Monday, April 29, 2013

NY de Volunteer (April 2013)

Last Friday on the 19th of April on the 2013 year, I went to Legends Bar and this is my fourth visit of NY de Volunteer’s Happy Hour FUNdRaiser event. I was in the NY de Volunteer T-Shirt I brought since January 2013 and I have managed to once again meet the people I met people before even the newer staff members. It all began by buying $40 for 15 tickets to help out 2 children in Japanese lessons. So far I threw the tickets for cosmetic gifts and something a little personal.

Now, unlike last January of the 2013 year the cups are flipped upside down and covered in paper and is also numbered. Unfortunately, the last 2 visits the raffle game is changing a bit. However, it’s my mistake by splitting the 2 tickets instead of holding on to the stubs. So now I learned that the stubs are important to hold so you don’t lose it. Other than your name being called for a winner, the matching ticket stub must be verified before you claim your prize. It’s even hard to dig up your ticket stubs you hold so it’s your own mistake and will be easily lost in your pockets. When you put your ticket in, you must hold all of your stubs and do not tear them up.

So the first raffle game is called and I claimed 3 prizes. 2 are cosmetic stuff and 1 $50 ticket coupon for Hakata Tonton. This cosmetic stuff is NOT for personal use but a gift for a special friend. Hopefully I do promise my good friend Lulla that I will give her expensive cosmetic stuff.


While the first raffle game ended, performer Chizuru Nihei sings on stage. She’s a good singer but I have no interests in following her for performance or anything to become a friend. Otherwise it would be stupid while her boyfriend or husband is hanging around. I verify that they both wear rings on their fingers. I have too many followers so Chizuru Nihei is not needed.

The game is changing while they are urgent to buy more raffles to help out children in Japanese lessons. Now the tickets are doubled when you buy at a normal price. While Chizuru Nihei throws her ticket on a $200 NARS cosmetic gift, I wish her luck. I mentioned one of her 11 mutual friends I had at her face and she knows that person.

The second raffle games has begun and guess what, I won that $200 NARS cosmetic gift that Chizuru or her boyfriend couldn’t win. That’s something I deserve. There is no way I can qualify for the third one because I already won. But I glad I fun this time and next time, I may want to become NY de Volunteer staff.

The next day after NY de Volunteer, I have to go to Harlem for Ryoko Fujimoto and her band Silver Moon. While I sit on tables, I must order something or I may leave! The drinks are available at the bar.

And on Tuesday April 23rd, I decided to go to Woodside at the La Flor restaurant for a personal visit. This story will never be told.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sakura Matsuri Washington 2013

Before I begin the Washington Sakura Matsuri tour, last Friday I went to St. Patrick’s Church around Lexington Avenue for a Thousand Cranes production theatre. The play has scenes in 2 different acts and is based on the true story. After the show, an unexpected announcement is coming and I was getting nervous. Hopefully, it’s nothing!

With only 2 hours of sleep, it wasn’t good enough! So I was hoping I can catch an Amtrak train within 30 minutes of departure and I did. The 5:45AM train is boarding around 5:30AM. After arriving at Washington Union Station, I brought coffee and got on the Shady Grove Bound Red Line train to Metro Center.


Unlike New York Japanese street festivals, the Sakura Matsuri is the largest street festival in Washington. They have many booths which include 2 beer gardens which I didn’t bother because I am a non alcoholic drinker; saké is also included to drink. There are merchandise booths, restaurant, snacks and ramunes, and 4 stage performances. Other booths contain to write a wishing message and the green paper represents leaf and the marshmallows represent Sakura flowers. Afterwards I immediately went to the McDonalds J-Pop stage for my favorite band Uzuhi.

I met Uzuhi since Japan Block Fair at Upper West Side in 2010 before I met Reni Mimura (ReniReni). The only people I’ve known in the band are Gosha and Tsubasa. I’m continuing their support and I need to buy another CD. Uzuhi been playing for 10 years and also touring around the United States.


Then at 1PM after leaving the J-POP stage, I made it on time to see YOSAKOI DANCE PROJECT 10tecomai on the 13th Street stage. The people I’ve known in the 10tecomai dance group are Eri Inaba from Foxy Foxes and Reiko Morikawa the dance instructor from TMH Dance. Unfortunately, the show only has 3 sets of dance performance. And then on to the Taiko drumming on the same stage and traditional Japanese dance. Imagine if J-Trad singer Sumie Kaneko would be part of that Taiko kimono group and all these kimono women looks identical.

