Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NBA Showtime (Nintendo 64)

NBA Showtime on NBC is one of the un-owned games but my neighbor brings in a couple of times. The game is developed by Midway which also produces NBA Jam. Unlike most basketball video games, this game is aggressive and fun.

When you start the game, you have to enter the name and PIN code. This will unlock some character’s stats and some cheat features. Before you start the match, just like Mortal Kombat you have to enter certain 3 codes even in 2 player option.

NBA Showtime and NBA Jam feels like you’re really in a game. When you reach halftime, you either switch your new player or stay with the same player. NBA Showtime comes in flaming shoots or high flying dunks and nothing like most basketball video games couldn’t even handle.

I played this game against a few opponents. Some are better players even their game owners are high skilled. We sometimes taught ourselves to make new moves and such other things. NBA Showtime can also have mutated players even in the Midway All Stars which forms their own basketball team. Of course you NEVER find those players on TV.

What I really need is to find their OST of the game so I can listen to those memories I used to play. I even like the street basketball arena which is my favorite unless I have to download the N64 Emulator and record the audio. Not sure if the game has it’s own sound test.

Smile '12 Charity Show for Japan at Paramus New Jersey

Last Saturday, I went to Paramus New Jersey for a dance event called Smile ’12 Charity Show for Japan. I purchased the one way ticket instead of the round trip ticket for New Jersey Transit bus at Port Authority Bus Terminal. The ticket I have is zone 5 and it has to say Ridgewood on bus #163.

I arrived to Paramus Catholic High School earlier than I expected. So I paid the full price instead of $12 which I caught the E-mail very late. I could have said my own name to see if I was listed. But it doesn’t matter because the money is going to the Sakura 3.11 Project and the children who have lost family in Ofunado Japan.

There are lots of good Japanese products lying around the table.

I watched the performers without any photo shooting since they are banned during the show, not if the choreographers and instructors are performing but the Asian Japanese children themselves and listed in the program. Few other special guests joined stage such as gospel singer Migiwa, she sung my favorite song, Sukiyaki. Unfortunately, Migiwa’s English is limited so there is no contact personally but joined her Facebook fan page.

Most of Reiko Morikawa’s dance pieces performed by children are doing a good job, even some of her dance performances. Shun Hattori’s tap dancing was fun to watch and seeing Saori Kato doing Japanese Fusion Dance was awesome. By the way, do you know that Saori was an emcee of the show for the Japanese speakers? That was the first half of the show.

After the show, I was quite busy a bit and met some of the performers including 10tecomai’s Tomoko Trinidad and Saori but not all of them. Then trying to find the bus route to the George Washington Bus Terminal but no where to be found. So I have to take New Jersey Transit bus #163 again without a ticket. The cost of the fare is $5.50 (same price on MTA express bus). Cash can be paid by the bus driver. The price varies on the following stops so I didn’t even study the price guides carefully. Of course you the driver can’t move the bus without paying the full fare unlike MTA buses of New York City.

First trip was Red Bank, New Jersey which is April 4th for Video Games Live. Then to Paramus, New Jersey last Saturday. I made 2 trips to New Jersey this year but I traveled to Jersey City over the years for my family relatives but would love to visit again.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shining in the Darkness (Sega Genesis)

Shining in the Darkness is a role playing game from the Sega Genesis. I didn’t even own a copy of the game but watched my cousin played it. I am no fan of role-playing games (RPG) since they’re a bit frustrating and hard. When you reach certain opponents, you have to level your character up.

I did take a try of the game in easy mode. Of course you can’t finish the game so you have a choice of playing it on normal or hard difficulty. Then when it comes to buying items, you have to go back to the same dungeon over and over again.

I find this game interesting but too bad I was not able to finish the game. The game was entirely long like most RPG games. Since I only played it at my cousin’s place. You have to gain some EXP points for each battle and sometimes you earn a little money too. Then you will learn some magic attacks.

Those RPG games such as castles, dungeons and enemies aren’t my style. My kind of style would be also an adventure. I own a few RPG style adventure games and Pokémon is also a RPG style game. Your teams are monster based instead of having people in your team. Well not really.

