Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nintendo VS. Capcom (TMNT 2 hack)

Nintendo VS. Capcom is a hack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a graphics modification without level changes. It’s an excellent way for some fighter fans. The publisher of the original game is ULTRA games and created by Guardian.

The game replaces 4 turtles as hero characters from the video game company. For instance, the characters are graphic replacements such as Oni Link is Leonardo, Luigi is Michelangelo, Arthur is Donatello, and Mega Man is Raphael. Their mission is to reach the evil Gannondorf comparing to Shredder.

I never ACTUALLY played or even owned the Ninja Turtles game in my life but I was a fan of the television series and never even read 1 comic. The gameplay itself is too hard to play fairly which is why I use either passwords, save states or infinite energy cheat to do a complete navigation of the game. The music is also unchanged. Don’t you think that the creators would make an idea as an official NES video game or even the Super Nintendo?

I spent hours playing it and have no idea how to survive. And even if I did make it to the boss, it’s not the same.

I guess the idea must’ve come from M.U.G.E.N because this is the only fighting game with anything goes, if you’re putting Super Smash Bros. Luigi with a Marvel VS. Capcom Mega Man, then it would be an epic battle. Then again…

This is the official video from IGN, and the news article. Comparing to what this romhack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 hack, I think it needs to be a fighting platform game like Final Fight for Super Nintendo. However, I may consider doing Nintendo VS. Capcom II as a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hack for Super Nintendo.

Download is found at this link.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tower RE (SMB1 hack)

Tower RE is one of the SMB1 hacks that go beyond over the original 8 worlds. Unlike any SMB1 game, this one is very challenging. The game has nice ASM features. It is created by βetaworld and made in 2004.

The player Luigi begins on the first floor, a very easy navigation. There are power ups you can handle. You have the power to have Fire Mario and Hammer Mario.  However, some areas are poisoned and you’ll force to reverse controls. This is easily done if you change the Emulator’s settings left and right to reverse. Otherwise, if you play this rom hack in on a real cartridge, then you can’t cheat.

I’ve played this hack within a day without using save states but I did change the emulator’s settings whenever I’m on a reverse room. Also, Tower RE uses CHR animations which involving coins and ? blocks. If the player dies, then you are allowed to continue in the same floor.

It took me at least 3 to 4 hours playing Tower RE after downloading the game from Acmlm’s Board. It was a good game but I played it on my Windows 98 computer and it didn’t have sound at the time. Some floors frustrate me a lot but I tried my best not to use save states, until I made it to the 20th floor.  In the 20th floor of the tower, instead of facing Bowser, you get to face Mario instead and he’s launching fireballs in small form.

These rom hacks made from the Japanese authors made me jealous because I thought I have the greatest skill. Seems that I don’t know anything about mapper changes and the others. Also, some Japanese SMB1 authors already existed the SMB2J mappers and including green springboards and red piranhas but one thing that they didn’t have is level expansion and SMB2J has the total of 52. Which is why I chose to hack SMB2J. And I got blamed for my jealousy back in 2006 and gotten the boot.

The hack can be downloaded in various rom sites.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arkanoid (Arcade)

Do you ever go to school? Or if you’re bored in class and nothing you can do. Actually, the timeline took place at the summer camp. The school that ACTUALLY has the arcade machine in the teacher’s lounge or some other room I don’t even know. One of those games from the company Taito is called Arkanoid.

The game is like a modified ping pong where you bounce off blocks and hits. You goal is to clear off the blocks to move on to another stage. Be careful, if the ball falls off screen you lose a life. Also, some enemies will attack you and you will lose a life. There are certain power ups that can help you clear the stage. For instance, you get a power up containing 3 balls to clear each block faster or if you’re extend the ummmmm, Vaus?