The tour is continued as I look through Sakura Science with the voice translator. How cool is that. Then the dolls collection and Bonsai trees. By the time I heard music from the 11th Street Sakura Stage I had to check it out.

I had to run into Japanese female cosplay singer Reni Mimura which becomes my former fan. My dancer Yuko was in it and so is Saori. Of course Yuko couldn’t see me from the stage because I was too far away plus I wore a black cap but she may find me in Yukata as the day I wore at February’s j-Summit. This is the unexpected announcement that I was talking about. I didn’t see any updates from Sakura Matsuri Washington DC Facebook page, probably because I was late. And I didn’t see any updates from or from her manager Agent Sato. If she actually going to perform where I’m going I would have cancel, but no it’s well money spent coming to Washington DC for the Japanese culture experience. Anyway, Reni performs new songs I never heard or any performance I never seen. With the ReniReni breakup in effect, I’m not coming on stage to play Moé Moé Janken or something bad happen.

Yes now I call it the ReniReni breakup because I am no longer a fan of Reni or should I say no longer one of Reni’s angels and also separated from her (including Facebook) as well which forced me to avoid ReniReni at all times including coming to her monthly maid shows. There are 5 reasons why I don’t like ReniReni since after August 25, 2011 as I truly being nice and my support to her. One, she lied to me and her angels about the gift thingy and other unknown lies about the MIKA Japanese Cuisine & Bar’s New Year’s Party claiming that it’s for all ages rather than the required age of 21+ to participate. Two, she used me and always using me which includes flirting. Three, she drugged me which is the tequila trickery effect. Four, she disrespected me and possibly the other angels which I was never treated like one comparing with the other Japanese female singers. And five, she destroyed me.

12/31/2012 event

Unfortunately ReniReni is NOT the only one but Saori is also going downfall. On December 2012’s New Years Eve event, she called me on stage and try to get me drunk on Saké which is clearly disrespectful. And during Sunrise Fest 2013, she avoided me. I should now stop being one of Saori’s followers but she’s not the person to communicate since she lacks English and my stuttering speaking. I wanted to get to Yuko on that day but I cannot with Reni or Saori in the way, with these 2 mean ladies in the way I can’t speak or even reach Yuko at all. This is why I’m changing the game while the ReniReni breakup in effect; I can only meet Yuko if she’s not performing as a Moé dancer. Saori can be easily avoided if I don’t speak to Saori unless she saw me first. However, I would love to meet Myu to Yu again but not the Sky & Keys event and plus I need to be careful. I should RSVP for Myu to Yu if I do go to Sky & Keys event but not for alcohol drinking or swimming.

Anyway continuing with the Sakura Matsuri Washington story, The Asterplace after watching the cosplay fashion show from Anime USA at the J-POP stage after I left the Sakura Stage. Looks like it’s another Uzuhi related J-POP punk band but it’s cool. They sing some anime song covers and also rocking like crazy. But unlike Uzuhi, they were better.

As I leave the J-POP stage, I say my goodbyes to my Uzuhi friends. I didn’t meet or talk to Yuko but I saw her couple of times but I didn’t have the time to get to her without meeting ReniReni at the same time. I was afraid that something went horribly wrong if I do meet them both at the same time plus anxiety and depression increases which lead into my ultimate sadness and possibly created a heart attack or stroke which my lead into death. Life already moved on since other Japanese female singers of Robin’s Egg Blue, BALA, and Lulla.

Next tour on 04/27/2013 at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

With the Sakura Washington Festival ended, it was a lifetime experience and went back to NYC safely. I haven’t got much sleep on the Amtrak train but I do at home.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (Famicom - NES)

Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger is the rare game I never owned and is released only on the Famicom Disk System. I downloaded this rom and played it. However it takes less than am hour to beat the game and I didn’t even use save states or cheats but I do use my USB SNES controller to play the game smoothly.

What’s exactly in the game? First off, the menu! There is a main game and mini games. The mini games are the same as the main game but you can use the 2-Player controller. There are 2 difficulties, Easy and Normal but who the heck cares. There’s nothing different with the game but the number of coins or medallions collected in 5 different levels and reminds me of World 5-3’s Super Mario Bros. about certain World 5-3 enemies from World 1-3 or World 7-2 from World 2-2 enemies. Passwords are slightly redeemed but why is it in the game?


