Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jan 2015, Project gone wrong

Hello everyone, it's the year 2015 and these places I can never stop going. Let's begin with the place I already went last Sunday and it's the Domaine Wine Bar.

I already mentioned in my special blog that it's bad, as in Muchmore's bad. Well I haven't brought any alcoholic beverages so I don't know. I also mentioned that ChoGa started restricting alcoholic sales without ID so anyone trying to get alcoholic beverages without ID must have one in order to buy one.

I have to say that the Domaine Wine Bar isn't too bad but it still needs some improvements. However I did found out what's behind the counters while I sit down and had my olives and wine. I consume it slowly so I can't get hurt. Remember my last blog about the Cranberry Vodka; well I am not going to repeat the same mistake.

There are some bottled water and soda behind the counters, how could THEY do this? There are people who don't drink alcoholic beverages and trying to meet people. However, one of your friends is an alcoholic drinker so don't expect your friends are non-alcoholic drinkers. There is a reason it's called a WINE BAR. So what do you do, should you not drink or you rather take on the shit and join the alcoholic drinking club? People suffer with this crap. Why buried the gem and dig up the turd. Anyway let's get on with it. Misa and Senri and the Domaine Wine Bar also known as Domaine Bar a Vins.

There isn't much people so it's kind of half empty. I wish I can say more about the show, but there's nothing to say. You sit around, drink, and watch performance, that's it! The performance is great if is done well, but this isn’t no ChoGa this bottom of the barrel sightseeing trash. The seats are lousy and there's zero lighting camera strategy. However, one of my flash photography shots is malfunctioned during the second set of the show. When you take a flash shot it literally blinded Misa, well not really. In conclusion, Domaine Wine Bar is embarrassing for me, not the place itself.

One more story and it's the one from last Tuesday. Mariko and Rockwood Music Wood Hall. For some reason it says Marico, what they can't read the simple letters of the Japanese alphabet. To me, I remember coming there when I hang with Michael Biskup. About the show itself, it's no cover charge but what I hate is when the waitress comes up to you and gives them tips. It's very reasonable because the musician wants to get paid but it's annoying when someone comes up to you. It's not the same when the church ushers comes up to you to give them an offering. Mariko dress up in punk clothing her shows once again really kick ass. Then my destination is ChoGa but when I saw the bulletin boards it's already been canceled. Yatsumi Murakami's show will be announced as planned.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 and further back Restaurants and Bars

Hello everyone, happy New Year 2015 and this is the special blog I will discuss and it's the past restaurants I went and how each one of them satisfies me. Let's begin by discussing the places I went on the entire 2014 year or some that comes to the past.

Let's start with LIC Bar, remember back in 2011 when I tried to follow Mika Mimura and get to know her. That didn't happen until I went to DROM and LIC Bar isn't too bad. DROM on the other hand is also a good place but I haven't been there in a long time. You just pay the cover price, and you can do whatever you want especially a good photography spot and most of the time I went to Banda Magda's events.

Wicked Willy's and it's one of the bars near the ChoGa restaurant and The Bitter End. Nice bar but sometimes I come for Mariko. Nothing special though.

And now let's talk about the following places and performers I went. Are you ready? Then let's go!

The first one is the Tokyo Tapas Cafe on Greenwich Village. I have to say that it's one of those lovely restaurants I went so far and the only person met is Misa Ogasawara and Senri Oe. The food and drinks and nice and the servers are quite decent as well. On November 30th, I gave Misa birthday flowers but she's one of my good friends. In 2011, I met her at Ballet Arts after I followed Chieli, then it comes to a problem where I am unable to meet Misa Ogasawara until the JeBon where I introduce her once again. Since then, she is a friend who is much older than me but not as older as Mika Yoshida which is rare and haven't even met in a while. If I had money, I would have order some food and make sure I don't overcharge.

Next one which didn't have a photo is Hakata Tonton. My first impression is the food that they made and served (especially vendor booths) which is great but it's too small and a reservation is required. What a piece of crap! Why need a reservation and even if you try to do so, you can't reserve it no matter what so going to the place is absolutely pointless. Hakata Tonton should expand something bigger. In 2013, they rattled me out. I may love the food but I hate the place so damn much. Also, some events are highly EXPENSIVE. Who wants to pay $100 for a restaurant event even for a T-Shirt? Luckily, it's not a concert venue otherwise I would start bitching about the restaurant.

The second restaurant is one of the worst places I ever went and it's just only the beginning. In 2011 it hasn't get any easier when I tried to meet Misa Ogasawara and Mika Mimura on Long Island City which is Domaine Wine Bar a.k.a Domain Bar a Vins which is a French bar name. In December 2012, I was threatened and kicked out right before I get a chance to meet Misa Ogasawara. One thing I had to say that it's a bar and a restaurant but there is one fatal flaw, the security check. Why they have not checked ID's before placing an order and are they crazy? That would have been useful if people wanted to purchase some wine and prevent minors from entering the place. There is one positive change since 2014, some water and food can be ordered. Now I started to like this place but however, when I meet up this Sunday which is January 11th of the 2015 year that bartender who kicked me out better not remember who I am or there will be trouble.