I didn’t even get a play of that game but only one time, but the game was fixed so all they have to do is the mash the buttons to play the game to earn credits without putting your coins in. I think the coins are blocked but I don’t remember. Before lunchtime, I watched some people play the game and continue on to the next round. Each round has a different brick placement and a background. I don’t remember what round is stopped but I think is round 23. After our lunch, the machine was turned off.

Someday, I’ll get a hold of that game but don’t know where to get it? When I read one of the video game magazines, it can be brought for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which I still hold that console for a decade. Unfortunately, that game in my mind is nothing more than a memory played in school.

no$gmb (Game Boy Emulator)

During my Junior High School year, I didn’t believe in emulation. I always think my neighbor and my brother lie about playing Game Boy games on a computer for free. When I take a look for myself, I knew it wasn’t a lie. On that emulator, it was an English translated version of Pocket Monsters Silver by Vida.

The emulator my neighbor used is no$gmb and it runs on DOS. It’s a Game Boy emulator that is accurate and advanced debugging features. I often used it when it comes to playing certain games I downloaded at home such as Pocket Monsters Silver, Pokémon Red, Super Mario Land, and Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins. However, it can run on Game Boy Color games for 5 minutes and after that, you must register and pay up because it’s shareware. The no$gb emulator series is created by Martin Korth.

No$gmb was the best emulator I ever used because it’s the only one.  There are other emulators that surpassed it. For instance, the BGB emulator can play Game Boy Color games but you can’t do a link cable function or at least I don’t know how to. Most Pokémon games played with BGB especially the fake Pokémon Diamond, which is a hacked version of Telefang Power version to be discussed later.

By the time I want to find an emulator to do a link trade, I used TGB Dual. It’s because I used it whenever I’m trading Pokémon especially the Pokémon Brown 2.0 version from Koolboyman. So what happened there? It’s simple, after using my useless Windows 98 computer, which I use to use no$gmb has lost interest of using it. I didn’t get Windows XP until the end of the year 2008, which got me into downloading VisualBoyAdvance emulator to play Game Boy games on my PC.

Hana Yori Dango Another Love Story (Game Boy Color)

In 2005, I started reading the manga called “Boys over Flowers” and is such a great book to read. Volume 5 is my first to read and it seems interesting. There are so many questions to ask about; who is the F4 and what are they stand for? Then I Google search the game and there is, the Game Boy Color game called Hana Yori Dango Another Love Story which was the original Japanese name for Boys over Flowers.

There are no copies of the game sold in North America or any other international countries. The game only exists in Japan. So the time my computer is broken, I downloaded the VisualBoyAdvance emulator with the rom. I played in both the Compass Computer Center that used to be opened at 180th Street and the Tremont NYPL. I’ve been playing the game on an endless cycle until my computer is working to play the game in my own homes.

The game Hana Yori Dango Another Love Story is like a dating sim game. There are is adventuring, no lives or HP to start, no fights, no gimmicks, no side scrolling adventure, but many paths to choose the correct ending by following a certain boyfriend.

If you read the manga, this is what is based on, and if you watch the Anime, TV Drama or Movie first, then you probably won’t understand how the story goes by reading the original source, the manga.

When you start the game, the character Tsukushi Makino receives the red tag from the F4 members.  Then each time Tsukushi enters her own room you receive the phone call. Answer their E-mails to move on. Also, there is a right and wrong paths. If you choose wrong, then your chance with your boyfriend’s ending may go negative. The game uses Japanese languages so if you cannot understand its language, use save states. Once you often go with your boyfriend, you will get the good ending. It ends after the Miss Teen of Japan pageant contest based on the manga volume 11, 12, and 13.

ROM-Hackers who are fans of the Hana Yori Dango series and the Game Boy Color game and tries to translate the entire game to English. It’s discontinued. This screenshot is what’s left over. Also, the CHR can be edited if you’re creating a different storyline game but HYDALS hacking requires professionalism and skills to make it a good one. Like turning it to Pokémon.

