Saturday, June 30, 2012

NBA Jam (Arcade)

I remember playing NBA Jam in an arcade machine by placing quarters in a machine. As me being a sucky player, I knew I didn’t stand a chance and there is no strategy involved. The game’s publisher is Midway and the remake publisher to the ported consoles is Acclaim.

Unlike the EA Basketball games, NBA Jam uses 4 people and 4 players. Some shoots can catch on fire and has announcer commentaries. Of course comparing to NBA Showtime which releases later, they didn’t have crazy slam dunks.

These screenshots are various ports of NBA Jam.

As I play the game in an arcade, I tried my best to play the game smoothly but the opponent kept getting better points than me. The losing team when the match ends must insert more coins to continue. That’s the idea to earn more money for either the store owner or is being sent to the video game company. The winning team continues the game for a free credit.

I never actually got through the game as I run out of quarters during the halftime show. But I saw people play the game professionally. I kind of wish I reach that much far.

NBA Jam has secrets, only in certain versions such as the tournament edition. And some ports had different players. If you played NBA Jam tournament edition, you will play Easter egg characters such as Sub-Zero and Scorpion. There are many other characters in home consoles than the arcade version. However, the Mortal Kombat arcade games that kombat kodes works even in home versions of the console.

NBA Jam is now on the Nintendo Wii Console. A much smoother 3D game play from EA Games than the 16-bit arcade game produced by Midway. Now you can play the greatest action in high definition but it’s still the four person game like the original arcade game.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Second identity, night celebration

Yesterday afternoon, we discussed about project 4 payment at Van Courtlandt Park. Of course I didn’t have time to post the price guides right now so when July 1st comes, all payments must be received before taking action. You pay $30 per request for all users including beta testing, $10 refund if fails 1 week and is started on Monday. $200 for requests to join up the team project. $5 for SMB3-SMAS requests for non Facebook users and English1Stud. And tutorial videos will be priced for $15 for over 3 minutes. I will write them tonight!


Then last night after Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, I decided to go to the private party. Well it’s not private because I wouldn’t tell my own Facebook friends (cosplay/anime list) or any fans where I’m going except my family to let them know, I said that so I wouldn’t see anyone on sight unless they know Saki Tokumura. It only takes me 30 minutes from the Bronx to the Manhattan-Bound (6) train to 125th Street and the M60 Bus to Astoria. They’re located at the Bohemian Beer Garden which I went last month for the New York Venom Dancers that time. The security is guarding the entrance so no underage 21 people would enter the facility.

By the time I arrive, I knew I wasn’t prepared. So I tried to talk them out of trouble so I wouldn’t repeat the same incident like in 08/25/11 with Reni’s Maid Shows. Although I am an adult, I chose NOT to drink any alcohol by any means. As I was given a beer for me to drink, I gave it away. NO QUESTIONS ASKED as usual from people! Rom hackers like me need to keep the vitality up!

Most of the dancers are not noticed by their looks except for Akiko from Dance New Amsterdam. She still hasn’t known me well but I’ll remove her from the Facebook list soon even if she’s the dance instructor. The other is easily noticed. So I tried to kill time for about 30 to 45 minutes talking with others. It lasted at least an hour talking to 3 wonderful ladies about life and stuff, including MAGFest.

Afterwards, I knew my camera wasn’t strong in dark areas so I decided to choose Saki Tokumura as part of my memory. The other with the camera with the flash helped me out. There will be a decision whether I’ll upload them on my Facebook Fanpage while the other one being tagged is pending. I gave her my farewell card afterwards.

Rondell VS. Ron-Chan, both identities are different than the other.

Then the rom hacking project continues as new projects ready to be hosted to my website.

Harlem event at Marcus Garvey Park

It’s a rainy day yesterday as I took care of business in the Human Resources Association but it wasn’t the same as last week since Mika Mimura was the huge cost. She’s hard to get in contact unless her schedule posted at Mika Mimura’s official website.

I began departing my home at 3:00PM and went to Harlem-125th Street. I was doing normal activity before heading to Marcus Garvey Park where the concert has taken place. I came over for one reason after I read one of her Facebook updates and that is Yuka Kameda, the tap dancer from the Millennium Dance Company. I had met her a few times including last summer when I first hang out.

For a rom hacker who has interests in Japanese women, I think I had one too many but I do love my friends.

