Friday, August 31, 2012

Road to September 2012 j-Summit

Hello friends, this is Ron-Chan a.k.a Insectduel speaking!

j-Summit at The Bowery Electric is the place to meet great dance and music performers, make new friends, and have yourself a drink. The important part of the event is to have fun!

Last j-Summit event on July 29, 2012, we made a lot of smiles to JAPAN and collected over $400. This month of September, we are going back there to do it again! We may have less musicians or bands than the dancers but that does not mean you could be lazy. We are throwing our money right from the start of the show and you guys also need to do the same thing! Come on; make some LOVE to JAPAN pretty please! :) We are also here to watch the performers, including Lulla Miyuki. The stage is at the lower level.

In order to buy yourself a discount ticket, let your musician or dancers know you’re interested and put your name at Will Call. The day of the show when doors open, the person will look for your name and you’re paying in discount price. Or you can make a phone call to j-Summit or send them an E-mail at

First time or not from New York City, not a problem! If you pay either the discount price or the full price, be sure you tell them which band or dancer you are going to see even though if you’re not a fan of any musician or dancers but they need your support and get to know you in person.

It is an 18+ event; if you’re not over 18 years old you cannot enter the premises. And if you not over 21 years of age, you cannot order or buy any alcohol drinks according to your ID and your colored ticket or wristband. ID’s are to be verified by security before entering the lower level.

Here are your dance performers:

Foxy Foxes

Myu to Yu
Fuyuko Nakamura & Yuko Ikeshita

Unknown website or Facebook fanpage

Swan ~Tap meets Ballet~


Here are your musician/bands:

Lulla Miyuki

Yujin Amano band

Unknown website or Facebook fanpage


Here is my contact Facebook pages:

Insectduel’s Domain (Hobbies & Interests)

Ron-Chan (Cosplay and Modeling)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Road to Video Game Orchestra

We have a new mission ahead of us! And our mission is to go to Video Game Orchestra in Boston October 7th. Now last year of July, I started traveling to Boston for Reni Mimura’s monthly maid show in All Asia Bar. According to the budget, over $50 were spent which includes the discount bus ticket, the MBTA Charlie Ticket, the admission fee, and of course the food. November is also the same result except the Bloody Mary order was an accident or another error of judgment in their Moe Moe Honey’s Menu. The only correct result in November is the ID verification from the bartenders.

With MAGFest 11 still in place, Kinuyo Yamashita will go to Boston for the first time at Boston Symphony Hall. Our goal is to go there and meet up with Kinuyo Yamashita. Price range can go up to $40 to $100. Here’s the catch, since you can buy the seats including the balcony, you can enjoy the greatest show. That was our original plan is to go cheap. But since those price ranges are in tact, you cannot meet and greet the musicians unless you buy yourself the higher price which can cost you $100. And that price is the VIP admission plus front orchestra seating.

Let’s remember Video Games Live in April 4th at Red Bank, New Jersey. That trip costs $80 in total which includes the NJ Transit ticket and the balcony seats regardless you get to meet the musicians. However, the Meet and Greet was a bit long for me before heading back to the Bronx New York until my arrival at 2AM.

I hope you guys are interested in helping me out to reach that $100 goal. Your job is to donate money either electronically or by check. With electronic payments you can send as little as $1 via PayPal at I’m not sure how much you can donate but I haven’t use PayPal much to send payments to others. And if you’re sending me a check, your bank account must be active and must have $10 or more. You can send as little as $10 and you must call my cell phone number if you want the check send to my home address. Checks are to be checked for verification before cashing out.

Now there’s another donation plan, if you brought your $100 ticket and you have a change of plan, then you can give that ticket to me either free to $100 when I arrive and before your show starts. You must have your valid cell phone number so I can reach you and won’t end up stranded. However, the $100 ticket MUST BE LEGIT. Fake $100 tickets not accepted and will be reported to the police or the FBI. Tickets are to be checked at Will Call before buying or given.

Let’s hope the VGO quest will be a successful day even if is New York Comic Con. Tickets are really expensive so I’ll try to buy the Thursday only FREE pass because I am a blogger. If not, there is still MAGFest 11 to go. The Pre-Reg is already brought; the only thing to do is to book a hotel and the bus ticket unless I’ll be going on a Saturday only.