There is another Hana Yori Dango game I ACTUALLY owned after playing the Emulator on my Nintendo DS console but will be discussed another time. Bye!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MegaMari (Touhou Rockman fan game)

MegaMari is a clone Mega Man / Rockman game with a combination between CAPCOM’s Mega Man / Rockman series and ZUN’s Touhou series. I never actually downloaded the game since my computer didn’t have enough memory. So I only knew about it by watching it on YouTube. It was made by the company Twilight Frontier.

Marisa Alice

The game itself is mostly using engines from CAPCOM’s Mega Man / Rockman 2 along with the unreleased Super NES game Rockman and Forte. Now are Mega Man and Bass on the Game Boy Advance. It’s also part Mega Man / Rockman one series where you can re-enter the stage after you clear the bosses. Some of the Touhou characters are based on their own attributes.

Marisa Kirisame is Rockman / Mega Man, the main character. Alice is Forte / Bass, the sub-character.  Some weapons from their characters act like their own attributes. Like Cirno’s weapon from Marisa acts similar to Mega Man III’s Needle Cannon and from Alice acts like Atomic Fire.

The gameplay itself you get to face the characters you played in Touhou games. If you defeat them you earn a weapon. A similar engine to Game Boy Color’s Mega Man Xtreme 2 Extreme mode series, where characters earn weapons from separate characters such as X and Zero. Once you defeat them all, you are going to face Patchouli in her own castle. Some bosses are similar to Rockman / Mega Man 1 like Suika being the Yellow Devil on the first stage, the second would be a clone boss except she becomes Super Marisa. The third boss had nothing to do with Mega Man.

I’ve been watching these videos and I think MegaMari is such a good fan made game. But too bad you have to buy the game legally.

Inspired by the works of MegaMari, some Rockman / Mega Man hackers trying to put Marisa in the game. Only 3 hacks are available, the Marisa Kirisame patch for Rockman 2, Rockman 2 Gensokyo, and Mega Mari for Rockman 1. I tried my own with MegaGirl another fight story but it has the lost of interest work and my computer is damaged at the time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mega Man II (NES)

Mega Man II the United States version is one of the unbeaten games played at my cousin’s place. I played it on the NES console at least twice per visit. The game uses a similar engine to all Mega Man games.

After playing Mega Man III and Mega Man IV, I took this game a shot. When facing these bosses, I noticed where they came from after facing the doc robots in Mega Man III. The game has 2 difficulties, Normal and Difficult mode. Difficult mode is a standard difficulty from Japan’s Rockman 2 game. Normal is an easy version which enemies can double the damage from Mega Man’s attacks. Try using Atomic Fire or Metal Blade at Wood Man. You’ll see what’s going to happen.

During my gameplay, I started, as Flash Man. He’s the easiest of the bunch except those stupid Sniper Joe riders that can inflict damage on me. When I play the game, Mega Man didn’t have the slide ability. On normal mode, Flash Man can inflict four damage with a single P-Cannon shot. In Rockman Megaworld game, Flash Man can only take one damage from his P-Cannon shot. Next stage is Metal Man and he’s sometimes a pain. So once again, the P-Cannon shots. Then I tried playing other stages, Heat Man I didn’t stand a chance, Bubble Man the frogs caught me off guard, Air Man didn’t last long with these bolt throwing enemies, Quick Man couldn’t even reach due to stupid laser beams, and Crash Man couldn’t be beaten with a P-Cannon without a proper strategy or newbie play. Wood Man however, I did pass the stage with the Metal Blade equipped.

Mega Man II couldn’t be beaten on my cousin’s NES console so later, I brought Mega Man Anniversary Collection for Nintendo Gamecube and played Mega Man II anywhere, anytime. I will write my reviews on this game on the Gamecube in my upcoming blogs so stay tuned.