Anyway, it kept raining on and off and watched the performers sing. By the time the wooden floor is set, the tap dancers are getting ready to dance including Yuka Kameda. I capture a few shots of her with my cell phone camera and the light is strong enough to get good quality.

As the concert is over, I and Yuka Kameda had a small chat while walking and heading to a different path. Because of Hell’s Kitchen coming on every Monday on FOX, I cannot meet her at the Cotton Club which she performs every Monday. Even if I go there, there is a chance that I might miss it even if my mom is recording the tape so I can watch it later. She always overwritten new shows to record after watching and examine.

Today is Project 4 Payment meeting at Van Courtlandt Park and tonight I’ll be heading to Astoria for a private farewell party. My friend only allows her chosen invites with 1 or more guests that know the sender of my friend.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Arts Cure Recital Event + SACRA

Last night, I decided to walk straight down at 5th Avenue from 42nd Street from Broadway to the college located between 25th and 24th streets at Lexington Avenue. I arrived about 6:10PM and pay up the ticket for Arts Cure Recital + SACRA. The person who’s friends with Fuyuko Nakamura came on time. Most of my other friends decided to go to Grace Hotel for an album release pool party which happens to be three. I am different from the others.

 The recital is based on a Japanese folktale.

A young fisherman, Urashima Taro, saves a turtle that is being tortured by some children. The turtle, to thank him, takes Taro to the Dragon Palace under the sea. There he meets a beautiful princess, Otohime, with whom he falls in love. The rest of the story says for itself since I don’t want to spoil the rest.

I didn’t see any photographers around the theatre but I am allowed to take photos but I didn’t want to because we chose to discontinue taking pictures at indoor places until I have a better camera. My brother should use his job money to buy one either the Nikon or Canon for the both of us. Even if Myu toYu are dancing but I love their black leathered outfits I would refrain for taking shots of them. And Fuyuko’s hairstyle is started to grow a bit long but now its medium sized.

I had the applause photo after the first half of the show is over but I accidentally overwritten it. Then the second half of the show is a competition showcase SACRA. It stands for Save A Cultural Resource for Asians. You have to decide with 3 would be voted for. No more and no less than 3 or your votes would not count.

Before the judging results, another show called Sinsen-Gumi Desperate Assassination Plot in this photo. It’s a story with samurai stories and action. Then the voting results. Yuko’s choreography piece Tourmaline, Ganesha came in second performed by Rebecca Fox while the winning one is Clock Strikes 12, Night at the Museum.

Before I left and say goodbye to them while getting ready to celebrate with drinks, Myu to Yu’s announced that they will perform at j-Summit July 29th. Tuesday, I’ll be going to a private farewell party only for the chosen friends but I won’t last until 30 to 45 mimutes. July 29TH, most people will go to Otakon so some won’t make it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Make Music New York Summer '12

Yesterday had a tough day, as soon I woke up I had to take my grandmother to the HRA building to get public assistance. Sadly, almost the whole afternoon has been wasted and gotten angry at the same time. This is the cost of Mika Mimura’s solo concert at 1PM which I never mentioned and Xylopholks for the 4PM show. Both Mika Mimura’s show is missed.

I didn’t get home until 5PM which I had to leave to Astor Place and Lafayette Street for the Middle Church Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir’s show. I got there JUST IN TIME! It was a 45 minute concert but the time when is over, I had to run off to Murray Hill at Studio 39 and didn’t have time to talk to the choir. I didn’t know I got there fast so got in the building.

As soon I got in around 7:15PM, Lulla Miyuki was no where to be found. Not even the Asian woman I pictured with flowers on both sides on her head and ponytails but she does look different comparing to these photos. Lulla is most likely to wear her traditional Japanese clothing on her shows. So I watch the whole Red States concert and I have to admit that their music was good. Then when I found out that Lulla Miyuki wasn’t in the building, he canceled it and the guy takes her role until another band shows up in this photo. He had a designed 9 Eleven tie. I had to leave Studio 39 and ended up being upset a little and worried. Question is what happened to Lulla Miyuki? She hasn’t posted on Facebook since June 1st and her website was never updated.

I figured that it was too late for me to go to Brooklyn for Robin’s Egg Blue starring Atsumi Ishibashi but I do regret not seeing her but I don’t have to worry since their next show will be taken place somewhere outside of New York City in July.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Spring Events

Last Saturday, I walked all the way down from the Bronx to West 82nd Street to the Church of the Holy Trinity for the Choral Festival of Japan. It’s a singing event with different choirs with different variety of groups. While entering, people continue to put charity donation boxes to support Japan.