As a reminder, Insectduel’s Domain does NOT idolize Reni Mimura due to multiple errors of judgments but idolizes Robin’s Egg Blue and many other J-Female singers.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

08/25/12 events


Last year on the 25th of August may be the most illegal experience ever made. But this year it’s all about celebrating that illegal experience. First I went to Central Park, in fact I was stupid enough not bringing the map with me for the designated location. So I got off 72nd Street on the (C) train line. At first, I thought it was Strawberry Fields but they aren’t there. Then Sheep Meadow but sound isn’t permitted. I thought it was 86th Street but I went on the wrong side and head over to the baseball fields in Columbus Circle. No luck so I have no choice but to go to the Apple Store in Broadway and 67th Street to look it up. It says Norman Landscape Central Park but it’s not designated in any Central Park map after riding the train again from Columbus Circle to 86th Street on the (C) line. I was tired out so I found one of the cosplayers and asked for directions.

I may miss up some contests because of the new censored Dragon Ball Z Kai episode on My Vortexx CW TV and did some business on my Facebook fanpage but I haven’t miss meeting up with cosplayers, taking random photos and watched Rainbow Bubble. Meeting up with Hitomi Himekawa wasn’t recognizable at first because of the change of hairstyle. I think she’s like Sneko but I do not bond with younger Japanese females. After the closing ceremony, we had pictures taken. Every photographer is involved and then leaves Central Park for Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza at Bryant Park before heading for Tomi Jazz. This cosplay group photo is taken and credited by Jefferies Herrera whose also manager of Hitomi.

I’ve been preparing to meet up with vocal singer Misa Ogasawara. I was first met her at Ballet Arts around the early 2011 year. Then I got kicked out a few events including Don’t Tell Mama which literally went to the wrong show with Lulla Miyuki in it. So I did not meet them both on September 2011. However, I did met Misa the second time at JeBon for KIZUNA THE BOND event. That was a success until February 29, 2012 which I was totally unprepared coming to Tomi Jazz for the first time because I don’t have enough money (maybe the music fee but not the dinner fee together) so I didn’t place any orders and forced myself out.

Now since I have enough money, I was able to place an order when I walked in. Surprisingly, Misa Ogasawara knows who I am. She probably looked in my event page (or my personal profile, not the fanpage) otherwise she still would not know me after 2 visits and the Facebook event page privacy settings is Friends only so no one other than Misa Ogasawara’s friends of fans allowed to access the event page.


I’ve looked in the menus but I originally wanted to order an alcohol drink but I didn’t want to. 1 exact year of Reni Mimura’s error of judgment got me thinking of drinking an alcohol beverage but I resisted like I did with Tokumura Kai party back in June. So I asked for water while ordering the Spam Rice Ball with Eggs. Tasty Japanese food right, seaweed is also in the ingredients.

I watched Misa sing while eating and drinking and the refills are completely free. There are 2 sets so I got closer on the 2nd set. I’ve just kept on drinking and didn’t bother placing another order or I’ll be overcharged. So after Misa’s show ended, I asked for the check and pay $22 plus $2 tip for the waiter. What a night it was, but I gave Misa my Japanese counterpart name after some small chatting and her next show. Unfortunately, I am not able to since I am limited to 3 events this September.

The 3 events is j-Summit, PokePiku, and the Dance Performance at City Center. All other events will be cut due to major high payment events. If you are interested to help Insectduel to get to Video Games Orchestra, please go to my event page. I will give you rewards if you do but has to be $10 or higher to get a reward. Our mission is to raise money ONLY for the ticket price; we do not care about j-Summit, bus tickets or others. And I hope god will give me strength to keep me moving.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Karate Kid (NES)

The Karate Kid is one of my unfinished games and this NES game is not owned by me, it is owned by one of my cousins. And that game is quite hard to remember but at least it’s not one of the worst movie licensed games. It is published by LJN Toys or LJN LTD in 1987.

The Karate Kid starts out with a tournament fight and the controls are fair. You move on left and right directions, down is to duck or crouch, and up is to jump straightforward. B is for Kick and A is for Punching. Holding these buttons will unleash your Crane Kick [C] and Drum Punch [D]. Once you beat all four matches, you move on to stage 2. Fail the match and you will start losing your chances or lives. Earn 20000 points will earn yourself an extra life.

As a suck player, I do not know how to proceed to the end of the level. Not even my cousin. As a newbie player, I could not beat the game as I using random buttons and I cannot jump over ledges. I was beaten to the bloody pulp and my game ended. One of these games do not have a continue option.