Terminator 2 The Arcade Game

Back in my teenager years, there was an arcade place near my neighborhood but it’s been taken all down except in Laundromats. One of the greatest games I ever played would be Terminator 2 Judgment Day. It’s a shooting Arcade game that is appropriate your teenagers. The cost of the game to earn credit would be 25 cents to play.

I didn’t have any shooting skills but playing shooting arcade games can be difficult if you’re don’t know what you’re doing. Sometimes you have to shoot off screen to reload your ammo. But be careful, reloading your gun may leave you in the open for an attack.

Terminator 2 the Arcade game is based on the movie made by Carolco Pictures and the game publisher is Midway.  I’m not sure how long I’ve been playing the Arcade game but I spent about $2 in quarters. So it’s one of the unbeaten games I ever played. But I like how the game goes in my review.

If you watch the Terminator 2 movie, you will know that some scenes are based on an actual movie. For instance, when you’re in a haunted wasteland in the year 2029 where the cyborgs are taken over, you are that player the T-800. John commanded T-800 to enter the past to prevent the future from happening. His mission is to protect John Connor or the world will end at will.

Also, notice that story on the actual game says, “3 billon human lives ended on August 29th, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day.  They lived only to face a new nightmare, the war against the Machines…” I used to think it’s real but it’s only a story plot and a complete fictional storyline, which never happens, in real life. It’s now the year 2012 and look at me, I’m writing my entry blog on my blogger account and veteran rom hacker.

In the game itself, you’ll be facing many cyborgs and S.W.A.T members in the Cyberdyne Systems stage. I kind of wish they include the part then you play as Sarah Connor and destroy Mile Dyson’s research. To me, it’s a good game for Terminator fans.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Mario Bros. 2 (United States - NES)

Super Mario Bros. 2 for the United States is one of the NES games I didn’t own. In fact during my childhood years, it has handed over from my cousins. The game is based on Doki Doki Panic or is the hacked version of Doki Doki Panic. Because of Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Japanese version of the famicom, which never releases it, the Nintendo of America claims that the game is too hard for American players, which is stupid and ridiculous. So the Doki Doki Panic game becomes Super Mario Bros. 2 and the revised version of Doki Doki Panic becomes Super Mario USA after is being ported to Super Mario Collection which also known in North America as Super Mario All-Stars.


I never actually beat the NES version of Super Mario Bros. 2 USA on my game console because I never pass World 1. In fact, World 1-2 gives me the creeps. I have to find the key to unlock the door then the bombs to crack the path. Beating Birdo which mistaken as Ostro is a no brainer. World 1-3 of the dungeon side is the most troublesome. When entering, you either goes up or down. When trying going down, there’s a locked door which means you can climb back up. If you climb up, I had no idea about mushroom blocks. The key is way up there; problem is that I cannot get rid of Phanto who’s following me around. I was once reaching Mouser but I had no idea how to beat him. So maybe the BOMBS are the answer. If you do grab one, you can’t even reach him but timing is the key. The NES game is a total failure.

Until later, I can now play Super Mario Bros. 2 USA for Super Mario All-Stars as me and my brother owned the game. Owning the game makes you a better player but too bad I had borrowed the NES game on a one-week period limit. After buying the Game Boy Advance, my brother owns the Super Mario Advance game. I don’t quite find Doki Doki Panic interesting except playing most of the SMB2USA rom hacks like SMB2 2nd Run, Frank’s SMB2 hack, and Acmlm’s Strange Mario Bros are the best bets.

Yoronosuku - ヨロノスク (Pokémon rom hacking forum moderator)

Yoronosuku a.k.a Satoko Takagawa

Yoronosuku is a Japanese female Pokémon rom hacking forum moderator at the board called Acmlm’s Board. She controls over the person who’s been in a relationship dissembling the Pokémon data in some games such as Pokémon Ruby from a Dutch game editor and homebrew maker named Kawa. She has a nasty attitude towards newcomers or idiots who entered the Pokémon rom hacking forum.

