Thursday, October 25, 2012

Japan Block Fair October 2012 and After Comic Con Party

On Sunday October 14th 2012, I wasted no time going to 96th Street after I went to the Barber Shop. I use the M96 Cross-town Bus from East Side (6) train to West Side (1) (2) and (3) lines. When I arrive, it wasn’t how it was expected as May or July 2012. Most of the booths are most likely to be food based products and little of everything else. The first thing I did is to throw $1 to Smiles of Japan booth then bought food at the Hakata Tonton. These people had known me by now since I always come there except I’ve still need to come over their $10-$30 restaurant at anytime.

Speaking of Hakata Tonton, one of the employees Yuriko Miyake will leave the joint this week according to her status. She is an actress by the way which the reason is.

Continuing on, while I was eating at the eating spaces Brooklyn Tap Dancer and entertainer at the Cotton Club in Harlem Yuka Kameda is one of the ramen sellers in booth three. Seeing her smiles with her half closed Asian looking eyes kind of make her attractive. Every Monday, she performs at The Cotton Club but it will cost you $25 every week. With little money left, I had to spend the last one on ramen on booth three. The entire event is most likely to be a ramen contest and nothing else and moved on.

Then after doing some busy activity, I have to go to Radio Star Karaoke for an After Comic Con Party. While going into the lounge, I tried to request a Karaoke song but it costs me $2 which I’m broke. Other rooms containing video games which are most likely to be fighting types like Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Marvel VS. Capcom 3 on either the X-BOX or Playstation 3 on HD TV’s. One room contains watching Anime which I did go in and watch Panty and Stocking from FUNimation. I didn’t last too long but I did meet 4 people from Facebook in real life.

The party lasts long until 2AM so I didn’t even bother staying.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wagner College - Staten Island

Last Saturday on the 13th of October, I started off by going to Times Square Church because there was a street fair event. I didn’t last too long as I had some free food and drinks. After I got them, I decided to head to Staten Island at Wagner College where Mika Yanagihara has her dance piece. Of course Mika and her choreographer told me to take the Staten Island Ferry but I won’t bother with it and it costs me money so I ended up going to 86th Street Brooklyn and take the S32 bus. I was a bit lost trying to find the stop.

As I got there, I have to walk up the hills but there is a problem. I didn’t know WHERE or WHAT building is the dance so I started off at Stage One Theater. Wrong location and then the main campus and try to mention the name but nothing and searching. Then I tried to ask the college librarian but she wouldn’t let me pass so I ask some people and showed me the right direction. With little time, I was in rage but calmly did found the place.

With some art gallery on the walls and fruits and healthy drinks on the table, I decided to take a bite. The only bitter drink on the table is wine or other alcoholic drinks but I wouldn’t bother. As time is ticking, Mika was doing some dance pieces and snap a picture at her. Then continue on eating but also talking to people for a bit as I want to be part of it. 30 minutes later, Mika did the same choreography piece and afterwards I gave her my flowers. As you know her birthday is the first week of October which is the reason.

The rest of my time, I ride the (3) train to Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn and then back home.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

Last Thursday on the 11th day of October of 2012, I went to the Jacob Javits Center for the New York Comic Con event. And the only reason I went there because I purchased the Pro Thursday pass, well it didn’t cost me a penny.

Before I went in, I’ve gotten nervous a bit but I’ve gotten that thingy where you wear around the neck along with my Ron-Chan ID card. First thing I went is the Show Floor and started playing video games, then started wondering around the other isles. I’ve gotten some free merchants from some people and especially from NBC Universal which is the stress ball. I need one of these for a reason.

Surprisingly, Miss Hannah Minx was also at the convention and gotten nervous before speaking to her. It’s because I’ve been watching her videos on YouTube so I needed a collection. But I could I need a picture with her when my face isn’t clean shaved. I didn’t think I need one before Japan Block Fair on Sunday. So after wondering around the booths, I started talking to her. During the time I speak out, I gave her my domain name. But unfortunately, I started to faint and was knocked down to the ground. 15 minutes later I did regain consciousness and had medial attention. Unfortunately, I gave up Hannah Minx and continued on.

Checking the lower level for the screen panels listed. I didn’t bother checking but I may afraid that Pro Thursday people not allowed to mostly the 4-Day people are allowed. But I am not 100% sure anyway as I continued to have fun at the Show Floor playing more video games and including the Super Smash Brothers clone game called Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

As I checked out isles and played more games, I have gathered more prizes. Then one of my Facebook friends came to say hi to me, the one who successfully purchased the 4-Day pass. Then onward to Naruto Ninja Storm 3 and Dragon Ball Z Kai gaming booths, I played with an opponent but I guess I’m trying to make a friend but who knows. Then I wonder back to Miss Hannah Minx’s booth but I wouldn’t bother talking to her again after my collapse so it’s no use talking to her in person than the internet.