There’s also a lost RPG game for Super Nintendo that my mom brought but didn’t try it. We didn’t like any RPG style games so I’m not sure what we had. Is it Lufia, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, who knows! We had good RPG games in our disposal and Super Mario RPG is one of them, which is developed by Nintendo and Squaresoft. With Pokémon games, it’s not like RPG but fun and adventurous.

Dragon Tales Dragon Adventures (Game Boy Advance)

Sorry that I haven’t been posting in a while due to busy stuff. Let’s get on with it! Dragon Tales Dragon Adventures is one of those childish games I only played on my computer. I didn’t even try to buy the game since it’s recommended for early childhood of age 3+

I downloaded both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance versions. Both of them are almost identical. Most grown up people think it’s the worst game ever played but not to anyone who were fans of it.

The game can choose different story modes you ever choose. Then you will choose the difficulty level, which involves collecting certain amount of required items in different areas.  The character varies when you play as such as Max and Emmy. You will get a good ending once you collect the requirements. Characters are switched when you choosing signs.

As a result, it’s fun to play this game and I don’t think I hate it. You can solve puzzles during quests, has very nice graphics and level layout. The music is a bit good but not great.

Unlike most video games, Dragon Tales Dragon Adventures doesn’t involving killing, enemies spawning players, deaths or a loss of lives or even equip yourself to beat the stage or kill enemies.

Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom (SMW Hack by Ghettoyouth)

This Dragon Tales Game Boy Advance game is planned for use with Super Mario World rom hack very soon when we are ready for development. Instead on the age 3+ versions, lets make it rated MA+17 version with profane language, drug reference and others. They are hard to rip graphics so it should be used with Super Mario World. The upcoming Dragon Tales Super Mario World hack produced by Insectduel should be called Dragon Tales the Land of Death. Mario and all related characters will also star the show.  Not a bad idea huh?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Donation Proceeding Plan

Let me remind you that starting July 1, 2012 all requests requires $30 deposit with $10 refund within the 1 week period and $200 for team projects without refunds. $5 for any requested YouTube postings for SMB3-SMAS. However, if our budget is more than the amount of $3,500 doesn't mean I will cancel the Project 4 Payment. We are planning to use our fundings and the first thing to buy is the wireless internet laptop and pay the monthly rent so we can continue doing our business.

As we discussed before, a total of $300 in our online bank accounts is required for us to start proceeding money to Japan and is $15 to start which equals to $5. And believe me, we are a very legit company and we don't cheat. I will be checking and posting our Paypal account holder's amount on a daily basis. If $300 is reached and when you donate your money to us, 30% of your doanted earnings will belong to Japan. For example, you donated $102 to us and 30% of that amount will equal to $34 which goes to charity. We have to stop donating if our Paypal account is less than $300 until is reaches the amount.

There are several things for charity organizations that should go to. For instance, we could send our money to Japan Society or the American Red Cross. We are also planning to help Fukushima and Cherry Blossom Plant Trees as well when we find the charity organization for that.

To start donating, use Rondellmole429@gmail.com via Paypal today.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ZSNES (Super Nintendo Emulator)

ZSNES is one of the popular emulators used in PC’s. When my neighbor brings in the computer he’s no longer using, the ZSNES emulator is included in the hard drive as version 1.29. Except comparing to Byuu’s BSNES, it’s not accurate.

The games we had on PC’s is Dragon Ball Z but I had no idea what that game is, since he’s such a Dragon Ball Z fan. Now we started to download numerous SNES games from the internet such as Super Mario All-Stars, Terminator 2 and others. I had a tough time finding the (U) version of Super Mario World since it only works with Lunar Magic and SDW The Legend Continues from FuSoYa.

ZSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator programmed by zsKnight and _Demo_. On April 2, 2001 the ZSNES project was GPL'ed and its source released to the public. It currently runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and DOS.

We had the DOS version of ZSNES when we had Windows 98, now we had Windows XP and the Windows version of ZSNES. Playing the game on the DOS version feels so good. Problem is most Windows XP systems don’t even support and DOS emulators. When I looked up into ZSNES’s official website, I had to download the newer version since Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island itself on an emulator is inaccurate. Even with SNES9X.