The name Yoronosuku comes from the Pokémon Noctowl as the official USA translation from Nintendo. It’s unknown what that name means.

Yoronosuku doesn’t really hack her own games but it’s unknown what other games she moderates in a rom hacking community. But she’s been playing a few rom hacks created by their own authors. It’s unknown if she has knowledge in ASM but too most Japanese romhackers like WINED, Tsurara, Ririka or even Puresabe has the greatest skills. That makes me wonder, did Yoronosuku is a member of Pokécommunity? Or she has interest in other romhacks like Rockman / Mega Man?

Despite her own Japanese language, she’s actually very good at English and once entered the United States. Pokémon rom hacking forum at Acmlm’s Board no longer exists due to a number of newbies who can’t hack or ask stupid questions is which is why is been taken down. Pokémon rom hacking was popularity back then at Acmlm’s. Possibly from Koolboyman’s Pokémon Brown game. When the board splits into two between Jul and Board 2, she moved to Jul with the username Erika and moderates Officer Club forum until stopped activity on December 2, 2009.

Yoronosuku often hates Insectduel at Acmlm’s Board. Which is why she always picks on and warn him and trying to report it to the board admins. Until Insectduel screws up by cussing the SMB1 Japanese romhacker named βetaworld over the Tower RE hack in 2006, which got him permabanned off the board. Yoronosuku is extremely happy that Insectduel is off the forum.

Later when Insectduel opened up his romhacking forum, Yoronosuku registers in December 9, 2007 and he chose to permaban her off his forum and cursing her out. Telling Yoronosuku to leave and don’t come back until Carol who’s the co-admin of the board told Insectduel to calm down. She didn’t come back afterwards after the ban.

Yoronosuku is totally off the internet world but her Facebook profile still exists but she can no longer use the social networking site anymore.

Rockman Mindroar (Rockman 2 hack)

Rockman Mindroar

Rockman Mindroar is MISTY’s second greatest Rockman 2 hack after the release of Rockman Deus Ex Machina. It’s a high standard game but unfortunately, the game has been discontinued for an unknown reason.

Unlike the original game, Rockman Mindroar allows some weapons including the P-Cannon to charge the weapons and releases them like in the Rockman / Mega Man X series. There are some stages that are incomplete while others left unchanged. Destract Raffles uses music Big Blue from the F-Zero series. When I play this stage, I find it confusing and no way to figure it out. But there is many death spikes ahead. When you gain the weapon from this stage, it sticks the bombs and presses the button to detonate. If charged, it will shoot explosive bombs straightforward.

Night Belzebla is a castle theme stage. It’s designed to be tough and difficult especially the invisible areas. When you gain their weapon, it shoots whirlwind attacks. You get to face Night Belzebla twice throughout the whole level.

Metal Man’s stage is crystal based. It’s even tougher than the other stages. During my recordings, I had to use save states because it’s almost impossible to get near him. I kept on dying on the save stage over and over again. When facing Metal Man,  he splits and shoots towards you similar to Rockman / Mega Man 3’s Gemini Man. When you gain this weapon, it can bounce projectiles and the charged version creates a clone but made enemies to turn away.

Other incompleted stages includes Heat Man and Librina Falx. Although they’re accessable but unable to face the boss due to a incompleted AI. So whatever happened to this game? It’s been 4 years since MISTY started the project and is officially discontinued.  There are no recent updates from MISTY’s official website however. The download of Rockman Mindroar is found at this link here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beneficii (Game editor programmer)

Beneficii is one of the few game programmers that have the knowledge of making such game editors such as Super Mario Bros. 3 map editor and Chrono Trigger shop editor.

Beneficii was originally supposed to do the Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese level editor but it never happened. However, on his/her website, the SMB2J disassembly is handed out. While trying to disassemble SMB2J, he/she created a bunch of tools. For instance, you can now scan the codes by using the Code/Data logger on your FCE Ultra Emulator called FCEUABS or FCE Ultra AlphaBet Soup.

