaning NYCHA buildings that don’t have heat or power. We sanitized the hallways and also take down their trash. When is lunch time, I asked my supervisor to sign me out and she did. While time is used, I have to get a haircut before heading to Astoria Queens to meet up with Lulla.

After upon entering the bar, there are smokers here and 1 band at the beginning of the show are smokers. I do not support singers, bands, or any type of musicians with cigarettes and I don’t follow them either which is why NoriceuR or Gelatine is the least band follower. I am allergic to second hand smoke which can catch asthma. People were having fun with their beers in hand and drink it. Lulla was the third musician on the list to play up to 5 songs at 7PM; actually her show starts around 8PM so it’s an hour late due to a music setup. By the way, I got no choice but to throw in $10 to help Hurricane Sandy victims in need or its lights out for Lulla’s show. After her songs are played, Lulla left around 8:35PM and I also leave around 9PM. I always get a good grip at Lulla’s handshake.

November 11th was Japan Arts Matsuri but it was already discussed. Then on Saturday November 17th, the day of Insectduel’s Domain 7th anniversary, I decided to go to NYU for a dance show. I was at least 1 show late so I’ve still got through. I was here for Ako Ando but unfortunately, I don’t know any other dancers so I wouldn’t bother looking for her after the show and I was half sleep most of the time.

After the dance event, I went to Tomi Jazz to meet up with Misa Ogasawara. Let me remind you that Tomi Jazz is a Japanese bar and restaurant so you cannot enter unless you are purchasing food or drink and a $10 music fee per band. Unfortunately, if you buy an item that is less than $10 still pays $10 means you can’t pay less than $10. Tax is also charged and paying tips is a must. I ordered Japanese Rice Curry without any drinking beverages. Misa plays requested songs as well as many of her works. Gladly she got the news that Long Island City got their power back which is the area she lived. When Misa has her next show other than Long Island City unless I would be drinking on a period of time.

It’s too bad that I miss both Lulla and Misa from September 2011 because of the mix up concert rooms and also overcharged for water bottles. Don’t Tell Mama was the biggest cheat venue ever had.

Then on the 18th of November after attending to Reni Mimura’s Maid Café being reopened at Stepping Out Studios, I went to Dance New Amsterdam for a dance performance. I got to the place on time because I was a little late and gotten a bit lost from the (A) (C) and (E) lines of Chambers Street. Unfortunately, not all of them are performing on that day but I did watch Akiko Tomikawa’s choreography piece with the dancers of Kashimi Asai, Fuyuko Nakamura, Megumi Monma and 3 other unknown dancers which will be held on Tuesday but I refuse. I originally wanted to use the stub ticket to enter Dance New Amsterdam if accepted to meet up with Mika Yanigihara but I also refuse to meet her. I have no more interests in Akiko Tomikawa but it’s best for me to just leave her.

November 30th will be announced so I will find out for myself. Only then, I can support the singers by taking pictures with my new HD camera I earned.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Past Overview + Reni's Maid Cafe Re-opened


On Sunday November 18, 2012, I went to Stepping Out Studios to investigate with the Re-Opening of Reni’s Maid Show & Café. However, before my story let’s get into overview of the past Reni’s events.

Original Moé dancers.

There has been a milestone of Reni’s events when I first got here to meet the Japanese cosplay singer Reni Mimura. When I first enter their venue “The Living Room” in Lower East Side, I started to like her and gotten nervous a bit. On August 5, 2010 is when I got to know one of the original Moé dancers Fuyuko Myu Nakamura (right) and Chieli Kajiwara (left) in Willamsburg Brooklyn when Reni Mimura performs. Both Chieli and Fuyuko are in maid costumes back then but that’s all change after October 2010.

Top Tunes on April 2011, taken by Jefferies Herrera.

In April 2011, Amber Village was on hold so the event was taken place at Top Tunes. Some people like YuKaRin bringing the beer into the Karaoke room while people under age of 21 are in the room. That should not be allowed. I met YuKaRin in various events including j-Summit and she often orders alcoholic beverages.