First Japanese choir in the program is the Great Neck Japanese Women’s Chorus SAKURA. All ladies group and all wearing black blouses with flowers on their chests on the right side. Sakura represents cherry blossoms which we all should know. Their choir sings the popular song Sukiyaki which I did sing at Reni’s maid show in Boston on 11/5/11. Second choir is The Men’s Glee Club of New York. All guys wearing tuxedoes and sings some Japanese songs.

Next choir shown in the photo is the Harmony Basket. All ladies group and all wearing pink shirts labeled Harmony Basket vertically with music notes. The one shown in the photo sings Under the Sea from the movie The Little Mermaid from Disney. Next choir is Hanamizuki, all ladies group and all wearing white shirt with different long black skirts and has flowers on the chest at the right side. Then The New York Mixed Chorus with a couple of people wearing black half of men and women and most likely to sing the opera type of music. And the last choir shown in the photo is the Cocolo Japanese Gospel Choir. Their songs is mostly church related which is published to worship Jesus like in church services. Their members are mixed and the one in green is Miyuki Habiro. That was a performance and took the subway back to the Bronx.

Ballet Arts at City Center

And yesterday evening, I went to Ballet Arts at City Center. While the performance is getting ready to open doors, Myu to Yu arrives in street clothes came to the performance not performing but to watch the show. Middle Church Choir Singer and Dancer Kashimi Asai also arrive after doors are opened but show has not started. They all came for 1 reason and is the Sunproject dancer Saki Tokumura. Rebecca Fox also friends of Saki but wasn’t on my Facebook list.

I on the other hand also came to watch Saki’s last dance performance but also for Chieli Kajiwara since I am a friend and a fan of her dancing. For the entire show, there is no flash photography, yes no flash photos but I didn’t bother taking any pics but still violates the terms of service and copyright reasons. Besides, Insectduel’s Domain only take photos in outside areas such as the Japan Block Fair to get a better quality while inside places like Ballet Arts didn’t have a chance unless you have a good camera like Canon, Nikon, or Panasonic. iPhones are a slim chance like most cell phone cameras.

Also, you have to judge about the dancers and their choreographers by writing in the comment. Some were good and some have no interests, but the SUNPROJECT performed excellent.

After the show, there are snacks provided with Cookies, Fruits, Chips, Popcorn, Tea and Soda. No alcohol drinks this time! These days when it comes to drinking too much alcohol, it can lose your brain cells and drinking too much sugary drinks a day can bring on obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Luckily, Sprite seems harmless because it’s one of the healthier sodas which I drank about 3 cups. So for me, I limit myself drinking sodas that are more than 20FL OZ a day. I ate a lot of grapes to balance it out with sweets.

I’ve been meeting the dancers I already know and they are glad to see me, including choreographer of the Sunproject Sunae Hwang. I started to know her since I watched it too many. With Saki going away in July, I’m going to miss her. I’ve met her last year in March when Kashimi performs her dance piece while I was following Myu. It was nice to know Saki while it lasts.

My next adventure will be Make Music New York on June 21, 2012 for Lulla Miyuki. I cannot meet Lulla and Robin’s Egg Blue at the same time so I only go for the one that is the most missed and Lulla is an important person to meet which is located at Studio 39 for 8PM.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Handheld Casino Games

Back in those days, my mom brought a few handheld games especially for those that are casino based. The 2 games most played would be the slots and poker.  These handheld games uses AA batteries and can last long. However, replacing the batteries deletes the high scores, which is the main point.

I remember the time about slot machine games that always uses BAR in stacks. 1 BAR, 2 BAR and 3 BAR. You start with 500 points. Then you will bet the number desired up to 5. Match in the certain number will get you more points. Sounds simple right. Getting the 3 BARS in the highest part of the slot, which was line 5, will grant you a jackpot. It doesn’t guarantee that it will improve your odds when you spend coins playing slots.

Poker is also another game but I think it’s a 2 on 1 game I had. It’s based on a card game you play at home only in electronic form. When you draw a card, you place a hold like say 2 heart number 3’s. Then you deal and draw the next 3 cards to see that matches. Like 2 more spade 3’s and 1 clover 10 which grant you four of a kind. The jackpot would be the royal flush if you hands contain A-K-Q-J-10 of a suit.