And finally, the concert which I didn’t spent too long there. The room is dark and the room is huge with 3 giant HD TV’s. Afterwards, I left New York Comic Con at the Javits Center. I have to admit it was great but still, I would have actually got a 3 or 4 day pass but it’s too expensive. Next year in October 2013, I’m sure I’ll join in the same fun but as Press member or 4 Day person.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phone USB Problem + Upcoming Plans

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy your weekend at New York Comic Con. I know I did since last Thursday. However, I went to the electronics store and had the professional guy diagnose my Nokia Cell Phone and appear that the USB Hub is damaged. It’s possible to have it fix but it’s going to cost me $50 to replace it. I hope it’s not a complete waste because the charger plugs is still working. Let me remind you that there is NO internet service otherwise all pictures would have to send via E-mail.

As a result, there will be no New York Comic Con, Wagner College at Staten Island where I follow Japanese dancer Mika Yanagihara, Japan Block Fair at Upper West Side, and Comic Con after party at Radio Star Karaoke pictures to be uploaded at Insectduel’s Domain’s Facebook fan page and to be used my blog. I can still write stories but pictures will not be posted. All pictures will have a blank black text image until extracted.

Now there is a new plan, after getting my Nokia Phone fixed with a replacement USB Hub, all usage will be discontinued and have to buy a HD digital camera with $150 and under.

There are upcoming events along the way on October and j-Summit New York is the only one left. Other events like the Arcana Tea Party will be canceled in reserve of the price ticket and the donation money to throw in. Our goal is to make JAPAN smile at the j-Summit concert event. November is limited to 2 or 1 events since it will be my last in reserve in getting a job to buy a round trip bus ticket to Washington D.C for MAGFest ’11 convention event and booking a hotel after getting a HD Digital Camera for under $150. Otherwise it will be for Friday or Saturday only which takes place in January 2013.

The following 2 events in the November month which one of them is to be announced. It may subject to change if the price wasn’t enough for Japan Arts Matsuri event for SUNDAY only. The admission is $20 I believe but I’ll double check. The TBA event is a dance performance from Mika Yanagihara. However, I may able to see 1 singer while everyone else is off limits.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Problems with extracting pictures from my Nokia Cell phone

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having fun at New York Comic Con or where ever you are! However, since I got back from New York Comic Con on Thursday and tried to extract the pictures, I found out that the USB Data Cable not working! It won’t read any data from it and if I tried the regular charger, it still works.

On Friday, I had to bring both the phone and the USB Data Cable to see if it can load from any of the computers. There is no luck on that either.  So I think it may be a dead charger.

Then yesterday, I brought the USB Data Cable and it STILL does not work and I don’t know why!

Now, I took many pictures of New York Comic Con, Wagner College, and Japan Block Fair throughout the week. I am afraid that these pictures will NOT be extracted off my phone! The only way to extract them is the Bluetooth and my friend told me this and it can work without the Internet but it’s still unsure how the Bluetooth will be supported. Professionals suppose to have pictures when forming a blog and these probably will not happen. Also, there is NO internet connection on my phone or I would have send pictures by E-mails.

At Insectduel’s Game Corner blog on Blogger, these blog entries will still be written but the pictures will NOT be posted especially for future entries. However, blogs about video games does not need a cellphone but to use your console’s Emulator and snap a pic directly before uploading the pic into your image website.

I do not know what to do but I should ask a professional electronics guy to find out what is wrong with the phone that no longer supports the USB plugin cable. Results may found out that it might be dirty but I hope it doesn’t cost me money to fix the simple problem.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

32nd Korean Parade and Festival


Last Saturday, I went to Korea Way in Midtown Manhattan for the 32nd Korean Parade and Festival. First thing is to wonder around the vendors and check out some booths. Then I accidentally spent $15 on a squid dish which cuts my funds for the j-Summit event or my haircut. While eating my dish, I watch the performances before one of my followers Setsuko goes on stage.

However, I choked up a few fat pieces and found some plastic stick in the dish but it is easily swallowed. I wonder if it already came like that.

Setsuko mixed up some songs while the dancers doing their choreography. That includes the main song called Mr. Right which can be found on Amazon, iTunes and the YouTube video which is at Setsuko’s YouTube channel. Setsuko’s nationality is Japanese by the way, not Korean.


Other Korean performers had small performances including martial arts or drums. It was great seeing children showing their fighting spirits in action breaking wood with their feet and hands and even climbing. That’s a lot of work and professional training. The dancers in pink in this picture uses my newly addicted K-POP song called I love you by 2NE1. This music video is right below. The same goes to the dancers in white next to it during the singing contest.

After the first half, before the marshals are speaking out they are doing Gangnam style dancing. I never knew that song and dancing is so popular these days.

Then the second half, they are doing the singing contest and the emcee mostly speaking Korean. The best singers means the best can win but I do not know them. During the whole event, I was at the main stage but there are others but I didn’t bother to explore.

The last one, one of the Tenshi No Ai maids are performing some Gangnam style dancing, then the crowd comes in. What a great concert ending it was. By the way, PSY owns the Gangnam K-POP music.

With my money blown on Korean squid food even though it was tasty, the plans for Hakata Tonton 10/10/12 event plan is cancelled. I have to conserve money at the Japan Block Fair and haircut expensive but I can still go to their vendors. Someday, I’ll buy their entrees. Hakata Tonton is at the Christopher Street (1) train on the uptown side.