Friday, September 28, 2012

Byte's Adventure (Rockman 1 hack)

Byte’s Adventure is a Rockman 1 hack created by Darkdata in the year 2007. This hack has graphic and TSA solidity changes but scrolling, music; checkpoints, AI’s and rooms are unchanged. The game comes in 2 IPS patches which still play the NTSC version of the Rockman 1 rom.

The game contains 7 out of the 10 stages. The following stages containing blocks, paper, snow, somari, castle, and dungeon. Somari is a Sonic and Mario combo pirate NES game but Sonic the Hedgehog is a NES pirate game itself while Somari is a copy from Sonic. When you reach the end of the level, you will face the boss. Boss weakness also unchanged so you play any order but are you skill enough for the challenge? Difficulty level is slightly easy like in the original.

Some levels have lack of design errors like the dungeon stage. When falling through the hole, the celing push in way down doesn’t make sense. Some enemy placement is out of order which some enemies appear from nowhere. Technically, you can do that but not for every enemy which can be annoying.


Once all 6 bosses are defeated, you get to jump into the very last level. Unfortunately, there are no rematches so you get to go to Wily’s chamber. However, the boss room design isn’t well as the vertical lining can scroll left and right of the room. What the heck, the evil mage Meta? Did Darkdata forget to change Dr. Wily’s name on the stage selection screen.

I have to admit that Byte’s Adventure is one of the good Rockman 1 hacks but can be played if bored! However, it is too easy and some enemies placements are out of order and do not match the original standards of the game. The download is at ROM-Hacking dot net.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ballet Arts Performance on 09/23/12

It’s one of my busiest Sundays when I decided to head to the Mid-Manhattan Public Library to do my normal activity before heading to Times Square Church for new believer’s class where I normally sleep in before service at 3PM.  Then I spent time going to the Apple Store at Upper West Side before heading to City Center which is few blocks away on foot.


By the time I got in, I had to act mysteriously and hide presents behind my back and without being seen. The studio already opened with people already grabbing seats which I had to step in. Then the show started with BAS 56 which has a YouTube video below.

I never expected that it will act as a J-POP style and their choreography. They are nothing but women of Japan dancing in hip hop styles and mostly singing. It is choreographed by Anna Makino. I think BAS56 are a better dance group than Hitomi Himekawa’s Rainbow Bubble.

Then the next set of dance series has begun. Starting with the dance group Tap Meets Ballet, which performed in a number of events including j-Summit? Before intermission, the Sunproject choreographed by Sun-ae Hwang put up a good SWANS show. During intermission, I met up with Cliff trying to get fruits and some chips and drank some soda. I avoided the wine since I don’t drink alcoholic beverages and it can possibly kill me. Then talked with dancers Yumi and Sayuri a bit but will love to meet them again.

The second act, this YouTube video above is the dance choreography “Like a Star” and is choreographed by Saki Tokumura. Saki was away from New York City since June. Dancers are Chieli and Rebecca.

When the show ended, I met up with Chieli with her husband and gave her presents. The picture on the top left with Chieli is myself, bottom left which is Greg which I haven’t met up the whole day and the bottom right is Cliff. We all had our pics taken by her husband but I believe that was Chieli’s camera. Unfortunately, Chieli will leave New York City around November and never coming back but I hope Chieli will have 1 or 2 more dance or possibly vocal shows in the October month. She was the second Japanese female friend after Reni Mimura since summer 2010.

While hanging out waiting for dancer Chika Hanioka, I was getting ready to leave until she shows up in the elevator and talked a little. She will be dancing with Reni at the Gershwin Hotel on Thursday but I denied Chika’s request because I’m not spending a dime coming to some stupid cosplay party. Hopefully, I’ll be meeting Chika outside of Reni’s events and try to keep up with her original Japanese Facebook public updates (Chika’s names are reversing like in the original Japanese format). Her English account Chica Hanioka doesn’t always post but I believe that she frequently post.

October will be a strict month for me!

Monday, September 24, 2012

PokéPiku 2012

Last Saturday, I was on my way to Central Park from the Hunts Point Public Library to the (2) or the (5) line. I took the (2) because it goes to the West Side of Manhattan. That’s until the investigation on 72nd Street which (1) trains run on the express track to Times Square-42nd Street. Luckily, the uptown (1) train came right away and get off at 59th Street Columbus Circle. Then I’m looking for the Pokémon cosplayers in the location of Hecksher fields.

Tenshi No Ai butler Justin introduced me after paying the leader Fuwa Sama the general admission for food and enjoying the park. Everyone must pay up to enter the area. I read their menus and ordered turkey with cheese sandwich, wonton, and potato chips with salad, gelatin, cheese dumpling, red velvet cupcake, and Pepsi soda. After eating, I head to the bathroom which is near the playground and then on my way back to have a fun time.