And the simple card game is called Black jack. You just keep drawing cards until you decide to either pickup or stay at a specific number. 16 or 17 would be the highest one. If you go over 21, you lose, and if your opponent’s drawn card is higher number than you then you will also lose.

These games are unknown disappear of if they kept it in their rooms so these games are just for my boredom.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road to MAGFest 11

Kinuyo Yamashita via Facebook is announced that she would be part of the convention on January 3 through 6, 2013. We are planning to strike at Washington D.C. at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. As I examined, the cost of the round trip would be $60 if I’m planning to stay for 3 to 4 days by discount price coach buses. For 1 day only, it would be $35 for round trip by discount price coach buses. Pre-Registration for online buying costs $40 via PayPal or Credit/Debit card. Otherwise it would be $50 for the full price OR depending the day that I’ll arrive would be the varied price. The total price would be approximately $200 to $300. The address is 201 Waterfront Street Oxon Hill, MD 20745.

Here’s the most worried part, the cost for hotel stays. I checked this hotel location and it would be cost about under $1,000. That’s a lot of money and is VERY expensive. Even if we don’t have a stay for the hotel, I would be sleeping somewhere in the shelters or terminal stations. Even the cheap hotels wouldn’t help. So what about Motels, it’s a bit different than the expensive classy hotel.

Now, since most of my friends were anime freaks, I am a video game or a musician freak. I’m also a ballet dancing watching guy who LOVES women. About MAGFest, it’s a Video Game and a Music convention that includes tournaments, arcades, video games, music concerts and even MORE. Our ultimate goal would be having fun being part of the video game world. Including meeting Kinuyo Yamashita once again since Video Games Live at Red Bank, New Jersey last April.

Currently, I’m looking for a roommate or someone with a digital camera. Phone cameras including I-Phone, Blackberry or Androids would not help and is a big difference. A better model camera would be Nikon, Canon, and some other popular brand except Vivatar and it will cost $300 more but that’s the least of my worries. Hopefully, in the future I’ll be posting a Craigslist ad or looking for a Facebook friend to come along with me if they have interests coming to MAGFest including some Japanese female friends I had.

If you guys interested to help Insectduel’s Domain to donate some money for MAGFest 11, please send money to paypal at However, we are still trying to get to Comic Con this fall in 2012. The current goal would be $300. If project 4 payments exist, anyone with the team project would cost money to stay in the project.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks (PlayStation 2)

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks is the Playstation 2 game that I did not own but my neighbor played it. Just like with Dragon Ball Z sagas, this one is a bit different. Your only characters played as would be Liu Kang or Kung Lao. Other characters also join story mode but it would not match the actual story so it would always be Liu Kang and Kung Lao in every voice dubbed story. What is so different between the two would be the frustrating gameplay experience in a 2-Player game.

The story based on Mortal Kombat II game and onward to the path to Shao Kahn after the defeat of Shang Tsung.

Playing a 2-Player game is annoying in this one because the player must work as a team to retain their health especially when facing foes like Reptile. In addition, you must attack as a team to keep the game moving. What is so cool in Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks is to execute a fatality or mutality. When the health runs out no matter who is your played character, both player dies! So its best if is used as a 1-Player mode.

Unfortunately, we only had a 2-day period since he brings it in during the weekend. I think Dragon Ball Z sagas were played on a same day but I am not 100% sure. The only stage was left is Shao Kahn’s arena which would be Kintaro. You know, it is cool to fight Mortal Kombat 2 stories in 3D gaming and know the true stories related to the game.

Like most games, characters can build experience points to gain new moves by leveling up. Pick up cool weapons during battles and even more. I wish I would like to see the ending but there are YouTube playthroughs to be look at their subscriber’s channel.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Night Guy

Last Saturday, I went to Brooklyn at the Williamsburg Music Center. I did not expect what I’m seeing so it’s like a night club. So the drinks cost you $10 fee before choosing the type of drink to be added for payment. As a non alcoholic drinker even if there’s bottled water, I didn’t bother buying any drink from the bartender.