There are bonus stages in each level but you must jump into the black entrance. Completion will give you extra points plus some Crane Kicks and Drum Punches. First explanation is the Swinging Hammer. To dodge the hammer, you have to punch right before it hits you. For each dodge, it goes faster. Once you got hit or fall into the water, your game is over. Second is the Ice Block. If your life meter is full, you can hit all the blocks and if you time your life meter to be at full or near full. And third is the chopsticks game. Catch the flies before time’s running out.

The Karate Kid is one of the greatest games but I kind of wish I would beat the game on the real NES console but I watched the playthrough on YouTube. Even the graphics are in good shape.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Rockman 2 Dash (Rockman 2 Hack)


Rockman 2 Dash is one of the greatest hacks but not as the powerful as the others. I find this game so interesting that I could play it on my FCE Ultra Emulator. The game is created by a Japanese Rockman rom hacker named Small Apple.

Rockman 2 Dash features custom graphics, scrolling, music, and tile arrangements. However, it does not edit the AI of the bosses or weapon abilities. Rockman 2 Dash is like a reincarnation of the first Rockman game but Dr. Wily’s robots are invading parts of Dr. Light stages including 2 Rockman 3 Wily stages. Some statistics of the game are edited including the boss weaknesses.


Each robot attribute is modified from Dr. Light’s blueprints and the stages themselves. For instance, Metal Man uses Cut Man Stage, Quick Man uses Elec Man Stage, Wood Man uses Guts Man Stage, Crash Man uses Bomb Man Stage, Heat Man uses Fire Man stage, Flash Man and Air Man uses Wily stages from Rockman 3.

The Dr. Wily Stages from Rockman 2 are also Rockman 1 stages related except Wily Stage 5 & 6. These are Rockman 2 Stages.


Rockman 2 Dash+ version is much more difficult from the original and is not the same version. However, some parts of the enemies in comparison with Flash Man’s stage and all of Dr. Wily’s stages are a lot more puzzling and way too dangerous to finish. If you’re playing the Dash+ version, then there is no chance of beating it the fair way. The stage design is much more creative.

This inspiration brings on to the Rockman 5 project that contains Gravity Man with Cut Man stage graphics, however the project was completely abandoned so that test rom is no longer available but there are copies of the game if existed. This YouTube video created by me is the stage you will see.

In that case, that inspiration also brings on to the Mega Man IV project called Dr. Light’s Conquest but it’s currently on the discontinued state until further notice and I don’t know when this project will begin.

Download of this game is found at Mediafire.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/21/12 event at Gershwin Hotel

August is one of these times where Reni Mimura’s shows taken place in another location. 2 years has been passed and it’s still ongoing. August 5, 2010 is the time when Ron Chan is born along with meeting the original Moe dancers for the first time. Then on the 25th of August of the 2011 year, things are acting illegally and cause damages to me and my reputation to my company.

This year, things are changing differently. On the 21st of August of the 2012 year, there is a cosplay rave party at the Gershwin Hotel. Originally, the event was supposed to be an 18+ event. Now is changed to all ages thanks to our filing claims and fair hearing meetings. But there are still adults bringing their own beer to the event and must’ve brought it from some other store.

The first thing I have met is Saori and Chika. Both of them seem to be great dancers but that’s the reason why I came over and most likely to avoid Reni almost the whole event because I don’t want to be used by her. For every event I go to, she uses me like an object since Hand for Japan. Before the show starts, the Rainbow Bubble Girls went on first, in between preparations the dancing has begun. Then onward with the cosplay contest, winner has the best cosplay by their screaming choice wins some prizes including a free Sakura CD from Reni Mimura. Then Reni’s performance and programs begins.

Reni brought up the competition with the game of Moe Moe Janken. This photo without our label is taken by Dave Brodsky. Of course it’s a cute version of Rock Paper Scissors. People often cheat at the game by looking the other way around and choose the hand that beats it to stay on it, or choose the winning hand by slowing their timed hand raises on purpose. As for me, I played with my eyes closed.

For the entire game, my eyes are closed and I’ve time it slowly to stay in the game without opening my eyes. I have stayed longer than I ever was. Opening my eyes for each survival round and closes them when it begins. Then I’m on the final three, I chose ROCK to survive, then I had a weird mind feeling that I’ll be the winner of the game. But I ended up picking ROCK twice and I was eliminated along with the other person picking the same hand. I was originally didn’t want to hug Reni for my joyful loss but I rather take it anyway but I am relieved. The winner receives a Japanese fan with a sign autograph from Reni Mimura. And as usual, the winner also joins the song Otome.