The third restaurant is quite decent and that place is ChoGa. People like the female servers knows who I am but why bother coming. I do tip them good money so I am proud of myself. I have to say that it's pretty successful and there's good seats. Did you know that you can hang your coats next to where you're sitting? The food and drinks are great but since my visit oh yeah, ChoGa started restricting sales of alcoholic beverages. If you don't have ID, you can't purchase and drink alcoholic beverages. Every Monday, this guy Rick Damers come there and organize events. I was surprised why Rick Damers has so much Japanese female friends. Anyway I met Setsuko, Yuri Bear, Tokyo Delores, Nahoko Sugiyama, Yatsumi Murakami, Kohei and TiA. Let's talk about the story, on December that's when I met TiA, Kohei & Yatsumi. I always find ChoGa way better than any other concert venue restaurants.

The fourth one is Pianos, now the upstairs lounge is a bar and a restaurant. The servers are decent, but they BEG for any tips if they try to come to you. Only once in a while I went to the lower level showroom where Mariko plays but why not the upstairs lounge since it's no cover. The performers met at Pianos is Madeleine Woods, Lulla Miyuki, Robin's Egg Blue, and many more. The only performer I haven't met at Pianos is Megumi Matsumoto. Now let's get on between New Years and Christmas on a Sunday. I, Lulla, Michael and this guy from India all hang out on a restaurant called Sakamai but other than that, there's not much to say. I started to like Madeleine Woods now since her friends is decent especially if she's a friend of Lulla but she often follows where I go for Lulla and Misa Ogasawara.

My fifth choice is Metropolitan Room; I'd say that it's the worst place. The cover charge is highly expensive but why buy a ticket when you come in and get a seat. It's first come and first served. Well, I don't know how it works. I went once for Sumie Kaneko and that's it. Setsuko tries to force me into coming and Madeleine Woods book a show there. I hope Ms. Woods doesn't bug me much. Imagine if Lulla Miyuki or better yet the Bridges Ensembles Choir booked a show there and you know how much that venue kills me which is why I never went back. When I am low on money, how the hell would I know to buy a fucking drink? Argh!

My sixth choice is the Cotton Club in Harlem. Yuka Kameda performs there EVERY Monday and the cover charge is $25. It isn't bad but it's a fucking stress.

My seventh choice is Don't Tell Mama. It's not bad but they should have done better. First of all, how the hell would I know the drinks I ordered is $10 minimum? Once you're seated, there's no way in hell that you avoid the drink orders and that is a fucking punishment. Don't Tell Mama is a piece of shit and I can't believe the only people that made me come there is Lulla Miyuki and Misa Ogasawara. Even the Arts Lab Series is AWESOME and Juan Borona knows how to organize a good place.

Pete's Candystore, not much Brooklyn events I'll discuss but it ties with Goodbye Blue Monday when I went for IRI with Yuri Bear and the Tazigen event in 2014. Muchmores is a bar & a concert venue but, doesn't even care it sucks. The only fatal flaw is the security check when you buy alcoholic beverages. I came to Muchmores only ONCE where Madeleine Woods organize the event that is similar to the Arts Lab Series event. Even the Shrine in Harlem is better.

Next up, Somethin Jazz Club where Yuka Mito and Mika Mori have their gigs I went in 2014. What bothers me is just one simple problem, the cover charge and purchases is required.

And now we saved the worst for last, it's Tomi Jazz. As far as this place goes, too bad it's a locked restaurant with a metal door and you have to ring the bell to enter. It's amazing that how many performers I met on this god awful place like Misa Ogasawara, Senri Oe, Setsuko Hata, Yuri Bear, Yuka Mito, IRI, Ryoko Fujimoto, & Sumie Kaneko. The common performers I never met much is Yuko Ito and Yatsumi Murakami. Let's talk about the fatal flaws, like Reni's Maid Shows some foods never come in. Seating reservations is a piece of shit, no matter where you reserve there's no guarantee where you watch the show or not unless you bring someone with you. The cover charge is a REAL pain when it comes to Thursday through Saturday and WHY give a tip during the show before you pay your food or drink. It would have make sense to pay before you place your orders like any fast food chain restaurants. The refills, good lord it's not free and last year I paid more than I expected. Once again I would like to stress, what's wrong with showing your ID before you buy alcoholic beverages. ChoGa finally did something right. Let's talk about last December.

With Misa Ogasawara, her show isn't bad and Madeleine came by to see the show but she didn't see that coming. However, at the end of the show I was required to pay a tip to the server. WHAT? That is complete bullshit. Why is it mandatory to pay tips? Okay does it happen with ChoGa? No, but it's optional and some drinks let you pay before you drink it. Here comes the extreme fatal flaw, on the Tomi Jazz website about Senri Oe's New Year's Eve concert there is an ad says no reservation required. However, they do need your credit card. When I don't make a reservation, they still want my credit card but its false advertisement. When it says one wine on the house, I thought it's free. You want to know the biggest mistake? Here we go, after I got the receipt I thought Tomi Jazz paid all of my orders after the show but nope, you have to wait around 7 business days for everything to get paid out. What were they thinking! No wonder, my credit card has negative cash values. Screw you Tomi Jazz, I hope Lulla Miyuki don't plan to book a show there.

That's all the restaurant events I covered for the 2014 year but I would like to point one more story which is last weekend. It's the Cellar at the Bryant Park Hotel where Youth and Belle celebrated their marriage. I was heavily drunk with Cranberry Vodka. There's not much with this story. Let's say that I was really fucked but even if my friends came by, that is one disappointing piece of shit.