Monday, July 30, 2012

j-Summit New York (July 2012)

After I visit Japan Block Fair on the same day, I went to the Bowery Electric for the performance. I visited some friends before the dance show starts. People are packing the place like crazy I mean Otakon crazy. So at the will call person, I put myself as Myu to Yu as Yuko Ikeshita is one of the dancers. So I didn’t know what my friend talked about but the band on the upper level wasn’t the j-Summit concert, it was a different one instead. I was at the lower level.

45 minutes of entertainment with the best dance teams and pieces can offer. In the dance order, Foxy Foxes was the first with Natsuko, Ami and Eri. Second is LAPIN with Fuyuko, Megumi, and Fumie. Third is Swap Tap meets. I don’t know them. Fourth is wakaranLocas with Saori and Yahira. Fifth is Foxy Foxes with a combination of Myu to Yu. Sixth is Shoko. Seventh are MARiA, CHiHiRO and EriKO. Eighth is Myu to Yu which includes Fuyuko and Yuko. Ninth is Foxy Foxes, and the last is all dancers. During the finale, people are finally putting money in the donation box.

Our team Insectduel’s Domain originally supposed to do our job but Natsuko took care of it so more people are putting money in the box, including myself. It’s because of last month so it got better than it was. More people including Yuko put the money in.

Reiko-4D is a hardcore Japanese band, her music is great. Too bad I didn’t break the Ice on that one. What I mean break the Ice is to meet and greet so almost everyone except the dancers I don’t know for each show. Next is FYN Vocal Studo and used up my drink ticket for water. Not WINE, COCKTAILS, or BEER. And each time, more money pours in and more people show up including my known friends. Most of the bands are rocking j-Summit the whole night and each time I have to use the Bathroom since I drank too much during the Japan Block Fair.

The last band is Brewgreen and the Babylon’s which are 2 male singers and 1 female vocal singer from Robin’s Egg Blue Atsumi Ishibashi. She is now my current follower. I’m expecting to meet Robin’s Egg Blue if possible on Wednesday at 14th Street. But seriously, they put up an awesome show.

The whole day, I felt like a celebrity with the Ron-Chan name so people think I’m too famous and handsome. This weekend, I’m expecting to meet Chieli Kajiwara (Manzano since married) and her dance group SUNPROJECT so I should ask her the date of the performance.

Japan Block Fair July 2012

Yesterday, I immediately going to the barber shop at Westchester Avenue to get my face shaved and a haircut, my hair grown for too long. Then I went on the uptown (6) train due to construction on the downtown side to Parkchester for a downtown express <6> train to 3 Av-138 St and to 125th Street for the express route train to 59th Street for (R) to Queens.


By the time I got there, I immediately get in line for Hakata Tonton and brought their pork and Muscat cider which is a non alcoholic drink. Their sauce got my shirts dirty and so are parts of my face. It’s hard to clean off if I don’t see it. Then onward to SMILES FOR JAPAN booth and threw in $1 into the donation box.

This year’s sponsor is KIRIN FREE, the 0.00% non-alcoholic beer made in Japan. I grab it for $3 and cannot open it since I don’t know how to open beer bottle caps. I tried the beer without hesitation and it still does not taste good. I can see why Goku from Dragon Ball Z Kai on Episode 28 says its way too bitter and it’s true.


I got myself 2 Ramen tickets for $10, by the time I heard Ki-yo’s announcement I stepped in. Dancers from Foxy Foxes including Saori Kato are joining in his songs. I literally have to go to the bathroom forcing to waste my money in the Pizzeria to use it since bathroom use is for paying customers only. Next I was in line to try out the lobster Ramen; during the time I was in line I was surprised to see Lulla Miyuki with a male guitar player. So I grabbed the Ramen, run to Lulla, eat it, record data on my cell phone, listen to her songs, and joined Lulla’s mailing list.

Then I got myself Japanese pancake Otonomiyaki and run back to Ki-yo's performance.

The rest of the time after Ki-yo, got another Ramen and randomly walk around until 4:00PM to get on the uptown (R) train for downtown (F) to Lower East Side 2nd Avenue/Houston Street. Look what I found in the picture above.

Next blog entry is j-Summit July 2012.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Insectduel's Board needs activity

Insectduel’s Board had recent attacks and is not the first time. It hasn’t been on spam attack for a long time since 2007 or maybe 2009. More spam attacks may happen if the board continues to be unguarded which is why we need more active administrators and keep the board active.

The user pretended to be Phetmany Rathasvong which she as a professional entrepreneur and posted porn all over the forums at random. This leads Proboards to give me a warning when is caught. Otherwise with a TOS violation while is unguarded, it would have been deleted. Sspp0310 did report it before I even login and a Private Messaging warning. The user pretended to be Phetmany Rathasvong must’ve looked at my records or my previous blogs.