After Otome, Reni performs some new songs and choreography including shining star. Then more dancing begins. After the show ended, I got a little chat with Chika but meeting her was my purpose of my attendance. Then decided to leave but Reni would not let go of that handshake but I slightly released it after saying goodbye to her.

Our minds are made up so whenever Reni hosts her maid shows I will ignore it. It’s because I’m making up a budget to go to Video Games Orchestra in Boston October 7th. If you have interests in helping me out, please visit my Facebook event page. The other budget and event planning would be j-Summit, PokePiku, New York Comic Con, Masumi Yoshinaga, and MAGFest 11. I will not meet Reni Mimura or attend her shows until after January 2013 as our company’s contract agreement even if Moe dancer Yuko Ikeshita performs with other Moe dancers.

Lulla Miyuki, Yuki Ishiwata or Atsumi Ishibashi is good Japanese female singing idols than Reni Mimura and some of their English fluency is better than Reni.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bay Ridge & Elmhurst Events


Last Sunday, I decided to find the barber shop where is available to get a shape up and my face shaved. Then I head over to the (6) train to the express route train at 125th Street to 59th Street for (R). The designated stop is Bay Ridge Avenue and I have to walk a few blocks to find the car dealership garage Toyota. It’s an outside event where the show is taken place. While the show is waiting for start, I head over to buy myself a Black Milk Bubble Tea.


First up, there’s a dog show and a master trainer named Han Feng. He trains the dog and performs all kinds of tricks. I hope animal lovers would love this, then some dancers and a couple of band performances. The 3 ladies in purple were Fire and Ice, then the Rainbow Bubble Girls which includes EriPanda as one of the girls. While waiting the time to collapse, I tried to snoop around the garage but no idea where they went. As the time did hit the mark, I started running the wrong turn direction before the woman showed me the right direction to the (N) train.

Instead, the (D) train came over because it has been rerouted while the west end Manhattan Bound line is closed for construction. At 36th Street, I took the (R) train to 9th Street as I ran upstairs catching the cross-town (G) train. I said NO, NO, NO, and the train operator open doors for me, THANK GOD! With only some time to spare, I got off Court Square but missed the (E) train after I got there. But it only took a 6 minute wait until I got off at Roosevelt-Jackson Heights going for the (R) train again after using the bathroom and is 2 stops ahead. As 5:00 hits, I began walking slowly to Arena Rock Club as I catch my breath after using my energy catching trains before departing.


While at Arena Rock Club NoirceuR, Robin’s Egg Blue, Tsubasa and Gosha and other people came over to say hi to me. With no time to waste, I had to get in and put myself with Robin’s Egg Blue at will call. While entering the stage arena, the lighting is most likely to be red so only flash images are to be collected which 2 people literally stayed.

With 2 bands which I don’t really care, Robin’s Egg Blue with Atsumi Ishibashi went on the third act. Watching her sing and play guitar is quite very entertaining. After their show ends, I knew I need a chance to support the band even more by buying the CD which my funds did reach and brought it for my collection.

The next few band acts before SETSUKO isn’t coming on to me but didn’t expect dancer Natsuko from FOXY FOXES joining Setsuko with 1 other unknown person. With Setsuko singing Mr. Right, the dancers and Setsuko herself were amazing. Natsuko started to know me now which I’m quite proud of. Then the awesome NoirceuR rocks the stage. With their new songs, it was amazing. After the show, I didn’t speak long but short and sweet with both Billy and Narina. Atsumi left with her band with a goodbye closure after NoirceuR plays a few songs while Setsuko left a bit later.

The last band and the show, their songs are great but didn’t really care. I took the train back to the Bronx with the collected CD I have brought from Atsumi Ishibashi. I’ll use it with care but best wishes to her in Japan.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to Business + Road to VGO in Boston


Last Week of Wednesday, I was recently put back in the Back to Work program and this time, it’s F.E.G.S at Hudson Street and the corner of Vandam Street. 1st week and 2nd week is mostly for workshop classes but I am not wasting my time, my goals is to land a good job and not go back to these pyramid jobs where you gain commission and little salary but job developers, recruiters and employment specialists doesn’t want participants to apply to these marketing scam jobs. I’ll explain it further!

After the program for August 17, 2012 I decided to hang out at Mid-Manhattan New York Public Library and check out a few books and using my computer. Then I went to Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza afterwards ordering a slice and a root beer.

When that time comes, I took the (M) train from Bryant Park to 14th Street for (L) train to 1st Avenue where I can walk blocks to Avenue C and 7th Street. Some nearby buses headed to (L) subway stations. Of course I wasted no time finding the Alphabet Lounge as I paid the money at will call for my favorite band Brewgreen and the Babylons.