Unlike Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Super Nintendo or the other Famicom Sentai game, you don’t get to choose your characters. Instead each colored ranger starts with its own level and weapons and mechanical dinos are also different. Each ranger has a starter pistol which is a weak weapon. During the middle of the level, you get to talk to Bazar in a cutscene and give you a weapon which will help you defeat a boss at the end of the level. Depending on the difficulty, some medallions won’t find on Easy difficulty but if you collect all the medallions, you will get a cameo cutscene of a mechanical dinos. You don’t get to fight them or play as them, so lame! The best part is they restore all of your power if is depleted but it’s best to collect the last one before the end of the level if you’re playing on Normal difficulty.

Each time you play a level, it plays the same exact music but I think they are on low budget to produce music. The game uses about 8 different soundtracks. If you die during the level, you start all over from the beginning. There are no checkpoints. And if you die during boss fights, you get to start where you left off.

The bosses, well some are easy and others are the pain in the neck. At first, Pleprechaun took me a while but as long my strategy is good then I was able to dodge his clay golems. The second boss, Bukbak (Squatt) was too easy only if the Pink Ranger picks up her Ptera Arrow or you’ll be in disadvantage. The third boss, Totpat is too hard but he is annoying. It took me a while to figure out but I can slash his bats. It took some practice to get it right. The fourth boss, Grifforzer (Goldar) is too easy and predictable. The only thing you couldn’t beat Goldar is the MMPR Fighting Edition for Super Nintendo but Grifforzer can’t fly. And the fifth and final is Bandora (Rita Repulsa). Bandora is way too easy because she just stands in the same spot. The only high damage attack is the falling debris. You may want to lose a life to beat Bandora.

Each time you beat a boss, the Green Zyuranger asks if you want to play minigame. Unfortunately, only the 2 minigames allows gambling for life count while the Bandora Quiz Game doesn’t. This applies after you clear an even numbered level. The two games for clearing odd numbers except the fifth level are Barrier Block, and DokiDoki Bomb. The only way to gain a life and end the game is to win. If you lose a game you lose a life and you keep going. Lose all your lives and the game is over. WOW, how stupid is that! By the way in the DokiDoki Bomb, you do get to fight or play against Lamie (Scorpina) which happens to be Grifforzer’s wife. She’s the hottest sexy Asian character in the series. 2 Player games get to lose energy until it was depleted.

There are couple of lame stuff, the intro and endings are the same exact poses you seen as your start a level. The first Sentai Famicom game was awesome. The Howling Cannon wasn’t so awesome as in the Sentai TV show just some stupid white and gray flashes and cameos of the mechanical dinos.

What’s also lame is the Green Zyurnger in the game but you can’t fight him or to play as him. I know some fans want to play as Green Ranger but there is! Simply change the Red Ranger’s Palette to Green since they both use swords. The only thing I need to manage is the cutscenes. There are rom offsets to change Red Zyuranger’s Palette to Green and the hex number is 1A from the original 16. Oh, make sure you have a hex editor with you to edit the rom!

xC238 - Red Palette VS. Bandora
x140DC - Red Palette Level 5.
x1E247 - Red Palette Level 5 (Sword)


There are hacks to Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger. For people that wanted English, there is a fan translation IPS patch which is found at Rom-Hacking dot net. The translator is Danktrans which did a good job translating the game for Zyuranger fans to enjoy. And there is another Zyuranger hack but it is considered as a bootleg pirate copy and is possibly sold in the US and other countries. It’s nothing more than a title screen change and also hacked the life count from 3 to 7. This is what copyright infringement is by bringing unauthorized legit game and resold the game.

Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger is fun to play but can be bored once I managed to play this rare easy game in less than an hour. Hopefully, I can beat the entire game with only 1HP or 1 life which is one of the challenges.

These graphics can be useful to Rockman or Mega Man hacks.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

j-Summit New York (March 2013)

Last Sunday is another episode of j-Summit New York volume 14 of the Tsunami and Earthquake fund and this time is extremely unexpected turn of events.