The history of the board is when is first opened on January 2, 2007 and attacks began in the summertime. I have quickly deleted the posts and IP ban the user. Most users know how to bypass by proxy server logins but it wasn’t even enough. Then when I started rom hacking in May 2011 after my retirement due to computer failure and gain control of my Facebook fanpage, I started to lose control and interests moderating the board. Carol has lost interests of the board but Jin Watsube is unknown. However, it will not die and I would never take down my own board. I would try to take down my other forum but I wonder if my first board is caught posting porn from there since there’s no way I can delete the board without violating the TOS.

Insectduel’s Board at its current form need to make small changes and more codings need to be added. However, it will be remodeled when the version 5 of Proboards is being upgraded. And forums need to be archived like Reni Mimura’s Upcoming Shows is no longer in use after the 8/25/11 incident and is her error of judgment of providing the alcohol drink to her angels without asking.

As Insectduel’s Board needs more members and try to be an active community like SMW Central, I will provide some staff applications to become Global Moderator and Moderator to moderate the forums. Admins are hired on sight to keep patrol of spammers, attackers and harassers.

The URL is:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mega Man III Challenge

Mega Man III Challenge is one of Dahrkdaiz’s greatest hacks. Unfortunately, it’s only a beta version and the project is no longer continued. However, only 1 stage is completed while the other stage is only in development. Like this screenshot above would be Needle Man’s stage.

The only modification stage would be Snake Man and he is one of favorite bosses in Mega Man III. When you play his stage entirely, the background makes a smooth move similar to Gemini Man’s stage. The same procedure would go into kuja killer’s Mega Man Odyssey hack with Bolt Man’s level. On the first half of the level, you will encounter these enemies on the way. Then you will face Doc Wood Man. These ladders are designed similar to the Mega Man X series but how is it done properly by tile frame.

On the other half of the level, you will walk around on the watery part of the level with full of Hammer Joes throwing their weapons at you. Then you have to go underwater and try to avoid these cloudy bullet enemies while the spikes are above you. Another odd thing of Mega Man III when rom hackers placing ladder tiles with water tiles don’t mix which is why Mega Man IV corrected the splash graphic. Mega Man V uses the gravity function like Star Man’s stage.

Then the final part of the level, you are in the rainy part of the background level and onward to face Snake Man. The palette is changed to black for his version. However the weak spots remain changed so if you equipped with Needle Cannon, you can easily take down Snake Man and earn the Search Snake.

Mega Man III challenge is open to rom hackers that want to use the level or the entire project as a base.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Voices of Storytellers; Three Women and A Piano

Last Saturday, I went to Lower East Side for a concert at The Living Room where is last met about March 2011. Things aren’t the way it used to be. Well, it’s a start. After paying the admission fee, I got in with my stamped hand for re-entry whenever I go to the bathroom. But there is an error of judgment; I had to spend money to buy drinks while sitting at the table. Waiters especially the females are extremely cheat. So I had to cut $3 on bottled water which cost me tomorrow’s lunch. It’s better than buying alcohol since I’m not an alcoholic drinker since November 2011.

First gig is Paula Jakkola and she’s from Finland. She plays the keyboards while the other men are on bass and drums. Not really get into me!

Then the next gig would be Yuki Ishiwata and her band. There is a reason why I chose to come here because I am one of her followers. She’s on keyboard and vocal singer. I should start opening my 2 CD’s I brought from her but I’m always busy with my rom hacking activity and listening music on my computer. I hope the CD player works. Anyway, Yuki Ishiwata played a good show.

And the last gig is Rachel Brotman. She’s a vocal singer. Some other band members were on guitars and drums. I have to admit, I do like the last gig too but I enjoyed it. Yuki Ishiwata was glad for me to come to her show.

After the show, I decided to take the (J) from Essex Street to the last stop on weekends which is Chambers Street. Then the R142 (6) train came from the City Hall loop and ride it until 125th Street for the R142A Pelham Bay Park train on the other side of the platform and to Hunts Point Avenue.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Duck Hunt (NES)

I played Duck Hunt when it comes with Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System. You have a choice, play it with your NES Zapper or your control pad.

Duck Hunt is nothing more than a contest to get the most points in a certain round. When you reach after 99 rounds, it goes in a loop especially the crazy glitch. Up to 3 different modes.

Your goal is to kill the most ducks before moving on the next round. If you miss at least 3 or more ducks, your game is over. And if your kill all the ducks without fail, you will get HUGE amount of points. The same goes for the clay shooting game but you only get to shoot 2.

I don’t remember when was the last time playing Duck Hunt with the NES Zapper and how far did I go. This encourages people to shoot your targets during camps or any other wildlife area. If you’re a 6 year old, or if you’re a very bad shooter then this game is not for you. Anyway you will get bored of it afterwards.