There are 4 members rather than 3. Hugh Yamada, made something special for the entire crowd. Steve sings along with Hugh including the 2 members of Robin’s Egg Blue before Hugh and Steve and is most likely to be playing in guitars while singing. Their songs are great as I watch them and record data. One person who has a HD digital camera recorded the whole thing. About 45 minutes, after the show I got some discussion about my future travels. While staying a bit longer for the second band, I chose to leave the Alphabet Lounge at 9:00 sharp back home. I’m expecting to meet Atsumi this Sunday at Stairway to the Dream stage 19.

Video Games Orchestra is now the long term but it’s still on negotiation whether it’s enough money to attend but New York Comic Con is still in the works.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bulls VS. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs (SNES)

Bulls VS. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs is one of those sports video games I ever owned. It was brought from my brother. Comparing to NBA JAM, it’s just a standard video game. EA Sports (Electronic Arts Sports Network) published it.

I don’t call that game disappointing but played it a few times, you get to enjoy it.  Here are your game options. Game mode can be chosen as Tournament mode or Exhibition (One game) match. Player select, you can choose the players of one, two as rivals and two on the same team. Play option is depending on your fouls, player stats and other real-time basketball related. If Arcade mode, then you can’t really get fouled out. Play level is the CPU’s difficulty. I think Pre-Season would be Normal while the other option is the hard difficulty. Period length is the game’s timer comparing to live TV basketball. 2 or 5 minutes seems really short. 8 minutes is medium. You have the options to turn music and sound effects on and off. And Password only applies to tournament mode when successfully entered.

The gameplay itself isn’t like NBA Jam. When you in control, you get to shoot hoops, slam-dunks, pass them to other players, steal balls, and knock down opponents and other controls. When played in 2P rival mode, only the offensive players are in scrolling position.

Playing tournament mode seems to be difficult. I think it applies to all player modes. If you fail to complete the tournament your game is over. The winners of the next match are at random. Passwords are given when you complete the match and entering those passwords will not be able to change the options.

In romhacking terms, anyone hack this game would definitely put other country teams into their player GFX if compressed.

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 1st Weekend


Last weekend was one of the best ever, during the afternoon I decided to depart Highbridge about 2:15PM in order to catch the bus to the (A) subway line. It only takes about 20 minutes when it makes express stops from 175th Street which where I’m at to 34th Street Penn Station. With an hour late, it doesn’t even matter because SETSUKO will sing at the other half of the show as part of the jazz group called the YAZ BAND. With SETSUKO singing with YAZ BAND, she sings about 3 songs. To me I think she’s the diva singer which tries to launch her singing career worldwide. SETSUKO seems to be a good singer.

Then on Sunday August 05, 2012, as usual I came back to Times Square Church after 2 weeks of absence of morning service because of my busy moments. My friends are glad to see me except it really gotten me in fatigue state in sermon services with pastors. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and vision flashes right before my eyes.  It’s like I’m on a vision quest with God and Lord Jesus.

By the time the afternoon service is over, I walked on the Queensboro Bridge to the Secret Theatre at Long Island City. It only took me 20 minutes so I arrived way too early about 45 minutes behind. So I brought the $18 ticket and gain entry with the dance programs.

Some dance companies and their choreographers aren’t that great. Rebecca Bryant was annoying and off beat, and BEings dance/Emily Bufferd was kind of sexy but not so aggressive. All others are good. But there is one reason why I chose to come over to Long Island City, it’s because of Sunproject.

Chieli is right behind the center dancer in the red shirt and a white undershirt but she wasn't caught in my photos this time!

Sunproject holds 8 members and I only recognize 3 of them which to be my favorite dancer Chieli Manzano, Sun-ae Hwang, and Rebecca Fox. The other 5 are unrecognized but I don’t remember who is Ji-Yeon Kim is (Not Jecky). THE SWANS choreographed by Sun-ae Hwang has 3 different pieces by each member. The second act, I kind of find cute when Chieli on stage has a haircut as she mentioned. After the show, not if I met Chieli offstage but her husband Mr. Manzano as well. Happy times!

This weekend, I might go to AniMiniCon but unsure and may end up going after UZUHI at The Trash Bar. Reni Mimura mentioned that she has performance on August 21, 2012 but I have to find out what it is! I hope it’s not a nightclub event but we shall see. Road to Stairway to the Dream Stage 19 is in the works.