Beneficii somewhat cannot understand one of my SMB2J documents after I was being permabanned from Acmlm’s Board (Archive 3) so I had to curse him/her out via his/her E-mail. With Beneficii’s absence, I Insectduel decided to promote my SMB2J level editor on my own based on SMB1 rom called ISD SMB Util, which Beneficii could not see.

SMB3 Map Editor is a good source to SMB3 hackers. It allows placing tilemaps, set sprites, locks mode, pipe mode, anchor landing spots and more. I often used it when it comes to SMB3 hacking and for viewing purposes for Mario All-Stars. I tried to convince Beneficii of doing the same for Mario All-Stars but there was not enough data for importing.

We do not know if Beneficii is active but he/she serve the document over at ROM-Hacking dot net. As for me, I had discontinue SMB2J hacking over Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. 3 for Super Mario All-Stars.

Pokémon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64)

Pokémon Puzzle League is the only game I owned after I completed my summer job as youth counselor. I originally not going to own any puzzle type games but when it comes to Pokémon battles or any Pokémon related, I have to own it. To me it is a good game. Imagine if you are doing Pokémon stadium with the chosen Pokémon. It is the only Pokémon game that does not exist in Japan.

Pokémon Puzzle League is based on the game Panel de Pon that is a famicom game in Japan. Your objective is to clear the blocks if they are three. Like three fire in horizontal and vertical. You can do combo the blocks and create a chain. If you created a chain combo, the garbage blocks will stack on your opponent’s field. To get rid of them, do any stack on top on the garbage blocks. The more chains you do, the more garbage blocks will rise. The gray ones instantly create a garbage block on your opponent’s screen.

Pokémon Puzzle League have several game modes. For instance, you can go to the spa service, which you can face Team Rocket in six rounds, then onward to Giovanni, which I find him hard to figure out. Butch and Cassidy were just for bonus efforts. The speed is extremely fast and I heard that one good chain that can drain their entire HP to zero.


1P stadium mode is where you face the opponents in different difficulties. Easy mode, you will stop at Giovanni, then Normal stops at the Elite four, and Hard mode stops at Champion Gary Oak. Two extreme hard modes get to face Mewtwo. If you are playing the game, you will notice how speedy the difficulty works. Like Easy mode is really slow at making chains while Super Hard has the power to create a large combos and chains so it is nearly impossible to beat it. The only way to beat it without cheating is to make the opponent crash by putting a few garbage blocks on top and the opponent usually press the button to rise the blocks.

I have unlocked a few things with or without using my cheating device, the gameshark but it was a good game to own.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pokémon collective works I owned excluding owned romhacks

I own a ton of Pokémon games but for me it is just another collection. Since 1998, I have owned the games right from the start. Pokémon Red is my first owned game, and then Pokémon Silver after I played the game illegally at the computer place or watch someone played the Japanese version at my junior high school. It started as 150 Pokémon plus the hidden Pokémon Mew. More Pokémon rises up for each new generation

Then I borrowed some kid’s Japanese Pokémon Blue version to play for a better experience until someone stole it as I returned the game. By the time I was in high school, I owned Pokémon Silver. Few months later, another Pokémon game in Japanese is the Crystal version. When playing it, it has several glitches such as the boy character switched to a female character and vice versa. The time day wasn’t in real time. After a few months later, I owned it too.

Pokémon Snap was played only from a friend that I borrowed so I didn’t actually keep it. Pokémon Snap is one of the few games that can be beaten by getting the highest scores. Then Pokémon Stadium comes along. First played from my neighbor, and then brought it as part of my collection. It had several cartridge bugs and glitches after messing around with it for too long.