I often use ZSNES for playing but SNES9X is the one I used the most. Except I’m not much of a music being high pitched between the two but my ears can hear what music I can listen to.

There are problems with ZSNES and SNES9X is Super Mario All-Stars rom hacks. I haven’t even tried the BSNES very well but I hope it can accurately fix SRAM errors on the map screen.

Quake II (Nintendo 64)

Quake II is the game I didn’t own on Nintendo 64. It was brought from my neighbor and brings the game when he comes over. I’m not much of a fan of these bloody type shooting Rated M games but I own a few of them now.


Quake II is fun to play even on Multiplayer mode, I didn’t even try to play 1-Player mode except I used the passwords given. And the password I mostly used is Stage 19 and the Bonus Level given after you beat the game. Stage 19 was the most experience levels I ever tried.

Stage 19 allows picking up every gun ammo such as shells, cells, grenades and some health and armor pick ups like adrenaline and some armor shards including the power armor but the cells are needed to activate. Once you’re in the chamber, you are supposed to defeat the 2 guardians. One of those guardians will fly and shoot you if you defeat them in the ground. It’s tough unless you move around with the C buttons. I don’t remember beating the game in hard mode but it does take more damage than normal difficulty and stronger hits.

Once you beat the game, the credits is only shown and no cut scene endings is shown like in Playstation version. It’s kind of pointless because the Nintendo 64 is more like a YOU WIN or YOU LOSE game. Think about the NES video game The Krion Conquest.

Most of the time when Quake II is played on the Nintendo 64, we keep playing multiplayer and killing each player with the best weapons in their disposal. Quake II was returned to the original owner afterwards.

Comparing to the 3 versions, I don’t know which Quake II is better but I only played the Nintendo 64 version.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Maytown weekend

Last Saturday, I went downtown on a mission. I spent some money on a few items before I head down to 14th Street. Because of late timing, I headed to Tompkins Square Park instead so the mission fails to find that specific person.

While watching different dancers from different countries, some of those performances are amazing. For almost an hour, I was on Stage A, and then headed to Stage B and wonder around in the park at random.

At 6PM at Stage B, I watched Yosakoi dance project 10tecomai did 2 pieces of choreography, and then headed home back to Hunts Point.

Then yesterday, while almost every friend has gone to Amber Village for their last maid show from Reni Mimura in their home venue, I went to Japan Block Fair at Grand Central on Park Avenue between 40th and 39th Streets. Luckily, I wasn’t part of their messy drama so I was away from Reni and my own friends. I fear another 08/25/11 incident for future maid shows from Reni Mimura. And I’m hoping that the next venue isn’t like All Asia Bar in Boston and if I see an alcohol drink in their menus, I’m going to reject that venue and Reni Mimura.

First thing in the Japan Block Fair is I was in line for the Street Ramen Contest, you don’t get to enter but you‘re supporting the 8 Ramen artists. You get in line; buy a ticket for the chosen bowl. I almost lost my ticket when the wind flew away while putting away my wallet. Luckily, no one picked it up! The Ramen I chose is Houryu Ramen and tasted good with fresh veggies.

There are many booths in the Japan Block Fair with Japanese products, food, and charities, even the Hakata Tonton booth where great Japanese food and drinks you can get. I’ve been visiting there now every time I come to Japan Block Fair every year. For $4, I’ve gotten myself the Muscat Cider which is a NON ALCOHOLIC drink. It tastes like a soda.

10tecomai once again performing but this time, I’ve joined their workshop. It’s not easy how it looks but its fun. And Home Island Project (HIP) made a good show. I’ve only seen 2 friends who are entertainers listed. Sadly the Ramen Contest judging has postponed so there was no winner. The performance stage closed early but booths are still open around 4:45PM so I went to the Apple Store at Grand Central. The next Japan Block Fair is July 29th, 2012 in Astoria. And I hope it’s not a Déjà vu about the rain during the festival and of course some entertainers performing in close areas.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why N64 is better than PS1

Yep, you named it! You guessed it!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kega Fusion (Sega Emulator)

Kega Fusion is a powerful emulator that allows playing not just Sega CD games, but Game Gear, Master System, and Genesis games. I often use it on Sega CD but with Genesis roms I use GENS. Kega Fusion can be downloaded on their official website.

