Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shonen Knife Concert 2017 at SunnyVale

Alright, here's the next part of the story which is after Roosevelt Island's Sakura Matsuri. After many years from Reni Mimura to Rico Yuzen, I have continued to support the living Japanese female music artists. There are so many Japanese female group bands from Japan that I have attending in the past years. It's the year 2017 and I never got a chance how good Liberty City Anime Con is from last year and I can't remember if I wrote a blog on Long Island Retro Gaming Expo. Unfortunately I won't have time to write every blog on Anime Conventions.


Although I was completely away from Reni Mimura, I was still going into cloak mode to avoid her from seeing me. Reni has been changed since the Satoshi era but unfortunately it's already too late for me so I cannot re-visit her. My life already move on but like I said, from Reni Mimura to Rico Yuzen. 2UNE is also met from Liberty City Anime Con but as for UNO from 2UNE she is not used to being met personally and Sneko is completely forgotten but still a fan of her.

Megumi Matsumoto on the other hand is still followed and being my friend since 2013 which is the same year after I left Reni Mimura.

Yako Eicher and family, beginning around September 2016 is when Aya Kameoka which is Yako's daughter came to the USA and her instrument is vibraphone.

Beginning in the 2017, Sasaki Chika is met at both CRS and Silvana. Sasaki is one of the Tokyo girls.

Did I forgot, Rino Inaba? NO but it's actually TOO personal to talk about! On the 2016 year, Rino was met and so is going to Nabe Harlem for Nobuki Takamen when Hideminy became Facebook friends until the year 2017 when we sat together at Club Bonafide enjoying Rico Yuzen's Quartet show.

That's pretty much discussing the 2016 year BUT this story is the real deal. SHONEN KNIFE!

Out of every Japanese female group band I followed such as the Akabane Vulgars, TsuShiMaMiRe, Bala, The Suzan, Zarigani$, CHAI, MIZMO, Starmarie & Jungles a.k.a Red Bacteria Vacuum. If anything I missed I will fill it in. Shonen Knife are very strict and right from the beginning. Oh yeah, AKB48 at Central Park but I didn't care about that. I am sorry that I don't have pics for this blog but that is because it is Shonen Knife's request that taking photos and videos during their concert is not allowed. There are 3 bands at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn New York. I could have taken pics of the other bands but I don't care. They are the Prits, Yucky Buster & of course the main event SHONEN KNIFE. The show is SOLD OUT immediately the day of the show is started.

The first 2 shows people are getting crowded like crazy but I didn't think Sunnyvale has a bathroom until I look and found out that their bathroom has a sliding door. As usual, I got no one including my friends coming over to the Shonen Knife concert comparing with the Miyavi concert.

After waiting for the Shonen Knife concert to go on, I went up front. That is until the people that attended the concert decided to go ape shit on the other people. I have been to too many concerts that is punk related including UZUHI and believe me, this almost like with UZUHI's show. Things are not going so smooth. It's a good thing that some of my friends are not here otherwise this next part of the story which I'll explain. As people continuing partying with Shonen Knife and roughhousing with other people, one of them decided to PICK UP THE PERSON and DROP THE PERSON ON STAGE WHILE ONE OF THE GIRLS IS SINGING, THEN THE MIC STAND FELL ON MY FACE HITTING MY UPPER LIP!!! It was bleeding SO DAMN BAD that I thought I needed medical attention. The next thing I got from people I heard is "Are you Okay" "How many punk band concerts did you attend", I said to that gothic guy MANY TIMES.

As the soreness on my lip continues, the show still goes on. After the show is over, I brought the CD which is the LATEST ALBUM and leave. I don't get to talk to Shonen Knife, I don't get to have a selfie with them and I ended up getting hurt during the show. It wouldn't matter since my lip is busted and I don't want a selfie with a broken lip. Shonen Knife may be popular and released like OVER 30 ALBUMS and been to many shows!? DAMN!? At the end of the story, I brought the Chap Stick immediately and used it on my sore lip. What a damn shame!

Thank you for reading and see you at the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri blog!

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