Clear alcoholic drink shot at Radio Star Karaoke.

Then on the date of August 25, 2011 at Radio Star Karaoke is one of the worst events ever. No one knew about the alcoholic drink they served and was surprisingly by the cosplayers after their fashion show. Yes, I mentioned it on Insectduel’s Game Corner Blog several times and some of YouTube. Reni Mimura illegally served the alcoholic drink forcing some non alcoholic drinkers like myself to drink it. No ID’s are checked before the show started. Our company Insectduel’s Domain did drop the charges against Reni in September 2011 but was later charged again in March 2012. She was charged on 2 counts for serving alcohol illegally without proper permission even if every person is over 21 years old.

Unware of any cocktail drinks having alcohol content.

Then on November 5, 2011 when I went to Reni’s Show in Boston, there are cocktail drinks on their menu which is actually from the restaurant venue. There was no warning if any of these drinks has alcohol content in it so I accidentally ordered it and also drink it. ID’s are checked before they serve and All Asia Bar doesn’t illegally serve the drink to anyone under the age of 21. We’ve been filing every single report and this is what 2012 came up.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden                                   j-Summit New York (9/2012)

First, on June 26, 2012 is the time when alcoholic drinks are served at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Astoria by their friends I met on Facebook. I tried to avoid beer drinking but they would not listen so I did discard it to someone else. ID’s are checked before entering. And on September 16, 2012 at the j-Summit event, I threw the drink ticket on Red Wine but cannot drink all of it.

Coney Island Beach

Now with the results of the year 2012 after Amber Village is closed on May, in July 8, 2012 when Apple Kissa and Tenshi No Ai made an event with the Moé Honey Maids, they use common sense and are part of the parks rules which prohibits any alcoholic beverages on Coney Island Beach and including where I work which is Brighton Beach. Then on August 21, 2012 when Reni or Sato host an event that is taken place at the Gershwin Hotel, some people bring their own alcohol beverages inside the room which is not a good idea when under 21 people are present.

Gershwin Hotel (August 21, 2012)

On September 2012, when the Moé Honey Maids hosted a Karaoke event, alcohol beverages are prohibited inside the Karaoke room. And when the event is taken place at the Gershwin Hotel again on the same month, they asked people to bring their own drinks except alcoholic beverages which they would not allow. That was the final straw!

Picture taken by Ryuu Araragi.

And now since the re-opening of the Maid Café at Stepping Out Studios, Reni Mimura brings their own food from home and served it. They also did not bring any alcoholic beverages in the dance studio which the SOS staff probably wouldn’t allow either but it is unclear. Even if guests bringing any outside drinks without prior permission, the maids will escort them to leave or take them away. All I see on the food table is omurice and sodas. While I was here, I was watching performances which include the Karaoke Contest, Rainbow Bubble, and some Maid performances like MoeBurst. As a result from the people I talked to on the tables, I have completely ignored Reni since our company has nothing to do with her after her error of judgment.

Reni sings the Rock, Paper and Scissors rap song and wasn’t too good for me before the main show, everybody’s a star time. However, some programs like the 30 second/achievement are cut because of the time issue to stay in the room. So it’s only Cosplay, First Time, Birthday, Moé Janken, and Last Song. During the birthday program, I have to make sure that Reni Mimura does not touch me or even use me like she did with other events while on stage announcing my 7th anniversary of my company

Picture taken by Ryuu Araragi.

Now, EriPanda did tell me that Reni plays the Moé Janken game with the eyes closed so I did. Like I did with the Gershwin Hotel back in August 2012, I was eliminated and was so close to winning then played the last song. After the event, Hybrid Girl CD was on sale but I decided not to buy it.

So into our investigation, we induct Reni Mimura which remains to be discontinued support from Insectduel’s Domain. I left without talking to Reni. But the Moé Honey Maids and Moédan are still to be followed.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Japan Arts Matsuri 2012

Last Sunday on the 11th of November, I went to the Theater on 1st Avenue between 9th and 10th avenues. While entering, I have paid the admission to wear the wristband for entry. When I looked at the program, I realize that I was already too late for Tourmaline, so both people I am looking forward to meet are gone from the first day of JAM 2012, deposited $1 to the 3/11/2011 fund.