The publisher of this Emulator is Steve Snake. The bad news is that it won’t play Kega Fusion on my Windows 98 Computer unless I have Direct X installed 7 or higher. These are back in the days. It’s not only for Windows but for Macs as well.

Currently, my Kega Emulator runs at slow speeds because I have the computer that runs very slow. That means some Sega Genesis games won’t even play. But for me, it works on Sega CD games such as Tweeker’s Sonic 1 Mega mix rom hack and Sonic CD. My PC currently holds Mortal Kombat, Rockman Megaworld, Sonic CD both Japanese and English, the BIOS file that’s needed to run CD’s. Sega CD files are VERY huge so I won’t be downloading too many ISO’s unless I own a 200GB hard drive which costs over $1,000.

Kega Fusion also has nice debugging f features too but I haven’t even used it. Kega Fusion is separate from the GENS emulator but I still use it. Both emulators are highly superior.

Kega Fusion didn’t have any background layer disabling like ZSNES but I wish it had that. Using the Kega Fusion can handle anything that no other emulators handle.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game I owned on the Nintendo 64. It’s all started when my friend’s friend bring the copy of the game to us and had been borrowed on a 3 day period, then returned to a friend. The later days we had brought the game and owned a copy.

The first Zelda game on the Nintendo 64 was quite amazing and there are several re-releases of the game including the recent release on the Nintendo DS. At first, I wasn’t even a Zelda gaming fan back then.

As little Link, you start at Kokiri Forest, then onward to the Deku tree which was officially the first dungeon. Then Death Mountain for Dodongo’s Cavern and the third dungeon of Jabu Jabu’s body. When collected all the jewels, that’s when he goes into Temple of Time and grab the Master Sword after he gotten the Ocarina from young Zelda which she threw in the cut scene.

After grabbing the Master Sword, Link travels to the future seven years later. Of course, the Kokiri people hated grown up people so they found out that Link wasn’t even Kokirian.

The dungeons get harder as he moves on; first dungeon is the Forest Temple is where you get the hookshot. The hookshot allows Link to connect to the other dungeons which is Fire and Water. The Fire Temple is where you find the hammer to smash rusted switches. And the hardest temple is the Water Temple is where you find the extended hookshot. I spent days or even months trying to figure out how to get the key that leads to Dark Link. I started the game from scratch a few times but didn’t help. After a few months, I FINALLY found the key and is the under that ******* floating platform.

I really love playing Ocarina of Time but is fun to play. Even with the cheating device. We have beaten the game but the final part of the game is quite interesting when Link faces Ganon. Out of all musics in the game, Sprit Temple is my favorite. Shadow Temple and the Bottom of the Well Dungeons are quite scary sometimes. And the Water Temple drives me crazy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Insectduel's Domain News moved to Blogger

Insectduel’s Domain’s blog stories are moving to blogger called Insectduel’s Game Corner. A new breed of gaming stories, news, and updates. The site is in monetization and the site will make money as much as possible. So far, we are affiliated with Project Wonderful but we need money to make bids so it will pop up at SMW Central. Can you make a few donations to help me out please?

Both E-Bay and Google Ad words are still pending. With E-Bay, I missed their phone call. So I can verify within 24 hours to activate their partnership. Insectduel’s Game Corner needs to be affiliated to promote more fans and make more money to our budget.

Insectduel’s Game Corner will put up the Archive Stories label and will import all written stories from Freewebs, and Google Sites. I had some blogs written on MySpace but I chose to delete my account in December 2010. No blogs ever written from Facebook, only announcements.

We will continue to post the blogs on a daily basis as the traffic still increasing.