You may know what happened last September in 2011 at Don’t Tell Mama when I buy 2 bottled waters and went on to see Ricky’s comedy show instead of Misa & Lulla by accident, I was charged $6 for the water bottles and gotten with the argument with the manager. So I have to avoid buying any drinks at Williamsburg Music Center even if alcohol drinks are sold and watch the concert from the jazz band Soulbleed.  It may be left in the open for people thinks that they’re 21 years old to buy an alcohol drink but I hope they’re serious about checking their ID’s.

And also at August 25, 2011 when I was forced to drink alcohol in an event which is why I’m not an alcoholic now. There are number of past events when I get kicked out because I have to buy something to watch the performance and am most likely to be Mika Mimura’s concert including Banda Magda. I didn’t know what I was doing back then. Even if there’s a no cover fee. And with Misa Ogasawara’s concert at Tomi Jazz at East 53rd Street, I just left and didn’t bother to stay but the venue is too small and overcrowded. Another past event would be the Sapphire lounge in Lower East Side for LAPIN. I brought an alcohol drink which costs $5 cover but never drink it and left right before their performance.

Now onward with Soulbleed’s Jazz concert story, the only known person I met on the list is Tomoko a.k.a. Tomixrider which is her Twitter username and she often tweets when using her phone. Tomoko never knew that I come for Yuriko Miyake which is why she tweeted. Since Sunrise Fest when I heard Tomoko of the Tonton dancers announced about her pregnancy, 3 months later is the result what I saw now. I thought Mika Yoshida was coming too but the other event must’ve gotten her in the way.

With the music played, Yuriko danced in different styles. She was dancing like traditional Japanese style. I just kept my eyes on her rather than the music bands. In the second act, she danced in a sweat. Yuriko was very pleased that I came over to meet and to watch her performance. It was great!

By the time I’m trying to get home, instead of going to the (J) train, it rains very hard and caught the B62 bus to the (L) train at Bedford Avenue which leads to the (6) line back home for a ending.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dragon Ball Z Sagas (PlayStation 2)

Dragon ball Z Sagas is one of the greatest games I played on PlayStation 2. Although my brother owns the PlayStation 2 but the game was not owned but brings it in from a neighbor.

The game was beaten within 2 to 3 days but it follows the sagas from Vegeta to the Cell saga. Majin Buu is not included.  When you choose a saga, your main character on the 1P side is Goku, and then the other is the random choice such as Kid Gohan or Piccolo. You could even choose a character that doesn’t exist on the Dragon Ball Z saga like Bardock in the Androids saga. Many things can be unlocked.

This adventure game follows the mission procedures, you collecting coins and buy upgrades. You will get to fight many creatures but YOU MUST BEAT THEM to proceed. The capsules red and yellow expands the bar. Dragon Balls can also be found if you found the Dragon Radar.

At the end of the level, you will face major bosses like Raditz, Vegeta, Captain Ginyu, the Androids and other ones you face in many Dragon Ball Z episodes.  For the entire game, we played in teams as a 2-Players.  Me, my brother, and my neighbor all chipped in. It was fun playing the game and unlocks some features.

Boss battles are different; you are allowed to become 1 character in a time limit for 2-players. When the timer runs out, the character switches.  One of the toughest foes would be Cell, the final boss in the game.  The best scenario saga would be fighting against Captain Ginyu where Vegeta steps in and try to destroy him in Goku’s body just like in the real manga.

Dragon Ball Z sagas is one of the best games but hopefully, I hope there’s more video games like that. Maybe I’ll own a copy of my own if is still sold.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bart VS. The Space Mutants (NES)

Bart VS. The Space Mutants is one of the NES games I never owned but played by my cousin. The game wasn’t intentional to be beaten at all. The publisher of the game is Acclaim Entertainment and developed by Imagineering Incorporated.

The way how I play the game is to wander around the street area and grabbed the spray can. Then I have to spray all the purple objects into red. Bart already equipped with the X-Ray Specs. It allows seeing invisible aliens from humans and collecting letters from them. If you collect all of them, you will get an extra life. However, the X-Ray Specs also see through other objects.

The player only has 2 hits. Once those 2 hits are gone, you lose a life. There are other ways to get rid of the purple objects. You can cover them up in the clothes wire, use rockets to send them high flying on a certain target, use whistles at pet shops, but I have no idea about the magnet and the wrenches so they’re useless.