Some people are cosplaying as Pokémon, Pokémon trainers, and some cosplaying non-Pokémon related.


Here’s Red and Tracey Sketchit on the left photo! That’s me on the right photo holding a Pokébeachball.

And here’s our very own Edward Gamer cosplaying as Ash Ketchum with a baby Lugia.

As time flies, the Tenshi No Ai group is performing. My camera’s batteries are low so I didn’t collect enough. But I did catch a staff member cosplaying Vaporeon. After their show ended, I grabbed more drinks and met up with Erica Cotte a bit. I was going to collect more data of the Nintendo DS Pokémon battle tournament but I realize that my camera phone wasn’t in my pant’s pocket. I freaked out and looking and looking. I wasn’t going to be in suppressing rage and force myself to ask people who have it until Fuwa saw me looking for the device which she found. After grabbing my device, now I started to secure it in my bag so it would not happen twice.

Then cosplay singer Hitomi Himekawa takes the field before Rainbow Bubble comes in. There are technical difficulties so some dance choreography is performed without the music.

When 5:10PM hits, I went to the bathroom, left the park, went to the Apple Store and headed to the (3) train to Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn but unfortunately, the R62 remains as a (3) while the R142 remains as a (2) which these numbers always being in the same track. This service change is temporary due to construction on the New Lots Avenue line.

Onward to Ballet Arts at City Center next day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

j-Summit New York (September 2012)


Last Sunday before I head to The Bowery Electric, I decided to walk down from Bryant Park to Lower East Side. Fifth Avenue to Park Avenue and took a bathroom break at DSW which is located at 14th Street. After my bathroom break, I walked down to Fourth Avenue, then Cooper Square and to Bowery which is blocks away from the (6) train which is Astor Place

Before doors open, after Lulla arrive and met, singer Setsuko trying to offer me a discount ticket by putting my name onto her list. Unfortunately, it’s already taken from Lulla’s list so I cannot have 2 or it will be a problem. I’m aware that I met people that I already known but there’s about 6 people that I’ve been with. Lulla is the reason than everyone else even if is Yuko Ikeshita from Myu to Yu.

Update: 09/19/12 - Photo placed in blog. Credit goes to Jefferies Herrera

Once the show starts, the dancers begin their performance including singer Irie. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of the dancers this time but I decided not to snap a pic at the dance show. Before the show ends, I took control of the stage and throw my $10 in, then everyone else starts chipping in.


While the music equipment is set up, I met some dancers I already known and comment, then ended up talking to Anko who’s a Foxy Foxes dancer and singer Irie and flashed my ID card. She asks me about my interests in Japanese culture. First up is Shigemasa Nakano with Mizuki. Both are singers on stage. Then Meg Bless comes along but she only sings about 3 songs. While the crowd gets a bit empty, Lulla with the Mike band steps up the stage.

There are technical problems before Lulla plays her music, but it turned out to be a good show and enjoyed her music. Then I headed to the bathroom and surprised to see who, GOSHA from UZUHI that’s right. I didn’t expect him to show up. That’s because a member of the UZUHI clan which is playing. Well, Tsubasa Matsuda wasn’t even here.

Now when Yujin comes along, people are starting to show up. Most people prefer J-Rock music which is why is the main part of the j-Summit event. If it were NoirceuR or Black Lotus with Narina it will be the same as well. I’m not much of a Narina fan anyway!


During the band, I took control once again and the guy throws a $50. I step in and folded the money and place it in the box. I wouldn’t dare to steal the $50 or is 0% tolerance for us which our Insectduel staff teams don’t approve. Our job is to collect as much money for the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami fund. I went to the bathroom once again and pray for god, and then I throw in the drink ticket for red wine before LUST sets up the stage. BIG MISTAKE FOR ME! I drink sips of it every 10 minutes and I could not handle the taste and my head melts for every sip. Drinking the actual wine isn’t the same as drinking the blood of Jesus Christ but I suggest drinking Welch’s grape juice. What made me drink wine now since November 2011 is the past drinking events of the 08/25/11 incident and the Tokumura Kai on June which got me into urges but nervously too. My first alcohol drink was by force on 08/25/11 other than my crazy childhood when I was 6 years old.


Lust and RectiFist play hardcore and Gosha is gone crazy while the band play. People are constantly drinking too but at least I told one of the Asian female strangers that I don’t usually drink any alcohol beverages. With that many people, where are people going to throw money in? At least the crowd was huge at last July’s j-Summit at the start of the dance show but I’m wonder how much money was made? I estimated about $150 or maybe $200. With the amounts, anything is possible to bring happiness to Japan.