The Donation Plan

Yesterday, I recently found the legit website, where you make money on the internet without making a single penny. The site is called, Seven Dollar Clicks dot com. Unlike Neobux or Clixsense, you actually making money and I made about $405 on a single day. Clicking on those ads actually took longer than Neobux or Clixsense, which can take about 3 minutes for $15 value. The problem is that you cannot withdraw any money into Paypal unless you have $7,000 which it may take up to 2 or 3 weeks if you work seriously. If we had that much money on our Paypal account, then we should continue our donations as planned.

Remember 30% of your donated share will belong to the Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Fund and is $15 to start which equals to $5. We will not cancel the Project 4 Payment plan if we do make much money for the YouTube requests will no longer becomes $5 per request. It’s still $30 for any requested projects on a 1 week period and this time the money will be used for donations at this time. The $200 team project will split half the money donated to charity.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kentai Denjuu Telefang 2 (Game Boy Advance)

Kentai Denjuu Telefang 2 for Game Boy Advance is only available for Japan. I did not own the copy of the game but I played it on my Visual Boy Advance Emulator. It’s seems more advanced than the game boy color version.

The language itself is in Japanese. However, there is a partly English version but discontinued. Then Insectduel tries to translate it from roman English but chose to throw away the project within 5 days past. I only played it and up to a few parts of the game. I’ve refuse to finish the quests.

Kentai Denjuu Telefang 2 never uses Kanji or other forms of Japanese. There is only Katakana and Hiragana only just like in Pokémon games. Some games like Hana Yori Dango actually uses Kanji.

The monster fights are different than Pokémon or Digimon. Speaking of Pokémon, there is a rom hack bootleg game on Game Boy Color sold in the black market and is Pokémon Diamond which is a hacked translated Kentai Denjuu Telefang Power Version. There is a 3 on 3 battle, each attack in separate turns regardless of speed or whatever. To capture a monster on your team, it’s random how you get it. With Pokémon, you catch them in wild areas and throwning your Pokéball.

I find this game much interesting it’s too bad I never actually brought the game yet. If I do, I would like to keep it as much as possible. I hope it’s not regional protected like some games. However, I rather not try to play this game on my PC as it breaks so often and the .SAV files may ended up deleted if not back up in your private uploaders.

I wish the game developers would consider translating the game into full American English as well.

Reni's Maid Cafe will be held at Amber Village this Sunday


Reni and her moé moé maids will be performing this Sunday at Amber Village and will be their last show due to their closing place. How is this going to affect our budget? Obliviously not! Since the 4 or possibly more months budget cuts period is still in effect, we are NOT spending our money to meet Reni Mimura. However, don’t you realize that Reni Mimura has changed since she’s been wearing different outfits and her style?

We’ll I hope the 08/25/11 incident (oh geez, not this discussion again!) that certain people like the owner of Insectduel’s Game Corner blog forced Reni to be changed. Or maybe she wants to be different. Maybe so, let’s see what Reni can do when our staff watches live on USTREAM broadcast hosted by Anime Jam Session. Either way, we don’t give a **** how Reni is changed and doesn’t change us how we feel about Reni Mimura.

Since Amber Village is going to close down, Reni and her moé moé maids are looking for a new venue for a monthly basis. I hope they DON’T do night clubs because we are preventing to host another alcoholic drinking event like on 08/25/11 and have our staff go on strike and protest. It’s still a rumor on Reni Mimura’s blog unless she’s actually going to do it

Peach Matsuda is an example and she’s enjoying it.

Amber Village opened their first maid café on September 2010 for Reni’s moé maids. It’s also the time when Fuyuko Myu Nakamura made her last appearance. Chieli Kajiwara made her last appearance in October 2010. November 2010, they graduated and split up on their different dance shows and choreograph others. Last year, May 2011, is when Jecky Jiyeon Kim made her last appearance and left back to her home in Korea and the moé dancers Saori Kato and Yuko Ikeshita are dancing with Reni.

The original Reni’s maid show contains moè maids and moè dancers before the café opened. In the year 2008 to 2010, the moé dancers contain Fuyuko, Chieli and Maiko Ikegaki. With the maid café still running, the moé dancers are no longer performing and dancing with Reni. Some moé dancers perform with different talents with different partners but not with Reni.