Last Saturday was too busy so I was working, then getting my haircut. Besides, 10tecomai wasn’t performed in Talent Night so 10tecomai while Lulla plays in Astoria at the same time would be my oblivious choice. The Saturday 11/10/2012 story will come in later. Plus I don’t have a 2 day pass or even $40 for 2 days.

Tourmaline, which only performed on day one of JAM 2012 only.

The people I met in JAM 2012 is some of the vendors, Yumi Koshigai, Sayuri Tanabe, Chika Hanioka, FOXY FOXES of Natsuko Hayashi, Ako Ando, Eri Inaba, and Ami Yamaki, 10tecomai members of Tomoko Kamimura, Tomas Trinidad, and Saori Kato. The cuts which the people I did not meet from day 1 is Yuko Ikeshita and Rena Washino. The people I have seen but never talked is Nobuko Miyazaki, Rich Kameda (obliviously), Reiko Morikawa (meh!), Ki-Yo (he’s here but never bother with him) and Ringmaster Yoshi. The only non performer of JAM 2012 but performs in the Cotton Club every Monday is Yuka Kameda. Now I am ready to meet her once I am paid for that Monday.

For once, I love to see Chieli Manzano one last time like last year of Japan Arts Matsuri but it is already too late since she’s not performing in JAM 2012 before her leave back to Japan with her husband.

Foxy Foxes

Now the Talent Night of 2012, some of the performances are good but some made me laugh but in a serious matter. So Group D, Tokyo Circus won but I was shocked about that comedy matter, Group E is Hanayagi Kingyohime & Shieri Yamafuji, and Group F is Foxy Foxes. Then the winners from all 3 groups come over, the winner would be Foxy Foxes by the crowd decision.

Then the rest of the show but time is ticking slow, Ballet was good but not really entertaining, YUZURU theater drama kills me and makes me go to sleep so DEAR GOD man! Drumming Taiko was so entertaining and was in a small interview before starting, 10tecomai comes over, Kenichi Ebina is like whoa and he is a Michael Jackson fan, Vocal and Piano tires me out a bit, Classic Guitar Duo was good but Morning Musuko or Robin’s Egg Blue from last year was entertaining, and the grand finale.

Before my leave, I did drink the non alcoholic beer without payment and that one is KIRIN FREE. The beer taste with no alcohol effects. My journey to MAGFest is still ongoing.

I’ve still regret not talking to Aki Goto in JAM 2011 before her leave so I may delete her from my Facebook list if she decides not to come back.

Credit goes to the JAM 2012 staff photographers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NY de Volunteer's Happy FUNdRasier (10/23/12)

Hello everyone! It’s been too long to provide this blog as of October 23rd 2012. Now that I am employed as the cleanup crew for Hurricane Sandy, there will be huge financial plans to spend on, more on it later.

On the 23rd of October 2012, I went to place called Legends NYC. A tavern has 3 levels. The lower level is where the event is taken place. Now I was going to spend some money on a non alcoholic beverage but I didn’t spend any so, before the drinks I brought 2 raffle tickets which is donated to the children. This is what happened the last time I come over which took place at Tammany Hall for Tsubasa and Shiori. Even the origami earrings are still $10. Anyway I talked to people before the performance show. The ticket was thrown for the watch, and the Amazon Kindle.

2 live performances are in place at Legends NYC. The first is Lulla and the other is magician Rich Kameda. I’ve seen him every time I visit wherever I go but never actually involved with him. With Lulla singing, even though I can still take pictures but the USB attachment is damaged so I didn’t bring my phone camera with me. The first ticket has been called out but still standing.

While time is ticking, I spoke with Noriko Hino and she does remember me. Noriko is NY de Volunteer’s executive. I did meet her last time but did not expect to be in contact again. Then with other NY de Volunteer staff and the Japanese female photographer but I cannot remember her name now.