Then in a few years, the third generation series Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. I owned the Ruby version. My favorite Pokémon in the third Gen series is Medicham. After that, Pokémon Colosseum in the 2004 year. My brother only owns the Pokémon Emerald so I never get a hold of that game. At the end of 2005, I owned both Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness and WWE Day of Reckoning. Both such good games before the Christmas date.

I found out that Pokémon were made such good romhacks. For instance, Pokémon Brown before the 2.0 version was made by Koolboyman and is the only good Pokémon game I ever played and so is Pokémon Quartz. These Pokémon hacks can be downloaded from Pokécommunity forums.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kuwata (クワタ) - Former ROM Hacker


Kuwata is a male former rom hacker back in the 2000 year and loves anime. His greatest projects are Rockman 2000 and Rockman Z (incomplete). Kuwata also creates game editors such as Rockman 2 and Dragon Quest.

Rockman 2000 Rockman Z

Rockman 2000 is one of the best Rockman hacks ever made and is the first release completed version, which maps has been modified, Graphics, Enemy Placement, TSA Solidity, and Music. No ASM has been placed in the game. Mega Man / Rockman Statistics have been modified as well.

Rockman Z is only 18% completed. Only Flash Man and Bubble Man are modified. Crash Man is incomplete. The hack uses custom music and enemy AI’s are modified. Some can create a crash due to the fact that Dr. Wily was revealed in Wily 5 level causing a crash in the game due to the error in the ASM stack.

Rockman 2 editor only edits maps. Unlike the Rock5easily version, it cannot edit scrolls, palettes or TSA solidity. It’s almost like Acmlm’s SMB3 discombobulator.

Kuwata is on activity everyday on his Twitter account. His posts are in Japanese but I guess he loves to tweet. Aside from a former rom hacker, he found out about my Rockman Z endless hack and wrote a blog about it. Kuwata claims that I’ve been using his Rockman Z rom without permission and says that it’s not even finished especially if Kuwata plays Rockman 9. Kuwata must be a huge fan of Japanese anime aside from his female pictures.

Kuwata in Japanese means Quadrat or End Slug which I don’t know what both of these meant. It’s used as family name.

Even though Kuwata retired from rom hacking, he still plays them and discusses them with the 2ch board community. Kuwata’s Game Page from geocities Japanese Yahoo still exists which Rockman 2000, Rockman Z, Rockman 2 Editor, and Dragon Quest can be downloaded in your hard drives.

Monday, April 16, 2012

WWF WrestleMania (NES)

WWF WrestleMania is one of my owned games during childhood year. Except the game wasn’t so great and it kind of sucked. This game hasn’t been supported and what, the publisher is made by Acclaim.

I often get frustrated at this game because it’s too difficult and cannot beat any CPU opponents. We didn’t have a second controller so sometimes I cheated switching the controls during gameplay in tournament mode. Anyway I’m not a professional gamer at this one and I hated wrestling before WWF SmackDown.

Aside from that, you could only do punches and kicks. I don’t call this wrestling at all. It’s more like a kickboxing game. For once in my life, I never won a single match due to a lack of controls and how to use it.

These videos below and above are the professional players and the other is either a newbie player or a player that have a hard time beating it.  Almost 80% of the time, opponents just run around in circles. In tournament mode, you have to beat all 5 opponents to become WWF World Champion.

WWF WrestleMania uses the AOROM mapper, which I had no idea about chips and others, which can be used for music rippers if you had already gotten the .NSF file from Zophar’s Domain. I will LOVE to see this in Mega Man rom hacks and SMB3 rom hacks as well.

I’m calling this the worst game ever and I had no idea how to beat it or to play on a professional level. WWF WrestleMania should be improved even better but later WWF games for the NES have better standards. Even my mom played it and she has no idea how to play or even use the combo buttons to beat an opponent.

Do you ever want to hack WWF WrestleMania? Well using a tile editor like YY-CHR can design and insert custom characters from other games. I’m hoping to add some female characters into the hacked WWF WrestleMania game.