As our mission accomplished at j-Summit, I’m still wondering if I can make $100 to go to Boston on October 7th. I may have money for seats but not enough for the VIP entry which is our main goal and to meet Kinuyo Yamashita. I haven’t forgotten about the cute married Japanese female dancer Chieli Manzano which is this Sunday at City Center (W. 56th Street) on the 6th Floor (Ballet Arts). Asian in NY for this Saturday is denied upon my schedule request.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rock5easily's Rockman 4 IPS Patch hacking tools

Rockman 4 is the most popular in the rom hacking community since Rockman 4 MI of 2008 by Puresabe. Then Mega Man Forever, Mega Man Ultra 2 and few other great hacks but bites the dust. This is when Rockman 4 Endless comes in since Rockman 9 started it. Speaking of Rockman 9, Rock5easily did try to pull a remake of the .NES version.

Now as you know, Rock5easily specializes work of 6502 Nintendo assembly and Rockman 4 is one of my favorite games. Then later on, his webpage is gone along of all the patches he created. This leads some newbie’s including myself that may need the original sources.

One of his greatest works would be the fast scrolling patch. Of course, it’s been modified but in addition music not silent and the speed of the boss life bar increased a bit faster until Rock5easily created the fixed version of the patch which does not glitch when it scrolls. There is a small glitch with the IPS patch, when created from WinIPS and use other IPS tools; it will only work on Rockman 4 instead of Mega Man IV. After applying, when it recreated using Lunar IPS and applied it to Mega Man IV, then it actually works properly. That’s because WinIPS does not detect any zero string unlike the Lunar IPS from FuSoYa.

Another greatest work would be the Haikei patch. It allows adding another TSA block in slot E which allows your character to walk behind the wall backgrounds similar to Toad Man or Pharaoh Man (Quicksand tile) stages.

And finally, the ultimate tool which is called Effect Enemy EX. Currently the patch only works with Rockman 4 but source code provided. I’ll explain the data.

Enemy F0 is the background data. Depending on the Y position, you allow your character to walk behind walls regardless of tile slots and when you reach that enemy, it returns to normal.

Enemy F1 is the music data, Depending on the Y position; you can set any music track number per screen.

Enemy F2 is the gravity data, Depending on the Y position; it can jump within the gravity height. $40 is default while $60 may have less gravity.

Enemy F3 is the auto scrolling data, setting that enemy on your screen will begin to scroll. Not sure how is properly works. In addition, Cossack 3’s auto scrolling data is removed.

Enemy F4 is the wind data. Depending on the Y position, it can slow you down or move forward while jumping. In addition, Toad Man’s wind data is removed.

Enemy F5 is the lighting data; set to 01 on the Y position can turn off lights while 00 turns them on similar to Quick Man’s stage on Rockman 2. However, Bright Man’s stage has limit darkness time unless you disable the code completely.

These are Rock5easily’s greatest works. But luckily after the site was deleted, a Japanese rom hacker from Tokyo name Ririka Starlight revives them except the fix version of Rockman 4 Haikei which fixes the bug in Cossack 4 due to an existing space used. It may turn out very soon. The download can be located at the link.

Let’s hope it can never be deleted again and host these archives for submission at another archive website.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boogerman, A Pick and Flick Adventure (SNES & Sega Genesis)

Boogerman on the Sega Genesis is owned from one of the cousins. Played most bypass levels including the final boss Booger Meister. Took a few tries to beat him and won and the credits roll. The most level reached before cheating is Nasal Caverns Level 2 but it seems hard when watched other people play. The SNES version is not owned at all but downloading that rom into my desktop.


Now comparing to the SNES version and the Sega Genesis version, both of them are completely different but the gameplay is the same. Some voices changed as the SNES version didn’t have the “COOL” when picking up items. And the passwords are limited to 3 instead of 4. The game publisher is Interplay and the Sega Genesis version released first than the Super NES. To me, the Sega Genesis has a clearer screen and sound than the Super NES.


Notice the two screenshots from different versions. Well you guessed it, the bonus level of Flatulent Swamps Level 1. They are different level design from the other. When you enter bonus stages, you get to pick up items such as the milk bottle, the cape, and the chili pepper. When using the chili pepper, you are able to burp in flames but also to use flaming farts which you can fly but drops your burp meter rapidly.

The SNES version lacks programming at Nasal Caverns. The first level of Nasal Caverns in the SNES version didn’t have pits and when you fall in at the second level, he can fell through it unless you fly with your flaming fart as shown in the GIF image. The Sega Genesis version just touched directly at the green goo.


Both versions face the boss at the end of the fourth level except some backgrounds change like in those 2 screenshots. If you defeat the Booger Meister and the credits roll, only the Sega Genesis version can change into costume while the SNES version lacks that programming.

In romhacking terms, they have great backgrounds and foregrounds to rip to be used in SMW hack. I also think that the SNES port of Boogerman wasn’t good as the Genesis version so I recommend playing the Sega Genesis version.