Unlike the later shooting games, you cannot reload your gun bullets and you will only get 3. So if you’re playing 2 ducks, then you will have a good playing role including the clay shooting. The meter whether you get more points for every round you cleared when all the ducks is shot without fail.

While you’re shooting the ducks, some can get you points. The black one gives you 500 points, blue one gives you 1000 points, and red ones gives you 1500 points. Some has different speeds than others. Remember, good eyesight is required to get a perfect aim at the ducks.

I have no interests playing Duck Hunt on the Nintendo Entertainment System again but it doesn’t really get the hang of it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mario Seasons (SMB1 Hack)

Mario Seasons is a SMB1 hack created by Dahrkdaiz. It’s not a completed hack but it goes up to World 3-2. Since Dahrkdaiz’s retirement of ROM-Hacking, Mario Seasons is discontinued for a very long time before Mario Adventure series.

The difficulty of the game is medium if you played it a few levels. However if you lose all of your lives and you got a game over screen, you can choose continue game from the Title Screen menu. When you continue your game, it can put you on a level where you last left off. Mario Seasons uses SRAM support. For cheaters that go pass World 3 can crash the game and it won’t be able to load. If it happens, delete the .SAV file off the folder.

Mario Seasons also uses CHR animations which require expanding your NES rom and changing its mapper and iNES header. When you play Mario Seasons, you will see that some lava, water, cherries, coins, flags, even the rain on the background were animated. There are other great features that Mario Seasons include the USA SMB3 damage system where Mario gets hurt and revert back into his previous form. Even from Ice Mario which allows shooting straight from Fire Mario. Keep in mind that it does change the Fire Bar Graphics and palette when changing from Fire Mario to Ice Mario.

Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, receiving 50,000 points can give you the 1-UP.

Between the 2 screenshots above, World 1-1 and World 3-1 are identical. It’s the graphic swap version of the same level. As you see, the animated Doki Doki Panic bushes turned into mushrooms and Koopa Troopas turned into Dry Bones. You will also notice that the cloud backgrounds are removed during the graphic swap.

This great Mario game would have been great it Dahrkdaiz continues with it. Currently, Frantik’s Super Mario Unlimited are superior to any other SMB1 hack.

Monday, July 9, 2012

1st week of July 2012

This past week of July, I collected enough money to buy the Pre-Registration ticket for MAGFest 11 and purchased it via PayPal and my debit card. My debit card expires August. My next step will be booking a room for a hotel for $157 a night + $15. I need a roommate.

On the morning July 4th, my original flash drive was lost when my bag’s zipper is broken and almost all my things fall out. The flash drive’s cover is found but the flash drive is missing. I looked all over and I think it’s stolen. It doesn’t make sense because I secure it tight and I had to post a craigslist ad. Then at sundown of 6:30PM, I went down 12th Avenue and 42nd Street to watch the Fireworks and waiting 2 hours and 50 minutes after I arrived. The show was amazing but getting out in order to go to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to find my way home to the (S)huttle or the (7) train to Grand Central.

The next few days, I suffered from a scorching heat wave with limited air conditioner.

Then on July 8th, I decided to go to Coney Island Beach for the Apple Kissa, Tenshi No Ai, and Moe Moe Honey beach party. I arrived to Coney Island around 1:30PM, then onward to the beach. Until 2PM passed, I couldn’t find anyone on the beach so I looked all over spots of Stillwell Avenue and down to parts of Brighton Beach. I moved forward as they aren’t in Brighton Beach. Then I remembered in my mind that they were somewhere in 22nd or 29th street so I walked near the water with the hard covered sand.

By the time I found them which they are swimming, it wasn’t expected I thought it would. It wasn’t some kind of an entertainment event, it’s just a hangout like a friends meet out. So I didn’t bother joining with others and decided to leave 15 minutes later. It’s kind of pointless especially if I don’t play childish splashing.


After I got on the (F) train from Coney Island to Jay Street MetroTech, I managed to find a R42 (A) train going to Lefferts Blvd and decided to ride it until back to Delancey Street since it’s rerouted to the (F) line and take the (J) train to Canal Street for an uptown R142 (6) train headed to 149th Street Grand Concourse since the (6) runs in two sections. Between 125th Street and Brooklyn Bridge or Pelham Bay Park and 125th Street as they do in late nights back in the old times.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Afterworld 8 (SMB1 Hack)

Afterworld 8 is one of my projects started in 2006. After I ripped some codes from another person’s hack, I decided to record the database in my notepads after I learned SMB2J hacking a bit. Back then, my computer didn’t have sound and is the Windows 98 Second Editon which most of the old NES emulators are playable.