This is not the best game ever in fact it’s the worst game ever played. When you reach the endpoint, there is no way to pass unless you clear all the goals. There is a 600 time limit as well. Once the timer runs out, you will lose a life. However, they will send you back to a few checkpoints of a single level. I never even try so the game was not in my favor.

Now, since today I started downloading this game from the internet and started cheating. Not all the goals are cleared but 2 are missing from my results. One is the KEEP OUT sign and the other is the one with the WET PAINT. I had no idea how to get rid of those. Continuing the cheating process, you have to lose a few lives to proceed to the next level. As it said, it’s not the best Simpsons NES game I ever played. I hope these YouTube playthroughs are the skilled players.

Monday, June 4, 2012

j-Summit New York (June 2012)

Yesterday, I went to Lower East Side to The Bowery Electric for the j-Summit event. I didn’t even try rushing this time when the doors are opened but the (D) train on the downtown side isn’t running on 7th Avenue from Times Square Church so I have to take the (E) to West 4th Street and transfer to the (D) on the (C) or (E) platform and re-routed to the last stop 2nd Avenue on the (F). I’m on a will call list from Myu to Yu so I did pay up the discount price and gotten myself a drink ticket. I think the wristband is for proof that you pay for the ticket price or verify as a drinker like with Sunrise Fest.

A dance performance goes first before the band. So Myu to Yu and Foxy Foxes performs some jazz style dancing. I was hoping for the new Myu to Yu from the KISEKI performance but I guess it doesn’t fit in a night club place. I haven’t even try to get contact with the Foxy Foxes such as Ami and Natsuko but I need more time getting to know them before adding them to my list. Before band musicians are played, I got a little chat from Myu to Yu and discuss about T.M.H Smile ’12 dance performance which was held last week. Yuko did have a good look at my ID card representing my company and told her that I’m an artist.

First band played is Shinsei, they played some awesome music. I believe that they played a good one so I enjoyed it. I’m hoping to buy their music whenever I see them again. There should be a video clip of Shinsei so I could listen to the music again.

After their band played, I decided to go for a drink. As being a non-alcoholic drinker I have to take a Red Bull. It’s still an adult drink since it has caffeine in it and too much sugar. Drinking it had no effect on me but happened to my mom. Can’t understand why! I got a little busy trying to reach my cell phone while standing on a bar stool. While Yuko Ikeshita was next to me, I knocked it with my butt. I’m still standing but they think that I fell off but I was not hurt. Yuko asked if I drank too much, but I told them that I’m not an alcoholic. However, the Bloody Mary was the last alcohol drink as I told them, which is based on Reni’s show in Boston on 11/05/11. I never told them about the alcoholic event incident which I am not too comfortable talking to them about it. I called my family to let them know.

The 8/25/11 incident was the most deadly events ever. First I was forced to drink 2 tequilas from one person and other in 11/05/11 which is listed from the Boston maids menu and accidentally brought it. So GOD knows that I’m not an alcoholic so I really meant by that and to all the rom hackers like me out there.

Next band is the Colossal Mantis. It’s such an OK band.

More people showed up at The Bowery Electric!

Currently no one gives a **** about donating money to Japan.

Next band is LUST. During the band, singer YuKaRiN shows up. I guess she’s only here for LUST but she left later along with Yuko Ikeshita. I also like their music!

The Taste is next! I wasn’t really focused! Some people left The Bowery Electric.


And the last band is, well I called myself anti-band GELATINE. At first I thought it was Seiko Boku, it was the other woman that my friend knows. Seiko’s hair is long and the color is black. My calculations are incorrect so the one in the purple circle in my image is the person who’s been dancing while she drinks. I met her at Sunrise Fest and gave flyers of GELATINE’s date of performance. I had to speak to her face to face and she speaks back on my face after GELATINE’s band is finished. She’s not offended of my words.

GELATINE wasn’t that bad when I watched it the second time as the first. My last blog discussion was told that Tokyo Black was bad. Seiko is working up quite a sweat when she plays for us she should get some rest but I got a small chat with her. But I’m still not following their updates on their official Facebook page or friended requests from Seiko. However, I may buy their music next time!

After the show, that woman I met at Sunrise Fest starting carrying the donation box so some people started donating. Even me cause our company, Insectduel’s Domain is fully responsible for depositing money to help the Earthquake and Tsunami victims of Japan. When I go to Japan Block Fair on July 29th, I’ll send money to help Fukushima Japan on their booth and that date is the next j-Summit event.