Since we are NOT using our budget this month, when the moé maids found a new venue, the owner of Insectduel’s Game Corner will make the return on June with the already stamped card for free admission. However, if Reni is performing with her own shows, we will spend a $20 limit unless Yuko Ikeshita is dancing with Reni but chances of that are not since she has been in different dancing roles including the New York Venom Dancers. Yuko is most likely I chase after the most.

Not if Yuko, but other dancers I like to support most is Chieli Kajiwara, Fuyuko Myu Nakamura, Saori Kato (10tecomai), Mika Yanagihara, Yuka Kameda, and Chika Hanioka but she’s rare to meet and currently also with the New York Venom Dancers. We will try to keep in touch with Japanese female singers other than Reni Mimura such as Lulla Miyuki, Atsumi Ishibashi and Yuki Ishiwata. Mika Mimura and Mika Yoshida (now Stoltzman) is sometimes hard to meet but I will cut spending on those Japanese female singers and instrument users.

We should be aware of Seiko Boku, the vocal singer of GELATINE which I should meet on j-Summit on June 3rd.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SMB3 The Lost Levels (NES & SNES)

Super Mario Bros. 3 The Lost Levels is the levels that were designed in the final version of the game but it was cut from the game cartridge. There were 15 lost stages used in the game but not in a cartridge. I know there were many video game articles of this SMB3 game.

The IPS patch downloads to gain access to the levels are found in Zophar’s Domain and Insectduel's Domain as well for the SNES version. In July 2005, Insectduel created a full-length SMB3-SMAS hack called Super Mario Bros. 3 The Lost Levels and released it but due to plagiarism reasons, Insectduel chose to remove the hack off the database on November 17, 2007, which is his 2nd anniversary of his website and now becomes Insectduel’s lost SMB3-SMAS hack.

While using the NES patch from MEGAߥTE and from Insectduel, there is a level order. Keep in mind that these lost levels are also found in your SMB3 workshop editor as well but not all of them. Some of them still exist by entering the rom and enemy offset with your hex editor opened.

Lost 1: Plains
Lost 2: Plains
Lost 3: Hills
Lost 4: Underground
Lost 5: Dungeon
Lost 6: Ice (Can enter the level at World 1’s start panel)
Lost 7: Ice
Lost 8: Pipe
Lost 9: Clouds
Lost 10: Clouds
Lost 11: Sky
Lost 12: Sky
Lost 13: Sky
Lost 14: Clouds
Lost 15: Clouds

For Lost 15 Clouds, NO it’s not part of the hammer bros stage, it’s a misread enemy offset from MI3 and SMB3 Workshop editor since it incorrectly points the rom offset.

Also for Lost 5 Fortress, since Quick Quirly gave us the rom offsets for underground bonus stages, you can use them for Lost 5 Fortress, which was a test purpose in the first place. You have to convert the ROM offset address into RAM. You can use SMB3 Workshop as a reference.

Underground Bonus Areas

Object Data: 0x3491B - 0x3492A (0x10)
Enemy Data: 0x3492B - 0x3493A (0x10)
Object Set: 0x3493B - 0x34942 (0x8)

Object Data                Enemy Data                 Object Set
$A90B (0x3491B)            $A91B (0x3492B)            $A92B (0x3493B)
----------------------     ----------------------     ----------------------
AF B1 = 0x1B1BF            76 C9 = 0xC986             0E = Underground
BC B1 = 0x1B1CC            78 C9 = 0xC988             0E = Underground
8B B2 = 0x1B29B            7D C9 = 0xC98D             0E = Underground
72 B3 = 0x1B382            88 C9 = 0xC998             0E = Underground
D8 B3 = 0x1B3E8            90 C9 = 0xC9A0             0E = Underground
70 B4 = 0x1B480            98 C9 = 0xC9A8             0E = Underground
E2 B5 = 0x1B5F2            A3 C9 = 0xC9B3             0E = Underground
5B B6 = 0x1B66B            AB C9 = 0xC9BB             0E = Underground

SMB3 may have unused levels in the NES version but should have use them as part of the E-Reader levels for their collection. The SMB3 franchise just kept growing.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 is one of many Sega Genesis challenges I ever played. I never owned the actual game, but multiple families own it. First, when my three stepbrothers bring in the Sega Console, I started enjoying it. Unfortunately, it only lasts the boss level of Spring Yard zone Act 3 which we could not beat.