I have chosen to use ideas from SMBDX since M.H.S’s rom hacks. You are allowed to go through pipes regardless of world number. In the original SMB, it goes back in a loop when entering pipes or vines. It took me a while to set up levels where it points. There are a few inconsistencies that won’t allow due to limited amount of space. Like setting up halfway pointers above world 8 or Bowser kills from fireballs that spawns the sprite. These things only apply if you change the code somewhere else or expand the rom.

Afterworld 8 is based one of my older hacks in 2005 unreleased. Some levels are based on my old SMB1 hacks like World C-1 or World C-2 but World B-3 is partially ripped from Frank’s SMB1 hacks.

The Spikes is the most important part of the project. It’s required for level designing purposes. Mainly World A-4, World B-2, World B-4, World C-1, World C-3, World C-4, and all World D levels.

After I seen people played my hack on YouTube, I felt amazed of my own works. Except there was a glitch, people posted my rom illegally without asking which most of the afterworld 8 pre-patched rom copies are removed from almost every rom website except rombay which is left over. There may be more lying around.

After the first success of the first afterworld 8 hack, it needs to be making some changes into the game. However since I know ASM now, afterworld 8 the 2.0 version is making a comeback on the 7th anniversary of Insectduel’s Domain website. The project is work in progress.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Love Save Japan at Times Square

Yesterday afternoon after leaving Times Square Church, I came over to 46th Street and Broadway to check out what’s happening. Then an hour later after it started, I decided to head over to Bryant Park for a while.

After wandering around Bryant Park and including buying my lunch and root beer I headed back to 46th Street. There are numerous paintings lying around and the Japanese American Lions Charity Club carrying boxes for people to donate. I sent in money to send L O V E to Japan which goes to Fukushima. While the paintings are lying around the floors or next to the artists, these can be brought on sale and the money also goes to the relief fund. The best part is that you keep the paintings that the artist creates.

I don’t remember his name but he’s a really good hip hop dancer. Moves are like zero gravity and can levitate him into action.

When I turned around, I didn’t expect someone I know would show up! I said huh? I’m thinking in my mind that the Japanese singer and songwriter named Ki-Yo was the reason. Since I’m here at Times Square, why don’t I give it a try? Of course, the Japanese groups of dancers named Foxy Foxes are also taking part of Ki-Yo’s songs. I wanted to find out who’s the right girl for me since Facebook.


Ki-Yo and Foxy Foxes are having a special entertainment for us on an afternoon schedule. Ki-Yo’s songs are quite good and so are the dancers and their choreography moves. When the show is over, he introduced the names to the Foxy Foxes dancers. So I followed over to Natsuko, the one in Yellow shirt and black hair. Aimi was the other one but I didn’t catch her. I ran up to Natsuko and introduced myself. When I flashed my ID card to her (Insectduel’s Facebook Fanpage Photo), she laughed and smiled too. But it didn’t last too long since he calls Natsuko in for a photoshoot.

So I ran off Times Square to 47th Street to drink some water and walked down to Middle Collegiate Church for Art & Soul evening service. It’s better than Times Square Church’s testimony service.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

NY de Volunteer - Drinking and Raffles

Last night, I went to Tammany Hall located at East 53rd Street between 3rd and 2nd avenues in Manhattan for a free charity FUNdRaiser event organized by the NY de Volunteer. The crowd begins empty after 6PM. In the event, people are able to donate to buy alcohol drinks other than tipping the bartender, to receive Origami Crane Earrings, buy raffle tickets and to win prizes, and T-Shirts from Tokyo de Volunteer. Or course due to MAGFest’s money earnings; I have to refrain from spending. Of course, I have to avoid buying alcohol. 1 Facebook friend on my list didn’t brought one and 1 Facebook user whose friends of that friend is a drinker!

As I wait for the arrival of my good friend Tsubasa Matsuda, I began to wear my Yukata and sit or walk around talking and introducing with different people even if they had beer bottles in their hands and drinking it. I wouldn’t find a permanent Japanese girlfriend or a wife like that but what are the odds of finding a Japanese female non-alcoholic drinker. Afterwards I had to remove the Yukata so other people would wear it. However, the blonde Japanese female in an orange Yukata had a Canon camera is the one that took this photo above.

When Tsubasa Matsuda arrives with her fortune good luck smiles, she had someone with her and that is vocal singer Shinori Shinohara. I hope she accepted my Facebook request as I needed her on my list unless she has a Facebook fanpage. Shinori is Tsubasa’s mutual friend and 7 others. While Tsubasa plays her piano, Shinori sings. I got really close and listened to her music. She seems like a good singer to follow like the others.

Afterwards, I’m surprised to meet up with Gosha, as he talks about the upcoming schedules of the UZUHI band. Then Noriko and I had a little chat after I use the bathroom and gave me her business card. Then I left the place and picked up my Chopsticks NY magazine near Grand Central and read the upcoming events and stuff.