Now the second round gets called. While looking, I never thought my name was called and gotten the watch which has the monetary value of $150. Unfortunately, I did not get the Amazon Kindle which many tickets are thrown so there is a slim chance of winning it.

Before the closures, I did spend time with Lulla and had a good glance at my watch. I cannot be opened so it must be cut with a knife to have it opened. Lulla wants my watch but I have it.

Currently as of November 13th, 2012 the watch is already cut opened and locked from anyone even my mother. It could be given to any of the Japanese females I met on Facebook but there’s no need to keep the watch if I have the clock on my phone. Wherever fate decides, only 1 gets the watch from Ron-Chan. Who knows, I may end up having an actual Japanese girlfriend who’s never on my Facebook list. A long time ago, I stopped using Craigslist ad dating for a reason. I may get replies but the meetings failed.

The next NY de Volunteer event, I will get the origami earrings so I can probably give to someone that isn’t Lulla Miyuki since she is wearing them.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Past and Future Plans + Hurricane Sandy

86 Street Gravesend on the (N) line which I do not live anywhere in Brooklyn.

Hello friends, I hope you’re okay from the affected Hurricane Sandy areas. I know I did and didn’t cut power from where I live. During the past week, I went to Legends NYC for the NY de Volunteer event which was held last Tuesday on the 23rd of October. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting though but I should tell you that I have the valuable $150 shiny watch I won at the raffle by throwing my $10 in and discard 2 tickets for the prize. Not if I did that but to have some time with live entertainment with Lulla and Rich. Story continues when the pictures are uploaded either Facebook or their website but how long? The watch should be given to the following Japanese Female Friends I met but for now I should wear it for myself.

Otherwise, without my damage USB hub on my Nokia Cell Phone I can post things immediately on my Facebook Fanpage or even tag photos to friends and including entertainers who’s also my friends.

Now, my original plan last week after the NY de Volunteer event was j-Summit event on the 28th of October but it was postponed so I should pray that it will go on November 4th at 7PM.


During Hurricane Sandy, I’ve stayed home and never left the house. While doing that, I’ve already worked on the Rockman Alter Force project and 2 stages already designed but no enemies inserted. Ice Man was ported from my discontinued Mega Man 1 hack Megagirl Another Fight Story to Rockman Alter Force. Wily 2 was also designed as shown in my above screenshot. More levels will be designed later this week and onward to Bomb Man and Wily 3, then Fire Man what’s left of it.

Then yesterday, I started registered for ResCare so I am going back to the employment game and try to gain a job so I can book a damn hotel at MAGFest ’11 in Washington January 3rd. I already purchased the Pre-Registration Ticket but all I need is the Round-Trip Bus Ticket depending how many days I’m staying unless by home shelters or motels plus an under $150 HD camera so I can take pictures of the convention event. Maybe someday I could invite one of my Japanese Female Musician friends to meet up with music composer of Castlevania Kinuyo Yamashita like I did with Video Games Live at Red Bank New Jersey last April. Anyone can be invited to MAGFest ’11 except Reni Mimura since she’s not really my friend or “Angel” anymore due to her errors.

Enough is enough and this is NOVEMBER so I’m not booking any more events for UZUHI, Mika Mimura along with Banda Magda, Kashimi Asai, definitely NOT Reni Mimura, Fuyuko Nakamura (unless j-Summit), Foxy Foxes (Too many invited events from Natsuko Hayashi), Misa Ogasawara unless otherwise because November 17th will be my last, Mika Yanagihara, Masami Ishibashi, Singer Setsuko, Saori Kato with 10tecomai, Lale Sayoko, Nahoko Sugiyama, Yuka Kameda unless I made the $25 fee every Monday, Rena Washino, and Yuriko Miyake. The only person I can still meet up is Yuki Ishiwata, Lulla Miyuki and Atsumi Ishibashi. Dancers Yuko Ikeshita or Chika Hanioka is in the maybe piles. That way my MAGFest ’11 budget can be saved for these days of January 2013. Wish me luck.