Few months later, that game is played at my cousin’s place and this time I took control of my gaming skills. Now, Green Hill Zone is insanely easy if you are the beginner. In addition, so is the first boss. Most of the time, I tried to collect 50 rings so the giant ring will appear at the end of the level. Your goal is to collect the chaos emeralds in the game and is the ONLY main goal. If you beat the game and fail to get them, then Robotnik wins.

Labyrinth Zone becomes hard in Act 2 and 3 before I knew about the secret shortcuts. Of course, Sonic the Hedgehog cannot breathe underwater in the game so he will die once the timer runs out. Even the boss area is tricky according to the side-scrolling feature which he endlessly climbing up to the end of the level. It is possible to destroy Robotnik during the run.

After playing and beating Star Light Zone in Sonic 1, moving on to the hardest part of the game Scrap Brain Zone. Before I knew about the shortcuts on my second run played at my cousins, I played it tough. There are many traps to accomplish and tricky obstacles, especially Act 3; I took the long route like on the video above me. It did not took me long to beat Robotnik but hitting him before he escapes is also necessary.

I’ve beaten Sonic 1 on my own on the first run without chaos emeralds and he second run with chaos emeralds. Too bad you can’t become Super Sonic until Sonic 2. Then we had Sonic Mega Collection on Nintendo Gamecube and replay the game over and over again.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Downtown weekend

Last Saturday, May 12, 2012 I went to DUMBO Brooklyn for the 33rd Annual Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Festival. The event is celebrating different countries of Asia and others such as the Hawaiians. It was severely hot outside but I stand there in the hot sun. Before I got there and look in the performance schedule, I didn’t expect 10tecomai will be performing the shows there so Saori is the person with Reiko I met before 10tecomai performs.

Watching 3 pieces of them performing are great with only 5 people. Afterwards I found out that there is food and merchandise in the bridge tunnel like it was huge and I spent some money on food and soda. I didn’t have money for Bubble Tea.

As the crowd goes small, my favorite band UZUHI decided to play at 4PM. Rock ‘in as always especially with keyboarder Tsubasa Matsuda playing. Gosha is all over the place. Afterwards I walked a little, talked with UZUHI a bit and watched The Hsu-Nami band. Too bad I wasn’t a fan but I randomly liked that page so I may unlike it on my Facebook account.

Then I walked over to Long Island University in Brooklyn near the DeKalb Avenue subway station for Half the Sky Festival Folk Feet Females Festival. I only came over to see one of my Japanese female dancers Mika Yanagihara. She’s the only Japanese female dancer in the Parijat Desai Dance Company but the show itself is ok.

Yesterday morning, I went to Central Park at the bandshell area. Activity tents didn’t open until 9:30AM and food courts opened at 11AM but I grabbed some Oolong tea on the way. I didn’t watch that many performances this year since I wasn’t that interested than last year. The first thing I do is to be in line for the Calligraphy as mother’s day gift. Then the beginner’s origami and watched the winners of the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Art Contest. Last year, people needed money to help the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami but this time all donated proceeds goes for planting more Cherry Trees.

While being busy, I got in line for Okonomiyaki, and then I got the love kanji symbol painted on my forehead, meaning Gaara. Then grabbed more food and snacks and more Oolong tea and Gyudon was next. Had our picture taken with Hello Kitty, that’s random activity! And grabbed more food and this time is the Mazemen, then the wellness check up, and Udon. Too bad I didn’t try the chopsticks game, Yo-Yo fishing and the Gyoza food since it’s out of supply. I did however learn some Japanese phrases and is better than last year.

While spending last minutes and the last Oolong tea in my hand, I was surprised to see one of my favorite dancers and a friend Yuko Ikeshita along with her friend. The last performance COBU is the only show I watched. Then capture the picture of cosplayer Mokuba and left the park.