First one is Gen Don Horisawa but I wasn’t too interested to know another male Japanese person as with Hugh Yamada, Gosha from Uzuhi, Yujin Amano, and Ki-Yo. Second singer is Megumi Watada, she’s a good singer but I have no interests adding her on Facebook. Since Megumi has no professional Facebook fanpage, adding her on Facebook without knowing her in person is just isn’t acceptable. Meg Bless was a mistake because I tagged her in our pages photos there is a chance that I could remove Meg Bless off my list. However, Meg Bless has a Facebook fanpage but it was inactive.

During Megumi Watada, I’ve seen someone with a black dress and some kind of hairstyle. So I figured that would be Shiho like the one on her Facebook fanpage’s profile. If you think that’s Shiho in a black dress you’re wrong, more come ahead. Before Shiho goes on stage with a white dress and a blue jacket, she plays the 3/11 music video.


After Shiho’s songs were over, I didn’t think I would buy her charity CD but I did, then Shiho came up to
me and meet and greet. Afterwards I wrote message to the 3/11 victims.

By the time I’m about to get back to my spot, I heard my voice from the unknown woman so I figured who that person is. Not if about her looks but the some fancy stage design too which got me so surprised and unexpected. That singer on stage is Sumie Kaneko. After following her show at ShapeShifter Lab and The Shrine, she always wear kimono, but j-Summit is a whole lot different and I didn’t recognize Sumie. That’s way to keep me entertained. These shows I’m talking about were major ones including the ones out of the New York state.

Next is Hoshifuru band from Canada but their music is really loud. I’m not even interested to know them at all since from early but she’s not really my type. During the song, people are acting suspicious but I will not tell this story. Then Gelatine comes next. I’m not personally friends with them but I always like their music, vocal singer Seiko Boku is not my type to become friendly like with Narina Chan from Black Lotus or NoriceuR.


The last 2 were Ruco and Lust. I’m not adding Ruco to my collection just because she’s mutual friends with Natsuko Hayashi from Foxy Foxes which she announced that she’s one of j-Summit’s staff members. Ruco however likes vocaloid characters. It’s too bad I cannot catch Ruco on video because of the interruption from the other video photographer in the way plus I had to say goodbye to one of my friends. I was in the bathroom so it was too late to capture it.

Lust is once again doing the closing performance and is the third time in a row. Lust fans come over but I don’t know if BALA actually came over but I wasn’t too sure but I don’t know the female band too much, another surprise that Yujin Amano also showed up because he’s such fans with Lust, so many of my guests coming over and that was the result of another episode. It’s too bad that the donations weren’t high as the other j-Summit events but the next one should be decided whenever we go or not, its taken place May 12th, mother’s day.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Columbia Japan Society Matsuri Spring Festival 2013

It’s the end of the March 2013 weekend and the first tour would be the Columbia Japan Society Matsuri Spring Festival. Don’t be mixed up with Sakura Matsuri because there are no cherry blossoms in the college areas, Just a Japanese festival with Japanese culture experience.

I arrived way early before it starts because I thought it would take longer but it didn’t. The Bx19 bus was a smooth ride to the (1) train to 145th Street and Broadway and to 116th Street on the Downtown side. I checked some vendors and personally the Hakata Tonton was the favorite one and the outside vendor sellers often known me since I come to every Japanese festival. I should have gone to the Yukata rental booth but I didn’t.

First is the kendo fighting, and then the music performances and Rainybirds come up first. This is my third time meeting Riyoko a.k.a. Ryoko Fujimoto. Last year is when I first met her but I’ve completely forgotten about it and still hold on to her business card. I didn’t realize that was Riyoko when I met up with Stairway to the Dream’s 2nd Annual Sunrise Fest for the 2nd time. Riyoko’s hair is too short and straight with a dye color change. She also had another music group called SoulSound.

Neo Blues Maki was the second so I haven’t know Kayo much but I don’t remember when I met up with Kayo especially in last years Sakura Matsuri in New York City for Saturday only.

Other includes Karate, 2 unknown male singers, and Taiko drumming. Taiko drumming is always been fun to watch.

And finally, Hitomi Himekawa’s Rainbow Bubble. Of course Hitomi is being unprofessional by putting a non-instrumental copyrighted soundtrack into her CD. She only has 2 original songs so she’s still working on it.

Afterwards I went to Long Island city at Resobox but this story wasn’t too exclusive and I didn’t have enough data to begin writing. The next story would be j-Summit New York Volume 15 of the Japan Tsunami & Earthquake fund.