Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mid February 2015 Events

Hello everyone, it's time write something more personal than before. For some reason it has gotten in a lot of trouble so this blog page may close down and make some edits. For the 10 years since my website Insectduel's Domain has opened up, my personal blogs has gotten worse. That is because I was focused on ROM-Hacking a lot. I have no regrets of what I've written. I just wrote something personal without critic or something like that. I would have been slapped in the face from someone who reads it but it's best to stay out of the way. Now let's discuss about the events from a week after Sunrise Fest.

I already talk about Yatsumi Murakami's event which is at the Branded Saloon. Her band is awesome but I didn't stay too long for the next band. It was okay but well done. I also didn't bother getting anything from there.

Next is Mariko's show at PIANOS on the Showroom lounge which takes place February 11th. The stage is okay and so is her performance. What bothers me is this lighting and is completely blocking her hair and also having trouble shooting my photography shots. Mariko's show is always good but I am expecting more from it. She even had her new song, I think but I don't remember.

On Valentine's Day in Harlem where Setsuko had her gigs at the venue called The Shrine, it's kind of okay but way too entertaining. Once again, I chose to avoid the alcohol drinking and choose soda. However, I wanted to purchase bottled water but it's not there. Besides, why would you want to drink anyway? People are so ignorant which is why they aren't allowed to drink to impress your friends. I didn't stay for too long and decided to leave.

Next venue is the Tokyo Tapas Cafe where Misa and Senri had their duo concert. Why would I not meet Misa Ogasawara after Valentine's Day? The title is called The Recipe of Love. All I had is some burgers but originally I wanted soda with it but it never came. My tongue was burned after drinking some hot water because of the freezing cold weather. At the end of the event, I made a mistake so rather than tipping small but large. What a cruel punishment for a simple mistake I did.

Here comes the last one, actually it's a daily church service so I'll discuss it anyway which is last Sunday. I am at the Middle Collegiate Church where the morning service celebrates Chinese New Year. The Asian choir sisters Rising Sun make their singing performance so great that the same members of the Middle Church Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir rehearse their voices every week.

That's all the blogs I covered for now BUT, why did I chose to do this? Why do I point out names for no apparent reasons? What if I am caught and got slapped in the face and why do I continue lying? Now that this is out of the way, there is something unusual that was recently requested for some name I edited off my last blog and other blogs I mentioned. Like I said, I am planning a massive shutdown and only be reduced to conventions, video games & Japanese festivals. All personal blogs, raves, rants, disses, and inaccurate reviews must end. Whenever someone asked me if I had a blog, I usually show it and DID NOT realize what I wrote. Oh shit! What if someone I showed to already read it, but fuck it! That is why these edits must be made before or after they read it. I've been requested to write this blog on some art exhibit I went last night on Grand Street Brooklyn and this time, NO MORE FUCKING AROUND! Let's make it clean so people who read it that don't give a damn of my own critics. Blogs are supposed to be private and personal and not to be used for your commercial use without my permission and also not to be shared to other users. Thanks for understanding!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunrise Fest Music Marathon 2015

EDITED because mentions in this blog are written as of 2/28/2015. The UZUHI line.

Hello everyone, it's time to discuss the events on the month of February and the most recent major event I went is The Bowery Electric. The 4th Annual Sunrise Fest is held on February 8th and is not what you expect as all the other events. It is organized by Stairway to the Dream Entertainment.

With The Ricecookers being dropped from the music lineup, Rie Tamuro has taken its place but not quite because the bands usually come in way later. In fact, she is much younger than IRI. Her profile is clearly revealed and it's self-explanatory. Anyway about her performance, it's good but needs some improving and I mean seriously. Even her promotions are also self-explanatory which she passes business cards so we can follow her. Unfortunately for me, it's not possible especially I follow the best people on the block.

Next up is Poku Poku Boys now this is a fun performance, people performing in true Japanese style. Too bad these people aren't really interests me.

Next on stage is The Underground channel, now that's entertaining if you ask me. A crowd of people comes over and believe me it's a whole lot of people. I wonder how j-Summit New York will do this? We will find out when March 8th comes. Then it's the dreaded Hsu-Nami the Taiwanese band. I came to their shows so many times but it doesn't change me to follow their shows so being a fan of the band isn't going anywhere.

If you think The Suzan was so great, check out BALA. Honestly, it's the only girl band I like than The Suzan and is the only Japanese girl band that rarely performs. They need a show to perform but what? Anyway, I always appreciate their performances and hopefully, it gets better. Yeah, much better than LUST which I don't even follow too much because I was forced to see their male band. If you think BALA is such a great local band, it is. I kind of wish The Akabane Vulgars of Strong Bypass, Jungles, and Starmarie will come over back to NYC sometime.

The Brown Rice Family is so entertaining that the crowd wants to dance to the music. It's just a random follower and I never want to get their albums. Next up, Robin's Egg Blue. Their album Circlefield went live and it's so entertaining that I have to be a big supporter to Atsumi and Masashi just like with others. Mostly for Sumie, Misa, Lulla, Hiroko but the point is, I brought the Circlefield CD once the show is over and had it signed by Atsumi. Robin's Egg Blue has something more entertaining at The Bitter End on February 28th.

Finally the last band, which is UZUHI and their last show in New York City. Too bad they never going to come back which is why they are going back to the east after their 10-year performance. Kind of remind me of dancer Saki Takamura. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of friends that go back to the east while some or few of them that I don't even care. Reni Mimura is a perfect example because she treats me like crap. I left Reni, she unfriends me from Facebook. UZUHI being off to Japan makes me sad because I lost both of my close friends of the band.

2 days later, I went to the Branded Saloon for the Yatsumi Murakami band. It was fun times but the whole time I was sober. Let's not think about drinking alcohol, which I am not attempting to after a few days off. Comparing with Reni Mimura, few others trying to meet the same fate and 85% of my friends actually respect me. We will meet in March.