YY-SMB v2.55 (SMB1 Hack)

In the day where ROM-Hacking began, before Acmlm’s The New Strange Mario Bros. this SMB1 hack is available for players that don’t know it. And this very first SMB1 hack made in 1998 is called YY’s Super Mario Bros. hack or YY-SMB. It’s supposed to be a modified version of SMB1. All maps and enemy placement are edited and you can play up to 8 worlds just like the original SMB1.

The graphics is similar to SMB2J but not exactly like it. The font colors is different and it uses the lava/water palette when is being switched.  The level format is like All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. with World 1-1 starts as nighttime. My SMB2J+ series uses the same formatting. In fact the Pipe intros are mostly nighttime if a level is also night. Make sense right? That includes All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. Almost all of them are nighttime but not every Pipe Intro would be nighttime if the previous level would be daytime and vice versa.

Being the first SMB1 hack, it’s well balanced. It’s not really hard and it’s not really easy.

YY-SMB didn’t have ASM features like other SMB1 hacks. Like having the poison mushrooms, unrepeated stages, mapper change for the wind, and others.  Version 2.55 is the highest so far. If you play YY-SMB, you will experience how the real SMB1 is played.

YY has other SMB1 hacks, for instance the All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. port from Famicom was incomplete as well as the SMB2J series from YY only Blocks 1 for Worlds 1 through 4 and Block 2 for Worlds 5 through 8.  They have no features that SMB2J was used.

YY did originally planned for a harder version of SMB1 from YY-SMB but it was discontinued but we are not 100% sure. Links to downloads is at YY’s official website. Other patches includes the Poison Mushroom and the Red Piranha Plants from SMB2J.

Rockman No Constancy (Rockman 2 Hack)

In 2007 when I was taking care of business and my computer is out of service, I find this Rockman 2 hack very interesting. In fact, the guy named kuja killer promoted the hack into the message boards, I think. Then I started playing the game for myself.

Rockman 2 No Constancy is the 2007 hack of the year and the creator is IKA. IKA in Japanese means Squid. The author appears to like the Touhou series, which is why some elements in the game are, based on any Touhou related games.  When I boot up the game, I started the game as Heat Man. The stage is decent but the boss can be a killer. Its body damage can CUT your health in half.

Then I played the other stages, Clash Man’s stage is interesting because the graphics is being ripped from Mega Man / Rockman X. But the boss is tricky. Clash Man only has one weakness that can take it down very quickly and is the weapon you gotten from Flash Man. Air Man’s stage is being ripped off from Kirby thinking that it’s a continued story from Rockman Exhaust but its not. Speaking of that game, Crash Man (YES CRASH), also uses Kirby graphics.

During the time on the public computer, I played the game on a FCE Ultra Emulator because mine is broken. I use save states during play. Wily 1 is a very tricky start but many surprises ahead. Wily 3 and Wily 4 uses Touhou music and the theme is Youmu from the Rockman clone game called MegaMari as in Mega Marisa Kirisame. It’s graphics in Wily 4 and 5 are Eirin’s stage from MegaMari. The boss rush is really frustrating.

Wily 6 is a repeat of Flash Man’s Stage. In fact according to the ROM Map, Flash Man and Wily 6 share the same map and including the Password screens. If you use a cheat to bypass Flash Man, then you will play Wily 6. I don’t know if IKA is smart enough to remove the door glitch that is common in Mega Man / Rockman 2 games but anniversary collection corrected the bug problem. If you haven’t played Rockman 2 Constancy before, the download is at ROM-Hacking dot net.

Rockman No Constancy is being removed off IKA’s own website for a reason. I think its either me redistributed the game or a bunch of ROM collectors archive it on the site. This included some of his or her M.U.G.E.N work. One unused and unfinished hack which is based on Yukkuri shiteitte ne or giant heads is called Rockman 2 Reimu which is no longer available on IKA’s website as well. However, my video is what’s left over it.